Lesbian in Public

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One morning I woke up and decided I needed to go to the store to pick up a few things. I was feeling good about myself and decided to wear a nice dress. After not going out for a few nights and getting some action, I decided to be free and go commando for the day. I threw on a dress with no bra and especially no panties. I finished getting ready, grabbed my keys, and went to the store.

Let me tell you a little about me… I am 5’1″, have long blond hair, green eyes, huge tits, a little chubby, and a trimmed pussy. I am just your average white girl if I am being honest. As you can tell from the title, I am a lesbian. One of the things that is a hidden fetish for me is being caught in public. I think that is why I am going commando today. Also, it doesn’t help that I haven’t had any action in almost a week so I am extremely horny lol.

Now back to the story…! When I got to the store, I passed a few people and smiled at them. When I got to the aisle that had what I needed, I looked around and realized that it was on the bottom shelf. I bent over at the waist to better get a look at it. Now at this point my pussy and ass are out there for anyone to see. I started to get excited and my juices started flowing. This is the most riskiest thing I have ever done and couldn’t be more turned on.

All of a sudden I heard the sweet sound of someone gasping. I let out a little giggle and bend over lower giving a slight glance over to her but she doesn’t see me as she is staring at my dripping izmit escort pussy. Knowing now that she sees me, the juices start flowing more and running down my legs.

I turned back to what I was looking at and reached out to grab it. Just as I grabbed what I needed, I heard the deafening sound of heels clicking in the silent store. I knew they were her shoes as she walked over to me, freezing in shock at her approaching me. All of a sudden I felt her hand grab and caress my ass while her other hand flipped my dress up so she had more access. She lightly spanked my ass in between grabbing it. (Turns out spanking was another big fetish I had. Who knew?)

She starts running her hands down my thighs and slowly back up again towards my pussy. I know she can now feel my juices. She coated her fingers in my juices, slid them into her mouth and sensually, but sexily, licked them. Sucking on her fingers looking me straight into my eyes as I turn my head to look at her. Rolling my juices around in her mouth she leans over and whispers … “mmm. You taste so delicious my dear.”

Just then, we heard the sound of shoes clicking on the floor and I quickly stood up pulling my dress back down. The worker walked by and I let out a sign of relief. All of a sudden, she pushes me back into a bent over position with my ass and pussy against her crotch. I could feel how wet she was through her pants.

She then knelt down behind me and spread my pussy lips with her fingers. “You are one wet little yahya kaptan escort girl aren’t you my dear?”

“Y-yes ma’am.”

“Good girl” she says. She then sticks out her tongue and licks me slowly from my clit to my asshole. I can’t help but shiver in delight as she licks me slowly but just barely touching my clit.

She then takes her tongue and starts to slowly fuck my pussy, going faster and faster the more I twitch and shake in pleasure. “P-please. H-harder, f-faster!!” I beg.

“Some little girl is needy” she whispers. She then takes her thumb and starts to gently, then getting harder, rubbing my clit.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss” I moan in pleasure, still shaking in delight.

I am so caught up in the pleasure she is giving me that I don’t realize the crowd of women gathering around for the show where most of them are the store workers.

She takes her tongue out of my pussy and works her way into my asshole. Thrusting her tongue in and out while her other hand she is fingering my pussy with 3 fingers. Going as fast as she can matching the speed of her tongue in my ass.

She curls her fingers up and hits my g-spot as I scream in pleasure, yelling that I am going to cum. “AHHHHHHHHH please I need to cum! Please let me cum!”

“Mmmmm not yet my dear.” I fall to the ground and turn over on my back with her hands still stroking my g-spot. I am shaking so much that it looks like I am having a seizure. “Please please please!” I beg. gebze escort

I was not enough yet for her. She grabbed the top of my dress down and made my tits spill out into the open. She leaned down and took my nipple in her mouth sucking on it, biting it in between, and spanking my other tit with her free hand. I screamed in pain and pleasure begging her to let me cum.

After what seemed like a lifetime, she leaned into my ear and whispered with her sexy voice… “Cum!”

I let loose with the loudest scream, squirting my juices 10 feet out towards all the onlookers. (Just a warning, the first few rows may get wet lol!)

“Mmmmm yes baby… cum for me. Let me taste all your delicious juices.” She slides her fingers out of me and sucks the juices from my pussy. Still not being enough for her she sucks and bites my clit and makes another orgasm roll through me while I lay shaking and screaming in pleasure.

After I come down from the orgasmic high, I look over and see all the females looking at us. I turn beet red and cover my face with my hands. They all start to clap and say how amazing we both were and how they wished they could have joined in. Up until that point, they were some of the best orgasms that I have ever experienced in my life.

I get up and pull my dress back into place. The mystery girl tells me her name and gives me her number. I finish getting when I need to from the store, pay, and go home. Later that night I called her and we had one of the best nights of my life.

I am so happy that I took the risk and went commando in the lesbian sex store that day. It was the day that I met my wife. We still play out in public like that be it in the park or at the grocery store now 20 years later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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