Kissing Cousins Ch. 08

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It was a few more minutes before James finally slipped his soft penis out of Megan’s vagina and they laid there together, soaking it in. She snuggled up under his arm, resting her head on his shoulder and occasionally kissing his cheek as they spoke. His hand rested on her side, occasionally caressing her and fondly squeezing her loose flesh. Eventually, they realized that they needed to eat. He watched Megan get out of bed, admiring her nudity. She had a plump body with large, wonderful breasts. Her arms were tattooed heavily, and she had a couple on her back as well. When she bent over to pick up her sundress, her tits and her round belly hung and wobbled erotically. His heart beat quickly at the mere sight. She just dropped the sundress on over her nude body, saving him from losing all control. James needed a few minutes to think straight after that.

He grabbed his clothes off the floor and got dressed as Megan busied herself in the kitchen. Knowing what she had underneath her sundress — nothing — had him continually aroused. He could think of little else, even hungry as he was. The two second cousins ate a nice lunch and he did his best to focus on the conversation at hand. It was an enjoyable talk – Megan wasn’t shy once she got going. And she had a fresh, youthful outlook on things and he was reminded that she was a good fifteen years younger than he was, in her late twenties.

They finished up at close to two o’clock. She took their plates and put them in the sink. He watched her as she moved about, her bare feet padding on the floor. Her sundress barely went below her ass and he kept looking down at her smooth, chubby thighs. Again his mind drifted to what was hidden under that dress. He focused on slowing his breathing, but he couldn’t take his eyes off those creamy-white legs.

Megan suddenly turned around and smiled at him, dimples appearing as she caught him looking. She sat back down in her seat just across from him, her pretty eyes looking at him.

“So what do you want to do now?” She asked sweetly, pouting her full lips just a little. Just to tease. James stood up and her heart skipped a beat when she saw the way that he looked at her.

“I’m not finished eating yet, actually.” He stated. She was initially disappointed, but then suddenly grew excited again when he got down on his knees in front of her. He placed his hands on her knees and kissed one of them. Her pussy grew moist and began to tingle.

James kissed just inside Megan’s knee and she opened her legs just a little. Her pussy was hidden in the shadows of her sundress, teasing him further. He turned and kissed just inside her other knee. Then he kissed just a little higher up, just inside her thigh. He could already smell her sex, and it made his heart pound. Her skin was very soft and smooth as he kissed even higher still, sucking some of the flesh and giving it a lick. He placed his hands underneath Megan’s legs and raised them up, his one hand lifting the leg he was kissing high enough so that she was able to rest her foot on the edge of the table. Her sundress slipped higher up and he was able to see her bald pussy, the pink lips pressed together. He could hear her breathing heavily above him as he sucked the flesh of her leg into his mouth, tasting her skin. He kissed the very top of the inside of her thigh, now clearly smelling the intoxicating scent of her arousal.

“Ohhh…” a sigh escaped Megan’s lips. She kept a foot on the edge of the table, toenails polished red, and rested her other one on his shoulder as she watched his head turn and kiss the top of her other leg, agonizingly close to her treasure. With one hand, she lovingly cupped the back of his head. Her heart was pounding as he continued to tease her, his mouth just missing her labia again and again.

James kissed just beside her pink petals, teasing himself just as much as her. He looked at her gorgeous treasure for a moment. Her swollen, quivering pussy lips were pressed together and quivering and he gently kissed them. Megan gasped, bucking just a little. He had her strong, delicious taste on his lips. She slid further to the edge of the chair just a bit as he kissed each of her ass cheeks. He pressed his tongue against the skin that ran between her pussy and asshole and wiggled it back and forth, teasing her. Then he briefly teased his tongue underneath her, wiggling it across her asshole, clearly feeling the tiny rim.

“Ohhhh …” she whispered, closing her eyes. Poking his tongue upward, he got the tip just inside her anus. He then wiggled it quickly just inside her backdoor. Withdrawing his tongue, he snaked it out again and licked across her asshole and continued further. He ran his tongue slowly upwards towards her slit and teased it along her sensitive lips. He loved her delicious, potent flavor as her nectar abundantly coated Escort Esenyurt her labia. His thumbs held her lips open as he licked between the folds of her pussy. Reaching the top, he tickled his tongue across her clit and she grunted. As he held her pussy open, he could see some of his white cream deep inside the light pink of her vagina — Megan’s vagina. Wanting to avoid that, he planted his mouth on the upper part of her pussy and sucked her tiny button into his mouth.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned. He pushed his hands up underneath her legs near the top by her fleshy ass and lifted, pressing his face into her harder and keeping his mouth over her clit. He lashed his tongue up and down across it as she began to writhe into his face. He could feel her fingers clawing at the back of his head.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Megan whined a little louder in her sweet voice. James licked and licked, teasing his tongue lightly over her button faster and faster. She started writhing up and down against his face with more urgency, her moans getting louder. He stubbornly kept his face between her open thighs and his mouth over her button, lashing at it as fast as he could.

“Keep going…keep going…” she breathed. He clearly felt her clit and his tongue was relentless. He squeezed her chubby thighs under her ass, trying to slow her writhing. He moved his face along with her bucking pussy, keeping on her clit. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” She whined. Her juices were getting all around his mouth and he loved how she tasted. His tongue continued dancing on her button and he felt her stiffen.

“UNNNNGH! GAWD!” Megan groaned, her other foot coming off the table and pressing into his other shoulder as she bucked off the chair. Electricity shot through her body and she could feel the inner walls of her pussy convulsing as her lover mercilessly lapped at her clit. “Unnngh…” she whined, cumming violently. Deep inside her vagina it was pulsating quickly and she grit her teeth, letting out another squeal. Her hands pulled his face right against her pussy and her thick thighs squeezed together around his skull. She was wincing, gasping for breath when she finally pushed his face away from her crotch, unable to take any more.

“Ohhhhhh!” She moaned. James gave her pussy one more kiss and then stood up, watching Megan try and catch her breath, her eyes closed. Her legs were hanging down from the chair and her toes were touching the floor. He tore off his shirt and tossed it on the floor and then shoved his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. He stepped out of them, his hard cock pointing straight up in the air. Standing between her legs, he grabbed her sundress and raised it partway above her stretch-marked belly, once again revealing her slit to him. Soon he would have the honor of being inside that pussy.

Her eyes fluttered open and saw his hard penis. Without a word, Megan opened her legs wide and raised them in the air, again placing her one foot on the edge of the table. She remained passive as she watched him take his hard cock in his hand and crouch a little. He ran the head down her slick petals, stopping when he reached her entrance. The heat emanating from her was magnetic and her eyes were filled with love as he looked at her. He pushed the tip of his head just inside her entrance and circled it around, covering it with her flowing nectar. He couldn’t believe the tremendous heat that embraced the top of his organ. He pushed forward and felt her tightness open for him and slowly absorb his head plus an additional inch.

“Unh!” She peeped as a part of her body intensely squeezed the top of his dick. He saw that Megan was looking down between her thighs, watching him enter her so he did the same. Her bald pussy was wrapped tightly around the top part of his penis. He wriggled a little, squeezing another inch into her intense heat.

“Ohhhh gawd…” Megan purred, her eyes still locked on the scene between her open legs. He pulled back a bit and they both watched his shaft emerge, glistening with her nectar that coated that part of him. He pushed forward again and this time most of his manhood slid into the welcoming heat her body.

“Ohhhh!” She whined. All he could see now was the base of his dick, the rest of it was inside her vagina. Tightness squeezed him most of the way down. He pulled back again and then slid back into her, this time not stopping until his groin was pressed against her crotch and the both moaned softly. The two cousins were one as he was completely sheathed inside her treasure. For a second, he took in the visual of his groin pressing right against her shaved pussy and he savored the sensation of her gripping his entire length. He ground against her.

“Ohhh I love this…” she muttered softly. Megan’s legs were spread wide as he stared at the sight. Beneath the Escort Avcılar roll of her belly and between her perfect thighs, her bald pussy framed light pink lips that were stretched around the base of his penis. She was intensely hot around his manhood. Her sundress was raised up around her fleshy stomach. Her tits were huge, and his eyes locked on her beautiful braless cleavage that pushed the sundress outward. His gaze rose and he saw that she was looking at him. Her blue eyes were absolutely hypnotic, and his heart stopped for a moment. She broke into a pretty smile, flashing her dimple.

He put his hand behind her head and kissed her soft, plump lips. Megan opened her mouth right away and her nimble tongue teased him before sliding into his mouth. He sucked on her tongue for a moment, grinding against her and pushing her stiff cock deeper inside her snug pussy. He held himself deep inside her hot cunt as their tongues slowly twirled. He tasted her saliva, savoring it as much as he savored the inferno that surrounded his penis. Their tongues danced lovingly, not in any rush. She pushed her tongue deeper and he sucked on it. She held it still for a moment, just sucking. Then he released her and slowly withdrew his rigid organ. He was surprised at how her tight cunt pulled at him as if not wanting him to go. Then he slid back inside her heavenly heat.

“Mmmmm…” she purred, her tongue dancing. He started sliding in and out of her as he rubbed his tongue against hers. Her tight vagina caressed his organ again and again as he thrust between her open thighs. “Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” she moaned into his mouth, one foot resting on the table while the other flailed in the air as he plunged his dick into her. Their lips smacked loudly, echoing in the kitchen. They were gasping for breath as he fucked her on the chair a little faster. Her tight cunt was pulling at him like nothing he had ever felt before. His groin slapped against her defenseless labia again and again.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Her cute voice moaned as a rigid cock invaded her tight pussy relentlessly. Their lustful kissing continued as he pounded into her again and again right there on the chair. His sensitive, swollen shaft could feel every inch of his movement as her hot pussy enveloped him again and again. She hungrily brushed her tongue across his throat. James was bracing himself on the table as best as he could, crouching to fuck her. Her hot pussy felt incredible, but it was getting uncomfortable. He broke the kiss, sliding his hard penis out of her. The two cousins were panting as he helped her off the chair. Then he sat down on it, waving his rigid pole in the air.

Megan stood before him and reached behind her back, unzipping the sundress. It fell to the floor and just like that, his cousin was completely nude. His eyes briefly glanced at her huge tits and the way they hung down. He loved the light shade of pink of her areolas. He also loved the three freckles at the base of her cleavage. He looked back up at her. Megan’s sweet blue eyes looked back as she straddled him. She reached down and took his cock from his hand, holding it up in the air as she brushed the lips of her hot pussy across the head. He looked down beneath her round belly and watched as she positioned him at the center of her heat. He felt pressure on the head and then he felt her open up for him. He watched her light pink petals split open and slowly gobble up his manhood. More of her heat enveloped him as she slid lower. She continued pushing down until every inch of him was inside her.

“Ohhhh…” his cousin sighed, closing her eyes. His entire penis was being squeezed by tremendous heat. Megan’s vagina. He ran his hands down her naked back to her big, soft ass and gave her cheeks a squeeze. Her eyes were still closed as he kissed her nose. She smiled and her dimple appeared again. He squeezed her fat bum and pulled her downward while grounding upward, getting his dick as far inside her body as possible. She opened her eyes and pursed her lips. He kissed her. She pushed down on him, grinding against him as she threw her arms around him and flung her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately as he remained deep inside her. As he felt Megan’s tongue tease across his throat, he caressed his hands around her round, smooth cheeks. She kissed him harder, urgently, as he squeezed her bum over and over again — really getting his fingers into her crack and grabbing it. Through it all, he was buried in her heat.

“Mmmmm…” her sweet voice purred as she slid her pussy up a little and then sunk back down on him. She started fucking him using small strokes, keeping him deep inside her body. Their lips smacked loudly and it echoed in the kitchen as he thrust up into her again and again, his hands holding her ass. Their kissing grew in passion as they both thrust up and down in perfect rhythm.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Megan moaned, her tongue dancing eagerly deep inside his mouth. His fingers were deep in the crack of her ass, squeezing her ass again and again as she bounced on him. They gradually broke the kiss, but he kept his mouth on her face. James kissed his way over to her ear and sucked her earlobe over her earrings. He couldn’t help but thrust upwards, urging her on. He slowly kissed down her neck, sucking on her flesh as his hard organ entered her needy vagina over and over. He released her ass and ran his hands around to the front of her body, pushing her breasts upwards as he kissed down her chest. He kissed her three freckles, pushing her big tits on each side of his face. He kissed his way up the slope her breast and his tongue snaked out. He licked a circle around her light pink areola, kissing it tenderly as she continued sliding her pussy up and down his pole.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed above him as he teased his tongue across her hard nipple. It was a thick nipple, and very light pink as he circled his tongue around it. Then he sucked it into his mouth as she ran a hand around the back of his head. He turned and hungrily sucked her other nipple into his mouth, trapping it and lashing his tongue back and forth across it. He couldn’t get any harder, and Megan was lengthening the strokes, eagerly sliding her cunt up and down his member nearly halfway. Her tight pussy pulled at him each time she lifted up. And he loved the way her loose flesh wobbled each time she rammed herself down. He glanced up to see her looking at him lustfully and they came together in another kiss. If possible, this one was more frantic than before. She moaned and her tongue immediately shot deep inside his mouth as he reached around her and grabbed her ass again. It was soft and cushy and her tongue felt nice in his mouth. He started fucking upwards quickly, urging her on. His hands squeezed her bum and pulled her down on him faster.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Megan started fucking him furiously. She slid her pussy nearly all the way up his cock before ramming it down onto him and forcing him to bang hard into her depths. Each time sent bolts of pleasure up her body. He was so thick and hard inside her that it excited her to no end. She wanted to feel him cum in her again. She needed to tell him this, but couldn’t bring herself to break the passionate kiss. Their tongues were hungrily dancing around each other as he thrust up into her.

James was losing it. His entire sensitive cock was tingling and his balls were churning. His shaft had swelled to full capacity and everything felt incredibly vivid around him as his cousin eagerly bounced up and down, up and down. He was almost there, but he tried to hold off. He didn’t want this to end.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” Megan moaned in a high pitch. She had shortened her strokes, keeping him deep. She was pushing downward as if knowing that he was about to cum. But he wanted to thrust a couple more times. It took all his strength to lift her upwards about two inches and then she slammed downwards, forcing him deep inside her. He did it again and this time when she slammed down on him he lost it. His cock jerked and a thick wad of his sticky cum blasted inside his cousin. She was kissing at him sloppily, purring approvingly as his manhood spasmed inside her again and again. Load after load of hot semen shot out of James’s penis and into Megan’s vagina. At the same time, her cervix dipped down and grabbed at his fresh seed and pulled it towards her womb. She ground against him, milking him for all that he had.

He moaned into her mouth, kissing her again as he squeezed his cock muscles. He could feel a glob of sperm being forced to the tip and then it dripped out the end, joining the pool of cum that was already inside her. They were gasping for breath, still kissing sloppily as he softened. Their kissing and heavy breathing were the only sounds in the kitchen.

His soft penis remained inside her as their kissing died down. He started kissing her cheek and sucking at her ear.

“Ohhh you are the best lover.” He breathed. Megan smiled.

“Thank you. You too.” They turned to each other and pecked once, twice. Then they hugged. As he squeezed her tight, he reflected on the fact that his soft penis was inside her body — and she was his second cousin! This is Megan! He squeezed her harder, pushing the thought from his mind. This was the woman who had been in his fantasies for over a decade. This was an honor. For the moment, he let his feelings for her flow through him.

It was ten minutes of hugging and caressing in that chair, his penis inside her the entire time, before Megan finally stood up and his cock slipped out of her. By this point it was closing in on twenty minutes to three.

They got dressed and cleaned up, and then snuggled on the sofa for a little while — trying to milk every second together that they could, before her (their!) family returned.

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