Kendra’s Christmas Surprise

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My name is Kendra; I’m eighteen, and I live with my mom in a typical suburban home and go to a typical suburban high school. My brother Kenny is three years older than me. He is a junior in a college about one hundred miles away.

I’m a senior and co-captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. I stand about 5’5″ with long blonde curly hair and green eyes. I am well proportioned with an athletic build, and I have no problem meeting guys.

My story begins with this year’s Christmas vacation. Kenny called my mom and asked if his girlfriend could stay with us too? Her parents were going through a nasty divorce, and she didn’t want to go home. My mom said it would be okay as long as they slept in different rooms.

I’m sure my mom knew that they would still find ways to mess around, even with separate bedrooms. On more than one occasion, I could hear their muffled sounds coming from the bedroom or bathroom. Bailey was a bit of a moaner and groaner, and she awoke me many times with cries, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

One day my brother had to go into town on business. My mom was at work, which meant me and Bailey were home alone.

I was bored. My best friend was in Vale on a ski trip with her parents, and my other friends were either busy or didn’t return my texts. So I was in my bedroom and started watching some lesbian porn on the internet. Guys never really turned me on. However, I think a couple of girls on the cheering squad are sexy. Nikki has a beautiful face that begs to be kissed and an ass that I would gladly fondle. Cassie has tits that would be the envy of any model, and many a time, I flick myself off dreaming about sucking them.

After watching porn for about a half-hour, I got out my vibrator and laid down on my bed. I thought my door was shut and that I had privacy. But, little did I know, it was ajar, and the low hum coming from the vibrator caught the attention of Bailey, who was in the next bedroom. She was curious and saw me on my bed, my legs spread as I pleasured myself. It turned her on. My eyes were closed when she surprised me, coming alongside my bed.

“I can do that for you too,” she purred.

“What?” My body froze as I opened my eyes and shut off the vibrator. Bailey was wearing her pajamas and a big smile.

“You saw me?”

“Well, I heard you first. You were enjoying yourself. Don’t let me interrupt. I’m sharing an off-campus house with three gorgeous girls. We often let off a little steam by engaging in torrid lesbian lovemaking.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was this beautiful brunette standing next to my bed and offering to get me off.

“What about my brother?”

“What about him? Your brother doesn’t mind. He likes it when I tell him about our hot lesbian escapades. It makes him hard, and I have to jerk him off so that he can cool off.”

“But you can’t tell him about me.”

“Not if you don’t want me to sugar,” she said as she pulled off her nightshirt. Her tits were medium-sized with large, dark areolas and nipples that stood at attention. Her body was perfect, with a flat stomach and long legs. Her pussy was shaved. She didn’t wait for an invitation and climbed onto my bed.

“I’ve been watching you and dreaming about this moment for days,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed me firmly on the mouth. Her lips were hot and moist, and I kissed her back. She moaned her approval.

We lay side by side like that. She was very patient and allowed me to caress every inch of her body, tuzla escort knowing it was my first time with a woman. I loved touching her nipples. Then, just when I started to suck on her tits, she stopped me.

“This is unfair, Kendra. Two can’t play while one is dressed.”

I got the message. Sitting up, I removed my tee-shirt, and she reached up to unhook my bra.

“Oh,” she breathed, “your tits are beautiful.” She lovingly sucked my right breast while she massaged the other with her hand. The feeling was unbelievable. Ohhs and ahhs came from my mouth as I lost control of myself.

Bailey alternated nibbling, biting, and suckling me. Finally, she sent me into the stratosphere, and I started rubbing against her, desperate for relief.

“Easy now, Kendra, we’re just getting started.” She kissed me deeply, and our tongues played tag. Every part of my body was humming and singing. I squeezed her beautiful, full tits, they were like luscious fruits, and I sucked both of them, mirroring Bailey’s actions.

Shortly, my pussy began watering like a hose. My hips had a life of their own as I pressed against her thigh. I was desperate for attention.

“Do you want me to make you cum, Kendra? Hmm, do you want me to make you cum?”

“Ugh,” I grunted. I needed it so bad, I couldn’t even speak. Finally, she stood up and I could see the wetness between her thighs. She bent forward and undid my belt, unsnapped my booty shorts, and pulled them off of me. Then she grabbed the waistline to my cotton panties. They stuck to my crotch, and so she tore them off.

There was a rush of warm air against my pussy. Her body was giving off heat like a radiator.

“Kendra, you are so beautiful. I am so grateful that I’m your first one. I’m going to lick you from head to toe and make you scream.”

“Oh Bailey, please, eat me, eat my wet pussy. I’m so hot for you.”

“She sat down on the bed and pulled me into her, squeezing her thigh between my legs, so she was rubbing against my pussy. She kissed me again and bit me on my neck and shoulder. Then she licked long and slowed up to my ear, where she paused and nibbled on it.

“I want to see you cum, so badly, Kendra,” she purred into my ear. “Are you going to cum for me like a hot high school cheerleader? Are you going to let me finger you and lick you until you scream for me?” She knew how to push my buttons.

“Oh gosh, yes, yes, yes.”

“Good.” She got up on her knees and cradled me in her arms. I spread my legs wide for all the world to see, and her fingers danced at my waiting wet hole.

“I’m going to stick my fingers inside of you. First one, and then two. Then I’m going to slowly slide them in and out of your pussy until you cream, okay?”

“Yes, yes.” My very flesh was on fire. I swear if you touched a match to my cunt it would ignite. Bailey sucked on her fingers and pulled me closer. We were seated on the bed, our backs against the headboard, me between her legs, my legs spread out as she slid her hand up and down the inside of my thigh, giving me goosebumps. She bumped her hand against my pussy.


“You like that, huh?”

“Oh Bailey, please, I can’t stand it any longer.”

She did it again and again, and each time I cried out louder and thrust my pussy towards her magic hand. Finally, after the third tease, she settled her warm hand over my hot mound and inserted her index finger inside of me.

“Ohh, Yesss,” I moaned. Bailey smiled and kissed me on the cheek. My pendik escort eyes were shut, and I rocked myself against that hand, trying to get more action against my pussy. She reciprocated by inserting a second finger.

“Uhhh,” I screamed.

“Umm, does that feel good, pet? I bet it does. Pay attention because when I’m through, I want you doing the same thing to me.”

I was so hot and wet. I could feel my juices running out my hole. She then bit my ear as she pushed her fingers deeper inside me, brushing against my G-spot.


I grabbed her hand, but she swatted it away and began an assault on my pussy, running her fingers in and out of me faster and faster. I rocked my hips up and down, and she held me in place with her one arm. Her fingers would not let up. She curled them deep inside of me as she bit down again on my shoulder. My insides churned, and the damn broke.

“Bailey, ohh Bailey!” I screamed out her name as I came in a rush.

I don’t know how long it took for me to float back down to earth. I never dreamed a person could experience that much pleasure. Bailey slowly pulled her fingers from my pussy. They were drenched with my juices, and she offered them to my lips. I savagely licked my sweetness from her honey-coated fingers.

“You look even more beautiful when you cum.”

I couldn’t even speak; I was so exhausted. So instead, we tongue kissed. Once I caught my breath, my hand migrated to her crotch.

“Not yet, pet. First, I want to eat that luscious pussy.” She got up off the bed.

“Sit up on the edge of your bed.” I sat up as she knelt in front of me on my carpeted floor. She kissed my legs and ran her hands up and down them.

“Ohh, you have the most beautiful shapely legs. You must work out a lot.” And then she leaned forward and bit me lightly inside my thigh. I couldn’t wait to have this experience. Bailey knew how desperate I was and took the opportunity to tease me some more. She stood up and squeezed her shapely breasts, pushing each nipple into my willing mouth.

“Umm, ugh, ahh.”

After I gave each of her tits a good suck, I pushed down on her shoulder with my hand, and she dropped to her knees. She then kissed her way to my aching, pulsing pussy. Finally, she lifted my legs and placed them on her shoulders.

I caught a glimpse of myself in my vanity mirror, perspired, my hair in total disarray. Then, emboldened, I reached for the back of Bailey’s head and pulled her hungry mouth to my waiting, watery pussy.

“Umm,” she moaned into my cunt. She knew exactly what she was doing and alternated between swirling her tongue inside my pussy and sliding it up to tease my clit.

I hugged her head tighter with my strong legs. She moaned in approval, eating my puss with greater urgency.

She started sucking hard on my clit, and I felt my orgasm building. I grabbed her head with both hands and pushed my hips forward as far as possible.

“Ahh, ahh, yes, I’m going to cum.” Her tongue stiffened against my clit. She knew more ways to use her tongue than a dancer knew dance steps. She sucked and bit…

“Ahhh, ahhh, yes, yes, ohhh!” I came so hard, but she wouldn’t stop sucking me, and I came again and again. I don’t know where one orgasm ended and another started. Finally, my pussy couldn’t stand it anymore, and I had to push her head away. My cunt felt utterly hollow. I fell backward on the bed as she wiped my cum from the corners of her mouth.

At that point, I think I passed aydınlı escort out because my next memory was of her lying next to me. Her warm hands caressed my body, and her fingers were in my hair, “Jeez, Kendra. That was so hot,” she whispered.

We lay like that for a while, and then she got up and tiptoed out of the room. I enjoyed watching her cute ass. When she returned a minute later, she had a pipe in one hand.

“Let’s take a breather and get stoned. It makes me so horny.” I didn’t know how anyone could be any hornier. She sparked it up, inhaled deeply, and passed me the pipe.

We each took a few tokes, and incredibly, I started to get a little antsier. Then my fingers, with a life all their own, began dancing over her curves and playing with her tits. Finally, I pulled her into me, and we kissed some more before she pushed me flat on my back.

“Do you want to eat my pussy, girl?”

“Yes, Bailey, yes.”

She straddled me and pulled herself up so that her knees were at my ears. I ran my fingers up and down her back and squeezed her luscious ass. She took my hands and placed them on her beautiful breasts and showed me how to squeeze them just the way she liked it.

“Oh yeah, baby, just like that.” She looked down at me and smiled. Her cunt was inches from my mouth. The scent of her pussy was overpowering. I extended my tongue, and she pushed her pussy forward. Finally, I was inside of her. The taste was exquisite, and I loved tonguing and kissing her with my mouth while squeezing those incredible tits. Then I got playful and lowered one hand to her ass and spanked it hard.

“Ewww. You are learning fast, baby, oh, yes, ohh yes.”

Her pussy was full of luscious juice. I quickly learned to lick around her deep hole before tantalizing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She rocked back and forth and sighed.

All I could think was that this was the greatest thing that had ever happened to me. Images flashed through my head of fucking Cassie and Nikki. Maybe even the three of us at once!

These thoughts turned me on even more. Bailey reached behind me and played with my pussy. I moved inside of her; further, my neck muscles were killing me, and my tongue was getting sore, but I couldn’t stop.

“Yes, Kendra, yes…oh, so good. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

I moaned into her and flicked my tongue harder and faster as she erupted into orgasm and bounced and thrashed on my hot tongue. It was so intense.

She dropped down next to me, and we kissed. But it was getting late. My brother could be home any minute, and my mom too. Regrettably, we dressed and made up my bed. The room wreaked sex, and she sprayed some air freshener and opened a window.

That night, we sat down at the dinner table–my mom at the head. My brother and Bailey on one side and me on the other, nearest to Bailey.

“So, did you take care of everything you had to do downtown?” My mom asked my brother.

“It’s still screwed up. I have to go back again tomorrow.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“And what did you two do today?” My mom asked Bailey and me.

I was at a loss for words and felt my face getting red.

“Oh, we got to know each other well. Didn’t we, Kendra?” Bailey put a warm hand on my thigh and made me squirm with desire.

“Yes,” I managed.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to find something to do tomorrow since Kenny still has to take care of business,” my mom replied.

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” answered Bailey, “today, we found out that we have so much in common. I’m sure we’ll find something to do, won’t we, Kendra? ” She smiled and squeezed my leg beneath the table.

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. I could not wait for tomorrow to cum!

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