Kim and Me Ch. 02

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More from the memory banks.


It had been a little before 7:00pm when Kim and I fell asleep together. I woke up first at 8:45. The sun had set and it was dark out, although the city lights were very pretty in this part of town.

I hit the bathroom and decided dinner was a priority about now. I didn’t think either of us would want to cook if for no other reason than it would take time away from other possible activities and I didn’t feel like getting dressed and going out for largely the same reason. Knowing Kim’s tastes in food, I figured that delivery Chinese from one of our favorite lunch places would work just fine.

I went into the living room and quietly called the restaurant (the number was coded into my cell phone) and ordered enough food for three. Both Kim and I loved spicier stuff and I asked them to put in extra chili paste on the side. They weren’t too busy at that moment and said that they could probably be here in 45 minutes. Well, hot damn!

Just as I hung up, I heard Kim calling my name sleepily from the bedroom. I came in and laid down next to her and gave her a big kiss and a hug. She said “What were you doing in the living room?” “Ordering dinner,” I replied. “Kung pao chicken, Szechuan bean curd, and Mongolian beef, all on the spicy side. Oh, and I got you an extra egg roll like always.”

Kim smiled and pushed her face into my chest and said “You know me so well. You’ve been a wonderful friend for years and years and I finally got to bring you home with me. I’m just a happy girl tonight.” She stretched in bed and said “How soon will they be here? I’m starving!”

“They said about 45… well, 40 minutes now. I could deal with a lot of food, myself. And…” I took stock of how sticky I felt, “…maybe a hot shower wouldn’t be out of order.”

“I’d like a hot shower, too,” Kim said, “and a visit to the bathroom.” She got out of bed and stretched again, which was a wonderful thing to see. She saw me looking and twirled around on tiptoe. I caught her by the waist as she faced me and kissed her tummy. I ran my hands around her and pulled her to me, still kissing around her tummy and working down a little bit. Kim said “Stop that for a moment; I have to go to the bathroom.” She pulled free and headed into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later, I heard the toilet flush and she opened the door again.

“Now,” she said, “let me get us towels. This shower’s not big enough for two people unfortunately, so I’ll let you go first and then you can get dressed and wait for the Chinese food to show up.” Kim dug around in her closet and came out with two big cream-white bath towels and handed me one. She was still naked and I had been admiring the way she looked when she moved. I’d always liked her with clothes on; seeing her au natural was even better.

I started the shower and let it warm up. I found a translucent bar of honey-scented soap and a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint, a happy smell from my teen years. I got in and scrubbed myself off with the honey-scented bar, then used the Dr. Bronner’s to shampoo myself. The peppermint left my face and scalp tingling just like it had in years gone by. I turned the water off, toweled down, then stepped out. My skin felt really clean and between the honey and the mint, I smelled like some kind of dessert food. I laughed at the thought of being on a plate covered with frosting and served up for Kim.

I walked out of the bathroom toweling my hair. Kim had straightened the bed and I could hear her padding around in the kitchen. I walked out and she was in a white terrycloth robe getting out plates and making a pot of tea to go with dinner. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. Kim pushed back into me with her eyes closed and put her arms over mine. We stood there and rocked for a moment. I said “Shower’s free and the delivery guy is going to be here in” – I glanced at the clock – “about 25 minutes.” Kim said “Okay” and headed into the bedroom.

I walked into the living room and got into my clothes, although I stayed barefoot. I heard the shower start and Kim was singing something from an unidentified Gilbert & Sullivan to herself in her rich alto. I looked at the books in the living room bookcase and selected a Calvin & Hobbes collection I hadn’t seen in quite a while. A few minutes later, the shower stopped and I heard Kim drying herself off (still singing fragments of G&S). She stepped out of the bedroom once again in her white bathrobe and with a towel around her head.

Kim sat down on the couch next to me and kissed me. “It’s a shame you’re dressed again,” she said.

“Well, I didn’t want to scare the delivery guy. Or maybe encourage him, come to think of it.” I said.

“There is that,” Kim said. “I’d like you all to myself tonight.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea to me, too. I don’t have anything due to the publisher for a week, so I can play hooky tonight and all day tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I’m free for anything until Monday afternoon. Antalya Escort What’s your schedule like?”

“Well,” Kim said, “I have a client meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 that I really need to be there for, but after that, I can skip out for the rest of the day. Nothing’s going to be happening on a Friday afternoon, particularly when the weather’s as good as this.”

“Great!” I said. “I’d like to stay here with you tonight if that’s okay with you, then I’ll pop home, check email and make sure the cats are okay, and we can spend tomorrow and the weekend together.”

Kim looked at me and said “Yes, please” softly. I looked at her for a moment and kissed her.

The doorbell rang and Kim stood up and headed to the bedroom, saying “I don’t want to encourage the delivery guy, either.” I smiled and opened the door.

“Here’s your order,” the young man said. I looked at the clock and saw that they’d gotten it here in 25 minutes. “Mighty fast work – thank you!” I filled out the credit card slip and gave the delivery guy a $5 tip. He was effusive in his thanks and I said “Work that fast deserves it.” I closed the door and hollered “Chow call!”

Kim came out of the bedroom, still in her bathrobe but without the towel. Her hair was still damp and the curls were dangling haphazardly. I unpacked the brown paper bag and was putting cartons on the table around the place settings Kim had set. “Let’s see, here’s the chicken, here’s the rice, and I need a plate or a bowl for the Mongolian beef.” Kim said “Right over here.” I put the crispy noodles and the spicy beef mix in the bowl, then continued unpacking. “Szechuan bean curd, ahhhhhh! And three eggrolls. Oh, darn, they forgot the chili paste – no, here it is in the bag with the soy sauce and the fortune cookies.” I sat down across from Kim, handed her a paper-sleeved pair of chopsticks, and said “Dig in.” She smiled and reached for the eggrolls.

A few minutes went by, during which there was little noise but the sound of large quantities of really good food being tucked in. I broke the conversational silence by saying “Tea?” “Oh, yes, please!” Kim said.

I snagged two teacups from a cabinet, poured us each tea and served it, then brought the teapot to the table as well and parked it off to one side on a hot pad out of harm’s way. We clinked cups and drank most of the tea. I refilled them. Kim surveyed the table. As I expected, I’d ordered more than we were able to eat, but it was not a problem to have leftover Chinese food. “I’m full for right now,” she said.

“Me, too, but there’s always late night snacking.”

Kim said “In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s already 10:00pm. I’d say that this IS late-night snacking.”

“Au contraire,” I said, “this is just a fashionably late dinner after a very strenuous day. Late night is as late night does; you wait and see.” I started stacking plates and silverware. “How about it if I clean all this up for you and you can loll about and digest for a bit?”

“You have a deal, mister!” Kim said. “I am frequently at my best when I’m being purely decorative.”

“Boy, I’ll say! Just stay right there. I want to be able to see you and you can also tell me where things go if you can see what I’m up to.”

“It shouldn’t be a big deal, really,” Kim said. “Stash the leftovers in the fridge and put the dishes in the dishwasher, and that should be fine.”

“I live to grovel.”

“See that you do!” Kim said, and held out her foot. I knelt in front of her and kissed her arch, then started kissing my way up her calf. The robe had fallen off her leg and I could see all the way up to her pubic hair, which was now reasonably dry and showed very pretty curls. I got up to the junction of her thigh and Kim said “Your mustache is tickling!” and pushed me away.

I got up and resumed putting the leftovers away. “You didn’t seem to mind before,” I said.

“I didn’t even notice before!” Kim replied. “I was way too hot to notice anything except how deep you could get your tongue into me.” I noticed that she’d left her foot up on one of the other chairs so my view continued to be unimpeded. I finished putting the food in the refrigerator and picked up my pace slightly. The dishes went into the dishwasher and I wiped down the table. All that was left was the bag with fortune cookies – three of them since I’d ordered food for three.

I poured more tea for both of us and sat back down. “You first,” I said, pushing the bag towards Kim. She held her hand over the cookies for a moment then said “That one,” and grabbed a cookie. She cracked it open and pulled out the slip of paper. “‘Look for an unexpected development,'” Kim read aloud.

“‘Between the sheets,'” I said.

“What?” Kim said.

“You always say ‘Between the sheets’ after opening a fortune cookie.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Kim said, “I haven’t done that in ages.” She smiled and said “I think you count as an ‘unexpected development.'”

“Oh, jolly good,” I replied. “You do, too.”

“Nope, Antalya Escort Bayan that was MY fortune. You have to see what YOUR fortune says. Besides which, how do I know that you didn’t have every second of this planned?”

“Ummmm… probably because I’m not that smart.”

“Possibly true,” Kim said, “but you have one or two other redeeming qualities that I find acceptable.”

“I think I’m losing this exchange,” I said.

“So pick!” Kim said and pushed the bag with the two remaining cookies on it towards me.

I picked up the nearest one, opened it, and pulled out the fortune. I read it to myself.

“What does it say?” Kim asked.

“Oh, I don’t know if I should tell you,” I said and made to put the fortune in my shirt pocket.

“You’d better!” Kim said.

“Oh, very well,” I said. I unfolded the fortune and read “Be ready to grab for your heart’s desire.” I looked at Kim and said “Between the sheets.”

“Oh, my!” Kim said.

“Could be true, you know.”


I stood up and said “Depending on what we’re going to do at this point, one of us isn’t dressed appropriately.”

Kim looked at the clock and said “Well, the club area downstairs closes officially at 10:00pm on weeknights, but a bunch of us have keys for late after hours use of the sauna. The apartment manager doesn’t care as long as you’re careful to turn things off when you’re done. We could get dressed for the gym and head down there and by that time, it’d be 10:30 and we’d have the place all to ourselves.”

“That sounds like an excellent plan to me,” I said. “I’ll need to run down to my car and get my gym bag, then I can change up here and we can go.” Kim handed me her key ring and said “Here’s the key to get back in.” I gave her a quick kiss, then headed downstairs and out to my car, grabbed my gym bag, and walked back up to her apartment.

Kim was already changing into workout clothes. It wasn’t the leotard I’d seen her in earlier, but a pair of cotton boxer workout shorts and a t-shirt. I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and her nipples were visible. She looked down at her chest and looked up at me and said “I didn’t want anything getting in the way.”

I dug my gym stuff out of the bag. My shorts were fine, but the t-shirt I’d worn earlier in the day was pretty damp with sweat and wasn’t anything I wanted to put next to my skin. I said “Have you a spare t-shirt, maybe? This one’s pretty grotey.” Kim thought for a moment and said “I have just the thing! Hang on, you’re going to love this!”

She rummaged in a bottom drawer of her dresser for a moment and then she said “Aha!” She turned around and pulled out a t-shirt from the company we’d both worked at when we first met almost 20 years ago!

“How the HELL did you get this?” I said.

“Oh, we had a bunch extra after that last promotion before we both left and I ended up with a couple of them because, well, they couldn’t get anyone to take ’em.”

“Amazing to see this again.” I pulled it on and laced up my shoes. “Ready!” I said.

“Okay, we’re going to go downstairs. Here’s a clean towel; we’ll need to wipe down after the sauna.”

Kim grabbed a couple bottles of water out of the refrigerator, picked up her keys, and we walked out. The night air was pleasantly cool. I held Kim’s hand as we walked to the stairs.

The apartment’s club area was downstairs at one end of the complex near the end of a hall. I could see the swimming pool through a glass door at the end of the hall. The lights were out on the pool and Kim said “They don’t keep the lights on past eight o’clock until May. The pool’s not heated this time of year, so not many people are inclined to swim in the pool except for a few folks who are much hardier than I am. If you like, though, you can jump in the pool after the sauna, kinda Swedish-style. I’m not interested, myself.”

I shivered and said “No, thanks, hon, just the thought makes me cold.”

Kim unlocked the door of the club area and flipped on the light. It was small, about par for an apartment complex exercise area. There were three exercycles, a universal weight machine, a small rack of hand weights, and a few mats. I saw an inflatable exercise ball in the corner and Kim said “This is where I learned to stretch like that. I saw you looking at me at Gold’s this afternoon.” I blushed a little and said “I loved the view.” Kim curtsied slightly and said “Thought you might.”

The sauna was at the far end of the room. It adjoined a large tile shower with a couple of showerheads on opposite sides facing each other, but there wasn’t a changing area. Kim saw the question on my face and said “The apartment got a little cheap here. The only people who are technically supposed to use the exercise room are residents or their guests, so the management figures that they’ll be able to shower back in their apartments. Changing into or out of gym clothes is done in the two restrooms just down the hall, so that’s Escort Antalya all right for the most part. But they needed to have a shower for the sauna, so they put up one reasonably sized shower and then posted a rule about having to wear a swimsuit when you sauna, which people pay attention to during the day and then mostly ignore late at night. The shower actually does double duty for rinsing off before and after swimming, so it makes a certain amount of sense.”

Kim opened the door to the sauna and turned the timer knob. There was still some warm air in the sauna, but it wasn’t much hotter than a summer day. Kim said “It’ll be about 10 minutes before the sauna really heats up. Would you like to take another shower while we wait?”

There was clearly room for the two of us in the shower; as a matter of fact, there was room for up to four people in this shower if they felt like being friendly. I said “Yes, but one moment.” I walked over to the club area’s door and locked it from the inside and then turned out the light. I turned around and said “I don’t want to advertise that someone’s in here.” Kim said “It’s rarely a problem; there are only a few other people who’re likely to come down here on weeknights and they’re cool.”

I negotiated the floor carefully so I didn’t trip on anything. There was actually a fair amount of light from the electronic displays on the exercycles. My eyes adjusted pretty quickly. Best of all, I could see Kim holding out her arms. I joined her and we kissed for a moment. Kim pulled back and moved toward the shower. I said “Where should we put our clothes?” Kim said “Late at night, I park them right around the corner so they don’t get wet from the spray.”

We peeled off our clothes and Kim flipped on both shower heads. The water heated up quickly and we stepped in together and pulled the large curtain closed. I reached up and adjusted the spray on the showerhead so it hit my neck and shoulders just right. We stood in the center of the spray from both showerheads and kissed and ground against each other in what would’ve been called dry humping if we weren’t all wet.

I’ve always loved showering with a woman. I feel like a horny sea otter. Kim was clearly enjoying it as much as I was. I felt her reach down to my cock and stroke it. I was already fairly hard and this got me a little harder. Not to be left out, I stroked Kim’s pussy. I could feel the heat and moisture from her pussy and I slipped a finger inside her. She moaned into my mouth and spread her legs slightly, but she didn’t stop stroking my cock.

We stood there for a couple minutes playing with other. Kim was getting very hot from my fingering. I said, “Turn around and bend over.” Kim did so and held on to the grab bar on her side of the shower stall with both hands. I knelt down behind her and spread her ass cheeks and pushed my face in between them and started licking her pussy from behind. Kim gasped when my lips touched her, then moaned and pushed her ass back into my face. She spread her legs until her right foot was resting against the wall. I held on to her hips and licked more, getting my tongue up near her clit. My nose was pushing directly into her vagina and I bobbed my head a couple times back and forth to see if I could fuck her with my nose. It didn’t seem to have much of an effect, but Kim was enjoying everything I was doing. I went back to licking.

Kim was having a wonderful time and it was clear that she liked getting eaten from this position. I brought one hand up between her legs and stroked her abdomen and mound. She bent her knees slightly, wiggled her ass in pleasure, and moaned loudly.

Kim was getting close to cumming, so I moved down a bit to get more direct access to her clit. I started feathering it with the side of my tongue while tugging gently on her pussy lips with one hand and she said “Oh oh OH!!” and came hard and fast. I held on to her legs so she didn’t slip and kept licking, moving back and away from her clit (which had gotten too sensitive the last time). She straightened up slowly after a moment and stepped forward and out of range of my tongue. Kim twisted from side to side to stretch her back and looked at me and said “That was niiiiiice!”

I said “The one disadvantage with doing that in the shower is that I don’t get to keep your juices all over my face.”

Kim said “Well, I guess we’ll have to do it again at some point when we’re not in the shower, then.”

“That sounds great to me, too.”

Kim said, “I think the sauna’s probably hot by now and you probably are, too. C’mon, I want to suck that thing!” She turned off the shower on her side and I followed suit. Kim grabbed my prick and led me out of the shower. She let go long enough to pick up our towels from the pile of clothes on the floor, then grabbed me again and we entered the sauna.

Sure enough, the sauna had gotten up to a good temperature. It was a small sauna, designed to hold no more than half a dozen people, but there were two large cedar benches in an “L.” Kim spread our towels on the two benches and I sat down on one of them with my back to the wall and one leg stretched out along the bench. Kim sat down on the bench near my feet, then leaned over so she was stretched catty-corner across the far bench with her head and hands near my cock.

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