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It had been a tough year both at work and at home but our summer holiday to Kos had arrived.

We arrived at our apartments early on Sunday morning. A few hours sleep and I was ready to check out the pool. I found a couple of sun beds and began to relax. My wife and young son joined me a short time later. That’s when I noticed the topless mature blond lady a short distance away. She was quite attractive and tits you could die for!

Over the next few days both her and her husband occupied the same spot around the pool, as did my wife and I. With regular frequency I took a sneaky glimpse of her and those tits and the effect on me was beginning to grow in more ways than one.

Four days after we arrived I found myself alone by the pool as my wife took our son for a walk to explore our surroundings further. When the lady’s husband also disappeared I took my chance to say hello. On the pretext of looking or one of my son’s toys I went over and said Hi. She seemed a little startled and embarrassed especially when I complemented her.

“Hi, I’m Phil. I hope you don’t mind me saying but you’ve got the best tits I’ve ever seen.” “Thanks. I’m Barbara.” She said shyly.

We talked briefly about the weather and how nice the pool area was. She told me she was on a two week holiday with her husband, Derrick who had gone to buy a newspaper. They were both from the Midlands, which I guessed by their accents.

I found the “missing” toy and returned to my sun bed. My erection was soon growing.

Nothing further happened that day. The next day was different.

The following day I again found myself alone. I preferred the pool but the sun was a bit too much for my wife and she again took our son for a walk into town and the comfort of air-conditioned shops. Barbara was in the same spot accompanied by Derrick. It was during one of my sneaky peeks I saw her asking her husband to go to town to get her something. He was protesting but she was insistent. Her reluctantly put his trainers on and set off into town.

After he’d been gone for around 10 minutes Barbara came over to me.

“Hi. I have never done this before but I keep noticing you looking altyazılı porno at me. Would you like to come for a cool drink in my room?” she said standing in just her bikini bottoms. The pool area was busy but quiet in our part.

“I’d love to.” “My room number is 38. My husband will be at least another hour.” And with that comment she turned and left the pool area heading in the direction of her room.

With that I tidied my sun bed and watched Barbara leave. She had the sexiest wiggle I’d ever seen which I could have sworn was being exaggerated for my benefit.

Ten minutes later I was outside her room and heard the shower running. I knocked on the door.

“Come in. Its open”

I entered not sure what I would find. Possibly Derrick about to give hit me for staring at his wife’s body.

Barbara emerged from the shower wrapped in a towel. I closed the door and she walked to the fridge to fix the drinks.

“I can’t believe how hot it is this year” she said. Barbara then went on to explain how her and Derrick had been returning to the island for the past few years and this was the hottest she had known it. We talked some more about general stuff. The prices in the local supermarket, the local bus service etc. All of the time we ere chatting Barbara remained in her towel which was slowly working its way loose.

A further couple of minutes talking and the towel had slipped enough to reveal her tits. And how beautiful they were. Barbara had told me she was in her early fifties but she had the tits of a woman much younger. Full and well formed.

“Oh excuse me” she said trying to cover up. “Don’t mind me. I’ve already said how nice they are.” I replied

She seemed nervous at first but her nerves had now disappeared and she let the towel fall completely revealing herself to me completely. Bloody hell I thought. This is one sexy woman. She was carrying a little extra around her middle but had fantastic legs. Visions came into my head of her being stood before me in stockings and heels. Those thoughts quickly disappeared with her next comment.

“Not bad for 53 eh?” “Fantastic” I replied

“I’ve shown you mine. Now time türkçe altyazılı porno to show me yours” she said and with that moved towards me placing her thumbs in the band of my swim shorts.

Not too fast I thought and went to kiss her. My hands und her waist and moved upwards to those tits. She responded pulling me closer running her fingers down my back and fondling my bum. I did the same, which was met with a slight moan. Barbara returned her attention to my shorts and soon had them down and off.

“Not bad yourself” she said.

She took me in her hands and stroked and gently squeezed my cock and balls whilst our tongues played with each other.

We moved to the bed still kissing and exploring each other. I had to taste Barbara’s tits and soon had a nipple in my eager mouth, which was met by further, low moans. Barbara was now wanking my hard cock with one hand whilst offering her left tit to my mouth with the other. I lavished attention to both tits and her now hardened nipples. She then whispered in my ear that it was her turn. Her mouth left mine and with gentle kisses found her way down to my chest. My nipples received her attention, which felt very nice indeed.

Barbara changed her position further working her way down my body to my cock. She took me into her soft and willing mouth. I tried to sit up but with a firm push found myself lying back again.

“I’m not finished yet!” exclaimed Barbara and continued to suck and squeeze and lick my cock and balls.

I have to say that I get extremely horny in hot weather and that combined with my sexy new friend ministering to me, found myself approaching orgasm. However, Barbara sensed this and eased off to gentle tongue flicks, allowing the feeling to subside a little.

Now for my turn I thought. I sat up and put a hand on Barbara’s waist pulling her in my direction. She understood what I wanted and willing obliged. I tasted her pussy and juices for the first time.

We seemed to stay in our 69 position for what seemed like ages. I came close to cumming on more than one occasion.

“The clock!!” she cried. “My husband will be back in 15 minutes. I want you want hd altyazılı porno you inside me.” I didn’t need asking twice. We’d been in her room for nearly an hour and she was expecting Derrick back any time.

We re-arranged our sticky bodies with Barbara on her back and me between her open legs. I placed my cock at her love entrance rubbing it gently against her.

“Please don’t tease me. Fuck me.” She pleaded.

I moved my hips forward and slid into her easily. All the way. I’m not a big man but big enough and she was soon pleading with me to fuck her with my big cock. I duly obliged moving back and forth with Barbara moving her hips beneath me, her hands now massaging her own tits, squeezing her hard nipples. He was very wet and I could feel her juices running all over me balls.

The feeling of my cock inside Barbara and the sight of seeing this mature beauty moving beneath me whilst playing with her tits was too much and I was soon emptying my balls into her. I let out a long moan.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming” she cried bucking her hips against mine letting out low deep moans.

I kept pumping myself into her for as long as I could and until we collapsed into a sweaty panting heap together.

“That was great” I said

“Bloody brilliant.” Said Barbara. “but you must go. Derrick will be back any minute”

My now limp cock slipped from her pussy, love juice oozing from her. Barbara then did something very dirty. She dipped a finger in her pussy, put it into her mouth and then sucked it.

“You dirty boy. I going to give you a very dirty fuck next time!!”

Next time? I didn’t know there would be a next time but my cock was stirring into life again with this comment.

“Not now” she said “another time”

I left the room feeling very satisfied and looking forward to our next meeting.

Back at the pool Barbara returned with her husband, who had gone back to their room, explaining she had gone for headache pills. She lay on her sun bed and released those tits again. I lay down thinking of what had just happened. I looked over at Barbara who was looking back. Her husband was engrossed in his newspaper.

She put pulled her bikini bottoms to one side revealing her pussy, dipped a finger in and then put it in her mouth whilst giving me the sexist wink. Her bikini bottoms had a distinct wet patch, which Derrick had obviously not noted. Thankfully!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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