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Corbin breathes heavily and looks at his watch.

So far, he is the only one out of his friends to arrive that he can see.

“By myself, again.” He thinks to himself, annoyed. Corbin moves his hand back to his wallet to make sure it is there, like it was going to sprout legs and take a walk. Anything is possible, he guesses. He looks at his car that he is leaning against.

He is thinking how hot it is this summer. He watches traffic on the busy street. Friday night, busy, fun, and wow, some party so far guys, he thinks as he pulls a cigarette pack from his left pants pocket. He thinks what all smokers think when he lights up, ” Shit, I crushed them again.” He sees a few cars pull into the park lot across the street. He see a few shadows get out as soon as that car stops, like the passengers are fleeing a sinking ship. He sees the shadows approach the light of the street lamp. They come into the light and he now sees 3 of his friends and thought they were 4. Jerry comes up to him and gives him a hug as he asks,

“Been waiting long?”

“Nope, about 5 minutes.”

“We were behind you till Shawn decided to stop for gas.”

“It’s cool and we are all here now, let’s go in.”

“Ron, put the beer down, you can’t bring it in.”

“The reason we asked you here tonight is because you been broken up with your girlfriend for 5 months now, and you need to get out.”

“Like a strip club is the best place for that, eh?”

“Fuck yeah!”

They all enter the smoke filled, alcohol smelling, and dimly lit room. The lights on center stage are blinking in time with some hip-hop song. The girl on stage is moving, but nothing sensual, heck not even in time with the music. He stops and thinks, “I don’t really want to be here”. They show their I.D. to this old and large woman, next to her is a guy who is bigger than any football player any of them have seen. After that, they make their way to a table right in front of the stage. Shawn orders 4 bottles of beer as they sit and just as the waitress comes up to us, she asks,

“What kind?”

“Bud light, all of them.”

“Ok, that’s going to be 13.50.”

“Here, and keep the change.” He tells her as he hands her 15 bucks.

Corbin thinks to himself, “Big spender. A 1.50 tip, Wow.” He looks around and sees a few TVs showing football games and news programs. Like anyone cares, when there are half naked women moving around, he thinks. Jerry stands up and moves up to the stage. He pulls up out a crisp 1-dollar bill out of his front pocket and gives it to the girl. She rubs her mosquito tits in his face for the total of 30 seconds. Corbin thinks, “She must like him.” He laughs at his own thought.

As the night wears on for Corbin, he watches his friends go back for couch dances. He sits there and his friends are looking at him worried.

“Why aren’t you getting some dances? You need money?” Jerry asks.

“No, I just haven’t seen a woman I want to let rub up on my balls.” He jokes.

He sits there, now drinking an iced tea. He doesn’t want to be here.

Then the lights go down and the stage lights up. The announcer guy comes on with his booming voice over the sound system,

“Gentleman, welcome Angel to the stage.”

Corbin bayrampaşa escort claps and looks at her, he can’t believe his glasses. He thinks,

“Damn, she looks really hot, and wow, nice body.”

She has long black hair down to her shoulder blades, she’s tan and a little on the heavy side. But I like some meat on my girl’s bones, he thinks as he scans every inch of her.

Her eyes are brown and piercing. Her face is round and familiar. He isn’t sure, but he thinks he knows her. At first he thinks its his ex, but no. This girl is taller. He watches her perform and she actually moves in time with the music. She scans the crowd. She sees the light reflecting off his glasses, and she knows his eyes are on her. She spins around to the pole and wraps around it like a long lost lover. She begins to twist and spin around the pole. She looks like she is actually, sort of, enjoying it. Her gaze is fixed on him. She is surprised, even though she can’t see his eyes; she feels like he’s not just looking at her cause she’s going to be half naked soon.

As song stops and the next song begins, she removes her bra in record time. Faster than any man could, Corbin thinks. She moves slower and more sensual. She fixes her gaze on him. Corbin decides to stand and remove his glasses. She thinks, no, keep them on. But as he gets closer to the stage, and she actually sees his face and eyes, she changes her mind. She lets out a relieved sigh and thinks, God, he’s still cute. Nice body, and oh those eyes, I know those eyes. He stands there. She moves and spins up to the edge of the stage. She bends down and takes the bill out of his hand and puts it up to his mouth. He opens it and takes the bill in a bite. She smiles and keeps her eyes on his. The music is loud and thumping still. She moves her mouth down to his and takes the bill with her lips. Corbin just stands there. She puts a hand on his chest to keep him from going. He stays, not knowing what else to do. She walks back and drops the bill with the 2 or 3 already there. She spins and drops to the ground and crawls to the end of the stage looking at him the entire way.

He’s blushing, and thinking, this is someone I never thought would look at me like this. She sits up on her knees and grabs the back of his head and slowly nudges his face between her large breasts. He can smell the perfume. He can smell the body wash and shampoo. He can feel how soft her skin is. He is surprised that he isn’t turned on, yet. She keeps this up for another 3 seconds before sitting back up and she goes in for a kiss. Her mouth on his, and he can taste all the cigarettes and alcohol. He figures she’s drunk. He finally gets a good look at her and it looks like she’s wearing a wig. He surprised that he is noticing such little details.

The song ends just as she breaks the kiss and stands up. She walks to gather her purse and drink. She watches him walk to his table and sit down. His friends are just looking at him. They start to pat him on the back and give him closed fist “high-fives”. He lights up a cigarette and takes a drink of his tea. He’s trying to remain calm as he recounts what the fuck just happened. He hears the announcer come over the sound system again,

‘Let’s esenler escort hear it for Angel. Angel? Can you come back to the bar please?” Corbin sits there awhile wondering why she got called back there. He watches the next girl and the announcer tells of her arrival to the stage. He just watches half-heartedly as the girl moves around. The girl looks at Corbin and smiles. He puts his glasses back on, just as Angel sits in his lap.

“Hi, handsome, mind if I sit here?” She asks.

“No, please, let me stand and give you my chair.” He says, trying to be a gentleman.

“No, I want to sit right here.” She tells him as she wiggles her butt, making him hard.

She looks at him. He looks at her. He starts to feel like he knows this woman. With being so close now, even after the kiss, he feels like they have met before, or something.

They make small talk and she picks on his friends. She asks if any of them are married, single, or what. Corbin tells her that he and Shawn are single. Ron and Jerry are married.

She tells him that she has been single for a while, now. She looks at the other girls and points out which ones she thinks are hot. She looks for Corbin’s opinion as he agrees with all her picks. She fights the urge to run her hands through his hair. She asks him about himself. You know, what movies he likes, hobbies, and what he does for work. He tells her that he has dropped one hobby for another. He used to play cards a lot now he just writes stories. He is working on a book. He tells her its sort of sci-fi, might not be everyone’s cup of tea. She laughs and tells him she would love to read it.

Then for seemingly for no reason she stands and grabs his hand. She pulls him up and almost drags him back to the couches. For a dance, she tells him. Corbin agrees and is surprised, what if he didn’t want to go back. He was happy right there; he continues to think as he is sat down. She takes off his glasses, and then she removes her heels and her top. She sits with her back to him and asks for a back rub. He is hesitant, but she tells him if she gets a back rub, he gets a free dance. He would be crazy not to agree. He rubs her back, feeling all the knots. He wants to put everything he’s got into this, but he doesn’t know this woman. He feels lust, not love, over come him. He tries to remain a gentleman.

He does this till she hears a song that is slow. She stands and straddles him. She runs her hand down his cheek. She looks longingly into his eyes, like she knows him.

She begins to grind her hips into him and rubs her face where her hand just was. She moves to his ear, where she kisses and blows lightly. He feels very hot, and his pants can’t conceal it either. She smiles as she feels him growing. She stands up slowly and turns around. She sits down like before, this time moving her hips in a circular motion, serving only to make him harder. She looks for his hands and realizes they are at his side. Normally, she thinks, guys just have their hands all over you, but this guy is different.

She takes his hands in hers, and runs them up her stomach, and up to her tits. She lets him play and touch her nipples. His touch is soft and gentle. Wow, she thinks, he still gaziosmanpaşa escort knows how to touch a woman, he always did. He is trying to be gentle, but the lust with in him is growing. It’s about will power, he tells himself.

She moves around and faces him. She runs her breasts over his face and her hard nipple is right in line with his mouth. She presses it forward, hoping to feel his tongue and mouth on it. She notices he’s not taking it. She nods, letting him know it’s ok. He does and she almost has an orgasm from it. Wow, he’s good at that, he always was. She begins to wonder if he is doing what he likes or what he thinks she will like. How many women has he done this too? It’s working any way, she thinks. She moves her hand between them. She starts to rub his cock through his pants. She looks around and sees the couch getting full, but no one cares what she is doing with him. And she doesn’t care about them either. She unzips his pants and works his cock out. She’s so over come with lust she moves her thong to one side and guides him in.

Corbin tries to fight it, but she is in control. She starts to grind, move, and moan. She thinks that this will make them cum. She looks at him and kisses him, with the lust and fire that is there. She keeps thinking, why I am doing this? She rides him and the heat between them is uncontrollable, but they have to maintain composure. They could both be kicked out, she would be out a job and he might never be allowed to return. Which, he thinks, might not be so bad. She can tell he is getting close, just as is she. She remembers that she should move in that grinding motion. She wants so bad to just slam down on him to make him cum. She can’t fight it; she lets out a stifled moan into his shoulder. He beings to moan as he fills her and at that moment she cums from herself being filled by him, quietly.

They look around as they regain their composure. She kisses him one more time, as she gets up and takes off to the bathroom. He zips up and runs to the bathroom himself. They both clean up and look at themselves in the mirror. Wondering, what the hell did they just do? She thinks she has to fuck him again, she doesn’t know why, but she has to.

He just wonders why, of all the guys here, she picked him. Do I know her? He wonders. There is something familiar about her kiss, but it was something he hadn’t had in years. I am not going to beat myself up over it.

The night winds down and it’s getting close to closing time. Everyone is leaving in a rush. She sees him helping his drunken friends into Jerry’s car. Jerry, thank god, had nothing to drink, Corbin thinks. Tells them he will call tomorrow and sleep it off. She hears them plan something. He walks back to his car as she approaches him. He’s stunned and surprised. She doesn’t speak a word as she hands him a torn piece of paper. She moves in for another kiss. She is hoping he will remember her. He is trying to remember her. She smiles and points at the paper as she turns and walks away.

The paper said:

Corbin, I haven’t seen you in over 10 years. I know we weren’t together long, but I will never forget you. Tonight I don’t know what happened, but I had to have you again. And again if you are willing and want to, there’s no rush. Here’s my number and address. As you can tell, I haven’t moved. I have changed Corbin, as much as you might have changed too.


He remembers, she had short red hair and green eyes. They dated for three months before they just moved on. Wow, it’s a small world. He doesn’t know what to do.

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