Laura’s Sleepless Night Ch. 08

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Laura stared back at her figure in her body-length mirror and took a deep breath.

She studied her outfit. She wore a form-fitting dress that came up above the knee. From a difference, it looked gray from a distance, but it was patterned with thin black and white horizontal striped. Her hair came down just past her shoulder. She wasn’t showing cleavage, but it hid no curves, from her chest to her hips, and it highlighted her long, toned legs. She looked good. Conservative, yet sexy, she thought.

The right balance.

The right balance for what? What was she hoping for? Why did she care about how she looked?
Her mind raced. She was getting ready to see Cassandra for a cocktail, seeing her for the first time since ‘that’ night. Laura had made the first move but hemmed and hawed, doubting herself; Cassandra for her part played it cool. Laura, not a mind reader, wouldn’t have known that she was letting Laura let herself through the door again.

What did she want? What was she doing? It’s not as if Laura hadn’t replayed that night in her head a million times since then or whispered Cassandra’s name under her breath countless other times when she was alone and wistful. Cassandra had her more times than she knew, not that she would ever find out.

No, this was going to be closure. A goodbye to a memory she had clung onto for too long. She was getting married this summer; she had made a mistake last fall. That’s all it was. It was between her, Cassandra, and God. Nobody was perfect, right?

She was rambling in her own head. She hadn’t even left her apartment! At least her fiancé wasn’t around to see her pace around. No, this was it. This was going to be goodbye, Cassandra. She took a deep breath, grabbed her bag, and headed out on an unseasonably warm March afternoon in New York.

The nice weather made for a busy afternoon in Tribeca. Cassandra hadn’t waited for her would-be date. She was sitting at a small table for two outside with a glass of water, sipping as she people watched. She felt as if Laura had put up more resistance to this meeting than she thought she would. She was a confident person, for sure, but she wondered if Laura was willing to risk it all again.

Cassandra smirked. She genuinely liked Laura as a person, but truth be told, she knew once she was in close company, she would want to have her in her bed again. And she wasn’t overly cocky, but she felt fairly certain Laura would feel the same way. After all, she had reached out first. Now it was up to Cassandra…

She was wearing a snug pair of black jeans with open-faced black heels, and a button-down black shirt with the top three buttons left open.

“You look well.” Laura interrupted the tension with that stilted declaration.


“You look well, you look…. good. It’s good to see you.” Cassandra chuckled as Laura escort kocaeli turned red trying to explain herself. She already had her stammering.

“I look well? After all this time, that’s what you thought of?”

“Sorry, Cass. It’s good to see you.” The embarrassment faded and a genuine smile formed on Laura’s face.

Cassandra chuckled. “It’s good to see you too, love.” They both could feel a tension in the air and the waiter walking by offered a respite. “Excuse us – two coffees, please?” Laura, for her part, took a deep breath. The hard part, she figured, was over.

From that point forward the “date” was mostly uneventful. Laura told Cassandra all about her wedding preparations – almost making it a point to emphasize her fiancé’s role in them. A good deal of Cassandra’s replies were something along the lines of “That costs how much?!” She, of course, had no plans to get married, and hearing about the price of floral arrangements in comparison to her adjunct’s salary made her even more assured of that.

Otherwise, Cassandra seemed unbothered and the subject of their prior indiscretions in relation to the engagement remained unspoken. Cassandra played along, asking questions and expressing optimism for Laura’s future. A sign, Laura thought, that she had moved on, though she didn’t feel as relieved by that as she thought she would.

“Oh, God, I’ve been talking a mile a minute – I haven’t even had a chance to ask you about your life.” Laura realized she had been rambling. Either Cassandra was very polite or genuinely interested in the differences between various wedding DJs.

“It’s ok. You’re excited – it’s nice to see you doing well.” Cassandra told Laura about her classes this semester, the new literature she had been reading. While she talked, she maintained eye contact – she noticed Laura’s eyes dip a couple of times to the undone buttons on her shirt. She made a mental note of that. Wandering eyes meant wandering minds…

Minutes drifted away to conversation until Laura checked her watch. “Cass – I hate to say goodbye, but I’m having dinner tonight with his family. We should get the check.”

“No worries. I got it.” Cass handed her card to the waiter and winked before Laura could protest. “All I ask in return is I get to walk you to the subway.” Laura sighed, a defeated smile forming on her lips.

“Fine. If you insist.”

The two walked side by side for a few blocks, mostly in silence, making idle comments about this or that. As they drew near their destination, Laura realized she hadn’t even asked about Cassandra’s love life. Well, I might as well satiate her curiosity before she leaves…right? They turned into a quiet alley between two buildings to cut through a street. Her curiosity got the better of her. “So… are you seeing anyone?”

“Seeing anyone? Like seriously? gölcük escort No. There is someone I… fool around with.” Cassandra weighed up whether to tell Laura the whole story.

“Turns out, it’s one of my students. From a seminar class.”

Laura froze in her tracks and turned to Cass. She felt something in her chest – it was shock, for sure. Concern. Disappointment. But also…a pang of jealousy? “You’re sleeping with a student?”

“Well, we don’t do much sleeping, if we’re being technical…”

The attempt at humor only seemed to spike Laura’s dismay. “How could you? You’re risking your livelihood, your career – everything you worked for! For what?” Laura’s face was red.

For the first time Cassandra had a look of annoyance creep across her face. “Jealous much? She’s a grown woman, making her own decisions -“


“Kidding, love -“

“Don’t call me love,”

“OK – kidding, girl who I fucked while she was very much engaged.”

With that, Laura saw red and slapped her former teacher across the face. “How fucking dare you!” Cassandra froze, stunned. Laura’s eyes were glassy. There was an eerie silence in the alley.

Laura blinked as she backed against a brick wall next to a dumpster. Her eyes were glassy with the shock of hurting someone she very much still adored, and she tried to hold a tear back. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t ha-“

Before she could finish the sentence, Cassandra closed the space between them and cupped Laura’s face in a hand. “You feisty bitch.”

With that she pressed her mouth against Laura’s instantly receptive lips, parting them and tasting the mint she had eaten after her coffee. Laura tried to speak and could not, as Cassandra pinned her to the brick, the two melting into an outdoor make-out session. Cassandra groped one of Laura’s breasts through her dress, and Laura for her part had both of hers on the small of Cassandra’s back.

She broke the kiss and whispered softly into Laura’s ear. “Just for that I’m going to fuck you. Again.”

Laura, her face already red, moaned an “Oh God…” as she felt the twinge between her thighs become a radiant heat. She didn’t even have the willpower to protest this time. This was going to happen. Right now. Cassandra kissed her again and dropped a hand down to the hem of Laura’s skirt. Between kisses, she taunted Laura.

“Oh, I didn’t know such a good girl liked such dirty language…is that pussy wet for me again?” Cassandra already knew the answer as her fingers pressed against Laura’s panties. They skillfully moved them aside, teasing her slit.

“Cass…fuck, I hate you…”

“The hell you do…” With a smirk Cassandra slipped her fingers up inside Laura and quickly moved to mute her cries with another kiss. Laura’s skirt was now rolled most of the way up her thighs and she lifted izmit sınırsız escort one leg up behind Cassandra’s waist. Cassandra began to rhythmically pump two curled fingers up into Laura. Her other hand found Laura’s and the two held hands as she finger-fucked her against the wall. In broad daylight. In an alley.

“Someone might see…”
“I don’t care….and neither do you.”

Laura’s eyes rolled up in surrender as Cassandra began to use her hips for leverage to push up harder, faster into her once-and-again lover. She could feel the brick edifice behind her scrape roughly up against her dress, against the exposed skin of her shoulders. She was too delirious to feel anything put the pulsing emanating from those fingers, that hand that was seemingly programmed to know exactly what she needed.

Her exposed neck made an attractive target. Cassandra didn’t miss the chance. She bit softly into the delicate skin and sucked hard on it. Laura shook and buried her face in her lover’s shoulder as her legs began to buck uncontrollably, her cum dripping down her long legs.

It seemed to last a lifetime, again, and Cassandra was able to hold her up against the wall. As she finally recovered, she noticed Cassandra was not looking at her, but an attractive young couple that had caught them and had watched the grand finale of their act. As Laura regained her footing and roughly pushed her skirt down, as if it would save face for any modesty that was just thrown away, Cassandra lifted her glistening fingers to her mouth and licked them off slowly one by one, maintaining eye contact with the young woman who had been watching until her boyfriend pulled, flustered and red, pulled her away.

As they vanished past the alley she let out a laugh and kissed Laura, whose head was still spinning. Laura pushed back gently and exhaled. “What the fuck was that?”

“It was exactly what I thought it was going to be, love. And exactly what you thought it was going to be, too.”

Laura’s silence hung in the air. Nothing needed to be said. They both knew Cassandra was right.

“I….I have to go — “

“I know. Dinner.”


“I’d invite myself over, but dessert was already served.” With a mischievous smile she smacked her lips.

Despite all the mixed feelings running through her head Laura couldn’t help but laugh. “What an awful joke…”

“You still laughed.” Cass leaned in and kissed her again. “Go home and wash up. You wouldn’t want them thinking you got fucked in an alley, would you love?”

And with that, just as suddenly as she had appeared at the coffee shop later, Cassandra took two steps away from Laura and turned and darted up the alley, to parts unknown. There was no need for her to go all the way to the subway station with Laura. She got what she came for.

Laura leaned back against the brick and closed her eyes. She felt a tickle on the inside of her thigh as a rivulet of her cum meandered down her leg, her panties clinging to her sex. Sweaty, breathless, and spent, she asked herself the question she had no answer for.

“What now?”

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