Kay’s Story

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For years now, a group of my friends and I have been getting together once a month to play “Bunco”, a friendly dice game. We are all close to the same age and it is really just an excuse to get together, socialize and have some fun with “the girls.” One particular evening proved to be a very pleasurable time for myself and my friend Kelly.

We are both married and have been good friends for a long time. Several years ago when our children were much younger, the “Bunco Club” was an excuse to get away from our families for an evening. Each of the Bunco Club members would take turns hosting the monthly gathering and come up with different prizes and other fun activities. Husbands and children of the hostess would disappear for the evening so we could talk about anything and everything.

Somewhere along the line, we began watching x-rated videos at our Bunco parties. I’m not even sure how that practice got started, but we would watch them, laugh at the poor acting and make comparisons to our own sex lives which weren’t nearly that exciting.

Watching videos became a regular activity at Bunco and I found myself enjoying that part of our meetings. And then one night, things took a turn I never imagined would happen.

I should point out that I was raised in a fairly conservative Midwestern family where issues such as sexuality were never discussed. I got married at a fairly early age and after two children and working each day outside the home, I found married life pretty dull. Any sexual activity was about HIS pleasure and was not very satisfying for me.

Now back to the Bunco party and our sexual pleasures. That night was at my house with the regulars there along with Kelly who again, supplied the video. It was summer time and every one was dressed in shorts and tops.

For some reason, Kelly had chosen a video that had a lot of girl/girl scenes. Many of the women there voiced disgust, but I felt there were some that were just saying that because they thought it was Ankara escort the right thing to do. At that point in my life I had never even THOUGHT about being with another woman, but throughout the years have watched videos that have turned me totally on and I have to admit the idea of girl/girl activity certainly didn’t offend me.

After the video was over, people seemed ready to head home. I said goodbye to everyone except Kelly who stayed behind to help me clean up. She brought dishes in from the family room where we had watched the video as I began washing up some of the dishes in the sink when Kelly asked me right out of the blue, “Kay, did you like those scenes tonight with two women?”

I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say at first. After a long pause, I told her, “Well, I guess so. The people in the video sure seemed to be enjoying themselves.”

“No kidding,” Kelly said. “I cannot believe how wet I am. I think I need to make myself come.”

Once again, I was shocked at what I was hearing. I mean Kelly has always been pretty bold, but I wasn’t sure how to react. I responded by asking, “Now?”

Kelly said, “Sure. You’re family won’t be home for awhile, right? We can just go into the family room and play with ourselves.”

I don’t know whether it was the three glasses of wine or my curiosity or both, but I found myself saying, “Okay.”

We went into the family room. Kelly sat in our big La-z-boy chair and I sat across from her on the sofa. Kelly is pretty verbal and started talking about the video while she caressed her own thighs and lightly touched herself on the outside of the shorts she was wearing.

“It was so hot watching those women kiss each other and touch each other,” she was saying. “Then when they started licking each other’s pussies I really started to get wet.”

Kelly slid her hand inside of her shorts next to her pussy and I could tell her fingers had to be touching her clit. She moaned out loud when her finger found Ankara escort bayan its target. Her other hand began squeezing her breast and pinching her nipple through the fabric of her shirt (Kelly hadn’t bothered to wear a bra that night). I continued watching, unable to take my eyes off the show Kelly was giving me.

Between her moans of pleasure, Kelly continued to talk about one of the scenes in the video and how much it had turned her on. When she mentioned one of the women using a vibrator on the other, Kelly went over the edge with her first orgasm. I learned at that moment that she is quite a “screamer” when she comes.

After she calmed down, Kelly said, “Kay, what are you waiting for? I wanted you to join me.”

I replied, “God, Kelly, I’m in somewhat of a shock here watching you make yourself come in front of me. I’ve never masturbated in front of any one else, let alone another woman. But I have to admit, it was a huge turn on watching you.”

Kelly got up and took the remote control for the VCR and said, “Let’s check out some of those scenes again.” She rewound the video tape and found one of the scenes we had watched earlier in the evening.

Two very attractive women, one blonde and the other brunette, were totally naked and engaged in a passionate kiss while they caressed each other’s breasts.

Kelly told me to go with the flow and touch myself. I found myself willing to do whatever Kelly suggested, so I reached down and touched myself on the outside of my shorts while Kelly continued to encourage me. “That’s it, Kay. Don’t be shy.” It felt wonderful and I could tell that I was very wet. Watching the action on the video added to the excitement as well as the “naughtiness” of what we were doing.

After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t resist the urge to feel what my finger felt like directly on my clit, so I reached inside my shorts and put my fingers right on it. It sent wonderful feelings through my whole body. I tilted my head back and Escort Ankara ran my fingers up and down over my clit feeling my wetness increase. Kelly was getting totally turned on watching me touch myself and moaned with great pleasure.

By this time, Kelly was touching herself again and then she surprised me by taking her shirt off! As she peeled off her top her round, full breasts seemed like they were staring at me across the room. Her nipples were very hard and it excited me just to look at them. But Kelly wasn’t done yet! Next she stood up and slipped her shorts down past her hips and let them drop to the floor. She stepped out of them and sat back down in the chair. As Kelly spread her legs, I was looking right at her totally bald pussy that was glistening with wetness. I couldn’t believe I was seeing a totally nude Kelly sitting across from me, but it turned me on more than I could ever imagine.

Once again, Kelly started moaning and talking out loud about how good it felt. She covered her pussy with her left hand and then started rubbing it again. Then her index and middle fingers were right on her clit. Her moans of pleasure filled the room.

She could also tell that I was on the verge of an orgasm so she started screaming, “Go for it Kay! Make it happen. Let me see you come!”

The orgasm that racked my body felt like it came from my toes. I couldn’t remember a time when an orgasm had been so intense. My hips shook and my whole body shuddered. “Oh my God, Kelly, I’m coming,” I yelled.

After my body relaxed a bit, Kelly said, “Lick your fingers for me, Kay.” Once again, I did as she said and tasted my own juices for the first time. I’m not sure what I expected, but the taste was actually somewhat pleasant.

Then Kelly had one more surprise for the evening. She got up out of the chair, still naked, of course, came over to where I was sitting and, cupping one of my breasts in her hand, bent over and passionately kissed me. Our lips came together as our tongues gently brushed the inside of each other’s mouths. That kiss added a wonderful finishing touch to the evening, but also marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship and sexual relationship which might be the topic of future stories.

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