Learning to Love Your Sisters Pt. 02

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Hey folks, Delta here. Sorry for the long gap between stories. This installment doesn’t have the horror themes of the previous one, but those will return as the story progresses. I hope you enjoy part two and let me know what you think in the comments. I read all of them and love hearing your thoughts and ideas!

Emma’s eyes opened suddenly. A barely remembered nightmare haunted her consciousness, but the details melted away by the second, until all that remained were the memories of bitter cold, and the taste of honey.

She was in a bed, but not her own. The morning sun was peeking through the curtains and in the slash of illumination she could make out pictures on the wall. She recognized them immediately, as she was in at least half of them. This was Maggie’s room, her best friend, and sorority Big Sister. She had been in here dozens of times, but because she lived in the same house, never felt the need to sleep over…so why was she in her bed? And where were her clothes? Realizing her nakedness, her heart began to race. What had she been doing the night before? She sat up in bed, propping herself up on her elbows, careful to keep her nakedness concealed beneath the blanket. It was then that she realized she wasn’t alone in bed, and looked to see Maggie laid beside her. The blankets were draped over her, but Emma could see her best friend was naked too.

Emma’s mind raced. Maggie was her best friend, and her mentor in her house. She loved her like a sister, but those feelings were something vastly different from what she felt now. She knew she should be mortified. Waking up in a bed she didn’t remember going to bed in? Being naked in bed with another woman? With her best friend no less? This wasn’t how she normally behaved… and yet… her heart was racing for reasons other than disappointment or disgust. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the naked form of Maggie. The curves of her hips disappearing under the sheets. The way her hair fell over her shoulders. The soft smile on her sleeping face. Emma had to admit that her friend was beautiful, maybe this is what Emma wanted…

No. She needed to leave and clear her mind. Emma felt her feet touch the cold floor and she forced herself to leave the warm embrace of Maggie’s bed. She scoured the floor trying to find her clothes, but the darkness of the early morning made it hard to see anything. After a minute or so, she found a tee shirt crumpled on the floor, it was too big to be hers, but she reasoned that Maggie wouldn’t mind her borrowing it. She slipped it over her head and quietly made her way to the bedroom door, making sure not to wake her apparent lover. The door was open, just a crack and Emma took one last longing glance at the naked form of her friend before slipping out into the dark hallway.

Walking quickly, she made her way to her room, trying to remember just how she had ended up where she was. What had happened last night? Normally the ladies of Delta Kappa Sigma were up and around even on weekend mornings, so why was everything so quiet? She moved as quietly as she could, daring not to disturb the all-encompassing silence of the sorority house. She passed by darkened bedrooms with doors wide open, beds unmade, sleeping forms lying in blissful peace, most of them not sleeping alone she noted. It must have been some party last night she thought to herself.

Suddenly a voice broke the silence, just a few rooms ahead. She couldn’t make out what it said, but it was getting louder. Her curiosity piqued, she crept forward. The voice was coming from Kate’s room, and the door was shut tight. Emma had never been in there, mostly because of Kate’s outright animosity towards her.

She recognized Kate’s voice. “Keep going initiate” Emma heard her say, pressing her ear to the door. She sounded breathless, excited even. “Keep… going…” she stammered out. Was she getting laid? Emma knew she should walk away… but hearing Kate on the verge of orgasm was too exciting. “Oh God… oh…. oh…” She was close now, “FUUUUCK!” she squealed loudly. Emma was felt her cheeks flush. Who was Kate with in there? Was she with another Sister?

Another voice answered her question. “How did I do Sister?” It was Elle, Kate’s Little. Her mind was racing, thinking about what was going on in that room. Her and Kate may have a strained relationship, but there was no denying that Emma admired her body. Tall, athletic, and crowned with blonde hair that seemed permanently styled into a high ponytail, it was hard not to think about what was going on in that room, and with Elle? Elle was tall too, and her and Kate towered over Emma at around 5’10”. Where Kate was toned, fit and confident in her body, Elle was skinny, gawky, and shy. She was a brunette, and had big doe eyes that always looked startled to see you. Elle was very pretty in her own way, but didn’t have the raw sex appeal of her college athlete Big Sister, and yet Emma stood in the hallway, back to the wall, imagining the two tall beauties in the room and izmit escort what they might be doing.

“You did… adequate initiate.” Kate said, still catching her breath.

“Let me do it again, I can do better” Elle blurted out, always the brown noser.

“That… won’t be necessary. I had some other things in mind” Kate was regaining her composure now. “Stand up, bend over the bed initiate.”

Emma felt her own jaw drop, she desperately wanted to be in that room. “Yes Sister.” Elle stammered out, clearly excited. Shortly after soft moans began to emanate from the room. Clearly Elle was enjoying whatever was happening. As Emma listened more deeply, vivid images of sapphic beauty bombarded her mind. She closed her eyes and embraced the fantasy in her head. She could imagine every detail of their bodies, intertwined in passionate love, it felt like she was seeing it with her own eyes. The moaning grew louder and more rhythmic.

“Good girl, you’re doing so well initiate.” Kate cooed, surprisingly tender for someone Emma considered a generally cold-hearted bitch.

“Thank… you… Sister…” Elle managed, panting between words, as if the breath were being forced from her lungs. Emma imagined touching her, feeling the warmth of her pledge Sisters body. Letting her fingers wander over bare skin, to forbidden places and savoring her reactions. It was only then that Emma realized the warmth she felt was real, her hand had found its way in between her own legs. She felt like she was barely in control of her own body but she didn’t want to fight it. Her fingers traced the lips of her vulva, they were glistening with wetness, and the mere touch of her fingers sent shivers up her body. Emma bit her lip and her body tensed; she had never felt this sensitive. Curious, and desperately turned on, she probed deeper with her middle finger, easily slipping the entire digit inside of herself. The sensation caused her to take a sharp breath as ripples of pleasure washed over her. Working her finger in and out now, Emma’s mind went blank to everything but her own body, and the imagery of the two women in the room behind her. Everything else seemed distant and inconsequential.

“Stop slumping. Keep your ass up, back arched.” Barked Kate suddenly. The command didn’t sound angry, and reminded Kate of an old ballet instructor she had. Stern, but helpful.

“Yes Sister… I’m…” Elle trailed off, panting loudly. “I’m close Sister!” She finally managed breathlessly.

“I haven’t given you permission yet initiate.” Kate replied in a calm, carefully measured tone. Almost hiding the fact that she was breathing heavily too.

“Please Sister.” pleaded the Little.

Kate replied with an audible smirk “In a moment.” Elle could only moan in response. Her excitement was infectious and Emma could feel her own orgasm coming quickly. The slow methodical probing gave way to a rapid piston motion of her fingers. Her other hand left her breast, where she had been apparently fondling herself underneath her oversized tee shirt, and began rubbing her clit, trying to keep up with the moans and grunts of the two muses in her head.

“Please” gasped a small voice, desperate.

“Not yet.” The reply came, domineering, brokering no debate. Loud moans, high pitched and laced with evident pleasure were the only response. Emma was close too. She couldn’t tell if she was moaning too, she felt like she was, but she didn’t care if she was heard. She just needed to finish. It was a mental imperative, and she wasn’t sure where it came from, but she didn’t question it. Her right hand maintained the constant in and out motion, now covered in her body’s natural lubricant, and her left hand became a blur of motion rubbing her clit, desperate for release.

“Please!” The small voice rang out again, now truly desperate. A moment passed. “I’m… AaaAAHHH!” Almost a scream, Elle’s orgasmic cry rang down the hallway, and heralded Emma’s own climax. Her body tensed, and her thighs clenched together as her vagina spasmed, her mouth opened but thankfully she couldn’t find her voice and instead her face twisted in a silent scream of unrestrained pleasure. Several moments passed as her body twitched and writhed, before finally going limp, and she slumped against the wall, completely spent.

“We’ll discuss your lack of control later,” she heard Kate say through the closed door, “a slut loses control of her body, a sister of Delta Kappa Sigma is better than that. But you did good today.” The line sounded like a rehearsed line from sorority ritual nights, but there was a note of impromptu warmth at the end.

Suddenly the creak of a door opening woke Emma from her post-masturbation reverie. It was down the hall towards Maggie’s room, but she didn’t sit around to see who it was, and was quickly on her feet and jogging away towards the staircase. Turning the corner, she ran up the stairs two steps at a time, panic driving her faster even though the dark made movement precarious. Eventually, she found herself izmit anal yapan escort on the third-floor landing, where all her and her pledge sisters lived. She didn’t hear anyone following her, and the third floor was quiet.

She took a moment to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. Her mind was flooded with questions, not the least of which, when did Elle and Kate start hooking up? And why did she feel so compelled to perv on them…and touch herself in the hallway? Then as her short-term memory came back to her, why was she naked in bed with her Big Sister Maggie? What was happening in this sorority, and what happened last night? These thoughts echoed in her mind as she walked past the lounge area and turned right down the long hallway to her room. Yet one thought kept pushing its way to the front of her mind: the mental image of Kate and Elle together in their room. Whatever was going on with her sorority sisters, she didn’t know, but something was changing within herself without a doubt.

As Emma approached her bedroom door, she noticed it was wide open, and soft buzzing noise reached her ears from within. Slowly creeping now, she once again found herself listening from the hallway. The buzzing droned on softly, muffled by something, and Emma wondered if her roommate was home. Emma took a deep breath and noticed a scent in the air. It smelled sweet, but there was a sharp musky undertone to it, like sweat. Something powerful and primal compelled her to inhale again, the scent was enticing, and the questions that nagged at her moments ago seemed to melt away. Possessed by some ethereal force, she felt herself walk through the doorway and enter her bedroom.

Emma was not prepared for the image that greeted her. Her roommate, Lauren, was indeed home, was laid out in her bed completely naked. She had a large purple vibrating dildo in one hand and it was pressed into her clit, while her other hand was occupying itself pinching and pulling her puffy little nipples. Lauren took notice of Emma’s intrusion and sat up, turning off the vibrator, but made no effort to cover up, or even close her legs.

“Oh, hey there Emma. Have a fun morning?” Lauren’s teasing tone and coy smile hinted that she had some idea what Emma had been experiencing. The fact that she was still wearing Maggie’s tee shirt and couldn’t tear her eyes away from Lauren’s perky breasts, did not help her case.

Emma took a moment to admire her roommate. Tousled red hair framed her face, which was flush with color itself. Green eyes, just large enough to take note of, but not enough to seem disproportionate were set evenly above a cute button nose. A smattering of freckles decorated her ruddy cheeks, and her full lips were drawn into a mischievous smile, revealing a row of perfectly straight, pearly white teeth. Her eyes again locked onto Lauren’s chest, b-cups at best, but perfectly formed and inviting. The redhead’s finger still absentmindedly circled the erect nipple on her left breast. She knew her roommate was similar in height to herself, standing around 5’2″. Even so, their bodies were very different. Emma had a dancer’s form, tight and trim with some muscle definition in her legs especially, her chest and backside not being especially noteworthy. Lauren kept slim and watched her diet, but rarely worked out. In contrast to Emma, Lauren’s body was soft, inviting with pale pink skin and curves that Emma dreamt of having. Lauren’s narrow stomach widened out to hips giving her an hourglass shape any woman would be jealous of, which supported a heart shaped bottom larger and shapelier than Emma’s own.

Without removing her eyes from the redhead’s body, Emma responded sheepishly, “You could say that.”

“Well, that makes one of us.” Lauren replied while looking down, donning her best pouty face. A moment passed, then Lauren looked up, locking eyes with Emma. “Why don’t you take a picture? It’ll last longer.” Lauren teased, seeming to revel in her roommate’s gaze. Emma wondered if she was joking at all, Lauren did seem proud of her body.

“Sorry… I uh…” Emma stammered, suddenly embarrassed by her staring.

“Oh hush, I’m flattered. I’d stare back, but that shacker shirt is kind of ruining my view.” Lauren nodded to Maggie’s oversized tee shirt. “Sit down already, you’re giving me a complex.” Lauren sat up right, crossing her legs, and patting the bed, indicating Emma to sit with her.

“Did you sleep here last night?” Emma inquired as she sat down on the mattress.

“Me? No, I crawled in here maybe five minutes ago, and well you saw what I’ve been up to since then. Why?”

“Sorry, I’m just trying to piece together what happened, I…” Emma stopped to consider how much information she was comfortable sharing. “Slept elsewhere.” She finished.

“You woke up butt ass naked in bed with your Big huh?” Lauren filled in the blank. Emma was a little shocked at her insight. “Calm down, so did I. Here I thought something beautiful izmit yabancı escort would happen, but then Christy ran off to fuck that rich boyfriend of hers, and I had to walk of shame back up here and do the deed myself.” That aura of poutiness returned to her voice.

Emma was taken aback by this news, did all her pledge sisters sleep with their Bigs last night? “I left before Maggie woke up.” she said after a moment, mostly to herself. “Never been much for the morning after I guess.” She joked half-heartedly, turning a forced smile to Lauren.

“So, you didn’t get any either?” Lauren asked with a note of flirtation.

“I… don’t remember last night at all…” Emma answered with resignation. “I have no idea what happened. Did I drink last night?”

“If you did, I wouldn’t know, my memory is totally blank too. I remember getting ready for the initiation ritual, then boom: shack meat.” Lauren shrugged. “Not that I’m complaining, waking up to see Christy’s tits was a treat.”

“Do you think we were drugged?” Emma asked, searching for some answer.

“Do you really think the active sisters would do that?” Lauren countered with her own question.

“No, I guess not.” concluded Emma. “I guess we just can’t hold our jungle juice.”

The girls laughed together. They had only known each other for a brief time, meeting for the first time during Rush Week at the beginning of the semester. Room assignments were governed by the house council, so they didn’t pick to room together, but the two got along great. This was also not the first time Emma had seen Lauren naked. Living together without a closet large enough to change in meant that they frequently had to change in front of one another. However, this was the first time that Emma found herself longing to kiss her roommate.

Lauren broke the comfortable silence with another question. “Hey Emms, when you woke up with Maggie… did you find yourself wishing something would happen?”

Emma had to dig deep to find an answer. She wanted to blurt out no, but knew that wasn’t honest. There was certainly a part of her that wanted to lay back down next to Maggie and hold her close. “Maybe.” She admitted at length.

“Me too.” Lauren said with uncharacteristic modesty. “I’ve never been with a girl ya know.”

“Never?” Emma was actually a little surprised. Lauren was prone to flaunting her promiscuity, and often told stories of her most recent sexual encounters. She also openly flirted with girls at parties, and had definitely had her share of drunken kisses with her pledge sisters.

“Nope.” Lauren stated matter-of-factly, “but damn did I want to sit on Christy’s face this morning.” she finished with her trademark swagger.

Emma blushed, then asked “So that’s why you’re back here…” she paused, looking for the right phrase, “… treating yourself?”

“Yep, and just can’t seem to hit the spot.” Lauren responded, sounding flustered. “I even brought out the eggplant.” She laughed and raised the large purple object in her hand.

“Well, I’m sure there will be a party tonight, you can probably find someone there to uhm… scratch that itch.” Emma offered, still blushing.

“Actually…” Lauren began, her voice suddenly serious. “… I was hoping for more immediate satisfaction.” She stared into Emma’s eyes as she spoke.

“Oh Lauren I…” Emma trailed off. Her eyes locked with her roommates, and whatever she was about to say just didn’t matter. Lost in the emerald pools of Lauren’s eyes, Emma felt as if she was under a spell. She could feel needs welling up inside of her, not just her own needs, but also those of her pledge sister. Not only was she acutely aware of what Lauren wanted, but she felt compelled to fulfill them. To this end, she felt herself leaning forward, intent on pressing her lips into those of her friend.

Lauren met her halfway and pressed her full lips against her roommate’s mouth. It was not the tentative first kiss that two people still exploring their feelings might share, it was the passionate kiss of new lovers. Emma felt Lauren’s tongue slip past her lips and began exploring her mouth, and her hands run up her shirt, cupping her breasts. Emma pushed back, laying Lauren down on her back, and crawled forward so that she was straddling the redhead’s hips. Reaching down she grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt and lifted it up, over her head, and tossed it onto the floor. She paused a moment to smile at the girl she now sat atop of, giving her tits a playful shake.

“Like what you see sis?” Emma asked, raising one eyebrow, and sitting up tall, displaying her body.

Lauren bit her lower lip and nodded her head slowly, not taking her eyes off Emma’s body. “New rule, no clothes allowed in the room, okay?”

“Deal.” Emma answered quickly as she leaned down for another kiss.

The two locked lips once again, fell into a passionate make out session. The taste of her friend’s lips was all Emma could think about and she ran her fingers through Lauren’s red hair, pulling her in closer. After several moments, Emma eased her grip on her hair, and Lauren broke away and kissed Emma’s neck, then lasciviously licked the bare skin of her friend’s throat. The pleasant feeling rippled through Emma’s body and she froze, savoring the feeling.

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