Le Bel de Mer

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Scott and I had been married for two years. He was a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s office in San Diego. I was in my last year at California Western School of Law.

I was studying for exams and Scott had been working on the preliminaries for a major upcoming trial. Our schedules were busy at this point in our lives. By the time the evenings rolled around, we were too tired to go out, let alone have sex. We both missed it and it was causing a lot of tension in our otherwise happy life. That was about to change.

While at the library studying the afternoon of our anniversary, my cell phone rang. I picked it up and went outside to take the call.

“Hello. Kat Nichols.”

“A gorgeous pussy you are, too, Mrs. Nichols” Scott said in his low voice that sent a warm tingle through my body.

God, that voice. It was so deep it just seemed to ooze sensuality. Everything about him was sexy to me and always had been.

At 46 years old, Scott was a handsome man. His hair was blonde, though if you looked close enough you could see a few silver streaks disbursed here and there. He stood six feet tall and though he had just begun to put on some weight from too many late-night take-outs during this trial preparation, Scott worked out regularly at the gym and had the body to prove it. With his baby face and bright green eyes, people often mistook him for being in his thirties.

“You at the library, Kit-Kat?”

“Naturally. I’m thinking of taking some furniture out of the condo and moving in here until the end of exams,” I smiled at the recognition of the nickname he used for me. He hadn’t called me that in weeks. “You’re in a good mood. Where are you?”

“I’m in a very good mood, my love. As we speak I’m in my office, closing up shop for the day and I don’t think you’d better be moving anything. I know a certain lawyer who’d be a little upset to come home and find his kitten missing.”

“Oh, you know how we cats are. We always find our way back home again,” I joked back with him and then looked at my watch. Three o’clock. “You’re leaving work early? Who died?”

“No one. I need a break,” he said. “Most of the preliminaries are done. I figure Steve can earn his paycheck this weekend by handling a few things for me. “Besides, I haven’t had a chance to play with my pussycat in weeks and it is our anniversary, after all.”

I laughed out loud, but clearly understood what he was saying.

“I have it on very good authority that your pussycat is climbing the walls and her owner is getting ready to start lifting her tail for some big tom if it…I mean, ‘she’ doesn’t get some attention soon,” I teased.

“Very funny, young lady. Don’t you dare!” he laughed and then grew serious. “I miss you, Kat. We hardly see each other. It doesn’t even feel like we’re married.” He sighed. The remorse in his voice was evident.

“I thought maybe we could go out to dinner tonight for our anniversary. You know, like a real date. Remember those?” Scott’s voice softened and I heard the smile in his tone.

“Hmmm, I think I vaguely recall what a date is,” I smiled. “I miss you, too, baby. I’d love to go.”

“Good. I made seven o’clock reservations for dinner at Le Bel. Meet you at home?”

“I’m packing up my books as we speak.”

“I love you, Kat.”

I smiled. “I love you too, Scott. See you in a little while.”

I snapped shut my cell and ran back inside to gather up my things, smiling to myself.

Le Bel de Mer was our favorite restaurant. Scott took me there on our first date. Its French cuisine was to die for. Being a law student and perpetually broke, I wasn’t used to such high-class places where dinner was no less than $125 a plate. I think he was trying to impress me with the ambiance. The truth of the matter was, he could’ve taken me to McDonald’s and I wouldn’t have cared. I was already impressed with him and completely starry-eyed where he was concerned.

On the drive home, I was mentally going through my closet, trying to come up with something provocative to wear. Even though we’d been married for two years, I still liked to wear sexy things for Scott, just to keep our relationship exciting. Since we were going to Le Bel, particularly tonight, I wanted something that would that would ignite the passion we’d been denying ourselves.

Two things always went together in our relationship: great sex and Le Bel. I smiled to myself as I thought about how it all began.


I first met Scott Nichols while he was visiting CW as a guest lecturer for a class I’d been required to take. I developed a serious crush as soon as I laid eyes on him. I didn’t think I stood a chance with him, given that he was 15 years my senior, but I was determined to make him notice me.

Instead of sitting in the mid-section of the auditorium as I’d always done, I sat right down in front every day the entire week he taught. I hung on his every word, asking a lot of questions and treasuring his replies. He had this way of looking right at Escort Beylikdüzü me when he answered, that just made my insides turn to jelly. I felt like I was in high school, instead of a then 29 year-old woman.

Prior to Scott showing up in our class, I dressed casually, as I preferred to do most of the time, but after meeting him, I started dressing up a bit more every day. Nothing fancy. This was college, after all, but I wore skirts instead of jeans with baby doll shirts and sweaters that accentuated my ample breasts and cut off just above my navel.

When I raised my hand with a question, my top would go up, baring part of my midriff. I crossed and uncrossed my legs, unobtrusively, but only when I was certain he was paying attention. I went without panties beneath my skirt, giving him a clear shot of my shaved pussy every time I moved my legs. God, it was hot to torment him like that. At the end of every class, I would be sopping wet and I’d have to go to the bathroom and finger myself to get off.

After class, on Scott’s last day, he asked me to stay behind when the rest of the students left. I dared to hope he was he was actually interested. My heart skipped a beat when he asked if I wanted to go and have a cup of coffee with him. Since the school didn’t employ Scott, he wasn’t bound by the student-teacher relationship ethic of the professors and it was okay if he asked me out. Of course, I enthusiastically said yes to his invitation.

We walked together to the coffee shop in the student union and grabbed a booth by the window. Scott and I talked about law and we learned more about each other. I was relieved when he told me he wasn’t married. I might’ve had the tendencies of a nymph, but I had scruples and avoided getting involved with married men.

He hadn’t even mentioned my blatant escapades and I was beginning to wonder if he’d even noticed. We were in the midst of discussing a recent appellate court decision when Scott stopped and looked at me. He fixed his eyes on me. His question was blunt.

“Do you often flash your pussy at men to get their attention, Miss Parker?”

I offered a demure smile as I blushed, contrary to my earlier antics. “Never,” I said. “I guess it worked though, didn’t it?”

He laughed and his jade eyes twinkled. “Oh yes, young lady. It worked. I sat up and took notice, in more ways than one.”

I fixed my green eyes on his. “Really?” I grinned coyly.

“Indeed. It was rather difficult to hide.” He looked like a shy young man when he spoke, instead of the distinguished seasoned attorney he was. “I know this is short notice, but are you free this evening, Kat?” he asked in a gentle, lulling voice.

“As a matter of fact, I am,” I smiled at him.

“Not anymore you aren’t,” he smiled back. “I’ll pick you up around 7:30?”

“That would be wonderful.” I tried to act nonchalant but inside, I was beaming. I scrawled my address and phone number on a piece of paper and handed it to him and he put it in the breast pocket of his suit coat.

We finished our coffee and got up to leave. Scott picked up my books from the table to carry them for me and as we were leaving the building, he held open the door.

“Do you have another class or can I walk you to your car?”

I smiled at him. “I only have the one class on Fridays, thank God, and of course you can.”

We continued talking as we walked across campus to the student parking lot and found my car. I unlocked the passenger side and he deposited my books on the seat for me before closing the door.

I was surprised when he gathered me in his arms and bent down to kiss me. It was a long, sweet kiss. His tongue gently urged my mouth open and entered my mouth, slowly twirling around my tongue. When we ended the kiss, Scott looked at me. The shock must have registered on my face.

“First kisses are always so awkward,” he said. “I just wanted to get that out of the way.” His tone was so matter-of-fact about it, but he was grinning. There was a playful side to him and I liked it.

I stepped in close to him, sliding my arm up around his neck and I kissed him again. His hand, which had been resting on my back, slid down to my ass and he gave it a gentle squeeze while our mouths were locked together.

Right there in the parking lot, he removed his hand from my ass and slipped it right up my skirt. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked to show off.

His fingers brushed over my pussy lips and then parted them as he slid his fingers up and down my slit. I was already getting turned on just from kissing him. Having his hand between my legs made it worse. He pulled his mouth away and looked at me, his fingers still frigging my clit.

“Mmmm Kat. Such a wet little pussy,” he crooned in that low voice of his. “Tell me, Kat, do you purr?”

I swallowed hard, gently rocking my hips as his fingers toyed with my clit. “I’m going to growl at this rate.”

Scott backed me up against the car, kissing me while Escort Bahçeşehir he rolled my clit around with his finger. My juices were flowing hard and he pushed a large finger into my opening, wiggling it around and pumping it in and out.

“You like showing off your pussy, Kat?” he whispered heatedly into my ear and I nodded, speechless and gasping. “I want to see it again. Now.”

He raised my skirt higher until my pussy was completely exposed. My bare ass was against the cool metal of the car door. I didn’t even try to stop him.

I was grinding against his hand, moaning, “Fuck, Scott.”

My pussy felt like it was on fire I was so hot from our public display. Scott slid another finger into me and pumped harder. I could hear the squishing sound of my well-lubed sex being filled by his fingers. It felt wicked being bared and fingered in the open and I loved it.

He opened the rear door of the car and laid me down on the back seat while sinking to his knees on the asphalt. He pushed one of my legs back, bent at the knee, opening me and completely exposing me to anyone who would’ve passed by, but neither of us cared.

Scott gazed at me with a look of lust in his eyes and opened my cunt lips with his fingers, letting his middle finger wiggle my thick, hard clit back and forth slowly. His mouth descended on my clit and he thrashed it with his tongue. He licked and sucked with fervor and slid his fingers back into the tightness of my sex. I was bouncing around in the back seat with my eyes closed, enjoying his expert oral talents and sucking my fingers to keep from screaming but my moans were loud enough to attract the attention of anyone who cared to hear.

Someone did.

I heard a male voice and it wasn’t Scott’s. “God yeah, eat her, man. Tongue her until she screams.”

My eyes shot open. There stood an undergrad, who had unzipped his pants and was stroking his growing cock. Scott went wild on me and I was so far gone, it only made me hotter. I grabbed Scott’s head and held him tightly, fucking his face with my pussy.

The kid behind him kept egging us on with his sizzling nasty talk. “Fuck, look at that juicy cunt. Ride his tongue, lady. Give him all you’ve got. Shit, what a hot bitch!”

Scott moaned heatedly around my clit as he sucked it. His tongue lapped wildly at it. I raised my sweater and pulled my bra down to expose my ample breasts and began to tug at my light brown nipples.

“Yeah, pull on those big nipples, you hot little piece of ass. Squeeze your tits!” He kept going on.

I slid my hands down and spread my pussy lips open for Scott and he pulled back long enough to look at me and watch what I was doing.

“God yeah, Kat. Give your pussy to me, baby.”

He dove back down and speared me with his tongue. In and out, hard and fast, he fucked me with his tongue like it was a cock. I started to rub my clit feverishly, continually groaning in pleasure.

“Yeah, play with yourself you hot bitch! Oh God! Rub that clit and make your pussy cum!” Our voyeur was pumping his now stiff cock for all he was worth.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!” I was practically shouting.

Scott pulled back and drove his fingers into me. “Cum for me Kat. Let it go, baby. I want to taste you.” He covered my pussy with his mouth, sucking and tonguing me until I came all over his mouth.

The kid standing behind Scott groaned and spurted a thick white stream of semen all over the pavement.

Scott’s tongue slowed down and he lapped all the sweet wetness from my pussy and planted a tender kiss on my clit. He stood up, pulling down my skirt and taking my hand to retrieve me from my prone position in the back seat.

As I stood up, I kissed Scott hard, tasting cum on his lips. I leaned up against him and his cock was so hard I could feel the strain in his pants.

The guy who watched our cunnilingus exhibition zipped up. “Man, that was fucking hot to watch. Thanks.” He walked away.

Scott walked me to the driver’s side and opened the door. He smiled at me. “Just had to get that out of the way, too.” He winked and bent down to whisper in my ear. “God, you taste good. I can’t wait to have you again.”

I shuddered and ran my hand over the huge bulge in his pants. “I can’t wait to have this.” I smiled at him. “It doesn’t seem fair that we couldn’t finish.”

“I’ve got to get back to the office and take care of some things, but I’ll see you at 7:30 tonight. Then we’ll finish what we started.” His face was full of boyish charm mixed with tremendous sexiness.

“I’ll be ready,” I said with an orgasmic grin on my face as I got behind the wheel and he closed the door.


The buzzer rang promptly at 7:30.

I opened the door and there stood Scott, holding a bouquet of flowers. He handed them to me saying, “I know this probably seems old fashioned, but I believe in bringing flowers to a woman when we go out on a date.”

“I think it’s sweet, Scott. Thank you. They’re beautiful.” I was practically glowing and could barely contain it. “Would you like to come in while I put these in some water?”

He stepped into the apartment and we made some small talk while I got a vase for the flowers and then arranged them, placing them on the table. I offered him a seat, but he declined, saying that he had made reservations for dinner at Le Bel de Mer for 8:15.

I thanked my lucky stars for owning this “little black dress every woman should own.” The dress was sleeveless, rather simple and understated, but with the diamond earrings and pendant my grandmother had left me, I figured I was dressy enough or casual enough to go anywhere.

Le Bel de Mer was definitely a dressy affair. It was the most expensive restaurant around, right on the ocean, with a spectacular view, from what I’d read. I grabbed a shawl to throw over my shoulders since it got chilly at night near the water. I was ready to go.

He stopped me at the door by putting his hands on my shoulders. “Before we leave, I want to tell you something. You look stunning. I should’ve told you where I planned to take you, but you are beautiful enough in that dress to go anywhere.” He smiled.

Before I could thank him, he went on. “This afternoon was wonderful. In the parking lot, God, you were just so sexy, Kat. Kissing you drove me wild. My mind kept picturing you flashing your pussy at me and I couldn’t help but want you. I just don’t want you thinking that’s all I’m after.”

I smiled at him. “Scott, I don’t think that at all. I wanted it just as much as you did and besides, I sort of gave you an open invitation.” My lips turned up in an embarrassed grin.

He kissed me, placed his hand on the small of my back and led me to the door.

Le Bel de Mer was crowded when we arrived. When we walked in, there was a long line of people waiting to be seated. Francois, the maitre’d, walked over to greet us. He and Scott shook hands like they were long time friends.

“Ah, monsieur Nichols!” exclaimed the handsome Frenchman in his thick accent. “It is a pleasure to see you again. How good of you to join us this evening, and who is your lovely companion?” With a smile, Francois took my hand and kissed the back gallantly.

“Francois, this is Miss Katherine Parker,” Scott introduced me formally.

“Mademoiselle Parker. Bienvenue. Welcome. Please come right this way.”

We could’ve left right then and I’d have been suitably impressed. I was beginning to have second thoughts about what I had planned for Scott in a place where he seemed to be so well known.

Francois seated us at our table in a quiet corner of the restaurant, telling us our waiter would be with us shortly.

The table was covered with an almost floor-length tablecloth and in the center was a vase with a single red rose surrounded by a base made up of several small candles. The candlelight reflected off the glass from the vase and seemed to light up the table just enough so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

“Scott, this restaurant is lovely. There’s so much atmosphere. Francois seems like an old friend,” I smiled.

“The French food is wonderful here,” he said. “Francois has been maitre’d forever so he knows me pretty well because I dine here often.”

I was a little nervous upon hearing him confirm what I’d already suspected, but decided to put my plan into action anyway. If Scott could finger me in public and then eat my pussy while some guy watched, well, two could play this game.

As the waiter was arriving to take our drink order, I let my napkin slip off my lap onto the floor. Before Scott knew it, the waiter was beside him and I’d disappeared under the table.

I reached up to his pants and unzipped them, knowing full well the waiter not only saw me going under the table, but that he could see my hands unzipping Scott’s fly. My hands were rubbing all over his bulge as I spread his legs with my body. His rod was starting to stiffen at my touch.

Scott swallowed hard and looked up at the waiter who was transfixed by my head emerging into Scott’s lap. I looked up at the both of them and winked, pressing my finger to my lips to keep them both quiet.

I took Scott’s cock from his pants and ran my tongue up and down his shaft, wetting it with saliva. My hand stroked him, rubbing the wetness all over his cock. I twirled my tongue all around his cock head, then gently probed his cum slit with the tip of my tongue. He was getting hard quickly.

Scott bit his lip to stifle a groan.

Our waiter whispered, “Goddamn.”

“Fuck, Kat,” Scott whispered. “Use that mouth and suck me.”

I rubbed Scott’s now swollen head back and forth over my moist lips, flicking the tip of my tongue under the ridge of his cock head. My lips surrounded the head and I started inching my way down his shaft.

My hand released his shaft and cupped his scrotum, which was tightening with a load of cum. I squeezed and kneaded his sack while I pushed my mouth down further on his shaft. My tongue twirled around him and I started bobbing my head up and down, sucking hard and working his prick in and out of my mouth.

“God, baby. You’re making my balls boil.” Scott hissed under his breath.

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