Lady McCardill

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Meredith looked at the mansion with a thrill of excitement. She couldn’t believe she was here, in America. Let alone at this party, which was going to be attended by some of the most interesting people in New York.

“Don’t stare like that,” her mother said with a sneer. “And straighten your back. Show the Americans that the British, at least, have some style.”

“Yes, mother,” Meredith said and lowered her eyes. “I will, mother.”

Lady Sylvia McCardill nodded and turned her attention back to the house. “Good. Now let us get this over with quickly. I don’t want to stay any longer than I have to.”

“Certainly.” Meredith looked in awe at the lights in the garden as they drove past. “We will leave as soon as we can.”

“It is unfortunate we had to come in the first place, but that dreadful man insisted on it.”

“Mr. Gardner only wants to show us a good time during our stay here, mother,” Meredith said.

Her mother gave a very un-ladylike snort. “He could have taken us on some more appropriate pastime, if you ask me.”

Meredith nodded, knowing her mother wouldn’t change her mind. She was happy Mr. Gardner had insisted on them coming here. That meant a break from the dreadfully boring tea receptions her mother was so fond of. Besides, she had heard that her favorite actor might be here.

The car stopped right before the entrance, and they walked side-by-side into the mansion. A marble staircase to the right dominated the room, and to the left Meredith could hint a large ballroom from which she could hear the tunes of a saxophone.

“Lady Sylvia,” Mr. Gardner said and walked up to them. “I’m so glad you could make it tonight. I trust the journey wasn’t too arduous?”

“Not at all,” Sylvia said with a pleasant smile. Meredith’s mother was as skilled an actor as anyone in Hollywood.

“And Lady McCardill,” Mr. Gardner said, turning to Meredith. “You look lovelier than ever. May I introduce you to some of my other guests?”

“I would be honored,” Meredith said. Then her eyes fell on a man that had been standing to Mr. Gardner’s side. He wore a pin-striped black suit, and his black hair was combed back in the current fashion. His dark-brown eyes narrowed slightly as he smiled at her, and she thought she might faint.

“In that case, I would like to introduce you to Leonard Rosenberg,” Mr. Gardner said.

“Oh, I know who he is,” she said and blushed. “Who haven’t seen The Stage, or Fidelity?”

“You’ve heard of me?” Leonard said. “I’m flattered.”

Meredith’s body tingled as he slowly lifted her gloved hand to his mouth and gave it a soft peck. Breathless, all she could do was to smile.

“Charming,” Sylvia said and clutched Meredith’s arm in a hard grip. “Now let’s see if we can find some decent company.”

“Mother!” Meredith said, but she had no choice but to be dragged away into the ballroom.

“Oh, how fortunate,” Sylvia said, running her eyes over the crowd. “That is Sir Richard Trentham and his lovely wife. Do stay here, dear. I doubt they’ll find your company very interesting.”

Meredith nodded and remained behind, more pleased with being left alone than insulted by her mother’s comment. The crowd around her was full of strange faces, and the music playing was different to anything she had ever heard.

“Do you like it?” a voice said in her ear.

She spun around and gasped as she found herself face to face with Leonard Rosenberg again. “I love it,” she managed to say. “What is it?”

“Louis Armstrong, I believe he’s called. Care for a drink?”

Meredith swallowed a lump of nervousness in her throat and accepted his arm. Being so near him made her dizzy with excitement. She had dreamed that she would one day get to see him and talk to him. Her mother would consider it inappropriate, of course, but her mother seemed to think everything was inappropriate these days. Times changed, and Sylvia McCardill wanted no part of it.

Meredith did, though. When she sipped the sparkling wine and listened to the hauntingly thrilling sounds coming from the phonograph, she thought she couldn’t be happier.

“I see you are enjoying the party,” Leonard said.

“More than you can imagine.” Meredith smiled and lowered her eyes. “I do love these lights, the music, the dancing.”

“You like jazz, then?” Leonard smile and brushed a hand against her arm. “Perhaps I could show you around town sometime. We have wonderful jazz bars I think you might like.”

Meredith trembled slightly at his touch. Her body felt warm, and it wasn’t all because of the wine.

“I would love that,” she said. “However, my mother… She is very traditional, you see.”

“I see,” Leonard said and smiled. “But what istanbul escorts your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her. And this is the land of the free.”

Heat rose to Meredith’s face, and she averted her eyes. “That is true, Mr. Rosenberg. However, I…”

She let herself drift off, not knowing how to end the sentence. Leonard’s eyes seemed to melt her body, make her warm and aching with a sudden, unfamiliar desire.

“Will you dance with me?” Leonard asked.

“Oh yes, certainly,” Meredith said. Then her eyes fell on her mother across the ballroom, and she sighed. “Though I shouldn’t.”

Leonard followed her eyes and nodded. “There is no reason your mother should stop you from having some fun. Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Meredith took his hand and followed him to the entrance. They walked up the marble staircase, she with her heart beating violently inside her chest. She had thought about rebelling against her mother for so long, but this was the first time she actually dared go through with it. If Lady Sylvia found out she had walked off alone with a man, there was no telling what she would do.

The upstairs corridor lay deserted, though Meredith could hear sounds of conversations and music coming from some of the adjoining rooms. She followed Leonard down the hall, to a deserted room at its very end. It was a bedroom, and the sight of its centre furniture made her blush.

“This is the room Mr. Gardner has offered me for the night,” Leonard said. “But if it makes you uncomfortable, we can return downstairs.”

“No, I’m fine,” she said. “I’d much rather be here than look at a hundred unfamiliar faces in the ballroom.”

“I’m glad.” Leonard brushed her arm again and smiled. “It’s an honor to have your company for the evening, Lady McCardill.”

“Please,” she said, “call me Meredith. I don’t care for the noble titles of my country. I’d rather remain here, in America, and be just Meredith.”

“Then you shall be ‘just Meredith’ for tonight, at least.” Leonard walked up to a phonograph and played a record. “Bessie Smith,” he said. “She’s a miracle, isn’t she?”

“She is indeed,” she said. “This whole place is a miracle. I never get to listen to music at home.”

“That must be terrible.” Leonard came closer, his brown eyes fixed on hers. “Everyone should have the right to listen to music.”

Meredith trembled. Her body ached, longing to be closer to him than she already was. Warmth spread from her beating chest to the insides of her thighs. The feeling was embarrassing and intoxicating at the same time.

“You’re very beautiful, did you know that?” Leonard reached out his hand and touched a strand of hair hanging down her neck. “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. We don’t have women like you on this side of the Atlantic.”

“Nonsense,” Meredith said with a smile. “However, I thank you for the compliment.”

Leonard laughed and walked up to a counter set along the wall. He poured two glasses of whiskey and handed her one of them.

“So how long are you and your mother staying in the United States of America?”

“I don’t know,” Meredith said. “Mother wanted a change of scenery and booked us two one-way tickets. She says she doesn’t like it here, but I think she likes the idea of going back much less.”

“How come?”

Meredith sighed and took a large sip from her glass. “My father’s death was hard on her.”

“He died in the war?”

She blinked and frowned. “No, the war was a long time ago. My father died last year in a hunting accident.”

“I’m very sorry for your loss.” Leonard emptied his glass in one gulp and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Though I’m glad to hear you might be staying for a long time, so I might have the chance to see you again.”

Meredith smiled. “I’m sure you say that to all the women you take to your room.”

“I can see why you think that, but believe me, I don’t. There’s something about you, Meredith, that I simply can’t resist.”

She swallowed. The warm feeling in her thighs spread between her legs.

“I…” she tried.

Leonard took the glass from her trembling hand and placed it on the counter. When he returned, there was something hungry in his eyes that made her feel even more intoxicated. His hand brushed away a strand of her hair and touched her neck lightly.

Meredith sighed as his touch sent shivers down her spine. His smile was wide, and his fingers warm against her body. Then she cast a glance behind her back. Her mother could come looking for her at any moment, and if she found the two of them like this Meredith would be sent back to England in a heartbeat.

Turning back to Leonard, she saw that he had come even istanbul eskort closer than before. Now she felt his breath on her cheeks and smelled his sweet cologne.

“I really shouldn’t…” she tried.

“I know.” Leonard ran a finger along the line of her jaw and lifted her face towards his. “Tell me to stop and I will.”

She prepared the word, but it wouldn’t leave her mouth. Instead, she let him lean forward and place a kiss on her lips. Her body flared up with desire at the taste of him. Those nights spent thinking about him, dreaming of meeting him, all returned to her in that moment. There was no way out now, she knew.

Leonard’s finger fell to the neck of her dress. He followed it slowly downwards and rubbed her breasts through the textile. With a soft sigh, he cupped one of them in his hand. Meredith shivered as her nipple stiffened by his touch. She should be concerned that someone might find them like this, but she was too preoccupied with his warm kisses against her lips.

He touched her breast gently and let the other hand slide down her back. Softly he cupped her butt cheek, sending pangs of pleasure through Meredith’s body. She placed her arms around his waist, feeling his warm and slightly sweaty back.

Leonard lifted her dress slowly, running his finger along her thigh as he did so. She gasped and leaned her head backwards, letting him kiss her neck and cleavage. Then his hand reached her underwear, and she let out a soft moan in held-back excitement.

She bit her lip and cast a glance at the door. Footsteps echoed through the corridor outside. At any moment, someone might walk in and discover them. She considered pushing Leonard aside. That was what she should do. But she wouldn’t.

His fingers lifted her underwear gently and traced the side of her lower lips. She trembled and clutched his back. This was the first time she had ever done anything like this, and she was amazed to have missed something so pleasurable and exciting. Then his fingers found her wet vagina, and she gasped as he entered her.

Leonard moved his fingers inside her, his lips and tongue now on her exposed breast. She squealed in pleasure as warmth built up inside her. All thoughts of the corridor outside, the party, her mother, were gone from her mind.

Then he took a few steps forward, until her back was pressed against the wall. His hands removed her underwear with practiced ease, and then he unbuckled his belt. Meredith watched his movements in a daze, too excited to ask him to stop and too nervous to interfere herself. Then he pulled out his throbbing cock, and she could only stare at him in amazement.

He grabbed her ass and lifted her by the hips. With a soft grunt of excitement, Leonard thrust his cock deep inside her, pressing her against the wall. She moaned, first in pain and then in pleasure. This was better than she had ever believed it could be.

Leonard was gentle as he moved his cock inside her. His kisses were warm and full of lust, and he tasted of whiskey and jazz. Meredith had her arms on his shoulders, and she could feel his strong muscles beneath his shirt. The excitement sent waves of ecstasy through her body, and she moaned and squealed despite the need to remain silent.

The laughter of a couple just outside the door brought Leonard to a halt. Meredith’s stomach froze, and she giggled in both excitement and horror. What if someone would walk in now and discover them?

Leonard kept his eyes on the door until the couple had passed. Then he pulled out of her and smiled.

“Come,” he said. “I want to look at you.”

He sat on the edge of the bed, his trousers pulled down around his ankles and his throbbing penis standing erect. Meredith watched him, her vagina burning with desire to feel him inside her again. But she remained standing, unsure what to do. Her dress was pulled up around her hips, and her stockings were close to falling down from the middle of her thighs. The black shoes with high heels made her feel strangely attractive.

Leonard looked at her with a scrutinizing gaze and moved his hand over his penis. A shock of desire coursed through Meredith, and she touched her own breast with a soft laugh. Her other hand found its way to the wet lower lips and inside her vagina. She gasped in pleasure, surprised at how good it could feel to touch herself in this way.

Grunting, Leonard waved at her to come closer. She positioned herself in front of him with one leg on the bed, a hand still inside herself. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her clit, a warm and soft kiss that made Meredith think she might explode. She glanced at the door, begging desperately that no one would enter at this particular eskort istanbul moment.

Then her fingers and Leonard’s tongue brought something forward inside her that she had never felt before. It was like a fire, a violent torrent of pleasure, that spread through her entire body. She bent her head back and cried out in joy as the orgasm shook her body.

When she returned to her normal self, still shivering in pleasure, she found Leonard looking at her.

“Probably best to keep quiet,” he said with a mischievous smile.

“Oh no.” Meredith fell back a step and looked at the door, her eyes opened wide.

“Don’t worry,” Leonard said. “I doubt they heard anything over the music. Come back here. How about I give you another one of those?” Meredith blinked. “Of what?”

“Of the pleasures you just had.” Leonard leaned back on his arms against the bed and smiled. “Sit on top of me.”

Meredith blushed, thinking she really should stop this now. She had taken too many risks already, and her mother had probably noticed her absence by now. Still, could she say no to another experience of that wonderful explosion?

She moved forward and placed her knees on either side of his hips. Slowly, she lowered herself down on his penis until he entered her. Gasping, she clutched Leonard’s shoulders for support and began moving back and forth on top of him.

Leonard leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth, first one and then the other. Her nipples were stiff and swollen, sending pangs of pleasure through her body at his every touch. She squealed, all thoughts of the people behind the door forgotten.

She moved faster and faster, taking her pleasure and feeling the fire building up inside her. Soon it threatened to consume her entire being. But before she could give in to its sweet sensation, Leonard grabbed her by the hips and lifted her from his cock. As if she weighed nothing more than a doll, he spun her around so she had her hands and knees on the bed.

Meredith yelped in pleasure as Leonard thrust inside her from behind. His fingers were around her hips, then on her wet clit. She clutched the bed sheet and gasped, unable to contain herself as another orgasm began building up inside her body.

Leonard grunted above her, apparently unable to take his own advice to stay silent. His thrusts were fast and hard, sending pleasure through Meredith unlike anything she had ever known. Then he groaned loudly and his body shook, and at the same time her fire burst out into an explosion much greater and more pleasant than the one before.

She sighed and collapsed on the bed, her arms unable to hold her up any longer. Leonard stroked her butt softly and pulled out. Then he gave her clit a gentle kiss and pulled her dress over her naked body.

“You are one special woman, did you know that?” he said.

Meredith smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. Now that the orgasm’s tremors had dissipated, she was painfully aware of the party going on downstairs.

“Thank you, Mr. Rosenberg.”

“Call me Leonard,” he said and handed her the underwear.

She put them back on and straightened her dress. Then a knock on the door made her jump.

Leonard quickly tucked his shirt inside his trousers and rushed for the door. Meredith tried to appear presentable, and she prayed to God her hair wasn’t in too much of a mess.

“I’m looking for Meredith,” her mother said as soon as the door opened.

“I’m here, mother,” she said and smiled, crossing her legs at the edge of the bed. “Mr. Rosenberg here was kind enough to offer me some whiskey.”

Sylvia’s look was one of pure horror. “You followed a man to his room, alone?”

She strode over to the counter, suddenly full of confidence. “Oh please, mother, this is the 20s. Don’t be so old-fashioned. He just wanted to introduce me to Bessie Smith without all the noise downstairs.”

“And I had another reason for wanting to talk to your daughter in private,” Leonard said. “I would like to invite her out for an evening while you’re here.”

“Over my dead body,” Sylvia spat.

“I assume you doubt I am good enough for your daughter,” Leonard said. “But let me assure you that I am. The movies I’ve been in have given me a substantial wealth, and though I don’t have a title

I’m of noble birth. My mother was the reputable Lady Catherine Larkbridge.”

“Lady Catherine?” Sylvia’s eyes widened. “She was indeed a most respected woman, before she ran off to Hollywood. But I see I have been mistaken. You may visit on my daughter while we are in town, should you wish to do so.”

Meredith and Leonard exchanged a glance. He smiled, then bowed to Lady Sylvia. “Thank you. I will not disappoint you, or your daughter.”

Meredith joined her mother’s side and offered Leonard her hand. “I hope to see you shortly,” she said.

“Trust me,” Leonard said, kissing her hand, “you will. Goodbye, sweet Lady McCardill. I’ll see you soon.”

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