Kelly Does Herself By The Book

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Kelly set down the book, stretching herself out on bed. She never would have believed by the book’s cover that the story it held could get her so hot. It was the kind of book that made you feel like everything was happening to you, and the affect it had on Kelly was pure magic.

She didn’t hesitate for a moment. Opening the top draw of her dressed; she took out a purple velvet case and set it on the bed. She felt so naughty, and naughty always turned her on. Lifting the lid on the case she viewed her collection of toys. She didn’t have many, but she did have some favorites, and today she was so aroused by the story she had been reading, she was ready to try something new. Something wicked.

She took out the large purple vibrator, purple being her favorite color, and ran her tongue over it, making it wet, and imagining the kind of man a cock this hard would be attached to. Slipping off her T-shirt and panties, she lay back on the bed, rubbing the head of the eight-inch dildo over her already aroused nipples. She selected a slow speed, letting the tingling sensation penetrate her breasts, feeling the sensation all the way down bursa escort to her fur covered mound. She resisted the urge to jam the rubber cock straight into her wet hole and start fucking herself. She liked to be teased, to let the sensation build, to make her body scream for release, so she began rubbing the vibrating cock down over her belly, straying a little closer to her pussy each time. Spreading her legs wide, she could feel the breeze of the fan blowing soft and cool over her hot hole. She wanted to be fucked so badly, so hard, but she took her time.

Turning the vibration speed a little higher, she began rubbing it over the thick fur that concealed her heat. Stroking a little further down each time, barely touching her throbbing clit with the head of the cock in her hand. She reached down with her other hand, slipping her fingers between her lips, and spreading them wide. Her hole was already wet and her fingers eagerly sort its hot depth. Coating her fingers in the thick juices, she covered her clit, making it slippery and smooth. Slowly she moved the vibrator over her clit, holding it there and allowing the sensation bursa escort bayan to spread deeper through her pulsing center. She could feel herself starting to build, so with slow movements, she rubbed the cock back and forward over her wet clit, bringing her juice covered fingers to her lips and sucking them.

Her pussy cried out for the hard cock, but not yet, she wanted something more. Reaching into the velvet case once more, she produced a vibrating egg, and a tube of banana scented jells. Lifting her legs up against the wall, she placed a pillow under her ass, giving her room to maneuver more easily. With a jell covered finger, she began teasing her tight pink hole as she continues to stroke her clit with the vibe. She was becoming impatient, and slipped her greased finger slowly into her tight ass, working it in and out a few times before inserting a second, then third finger. The sensation was fantastic, lifting her arousal to new heights, but she still wanted something more. Placing the narrow end of the egg against her tight ass hole, she push gently until the egg vanished inside her.

Her heat was building fast and escort bursa she turned the egg to vibrate on maximum speed. The effect was explosive, sending pulsing sensations surging through her body, bringing her close to the edge. She could wait no more. Pushing the vibrating purple cock deep inside her hot pussy, she began fucking her self with a vengeance. Driving the cock harder and harder into herself, faster and faster. With a cry, the orgasm hit her with an intensity she had only read about.

Pulling the cock slowly from her pulsing hole, she could feel her pussy walls contracting, and throbbing, the juices running down the cheeks of her tight ass. Leaving the egg to continue the pleasure it was creating in her ass, she rubbed the hard cock over her pulsing clit and hole, milking her orgasm for all it was worth, and riding the wave to the very end. Setting her toys aside, she rested, her breath shallow, and her head spinning. She could not believe how hard she had just cum.

Finally catch her breath, she looked up to see her boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom, a video camera in one hand, and his cock in the other. His breathing was hard, and his hand was covered in cum. He gave her a wicked smile.

“Baby that was fantastic. What does the next story tell you to do?” She gave him a wicked smile, and turned the page.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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