Kenny , John: A Romance

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Kenny Cho arrived at the Korean restaurant just as the other members of the group arrived. The group comprised of mainly gay Asian men of various ages and nationalities and some of their invited, non-Asian male friends/partners. Once a month the group would dine out at an ethnic restaurant of their choosing. Last month was Vietnamese.

Many of the members were single and used these social gatherings to find potential dates. Kenny wasn’t interested in dating, though. He had recently broken up with his boyfriend and needed an excuse to get out. A gay dining club sounded fun and safe.

The guys were assigned a private room with a long table, silverware and dishes set out for twelve. Three butane gas grills sat neatly in cavities built into the table, vents above each. Plates of raw beef and pork were spread around the grills. The rest of the table was covered by dozens of little bowls containing side dishes of seasoned vegetables, especially the Korean staple, kimchee. The members who were familiar with Korean barbeque began piling meat onto the grills, giving tips to the novices on how to determine if the meat was done.

Kenny was mostly a vegetarian. The only meat he ate were poultry and seafood. He ordered a meatless bibimbap, a rice and vegetable dish mixed with sesame oil and hot chili paste, on a separate check. He had made sure to sit at the end of the table, away from the grills. As the waitress walked off, he noticed an older Caucasian man in the middle of the table was looking bewildered. His head with light skin and shortly cropped gray and white hair stood inches above and in stark contrast with the two Asian men he sat between. A Filipino man next to him encouraged him to try a piece of pork. The Caucasian man shook his head, saying, “I’m vegetarian.”

“Come sit over here,” Kenny called out to the man. “I’m mostly vegetarian. I can help you pick something from the menu.”

With some seat hopping, the man finally sat down across from Kenny. “Thanks a lot. I had no idea what to do.”

“Understandable. I felt the same way when I went to my first American restaurant a few years back. My name is Kenny Cho, by the way.”

“John Webber. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. So, do you like spicy?”

“No, don’t have the stomach for it.”

“Well, you’re kind of in the wrong restaurant, John. Most Korean dishes are spicy. Well, let’s see. Do you like noodles?”

“I do.”

“How about sauce made with black bean paste?”

“Sounds good. I like black beans in Mexican dishes.”

Kenny waved the waitress over and asked in Korean if the noodle with black bean paste sauce could be made without meat. The waitress replied that was not a problem. With a slight bow, she went to place the order.

“Normally the dish has chopped pork in it but the waitress said they can make it without the meat. It’ll have some vegetables in it, mostly onions, zucchini, and potatoes. I placed the order for you along with a vegetable pancake. I also asked for a fork. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all. Thank you so much. I wasn’t looking forward to eating just rice and I haven’t figured out how to use chopsticks.”

They chatted while they waited for the meals, watching the others gorge on meat, rice, and the side dishes. The pancake arrived on a large platter with a soy based sauce. John enjoyed it, eating three slices. Kenny helped himself to two. Kenny had the waitress box up the rest to make room for their entrees.

John received his bowl of noodles. He was surprised to find the sauce was smooth and almost soupy, mixed with small chunks of vegetables. He had thought the sauce would be pasty. He mixed up the noodles in the sauce and took a bite.

“Yum. This is really good. I imagined the sauce would be pasty but this is incredibly smooth.”

“Yeah, imagine my surprise when I had black beans in a Mexican restaurant the first time.”

John gave a short laugh. He watched as Kenny mixed up his bowl of rice and seasoned vegetables with sesame oil and a generous tablespoon of Korean chili paste. Kenny noticed John watching and said, “We usually make this dish from leftovers, but it’s generally always rice, some vegetables, sesame oil, and chili paste.”

“It looks good, albeit spicy.”

“Yeah, I like it spicy, though.”

An hour later, the entire group left the restaurant. John stood next to Kenny, whose silky black hair, cut short but longer than John’s, waved in the wintry air. “I really appreciate your help tonight. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it, otherwise.” He noticed for the first time how compact Kenny’s figure was compared to his own slightly overweight figure. Their coats did little to obscure the difference in their builds. He was a sucker for compact Asian men. “I don’t suppose you’d be interested in coffee?”

Kenny turned his gaze up to John. “I don’t drink coffee. How about dessert?”

John hoped “dessert” was meant as an euphemism. He decided to play it safe. “Ok. Any suggestions?”

“Let Beylikdüzü escort me think about it. It’s almost ten. Not many options. I have a craving for chocolate cake!”


“Well, yeah. Is there something wrong with chocolate cake, John?”

“No, no. It’s just that I love chocolate cake myself. And, well, I’m not trying to be overly forward, but I have a chocolate cake at home. I made it yesterday.”

Kenny smiled broadly up at John, who smiled back. Kenny continued to smile at John, eyebrows raised. John, somewhat bemused, smiled hesitantly back. They smiled back at each other for a few more awkward seconds, Kenny’s eyebrows rising higher and higher, bemusing John even more.

“Well, I guess it is a little too early in our acquaintance to be inviting me over for cake –“

“Oh, no, no. I’m so sorry. I’m standing here like an idiot. Sorry, Kenny. Would you like to come to my place for some homemade chocolate cake?”

“Homemade? In that case, definitely.” Kenny gave John his broad smile again.

John’s condo was tastefully furnished and decorated. It wasn’t designed to impress guests but rather to make the resident feel comfortable. John watched as Kenny slipped out of his coat, hung it on the stand, and walked in to the living room, barely making a sound. Kenny was so little, slim and compact. His little round tush jiggled as he walked.

John feigned a chill and kept his coat on. “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll cut some cake for us.”

He dashed for the kitchen. Once behind the safety of a wall, John took deep breaths to ease his pounding heart. He adjusted his swollen member so that it didn’t protrude too much. He pulled out two dessert plates and forks and cut the cake.

“Would you like something to drink?” he called out to Kenny.

“Water would be great, John. Thanks. You have a very comfortable home.”


John stepped out of the kitchen and stopped in his tracks. Kenny was bent over looking over John’s music collection, jeans stretched tight over his little ass. John’s heart beat vehemently. His dick pushed out against his own jeans. Thank God I kept the coat on, he thought. Quickly he crossed the room and laid the tray down on the coffee table. He sat down, left leg crossed over his right thigh to hide his bulge, and draped the skirts of his coat over his crotch. He grabbed a plate and held it over his crotch just in case. Kenny casually perused the CDs, in no hurry. John wasn’t in a hurry either. He always liked eye candy.

Kenny turned around and his face lit up when he saw the cake. “Oh, good!” He pranced to the seat next to John, light as a fairy, grabbed his plate, and took a big bite. He closed his eyes as he savored the cake. John stared at Kenny’s stuffed cheeks, imagining it stuffed with something meatier. His cock swelled at this thought and he felt a little wetness on the tip.

“Oh, John. This is fantastic! I was craving this all day.” Kenny took another bite, smaller this time. In no time, he had devoured the cake. He licked his fork clean. John almost moaned aloud. Kenny looked over at John and said, “You haven’t touched your cake, John. Are you stuffed?”

“I guess so. I didn’t realize how full I was.” Kenny gave John that broad smile again, brows raised. John guessed what that smile meant. “Would you mind helping me with my slice?”

“I’m always happy to help out.” Kenny leaned in and jabbed his fork into the cake. The plate pressed down on John’s hard cock. John clenched his jaws, eyes bulging. Before Kenny could jab his fork again, John handed him the plate. Kenny finished the cake and chugged down the water. John was mesmerized by Kenny’s bouncing Adam’s apple.

Kenny turned to John and smiled. “That was delicious, John. Much better than the ones at the grocery store.” Kenny stopped and squinted at John’s forehead.

“Aren’t you hot? You forehead is sweating.”

“I’m fine, really.”

“I don’t know, John. It is flu season. If you’re cold but your forehead is sweating, that is not a good sign.”

“Really, Kenny. I’m perfectly fine.”

Kenny continued squinting his little eyes at John, who started squirming. John wasn’t accustomed to being stared at so blatantly. But then Kenny gave him that cheek-to-cheek smile, and John’s heart skipped a beat. His cock stiffened even more in his jeans. Kenny scooted over next to John, leaned in smiling, and laid the back of his hand against John’s forehead. Kenny’s hand felt cool against John’s hot skin.

“Your forehead is hot, John. I’m getting concerned. Maybe I should leave so you can rest.”

“You don’t have to leave, Kenny. Please believe me. I am not ill.”

“Well, John, that leaves one other possibility then. I wasn’t expecting it, but I must admit I’m not surprised. Sometimes you just have to accept what’s presented to you.” John wasn’t sure where Kenny was heading with this. Kenny leaned his face close and peered into John’s hazel eyes. Beylikdüzü escort “Do you know what I’m talking about, John?’

John gulped. Kenny’s eyes held him captive. He couldn’t move. He could smell the sweet chocolate in Kenny’s breath and the light fumes of his hair. “I don’t, Kenny.”

There was that big smile on Kenny’s face again, broader now and parted to reveal rows of white, little teeth. Such a big smile on such a little face, John thought. “What I’m talking about, John, is this!” Kenny quickly reached out a hand and groped John’s groin. John gasped out a long exhalation and involuntarily thrust his hips up, pressing his dick against the tight jeans and into Kenny’s hand. He gave Kenny a look of utter surprise.

“Don’t look surprised, John. I’m a man too, you know. I can tell when a man is hiding a hard-on.”

John inhaled deeply. “That’s not what surprised me. I wasn’t expecting to be groped.”

“Are you offended?” Kenny asked, not bothering to remove his hand.

“No, no. I just didn’t expect it.”

“Well, good.” Kenny traced a finger along the firm ridge beneath John’s jeans, running from the V of his thighs to his right hip. He wrapped his thin fingers along the shaft and squeezed. John gasped. Kenny then spun on one knee and threw the other leg over John’s thighs, straddling him. John dropped his left leg. Kenny shoved both his hands down and began kneading John’s cock and balls. He leaned in and kissed John, tongue snaking through lips.

John caressed Kenny’s little ass, buns round and firm like honeydew melons. He tried to push his fingers underneath Kenny’s jeans but the jeans were too tight. Kenny accommodated by unzipping his fly and unbuttoning the waist. Their mouths still locked together, John slid his palms beneath the fabric and along smooth skin. Kenny raised his ass a little and pushed down his jeans. John moaned and firmly grasped the exposed buttocks, fingertips digging into the crack. He felt the length of a g-string running down Kenny’s crack and moaned again. Their tongues assaulted each other.

Kenny ceased massaging John’s loins and attacked John’s shirt, rapidly undoing the buttons. He helped John free himself of his shirt and coat. He pushed his ass down to John’s knees, breaking the kiss. John held his grip on those voluptuous orbs. Kenny suckled on John’s nipples, alternating from left to right, making John sigh. Then he pulled on John’s arm, bringing the hand to his mouth, pushed up the index finger, and, with that big smile, sucked the finger wetly. John let out a shuddering breath. With another smile, Kenny guided the hand back to his ass crack. He resumed sucking on John’s nipples. John pulled the g-string aside with one hand and ran the tip of his wet finger in circles around Kenny’s sphincter. He pressed the finger in. The hole was tight and warm, the lining of the anus smooth. He felt his cock twitch, releasing a drop of precum.

Kenny straightened up on his knees, pulling his ass free from John’s hands, spun off, threw himself flat on his back on the sofa, and kicked off his shoes, pants, and g-string. He raised and spread his arms and legs. John dove for his embrace, grinding his loins against Kenny’s, lips and tongues joining once more. Kenny caressed John’s back as John ran his fingertips along Kenny’s obliques and lats. Kenny reached between their bodies and undid John’s jeans. He pulled on Johns’ elbow, suggesting him to raise himself up till his crotch was in Kenny’s face.

John had tighty-whities on. Kenny saw the wet stains where the head of the penis bulged out. He took it in his mouth, licking with his wet tongue. John moaned and humped against Kenny’s face. Kenny backed off and appreciated his work. The white briefs were soaked, sticking to the hard cock beneath. Kenny pulled down John’s jeans and briefs, embraced John’s hips and ass with his arms, and took the swollen member into his warm and moist mouth. John was adequately endowed, perhaps a little better than average. It suited Kenny just fine, being so petite.

Kenny’s tongue expertly ran circles around the tumid gland as his little hand jerked the shaft. He wrapped his soft lips around the bulb and sucked, creating a vacuum in his mouth. John quivered as he felt the soft lips, followed by a restless tongue, and then finally the enveloping throat, and then the order reversed. He felt the piss slit open and spill precum.

Panting, John pulled out of Kenny’s mouth, pushing his ass back. “I shouldn’t cum in your mouth, Kenny.” He made to back away from Kenny so he could sit and jack off. Kenny grabbed his wrist. “Cum on my face, John,” Kenny said with his smile. Just the thought of cumming on Kenny’s pretty little face with that big smile almost made John cum. Before John could grab his cock, Kenny took it in his hand. He stroked from base to head and then did the same with his other hand. Hand following hand in rapid succession, Kenny was a milking machine.

John’s body went rigid, quivering, trembling. Escort Beylikdüzü He kept his gaze on Kenny’s smiling face, on those slender fingers working their magic on his aching cock. “It’s cumming, Kenny,” he gasped. Kenny shut his eyes as the first squirt hit him on the brow. He kept milking John, moving the cock around his face, getting it nice and covered. John shuddered and convulsed and sank down to straddle Kenny’s chest. Kenny wiped the cum from his brow and upper lip before opening his eyes and smiling.

“How do I look?” Kenny asked.


“I always enjoy seeing an artist at work.” Kenny winked. “Now, what to do about this?” He held up his cum covered hands, smiled his broad suggestive smile with raised eyebrows. John smiled back at Kenny, understanding him completely. John gently took Kenny’s wrists in his hands and began licking them clean. He found he could take an entire hand into his mouth. When both hands were clean, he leaned down to lick up the cum on Kenny’s face. He saved the lips for last, running his tongue back and forth. After a while, Kenny cracked open his mouth for a wet, French kiss.

John broke the kiss and pulled the t-shirt off Kenny, exposing a smooth and slim body, fit from an active lifestyle but not muscular. John planted kisses from neck to crotch. Kenny’s cock was small, befitting his compact frame, his testicles the size of ping pong balls. John took the entirety of cock and balls in his salivating mouth. He was never a size queen, preferring smaller cocks that he could suck on to his heart’s content without having his jaws seize up. He didn’t bottom so a large penis wasn’t of much use to him. He swirled his tongue around Kenny’s firm cock, playfully licking the tip of his tongue around the flanges of the head, digging into the folds of the foreskin. Kenny gyrated his hips beneath John, arms thrown overhead to grip the arm of the sofa. He moaned loudly in an almost feminine pitch. John sucked harder, his tongue tormenting the sensitive bell-shaped head. Kenny bulked, kicked his legs up and around John, planted the heels of his feet on John’s ass, and fucked John’s mouth.

“Oh, John. I’m gonna cum soon.” Kenny grabbed John’s head between his hands and yanked up, forcing John to stop sucking. He pushed John on to his back, tore off his shoes, and yanked pants and briefs free. Kenny knelt between John’s thighs, his cock hovering inches above John’s. Kenny grabbed John’s hand and wrapped the fingers around his cock. Kenny thrust his hips forward and backward, fucking John’s fist. His face contorted, puffs of air exploding out from his mouth, Kenny shot all over John’s fully hard cock. Kenny ran the slit of his squirting penis along John’s shaft, covering it with hot, sticky cum. The sensation of hot cum hitting his cock and then running down its length and sides made John’s cock twitch up and down.

“Wow, Kenny, oohhh –“

John moaned, his head lulling on his neck, when he felt his still sensitive cock being ravaged by Kenny’s lips, tongue, and then the whole mouth. The sounds of Kenny slurping up his cum drove John crazy. He felt the tightening in his balls and guts. “Oh, Kenny, oh, oh.”

Kenny pushed off from the sofa and bounded away, light as a fairy. “Kenny! I was so close,” John admonished. Kenny merely smiled at John and started dancing, shaking his hips and jiggling his glutes. He danced well, graceful and carefree. John was in torment. He had been so close to an orgasm, only to lose it, and now Kenny teased him. Kenny was better than all the go-go dancers John had seen. His jiggling ass was particularly stimulating.

“If I knew you were going to do this, I would have tied you down first. In fact, I might just do that. I’ll tie you down and spank that naughty ass of yours.”

“You have to catch me first, daddy!” Kenny taunted. John chased Kenny around the living room, in and out of the kitchen, down the hallway, and into the bedroom. Kenny was too agile, bounding off just when John thought he had him. His hard cock jounced and got in the way, once banging into kitchen table as John reached across to grab Kenny’s arm. But once in the bedroom, John shut the door and locked it.

“I got you now. Daddy’s gonna spank his naughty boy. It’s not nice to tease your daddy and make him chase you.”

Kenny jumped on the bed, turned his ass to John, and teasingly spank it himself. John threw himself on the bed, arms ready to capture Kenny, who waited till the last second and jumped off the bed. John lay still on the bed, breathing heavily. He held his hand to his chest and grimaced.

“John, are you alright? Is it your heart?” Kenny went to John, put a arm around him, and said, “I’m sorry, John. I was just having fun. Are you gonna be alright?”

John snatched Kenny into his arms. “Gotcha! It’s my turn to have fun!”

“That wasn’t fair, John. I thought you were hurting.”

John kissed Kenny’s temples. “I had to trick you, my little Speedy Gonzalez. You’re too agile.” John laced his arms and legs around Kenny, kissing the back of his neck, humping his cock against Kenny’s ass. He rubbed his hands all of Kenny’s body, tweaking the nipples, fondling the balls, jacking the cock, and caressing the hard thighs.

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