Late Night Visits

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I was working late one night at the office when I noticed my boss’s light was still on in her office. I had just accepted my fulltime position from being an intern earlier that day. I was curious as to why she was still there at 11pm on a weekend. Usually I was the last to leave.

I knocked on her door.

“Come in” was all I heard from inside.

I opened the door and there she was. The most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She was about 5ft 6in with an amazing body. Perfectly plump and toned ass, C cup breasts that was always graciously exposed by her top buttons unbuttoned on her blouse.

Tonight she wore a black skirt little shorter than knee length, and a silky crimson blouse. She donned her perfectly toned legs with almost knee high boots.

I have never been attracted to a woman before but this woman was a different story. I had found myself fantasizing about her in our team meetings and sitting alone in my office. She was a picture of perfection with her half curled auburn hair flowing at her shoulders, her amazing green eyes and those perfect deep red lips.

As I walked into her office I could smell ataköy escort her perfume which was seductive and intoxicating. I just wanted to grab her and kiss those luscious lips. She kinda stunned me when she spoke again.

“What are you doing here so late?” she said.

“I’m always here this late on the weekends.” I told her.

She smiled softly, almost daring me to fuck her.

“No man waiting for you at home?” she asked.

“No, not for a long time now. How about you?” I replied.

“It’s been many years since I have allowed anyone in my bed” she said with a slight laugh.

“Can I help you with anything to make your night go by faster?” I offered with other intentions in mind.

“Well,” she said “If you’re willing I could really use a massage on this leg. I pulled a muscle the other day running.”

Mmm..The opportunity to touch her legs and maybe more. “Of course. That’s not a problem.”

She sat in her chair and propped her foot on my chair that I pulled around to her side of the desk. The way she put her foot between my legs right at my crotch was quite arousing.

The avcılar escort pulled muscle was on her inner thigh about mid-way up her leg. Trying not to let on that I was turned on by her, I started massaging her thigh hard and soft. She let her head fall back on her chair and closed her eye in pleasure. I was bent over with her toes just close enough for me to feel them wiggle by my cunt. I was also wearing a mid-thigh skirt. It was almost like a uniform skirt with the pleats so it was not tight at all. I started to massage a little higher on her thigh. I could feel the heat of her pussy through her black lace panties. I couldn’t help but gently graze my fingers across the lace. Had to see what her reaction would be.

She moaned softly and I knew she wanted more. I continued massaging her thigh with one hand and trailed the fingers on my other hand on her panty line. She slid her butt down the chair a little more as if inviting me in. I pulled her panties aside with my middle finger and slowly inserted my first finger into her juicy cunt. As I did this she moved her toes enough to caress my pussy and make me want more. beylikdüzü escort I moved my thong to the side and she opened her eyes. She leaned forward and licked my bottom lip. I pulled my finger out and was going to suck her juices off. She took my hand and licked one side of my finger. I licked the other and her flavor was amazing. I could feel her tongue touching mine and as we reached the top of my finger our tongues met with the remnants of her juices on them. I kissed her hard and deep. I could feel her hand slide up my thigh and replace her toes at my clit with her finger. I groaned a little and she kissed me deeper. Both of us became hungry for more.

She stopped kissing me and slid off her chair. She propped her self on her knees and her face was right at my breasts. She unbuttoned it while kissing my chest slowly. My breasts were exposed, as I was wearing a thin lace bra. She put her mouth where my nipple was inside my bra and started to nibble and lick. I was in ecstasy. She slid down my body with her mouth until she met my clit with her tongue. She licked and sucked as I quivered with pleasure. I could feel the heat rise up through my whole body as I began to climax. When I let out a loud moan as my orgasm came to a peak she gave a few more licks just for a finish and smiled at me.

She then said to me “Maybe next time I’ll let you do me.”

As I left the office that night I couldn’t wait for the next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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