Kulsoom Becomes a Woman

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“I am being ripped apart!” Kulsoom’s mind was crystal clear even if she otherwise was well under the spell of ill-consumed quantities of alcohol.

Emmanuel’s weight bore down on her, preventing any possibility of slipping out from under him and away. In any case, at the present time, his cock had firmly found anchor inside her rapidly expanding cunt.

“Well dad,” she mused in her dazed state as a further two inches of Emmanuel’s monstrous cock penetrated her, “despite all your efforts to keep me virgin, I am becoming a woman today!”


Kulsoom had made the effort to lose her virginity earlier in the year, during a rather interesting promotions party (as per ‘The Promotion Party’ Parts 1-4) held by her boss, Mr. Shahzad, who was the VP at the national telecom company. The way to get ahead of others in a crowded field was not only for one to participate in fucking a number of people, but also to have their spouse involved in the activity. The single men and girls had been paired to create “couples” of a sort, with the proviso that members of any married or temporarily created couple could not engage in sex together at the event. The efforts were graded and winners sent to vacation together in Sri Lanka (as detailed in ‘The Post Promotions Holiday’). Most other participants got a weekend at a resort in Bhurban, Pakistan for more swinging and sex.

Kulsoom did not make it to either Sri Lanka or Bhurban. Mr. Shahzad had arranged for her to be on a training course in Korea for two weeks and more, corresponding with the Sri Lanka trip, thus in his mind ensuring that her pussy remained unsullied. During the party itself, Mr. Shahzad had not been happy that his wife, Maliha, had allowed the girl to register in the night’s program. Faced with Kulsoom’s adamant insistence on being part of the action, he had restrained her with a strong chastity belt that prevented access to her pussy, although she still managed to get her ass fucked by a colleague. She had also nearly been brutalized by a senior manager, Dawar, who had then received very harsh beatings and had been kicked out of the company in disgrace. The reason for the concern from Mr. Shahzad was that he had taken to the girl since she had come on board, not as a prospective girlfriend, but as the daughter he himself never had. His way of dealing with her was very paternal, which had kept the office Romeos away from her. Yet this also created misgivings with his wife, who saw Kulsoom as a gold digger.


Kulsoom wondered why she had been nominated to attend the Government of South Korea sponsored course in Seoul. She was a relatively low level employee and by rights the VP should have sent Rashid or Naeem. As her departure date approached she surmised that since both Naeem and Rashid were on the way to Sri Lanka, being among the winners of the promotion party event, they were not considered. The others, she then learnt, were going to be in Bhurban for more sexual activity. So her selection was both a simple matter of default with all others unable to go, and yet a means to keep her pure!

The anger at being left out of the groups for both Sri Lanka and Bhurban faded when she arrived in Seoul and found herself at a modern four-star hotel close to the Ministry of Telecommunications. It was nicer than anything she had ever seen. Coming from a family with modest means, and being junior on the corporate ladder, meant that she had not experienced the class hospitality she was now receiving. The room overlooked a very lovely garden and, while relatively small and functional, was an absolute palace for her. Within moments of arriving at the facility, she had discarded her clothes and immersed herself into the tub for a most soothing bath. She had seen ladies soaking in Western movies, wondered what it would be like, and now had her opportunity to experience the same. It was wonderful!

Kulsoom was pleased to meet her course mates at dinner. The group consisted of sixteen international persons and six Koreans, guys outnumbering girls fourteen to eight. She was placed between a rather handsome Canadian guy and an equally charming Korean gentleman, both of whom doted on her during the meal. She was also aware that more than a dozen male eyes were hungrily eating in her visage, given that perhaps two or three of the other girls could be considered pretty, whereas she herself was a fashion model by comparison. Wearing denim overalls, she looked very cute. On her part, Kulsoom figured five or six of the guys seemed worth getting to know better. Some of them, and many others, she would intimately be with, in the very near future.


“Kulsoom, may I ask you to be Emmauel’s partner for the first session,” the course director had made the necessary pairings, advising all that the partners would change every other day. Over the fifteen day period, each person would be part of a duo with six others. The last day was the final graduation ceremony and farewell event. In typical hard working East Asian manner, there were no days off in the course, though certain times were set out for activity outside Escort Beylikdüzü the class.

Emmanuel, from Southern Nigeria, had a well-built six foot plus physique. Compared to him, Kulsoom was puny at just over five feet in height. Yet she had given him a difficult to hide erection the minute they were asked to sit next to each other and had accidentally rubbed legs together in the process. He could sense that the girl was focused on the lesson and keen to be among the top three in the course in order to be invited to a future event.

There was a lot of homework on the first evening, with a test the following afternoon. Emmanuel’s mind was on one thing alone, Kulsoom. She, however, was buried in studying and intent in not leaving the library till midnight. His ordeal was made worse by the fact that she had worn a rather pleasing Pakistani outfit.

As could be imagined, Kulsoom aced the exam and Emmanuel just scraped through with the lowest grade in the course. And there was no homework on day two. After dinner, the group convened at one of the disco bars in the hotel. Kulsoom had been pleased with the outcome and was open to accepting a glass of champagne from one of the Korean guys, who had also been in the top-three. The group soon began to hit the dance floor and Kulsoom was expectantly popular with the men. Emmanuel paid her great attention, refilling her champagne glass numerous times. When the group decided to disband at 11 pm, Kulsoom had a serious buzz and was uncertain on her feet.

“Let me help you back to your room,” Emmanuel volunteered before anyone else could, and led her off.

Kulsoom had tried alcohol for the first time in her life and did not mind being carried from the elevator to her room. Rather than going to her room, however, he took a turn and went into another on the same floor, his own. Once inside, Emmanuel held her up against the door, kissing her mouth, loosening her jeans and pulling off her blouse, leaving her just in an underslip, bra and panties. She tried to push back but he had her on the bed in a jiffy and, somehow putting on a condom, entered her as her panties were ripped off. Kulsoom screamed as the large rod inched inside, ripping her hymen. It was exceedingly painful and yet what she had wished for all along was now happening, just not the way she would have liked or with the right person. As the cock moved further into her, Kulsoom had mixed feelings about pushing him off or letting him continue. Given that her virginity was now tattered, it made sense to let him complete his act and make her a woman in the true sense. She gritted her teeth and grabbed her legs under both knees, spreading them as wide as possible to ease the penetration. Emmanuel roared as he filled the sac covering his cock with his sperm. It was extremely bloody as he withdrew.

“Well no-longer virgin honey, I am going to make you my whore tonight and more,” he sneered. While she had made a value judgment on what had happened so far, Kulsoom had no intention of being his sex toy for the rest of the night or the entirety of the course.

He was off the bed, having removed the condom. Emmanuel roughly grabbed Kulsoom’s feet and rolled her over onto her stomach. His intent was clear as his unsheathed cock appeared destined for her asshole. Kulsoom bucked and freed one foot. A fully uncoiled kick caught him right in the balls and appeared to break something in his still erect cock as he tried to regain control over her leg. Emmanuel yelped as she jumped off, grabbed her bag, clothes and shoes and ran out bare.

In a moment she was in her room. Luckily her key was in the bag and the corridor was empty. A while later she heard an ambulance pulling up to the front of the hotel, then noise from the general direction of Emmanuel’s room. As it happened his course was over, but he had a long stay at Seoul General Hospital with a crushed testicle and cracked penile shaft. He would not be a cocksman any longer in Nigeria or elsewhere. Thankfully he did not file any sort of police complaint, worried that Kulsoom might claim rape, and the matter died at that point.


“Hello, my name is Juan Carlos,” her new partner introduced himself, “I am from Peru.”

The rather good looking fellow was polite, speaking English with a sexy Latin accent. Luckily for Kulsoom, Juan Carlos also appeared intent on doing well in the course. Within an hour, the two were immersed in the class lecture and the subsequent homework. Kulsoom was relieved as her pussy hurt mightily and her panties were continually spotted due to residual bleeding from her now extinct hymen.

As could be expected, he stood first in the test the next day. Kulsoom, however, slipped a notch and now was in fifth place. A tear dropped from her eye as she saw the result. Juan Carlos immediately wiped at it with a napkin, put his arm around her waist and rub her shoulders to soothe her. Kulsoom melted into his embrace.

“I am here to help you,” he said, “even if we are no longer section partners.”

Kulsoom was relieved and accepted to Escort Bahçeşehir meet separately from the group for dinner to go over the material again and figure out what went wrong. It was not much as she realized her mind had been preoccupied the previous day by her painful vagina and the experience with Emmanuel. It took just about an hour to perfectly understand the entire section. Juan Carlos paid her a great deal of attention. She was worried about her grade, but at the same time dressed to kill in a sharp pant suit.

Juan Carlos led her out onto the balcony of the restaurant, which was located on the 25th floor. The view of Seoul was spectacular. Kulsoom was engrossed in the scene and did not mind his coming up behind her. He put one arm around her waist, while his other arm strayed upwards, so his hand could caress her boobs. Without a word she turned around and let him deeply kiss her.

“Downstairs?” he suggested and Kulsoom shook her head in agreement.

In her room, he placed her on the bed, slowly removing her trousers and blouse. Shortly afterwards her lingerie was on the floor. His mouth came up against her still puffy pussy and he kissed it with passion. His lips soon opened her lips and his tongue entered her already moist inside. Kulsoom had a shattering orgasm, bringing her legs together in the process and almost decapitating her lover.

Juan Carlos lay back on the bed and had Kulsoom lower herself onto him. While his cock was much smaller than Emmanuel’s, her pussy was still tight and painful. Yet this was the love making she had sought and the act of rising from and coming down on his cock was exhilarating. She moaned with pleasure as she continued her up and down process. Juan Carlos marveled as she turned a healthy shade of pink, approaching another orgasm, and finally let out a short scream. His cock also erupted, thankfully into a condom and not her insides.

She was disappointed, however, when he reminded her that the group was meeting for dinner, adding that a new section would start on the next day and, being a Friday, there was an afternoon excursion for the group and thus the start time was an hour earlier.


Session number three was an absolute breeze for Kulsoom. Not only did she make it back into the top three again, her test score was higher than what Juan Carlos achieved. She owed this not only to the help the Peruvian had provided, but also from the focus her latest partner had insisted upon. Jonathan Lim had not done so well on the first two sections and was keen on studying. The section was on a topic that Kulsoom took to easily and this was a boon to Jonathan, who benefited from studying with her. Having received a great score, Kulsoom was prepping for dinner when a knock on the door surprised her. Jonathan stood there with a bouquet of flowers and a large box.

“Thank you for the help the past two days,” he said, “and I hope you will accept this token of my appreciation.”

The box contained a lovely Chinese silk dress, with slits down the side and a plunging back. It was not the type of outfit that she was used to wearing. Jonathan, however, put her at ease.

“I would be honoured if you would wear this and come as my date for the evening,” and added, “but if you are unsure just try it on and see if you like it.”

Of course she liked it. No guy had ever approached her in the manner Jonathan had and the dress was clearly worth a pretty penny. She had learned that he came from a family with an extensive fishing business so he would have easily afforded the gift.

“Why don’t I do it right now,” Kulsoom naughtily responded and got his immediate attention.

In a split second, her jeans and blouse were on the floor, leaving her in just a bra and panties. As he took in the scene, the dress replaced the discarded garments on her body. She looked ravishing even without any make-up. There was just one slight issue. The back was very low, leaving her bra strap visible. Jonathan reacted instinctively and snapped the hooks, easing both the bra and the dress off her shoulders. Kulsoom held her arms down and the bra slipped right off. While she was standing there topless and ready to be fucked, Jonathan acted the perfect gentleman, slowly lifted the dress back onto her shoulders, and fixed it. A half hour later, with Kulsoom having really worked on her make-up and added a pair of heels, he was elated to lead her into the dining room. He could sense that many of the guys would have serious hard-ons with the way she looked, and the girls would mostly be green with envy. He was right on both accounts.

The Sunday session was after lunch, so the party with dinner and dancing was quite active till late on Saturday night. Kulsoom was happy to dance with virtually every guy at the event, with Juan Carlos kissing her profusely when they had a couple of numbers together. He was disappointed, however, when she exited with Jonathan before the rest of the party broke up. The current partner had, after all, splurged on a rather expensive gift and deserved some recompense.

As Kulsoom tried to get the pass card into the slot on her door, wondering whether any move was going to be made, Jonathan came up behind and began kissing and licking her neck, shoulders and back. The door clicked open, and his hands found their way under the dress and onto her breasts, concurrently. Still in the doorway, she turned around and their mouths came together for a long kiss.

Shortly afterwards, she was totally naked, her legs apart as Jonathan licked her pussy with gusto. It was an act she enjoyed. She had a faded memory of being similarly sucked before but could not recall when. It had happened when she had been sedated at the promotion party, after the rape attempt on her, and her caretaker Aftab had licked her as she slept. Then Juan Carlos had given her a licking worth mention a couple of nights earlier. This time the experience was even more enjoyable.

It seemed like an eternity before Jonathan came atop and inserted his cock into her. Being smaller than what her other two lovers had possessed, it slipped in rather easily. However, then Jonathan began moving with purpose and intent and soon she was screaming with pleasure. She exploded after he had worked on her for an extended while.

She was reluctant to let him go even after three rounds, during which he took her to nirvana and back. He had taken her doggy style, then in the missionary way, and finally up against the wall. Jonathan, however, was adamant that he had to do well in the future sessions, and that she had to continue her winning streak. She would have gladly missed the rest of the course to fuck him for the remaining ten or so days. But they were all there for a purpose and ultimately she let him leave after a long session of kissing.


Kulsoom wondered what everyone else had been up to. Despite the dull ache in her head and lack of meaningful sleep, she seemed to be the most alert of just about anyone there. The only exception was her newest partner, Seo Yun, a Korean telecom engineer. Dressed in crisp business attire, she looked fresh and ready for work as the session started.

Kulsoom sensed that this would be a no-nonsense two-day session and that she could seek out Jonathan or Juan Carlos the next night. Things would not turn out quite as she figured, however. The class on the whole did quite poorly on the test. Kulsoom herself managed to come in third and maintain her position, while Seo Yun was top of the class.

“Let me take you to meet my family,” Seo Yun offered and Kulsoom was grateful to accept. It would be nice to be offsite for an evening. Kulsoom wondered, however, why they had first stopped at a restaurant for a Korean meal. It was very spicy and tasty, and she did not mind that Seo Yun kept feeding her morsels of food. Kulsoom was surprised by the spiciness of Kimchi and did not pay much attention as her partner fawned over her, pouring beer down her throat, and then kissing her on the mouth.

The first people she met, however, ended up being a group of K-POP type females. Within a minute of arriving at the bar in one of Seoul’s side streets, she realized that Seo Yun had lesbian tendencies and that the place was a hangout for others of her persuasion. Not knowing where to go to and having been open to many new sexual experiences in the past few days, she was game to getting onto the dance floor with a few of the girls. Seo Yun pulled her aside after they had been in the place for over an hour, brought her up against the wall, and kissed her deeply. The sensation was not too bad, as the girl had a soft and sensuous touch, and smelt fresh and clean. Kulsoom parted her legs as the Korean girl’s hands went inside her panties and fondled her cunt.

In a split second a second girl put her mouth on to Kulsoom’s, while a third began to fondle her tits. The group moved into a small room at the edge of the bar, where the three ladies quickly disrobed her on a double bed. The first one, someone Kulsoom had never met, opened her legs and began to lick her cunt. The other girls, including Seo Yun watched and clapped. Soon fluids were running down her leg and the Korean girl was slurping on serious amounts.

The second unknown girl, now also naked, came atop Kulsoom and began to rub her breasts and kiss her mouth. In no time, the two girls were twisting tongues and sucking face with passion. One by one, the stranger began inserting fingers into Kulsoom’s pussy, managing to get three in before the opening allowed no more. After all she had lost her virginity just a week earlier and the orifice was still tight.

Finally Seo Yun came onto the bed holding a strange contraption. The other two girls kissed Kulsoom, bowed deeply and left. Kulsoom felt a pressure as Seo Yun inserted one side of a pliable plastic tube into her cunt. In an instant she stuck the other end in her own and pushed forward so the gadget nearly vanished in the folds of their pussies. She pulled back and moved forward again. In a moment, Kulsoom caught on that she needed to match Seo yun strokes for maximum pleasure to both girls. As their bodies came together, both kissed with passion, then broke apart to set up another joint stroke. Both were coming profusely by the time the end in the Korea girl’s vagina popped out, since it was less taut than Kulsoom’s.

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