Lavender Scented Oil

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The following story is true. The name has been changed, but it is an accurate recounting of events that actually took place.

I had gone with my lover Alexandra, to that same romantic hotel where we first made love. I could never think about this place without remembering the excitement I felt during our first time together. It still arouses me to recall how she straddled my lap as I sat on that couch; how I pulled her top up over her head, unfastened her bra and slowly released her breasts. We made wonderful love those first few days, and it was the beginning of beautiful relationship that has continued to grow with time.

As far as excitement goes, this trip was as good as ever. Alex and I shared a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. We drank that same pinot grigio that we discovered together on our first long weekend getaway. The ice and snow on the ground outside was of little consequence because there was warmth, love, romance, and a wonderful feeling of happiness in my heart.

On top of all her other lovely qualities, my girlfriend is a beautiful, sexy woman. She has blonde hair of medium length and pretty blue eyes that seem to sparkle whenever she smiles. She stays in wonderful shape from her years of playing recreational/competitive volleyball. My lover has sexy, full breasts that gently sway with her movements when she is unfettered with a bra, or “harness,” as she likes to refer to that particular undergarment. In addition, she has an irresistible ass that I just can’t seem to keep my hands off whenever we’re naked.

One evening, my lover told me that she was going to treat me to a massage. This had been somewhat of an ongoing point of discussion and fantasy for us. We had talked before about getting a massage together in Las Vegas; one where each would have our own masseuse, complete with happy ending. On this particular evening, however, Alex would be my masseuse. She was prepared with lavender scented oil, towels hot from the microwave, and plenty of attitude.

We took the sheet from the foldout couch in the living room area and spread it out on the bed. Not exactly an official massage table, but then again, I had the feeling that this was not going to be an official massage. My lover lit scented candles on each of the bedroom nightstands, and switched on some soft jazz music. In the fading evening light, the candles gave a wonderful, romantic glow to the entire room. She handed me a towel, told grup escort me to get undressed, and excused herself to the bathroom to slip into something more comfortable for the task at hand.

I quickly stripped off my clothes and lay face down across the bed, draping the folded towel across my backside. Although I have never had a professionally done massage before, I’d seen this done in enough movies to know the setup. What was good enough for James Bond was certainly good enough for me!

As I lay there waiting with piqued anticipation for that bathroom door to open, the soothing music was definitely not having its intended effect. After what seemed like hours (but was probably only a couple of minutes), I heard Alex come out and retrieve the warm massage oil from the microwave. When she finally came into the bedroom area, I looked up at her and she literally took my breath away.

With a bottle of warm massage oil in one hand, and towels in the other, my lover wore only a tiny pair of black thong panties and a sexy smile. She must have seen the look of utter appreciation and excitement on my face because she held her hands out and slowly made a complete turn, allowing me to take it all in. Her body was simply stunning.

“Do you approve?” she asked, knowing full well the answer to that question.

“Um, yes…” I managed to stammer, “And I love that little thong thing you have going on there!” It was certainly true. Alex’s ass was so alluring that I reached out to touch her.

She playfully pushed my hand away. “Hey! What kind of massage parlor do you think I’m running here? Customers aren’t allowed to touch!”

“Sorry,” I smiled at her, feeling my cock beginning to twitch against the bed, “I’ll try to behave myself!”

She returned my smile and moved to the side of the bed down by my feet. I could see that she was clearly enjoying this little adventure.

“Now you just lie there and relax. Listen to the music and let me take care of everything.”

“Hmm.. Everything?” I asked, shifting my body slightly to adjust my hardening cock.

“Didn’t you just get finished telling me you were going to behave? How soon they forget!” Alex replied.

I closed my eyes and soon could smell the lavender oil as she was rubbing it into her hands. I felt her firmly kneading the soles of my feet and the slippery warm oil felt blissful. She continued to work her iranlı escort way higher up the back of my legs, getting close to the towel draped loosely over my ass. Alex then climbed onto the bed, applied more oil to my back and spread it with a wonderful massage technique. Listening to the soft music, feeling my lover’s talented hands on my body, I felt myself drifting into a state of complete relaxation.

I must have slipped off to sleep for a little while, because the next thing I remember was her telling me that it was time to turn over onto my back. As I did so (carefully rearranging my towel), Alex squirted more warm oil onto her hands and began to massage the front of my legs. She slowly moved higher, and as she reached the inside of my thighs, I felt my cock hardening more by the minute.

Alex teasingly avoided my dilemma, moved up to my chest area, and continued her wonderful massage. She then stepped off the bed and stood before me, smiling seductively as she hooked her thumbs into the thin straps of her thong and slipped it downward. I watched closely as she slowly revealed her neatly trimmed pussy and smoothly shaven outer lips. My lover was an absolutely beautiful sight.

She then proceeded to dribble some massage oil onto her breasts, rubbing it into her soft skin. I continued to watch with rapt attention as she spread the oil over herself, pinching and tugging her large brown nipples into a state of obvious arousal. The soft candlelight glistened on her naked, smooth body and I can honestly say that I had never seen a more lovely vision.

My girlfriend crawled onto the bed, positioning herself over me. She then began to massage her slippery breasts into my chest, sensuously drawing her erect nipples over mine. At this point, my cock was painfully hard, straining against the towel, which was draped across me. Alex leaned close and kissed me softly, her lips lingering over mine, while her beautiful breasts pressed against me.

“I love you,” she breathed softly.

“Oh, honey,” I replied, “I love you so very much!”

At this point, I really didn’t care about her massage rules anymore. I moved my hands up her sides, gently pressing her tits together. Just as my fingers slipped around to find her hard nipples, she kissed me again and began to slide her body lower. She started to massage my thighs, with each successive stroke of her hands moving slightly keçiören escort higher.

“You really love to tease me, don’t you,” I smiled, watching her breasts gently sway with her every move.

“I can’t imagine what you mean,” she grinned as her fingertips slid under my towel and lightly brushed against my balls.

I moaned softly at her delicate touch as she slowly pulled my towel away, my hard cock twitching upward.

“Oooh,” she cooed, “Someone wants my attention.”

My lover reached between my legs and lightly cupped my balls with her well-oiled hands. The sensation was indescribable and I felt my hips begin to slightly move of their own accord. She then leaned forward and slowly ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft, her eyes never leaving mine. I watched as the tip of her tongue moved delicately over the head of my cock, licking up a large drop of pre-cum that had formed there.

“Ohhh..!” I sighed, “That feels sooooo good, baby!”

Alex moaned softly and took my hard cock into her mouth, her lips wrapped around my shaft. I held the sides of her head, intertwining my fingers in her hair as she bobbed up and down in sync with the movement of my hips.

By this time, both our movements were more urgent, more aggressive. Alex was now sucking harder, moaning more loudly, as she paused after every few strokes to press my cock deep against the back of her throat. I felt my balls getting that familiar heavy feeling as she continued to enthusiastically suck me off.

“Alex…” I gasped. “I’m getting close…. I’m going to cum!”

My girlfriend let my cock pop from her mouth for just a moment. “Do it, baby! Shoot your cum hard! Don’t stop! Mmmmmm.. Fuck my mouth!”

That was all she had to say to push me over the edge. I arched my hips upward, groaning loudly as I shot pulse after pulse of hot cum in my girl’s sweet mouth. She matched my movements stroke for stroke, sucking my juice down her throat. The feeling was just unbelievable!

Finally, my climax began to subside. Alex continued to suck, but more gently now, well aware of the ultra-sensitive head of my cock. I managed to look down at her between my legs, a dribble of cum trailing down from the corner of her mouth to the side of her chin. I reached down and took her in my arms, drawing her lovely nude body close to mine. I kissed her deeply, tasting myself on her lips, reflecting upon one of the most intense experiences of my life.

“I love you, honey,” I whispered softly.

She pressed her face against the side of my neck, her blonde hair spilling into a soft frame around her face.

“I love you too, baby.”

I pulled the blanket around us, enveloping her in a warm embrace against the falling snow outside our window, and we drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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