Leena’s Exam

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Having some gynecological and stomach problems and suffering from my legs regularly and the fact that I am newly insured to a medical insurance company, I decided to have a complete medical exam with a young doctor who will bill me in such a way that I could save some of the refund insurance money to improve my monthly cash flow. I phoned the doctor and explained him my situation he immediately scheduled an appointment for me the next day. Knowing that I had completed all my work I asked my manager for a day off which he kindly accepted.

The next day I set off to the doctor’s office wearing a long orange cotton dress and as I my legs were aching I wore my trainers and white socks. When I arrived the office was empty and the secretary accompanied me in the doctor’s office. He asked me about my symptoms and asked the secretary to prepare a folder for me and to take a urine sample from me. When I finished I returned to his office for the rest of the exam. He took my blood pressure, examined my ears, nose, throat did an eye exam, checked my pulse. The heart and chest exams followed afterwards so I was asked to pull down my dress to my abdomen, he listened my heart and lungs and he asked me if I smoked. I replied Escort Esenyurt negatively.

After the vitals he ordered me to remove the dress completely and to lie down on the table, as I was wearing a front opened bra he removed it himself and performed the breasts exam. He palpated my abdomen, navel etc arriving near my pubic area he slid his fingers inside of my pants and lowered them to my knees leaving my sex completely exposed. He asked me to roll down on my belly so that he could perform a rectal exam, as he inserted his gloved fingers in my anus I nearly jumped to the roof, it was very painful, he mentioned that I had an infection in my rectum and that he will prescribe me some antibiotics for that but to be sure he had to take a closer look with a strange apparatus, he inserted an optic cable in me and examined my rectum carefully and he then confirmed his diagnostic.

Finishing the rectal exam he asked me to put my foot in the stirrups before removing my pants and trainers, I found myself lying on this table only with a pair of cotton socks. Before performing the gyn exam I reminded him about the increased bill amount for insurance purposes. To my surprise he said that he would Escort Avcılar not do it. I insisted so he asked me to wait for the end of the exam to talk about it. He began the exam at my labia he looked at them, and then he inserted his fingers in my vagina. His fingers continued the exam with an in and out movement exactly as if he was masturbating me, I felt I was coming so I sat straight on the table. He pushed me back and he told me to let him continue or forget the insurance bill.

I lied back. He began to play with my clitoris. I began to raise my hips. He asked me to grab and release his fingers. I obeyed immediately. I was moaning as if I was having sex with my husband. As I reached an orgasm he stopped. He continued with the paps test saying he had not finished with me. I then mentioned my leg problem, he asked me to get off the gyn table. He showed me another table without stirrups but surrounded by an ecography and the optic machine he used earlier. I was asked to remove my socks and he examined my foot. I explained that my soles and fingers ached more frequently. He took a tube of gel used for the eco and put some on each foot. He then took the sensor and rubbed on my soles and upper foot. I pulled my feet back as it was tickling me and handed it to him again to continue, each toes were carefully probed followed by knees and calves.

He said that I was tired and needed some rest and some relaxation. He proposed to start immediately. I did not understand his point until he removed his clothes and began to suck my nipples. He licked my neck and he worked downwards until he arrived between my legs. He lifted them apart and began to suck on my clitoris. I was beginning to reach another orgasm I moaned again. My pussy was so wet. The doctor inserted his huge dick two or three inches into my pussy. I gasped at the thrilling sensation. His thrusting seemed endless I reached around three or four orgasms.

The doctor was nearing orgasm and was about to inject his hot load into my fuck hole. I tightly squeezed his penis with my cunt muscles. I felt his cum spurting out violently. He kissed me deeply, our tongue entwined. He asked me to get dressed. He prescribed the necessary medicines and prepared an insurance bill, which I thanked him for. I did not have to pay for the visit but he insisted that I should undergo another exam in six months again.

When I received the money from my insurance I scheduled another appointment for an exam and relaxation session. One of my friends at the office also scheduled an exam after I told her what happened to me at the doctor’s office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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