Lady of the Night

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It’s a mild night in April and I’m tucked into a deepish doorway outside the old, abandoned, brickyard. It’s a bad night to look for customers, England are playing a European quarter final against Holland but fortunately not everyone likes football as much as sex. I hate being stereotyped and I just don’t fit most people’s picture of your average hooker. I’ve not got a habit, I’ve never done drugs, it’s a mug’s game. I’m not desperate to support my kids because I don’t have any and there’s no guy I’m besotted with to send me out to earn cash for him. Why do I do it then? I like sex and I get well paid for what I give my customers. I sort of slid into the life when I had a one night stand with a businessman who was overnighting in my home town, as I left his hotel room he slipped me a small roll of notes, guess he thought I was a professional. Later, when I lost my job, I decided I could live with this as a way to make a living. A risky job? Can be, but I am a big woman and I can look after myself. Dad was a marine and he took me and my sister to an ex- army mate of his who ran a dojo.

The upshot was we could handle most trouble without too much effort by the time we were out of our teens. Only got serious once or twice, broke one guy’s nose and kicked him in the balls and the word got out, best not to fuck with Hannah. Treat her right you get a good time, mess with her and you get hurt. Good rep to have. It’s really quiet tonight and I’m wondering if it might be an idea to visit Toni’s wine bar and see if there’s any action there, I’ve only seen two other business girls tonight and one of those was a skinny, smack addicted, Bosnian kid about fifteen years old. Doubt if she’ll reach twenty one the way she’s going. Takes it front or back without a condom for a few quid extra. Even if it means loosing a trick I won’t do it without one. Turns out it’s worthwhile since from twenty to thirty five I’ve never picked up anything nasty. I’ve said I’m a big girl, 5′ 10″, big, firm, tits, narrow waist, and nice, round, rear end. I work hard to keep my shape because a fat hooker doesn’t get much action and there’s a long line of young up and comers all the time. They burn out fast and I’m still in demand after fifteen years.

I spot a car in the distance cruising slowly along Banks Crescent, nice name for a pretty ordinary place. As it approaches I hope it’s not another lost driver looking for directions. This looks promising, it’s a metallic silver Lexus that cost someone a good few thousand pounds drawing to a halt opposite my doorway. The headlights flash off and on to signal me so I saunter across the road my long legs scissoring within my short, tight, leather skirt. As I reach the passenger window it rolls smoothly and silently down, a sign of cost and quality that few can afford to drive. I lean inside, shit, it’s a woman, probably lost, you don’t see many Lexus’s in this side of town. She speaks in a husky, cultured, voice.

“Are you available my dear?”

This is a big surprise, you don’t get many ladies looking to do business and few as classy as she looks. Maybe she’s out pimping for her husband, it’s been known. I nod and she frees the central locking system so I slide Ankara bayan escort inside onto the expensive leather seat. She’s wearing a camel hair coat that I wouldn’t know which shop to look in for, not that I could afford it in a month of Sundays. The coat’s open showing a white, silk, blouse, with a froth of lace at the neck. Her skirt is also silk, charcoal grey, short and pleated. Her small, neat feet are shod in driving shoes that must be hand made. Her hair is beautifully styled into a short, blond, crown, that makes my crop look like it’s been done with garden shears.

“I’m Hannah and I don’t do S and M but anything else is fine with me.”

She turns towards me as I take in her big green eyes, high cheekboned features, then she smiles. Her teeth are a miracle of cosmetic dentistry, mine are strong and white but hers are perfect.

“I’m Barbara, I hope you’re free for the night Hannah I don’t want a quickie as you girls put it.”

I doubt that’s her real name but I don’t give a damn one way or the other. An allnighter’s fine by me so I quote her double my normal price, she waves her elegantly manicured hand airily as if it’s meaningless. Should have gone for treble but it’s too late now. I clip the seatbelt across my leather jacket as she eases the car into gear and pulls off down the deserted road. She drives smoothly and skilfully one hand on the wheel then her free hand drops onto my knee and slips under my skirt. I spread my thighs to ease her fingers way to her target and they rub against the taut, silky, crotch, of my panties. I have to bite my lip to prevent the sigh of pleasure escaping. This should be fun, I take so much cock that a slender lady in a bed with me is my idea of pleasure and she’s paying me well for it.

“Where are we going Barbara?”

“There’s a little hotel a few miles out that I have an arrangement with, Hannah, we’ll be there in no time.”

I’m sorry when we pull into the car park of the King’s Crown hotel because Barbara knows what she’s doing with those fingers. Small but plush looking place. Barbara turns off the ignition and steps out of the car.

“Wait a moment please Hannah I won’t be long.”

I watch her elegant legs as they stride across the concrete and she disappears inside, after a little time she steps out and waves me over. As I close the car door her fob locks and secures it with a click. Inside the foyer it’s thickly carpeted and wood panelled and reeks of the upper classes. She steers me into a small lift and presses the third floor button. The doors hiss shut and as they do she reaches up and pulls my head down so she can kiss me hard on the mouth, her tongue forcing inside and one fine boned hand cups my breast. I can feel my nipples harden and, as the door slides open, she shoves me out as if she can’t wait to get me into her room. Room 306, Barbara unlocks the door and hustles me inside closing it hastily behind her and locking it. The double bed’s turned down and on the cabinet next to it is a silver bucket with the neck of a wine bottle protruding from it. The room is silent for a moment then Barbara whispers softly.

“I want to see you naked Hannah.”

I take off my jacket Escort bayan Ankara and hang it on a hook then slowly unbutton my blouse, tugging it out of the waistband of my skirt. My breasts are bulging out of my lacy bra and when I unhook it I clearly hear Barbara’s gasp of delight at my dark, hard nippled boobs. Unzipping my skirt I drop it to the floor then, hooking my thumbs into the sides of my panties, I peel them off and stand naked before her. My vulva is shaved as smooth as silk and my long, deep, crease is dewy with excitement.

“Bend over Hannah and spread your cheeks.”

I grasp my buttocks and pull them wide to reveal my pussy and tightly puckered arse hole.

“Nice, very nice, now lie on the bed and wait for me I won’t be long.”

She departs into the bathroom and I await her, gently fingering my pussy, as my heat grows inside me. Then the door opens and Barbara, gloriously naked, walks out. She’s tiny, elfin, slender legs, narrow waist, boyish hips, her breasts are perfect though very small. Strapped onto her with buckles and velcro is a silicon rubber dildo standing proud and ready. Her nipples are swollen and she has no time for preliminaries, grasping my ankles she forces my thighs wide apart and mounting me, thrusts deep inside me. I love the feeling of tight fullness and twist slightly so that my swelling clit is rubbed hard by the ridged rubber. I wrap my legs around her and abandon myself to her pumping hips and the hands clawing at my nipples and breasts. I raise my crotch so to allow her to penetrate just a little deeper and the first big eruption from inside sends juice oozing from my pussy and electric jolts throughout my sex. Moments later, as my head goes back, showing the taut sinews of my neck, I scream out my burning orgasm.

I slowly recover to find Barbara smiling down at me, from beneath the pad that passes between he slim thighs comes a trickle of milky fluid that marks her own powerful cum. She grabs me and with surprising strength rolls me over, my round, white, rear, in the air, then before I can draw breath, she rams into my arse. I’m a little stretched back there from the years in the trade and I take it and lock my sphincter hard to increase the pleasure, hers and mine. Her hand moves between my legs and four fingers enter my sopping cleft and, slightly curled, her fingers probe me deeply. Can’t take anymore, my body arches from the mattress and this time it’s one cum after another while Barbara rides me like a horse, grunting her own deep throated ecstasy. Shedding the harness Barbara pours us chilled white wine and relaxes while planting the occasional kiss on my tender nipples. I sip my wine and feel the warm glow of great sex pulsing inside my pussy. Barbara’s decided she needs a pick up and the stupid bitch’s doing a line of coke! Great sex then she spoils it by becoming a junkie in front of me, can’t complain she’s paying me after all but I don’t have to like it.

Fired by the coke Barbara’s ready for more and I’m carried along by her sexual fever. Straddling me she drops her pussy onto my mouth and I slip my tongue deep into her, my lips munch on her labia while my tongue flogs her hard little clit, my hands locked Bayan escort Ankara on her narrow hips. When she cums on my face it’s a spray not a dribble and she’s lost it completely, but she still can’t get enough and I’m as hot as hell myself, I’ll do whatever she wants if I can cum like her. She spreads her pale, smooth, thighs, wide apart, and mounts my pussy rubbing herself against me, as our labia peel back, my long, hard, clit glides against hers, slick with our passion, and we hit that miracle of a joint multiple that rocks the room and even my little lesbian nympho can’t go on anymore than I can. The room’s quiet and smells of stale sex, Barbara drowses beside me, and I’m just beginning to wonder if she’s burnt out for the night or if she can manage to go another round because I can feel the stirring of my clit as her taut little rump is tucked against my groin when there’s a rap at the door. At 3.a.m? A voice calls.

“Mrs Evans, night manager here can you open up please?”

Barbara jumps and, looking puzzled, searches for something to cover her naked body. My sense of danger is alerted, in a place like this you’d expect someone to ring the room first unless maybe he’s got a cop outside, don’t know the law that well but can they charge me with prostitution with a woman? Being a lesbian’s not illegal in Britain but I’m out of bed and I’ve dragged on my panties and hooked my bra before Barbara, wrapped in a sheet, opens the door. A beefy unshaved guy in a zip jacket who surely isn’t the night manager shoves Barbara back inside and rips off the sheet. Producing a small, digital camera from his pocket he starts to snap naked Barbara, busty me, and the coke trail on the cabinet. Barbara’s cultured voice sounds shrill and frightened.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

He smirks fatly.

“Got what I want lady, you naked with your lezzy girlfriend and a line of coke in the picture, your husband will love these snaps. Wait till your kids and mother see these, unless the divorce is cheap and quick your hubby shows them to everyone.”

At just that moment I launch a spinning kick that lands smack in his flabby belly and he begins to fold. I allow my momentum to carry me round and land an elbow strike on the hinge of his jaw and the crack of breaking bone is as loud as his scream. As he hit’s the floor I finish it with a ball of the foot kick to his temple that sends him to sleep for quite a while.

“Get dressed Barbara and lets get out of here fast.”

It doesn’t take long and we’re dressed and out of there, once the night clerk, well tipped by Barbara, has unlocked the front door. We dash over to her Lexus and we’re away off before you know it. A leading question from Barbara, or questions from Barbara.

“What do we do now, where do we go?”

I’m on a high like I haven’t been in a long time so I tell her.

“My place isn’t much like the King’s but I want to go there and we’ll fuck each other till we can’t move.”

And this time I push my hand up her skirt and she nearly leaves the road as I slip my fingers past her briefs and into her cunt, she wrenches the wheel back in line and the cultured tone’s gone.

“Hannah that’s the best fucking idea I’ve heard in years, we fuck then later you kick my husband in the balls for me and you get five times pay.”

As we cruise through the night I think what a fun time it’s been and how I’ll look forward to meeting Mr Evans.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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