Kendra Ch. 03

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Big Tits

When I get horny (which is often), I find a hot girl, and we spend the night, together having our way with each other. It’s that easy. I can tell when a woman wants me. We meet and talk and if the chemistry is there, then I go for it. Sometimes I can see that they are impatient with the conversation and are eager to take the next step. I can sympathize. I’m beautiful, 5’8″, 120 lbs, blonde, green eyes. I came to lesbianism late in the game. (I was 22 when I met my first girlfriend). I prefer the soft touch of a woman, especially once who will take their time and give my pussy the oral attention that it craves. I have a hunger for women, which has gotten me into trouble from time to time, but it’s been worth it. When I turned 28, I was ready for a more stable relationship, but the temptation to go wild was still great.

I met Kendra at a health club near my work. I was on the treadmill when we locked eyes. She was on a stationary bike. She smiled and I nodded. I followed her into the shower room and we showered next to each other.

“I’m Kendra,” she said.


The offered her hand. “Nice to meet you,” she said.

We were alone in the shower room. She leaned over and whispered in my ear. “You are gorgeous.”

I stepped back and took her in. Tall, athletic body, raven hair, gorgeous brown eyes, beautiful tanned skin, very pretty face and long legs.

She said. “If we were alone, I would’ve already make a pass at you.”

“We are alone.”

She smiled. “Well, in that case…”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth and we began to make out.

“If we took this any further we could get into trouble,” she said.

“I agree.” I said.

“Would you like to come to my place? It’s only a couple of blocks from here?”


She leaned in and kissed me again. I pulled her toward me and we began to make out. I could hear some footsteps heading our way and we quickly separated.

“I’ll meet you outside,” she said.


I left the shower room and looked for her in the locker room. It was as if she had disappeared. I took a long time getting ready; I dried my hair and made sure my makeup was just right. Then I changed into a cream-colored cotton dress.

“So how did you know?” I asked.

“Know what?”

“That I was going to be this easy?”

“Your smile.”


“I just knew. And I was just being my usual over-optimistic self.”

We were sitting in a bar around the corner from her apartment. When we walked in, a few heads turned, and when Kendra kissed the bartender on the cheek (a tall beautiful, soft butch woman whose arms were covered in tattoos), I began to feel a little weird, as if I was another girl in a long line of women that Kendra had brought here. She took my hand and led me to a table in the corner.

“Do you always come here first?” I asked.


“After the gym, before the bedroom?”

She smiled and laughed.

“I wish it was that easy?”

“Well, have Ankara escort you?”

“I’ve met women here for dates. I even have hooked up with women that I’ve met through personal ads.”

This seemed really hard to believe. I’ve thought of doing the same thing between relationships, but every time I looked at the profiles of women on a dating site, they left me cold.

“How many women have you met from personal ads?”

“A couple. I used to be a real slut.”

“As opposed to now?”

“I’ve calmed down quite a bit.”


“But when I saw you I knew that we had to hook up sooner rather than later.”

“I know what you mean.”

“We could’ve taken our time, exchanged numbers, met for dinner…”

“Saw a movie…”

“We’re like a couple of gay guys.”

“I guess.”

She squeezed my hand under the table. I looked over at the bartender and she smiled at me. Then I looked back at Kendra and took her in. She was wearing a light gray sleeveless dress, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She looked so conservative, and yet there was something about the way she talked and laughed that was intoxicating. I flashed back to our kiss in the shower. My pussy was so wet. I could barely contain my excitement.

“What’s the matter?” She asked.

“Maybe we should get out of here.”

“Are you still coming to my place?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I was worried that you were having second thoughts.”

“No way.”

“So you don’t have any other plans?”


“No phone calls to make?”

I laughed. “Nope.”

“Good. Because I want to make a night of this.”

It began to rain and we ran a couple of blocks until we were in front of Kendra’s building. She squeezed my hand and held it as we walked in past the doorman and walked into the elevator still holding hands.

Her apartment was on the top floor of the building. She had a wonderful view of the river. I noticed a framed photograph of Kendra and a very famous, very beautiful French actress on a table next to a floor lamp. I spent a few seconds admiring it before Kendra pushed me down on her couch and kissed me. “A friend of yours?” I whispered.


“That photograph on the table.”

“Just a friend.”

“Uh huh.

“I’m in public relations, remember? I meet a lot of people.”

She got up and took a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator and poured us glasses. I looked over and noticed a strap-on and harness sitting on the coffee table in front of me on top of a stack of Vogues.

“Are we going to use this?” I asked.

“If you want. It’s clean and everything. I used that sex toy cleaner on it last night. “

“Do you use it a lot?”

“I used it last night on this girl in my spinning class.”

“Last night?”

“The night before.”

“You really get around, don’t you?”

She smiled. “I guess I’m just a slut.”

She returned to the sofa and sat next to me, putting her head on my shoulder. I leaned in and kissed Ankara escort bayan her.

“You’re worse than me,” I said.

“How is that?”

“I haven’t had sex in a week.”

She kicked off her sandals and got on top of me. “You’re a great kisser,” she said.

I stood up and pulled her to her feet. I put my arms around her neck and pulled her toward me. She was maybe an inch taller than me. She felt really good. “Everything fits,” I whispered.

“Everything does.”

She took my face into her hands and opened her mouth wide, caressing my tongue with hers. We unzipped each other’s dresses and let them fall to the floor and then we fell back onto the sofa and she put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, deep kissing me as I unhooked her bra and threw it to the floor. Then she took off mine and kissed and sucked on my nipples as I leaned back and moaned. “Pretty tits,” she said.

“Bee stings.”

“They’re sexy. You don’t have to wear a bra.”

“I have to at my work.”

She took one nipple in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and sucked harder, pushing me down on the sofa as I put my hand under her panties and put two fingers into her hot wet slit. She moaned and began to move with my fingers as I fucked her. “I could come right now,” she whispered. “I come really fast sometimes.”

“Oh yeah?”

“I want to make you come.”

She pulled me toward her and put her hand over my soaked panties and rubbed my pussy. I took my fingers out of her pussy and she took them in her mouth and sucked them. Then she put her fingers down my panties and fucked me as I fucked her. “Harder, Carmen,” she said “Fuck me harder.” I let out a moan and fucked her fingers as I fucked her harder and faster, using my thumb to rub her clit. She put her other hand behind my head and pulled me towards her and kissed me and then I let out a loud cry as I began to come as she fucked me harder and faster and then she moaned and I could feel a shock of pleasure go over me and I put my head on her shoulder as we both came together, crying out, holding each other as the final wave of pleasure hit…

Finally, we reached the bedroom. Kendra kicked off her panties and then pulled off mine. She pushed me on the bed and fell on top of me and ground her pussy into mine and we kissed and caressed each other for what seemed like hours, holding each other tight as felt each others bodies, then finally, she glided her tongue down my chest and belly, pausing to lick my belly button, before kissing and licking her way down to my pussy, flattening her tongue as she licked it. I spread my legs wide and begged her to lick me as she looked up and smiled. “Such a beautiful pussy,” she said.

She began to kiss the inside of my thighs, going from one to the other, teasing me, kissing and licking until I begged her to kiss and lick my pussy and as she licked and kissed it I began to feel hot all over as she licked around my clit, sucking and licking my pussy lips and then going back to my clit until as my back arched Escort Ankara and I put my hands in her hair and she took my hand in hers and I bucked and came as she kissed and licked me, and falling into my arms when I was done, kissing and holding me as I shuddered beneath her. “That felt so good,” I whispered. “Thank you.”

“No, thank you,” she said. She gave me a squeeze and kissed me.

“We’re going to have to make this a regular thing.”

“Well, that goes without saying.”

She got up and put on a robe and left the bedroom. I put my finger in my pussy and then licked it. I was totally spent but I was still super-horny. She returned with some water, which I drank down in one gulp. “We do need to drink and eat from time to time,” she joked. “To get our strength up.”

She pulled me off the bed and gave me a robe. It was late. I did have an appointment in the morning, and I knew that a whole night of insatiable fucking might exhaust me, but I didn’t care. We ordered in some food and drank some more wine. As she gave me an unbelievable foot massage, we got to talking about our sex lives; it turned out that Kendra, like me, had fucked a lot of guys in college, but never had an orgasm with them, finally realizing that we were fucking the wrong sex. She said “fuck” a lot, something that might bother me with another person, but when it came out of her mouth it sounded hot, and as we talked more about sex, the more I wanted to have it. Finally, I took her hand and led her back into the bedroom, where we took our robes off and fell back on the bed, with me getting on top and parting her legs as I rubbed my pussy on her thigh and then ground it into hers. “I love this,” she said. “I love this so much.”

I moved into her harder, pushing my pussy around hers, our clits nearly touching, her bush brushing against mine and I lifted her right leg and rode her as she gripped my ass and squeezed it hard. “You have beautiful feet,” she said.

“I do.”

“Pretty feet.”

“Uh huh”

“Mine are too big.”

“You’re crazy.”

“I know.”

“You’re so beautiful, you don’t even know. When I saw you at the gym I knew that I had to have you.”

“You wanted to fuck me?

“Yes, I wanted to fuck you.”

“I could’ve eaten your pussy right there in the shower.”

“They have a private shower. I’ve fucked women in there before.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Next time,” she said.

I moaned.

“Fuck me, Carmen,” she said.

“You like to say ‘fuck’ a lot.”



“I think I could come just from hearing you say it.”

“Say what?”



I moved down and kissed her and our tongues met and she wrapped her legs around me and we grinded into each other, I could feel a trickle of sweat fall down the small of my back into my ass, making me feel even hotter and wetter.

“I’m going to come,” she said.

“So am I.”

Kendra cried out and began to come as I kissed her and she shuddered beneath me…

We fell into a deep sleep. We awoke at the crack of dawn and made love again. Then she told me about her first time with a woman. “After college, I was traveling in Europe with a girlfriend,” she said. “And I met this beautiful French actress…”

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