Lessons Learned Ch. 02

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Paul tossed his keys on the hook by the back door as he came into the house. He had spent all day in fucking workshops that the school district required. The whole day was a waste, and he didn’t take away anything from the specialist they brought in to teach them techniques to help identify with their students. Paul knew all of this stuff already, so did most of the other teachers.

“Fuck, I need a beer,” Paul said out loud to himself as he opened the fridge.

To top it all off, the Principal grabbed him on the way out the door. She told him that Monday he was getting a student teacher for the remainder of the year. Apparently, the Principal had brought the student teacher by after school last week, but that had been the day he had been meeting with Felicity. The Principal decided his meeting with the new teacher could wait until they started.

Paul popped off the bottle cap and took a long pull from the beer. Drinking this early was not something he did very often though when the need arose, he did so without hesitation. A new student teacher seemed a good reason. The last one the stuck him with was an idiot. Paul spent more of his day fixing the students mistakes than actually teaching.

In the middle of second, longer pull off the bottle, Paul heard the creak of a floorboard off into the house. He paused mid gulp to listen if it happened again. It did, and this time, Paul knew where it was from too. The living room had a board that had creaked since he was a small child. This same noise had alerted his own parents a few times when he was sneaking in after curfew.

“Hello?!” he called out and then chugged the last of the bottle. Paul then turned the bottle upside-down so he could use it as a club if there were an intruder in his home.

As gently as he could, Paul tiptoed down the hall, then through the dining room made his way towards the living room. He braced himself against the wall before peeking around the corner to see if someone was there.

Paul felt like a dumbass when he did look too. Standing in the middle of his living room was Felicity, her hair was done up, and her makeup looked impressive. She wore a long gray trench coat with shiny red heel poking out from below it.

“Welcome home,” Felicity said as Paul put down the bottle while walking into the room. “Since you showed me where the spare key was the other night, I thought I would surprise you.”

“What a surprise indeed,” Paul told her as he crossed the room to her. He grabbed her with no hesitation pulling on the belt to her coat. It opened to reveal Felicity was naked underneath except for some black tape she had used to put X’s over her nipples with hiding them. “Someone snuck over here naked in the daylight. You naughty little slut.”

“Oh, you know just what a naughty little slut I am too. Don’t you?” Felicity responded as she dropped her coat to the floor.

This was Felicity’s third time coming over to Paul’s house. After their Friday night fuckfest on camera, Paul left in the morning, so no one saw him especially Heather. Felicity made it clear that she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend or husband, but someone she could see casually. Paul had agreed it would be fun since the sex was out of this world, he’d have been crazy not to now. What Paul found out was that Felicity meant hardcore fucking several times a week.

By Monday night Felicity was sneaking over to Paul’s house after her evening cam show. Usually, after Heather had gone to bed or if she was out with friends. The last time Paul had just gotten back from a workout, so he had just told her where the spare key was hidden on the back porch. Felicity had joined him in the shower. Today he was thrilled he told her where the key had been stashed. This was the kind of end to a shitty day he enjoyed.

“I thought this dirty little bitch should show you how much they appreciate your big hard cock,” Felicity said before placing her mouth on Paul’s. Her moist tongue danced it’s way past his lips. Paul put both his hands square on her round firm butt cheeks, pulling her naked body against him.

Not changing pace Felicity unhooked Paul’s belt, followed by unzipping his dress pants. He moved one hand to cup her ample double D breast. Next, she broke the kiss pulling his polo and undershirt in one fluid motion. His pants fell to the floor around his ankles as gravity did its job.

Felicity dropped into a nearby chair, pulling Paul along as she did so. He kicked off the last of he clothing as he followed her, finally standing in front of her.

“Ahhh here we go,” she told him now that his dick was level her face. “I have wanted a taste of this bad boy all day.”

Felicity ran her tongue from up Paul shaft several times while squeezing his ball gently with a free hand. Paul couldn’t help but groan as she followed that up by sucking lightly on his manhood’s head, forcing in the grow and turn slightly purple as in swelled in size.

“Oh God damn,” he said, watching he look up at him with bakırköy escort those sexy blue eyes. “You just can’t get enough, can you?”

She paused from her sucking but kept jerking his pole while she spoke, “It that a problem? Do I need a new boy toy? Did I break you already?”

“No way,” Paul told her as he grabbed her head with one hand. It guided, then forced her mouth back down on his dick. “I am certainly having fun trying to be broken.”

Felicity giggled and moaned as her head moved up and down on him. His hand ran through her strawberry blonde hair with her every motion. It felt freshly washed as well as silky smooth in his fingers. Her piercing eyes gazed up at him; she enjoyed working herself on him.

“Son of a bitch,” Paul remarked as he tilted his head back in enjoyment.

Felicity pulled her mouth off his rod, leaving slobber all over it. “No, daughter of a dirty whore,” Felicity told him as she stroked his enraged hard on. “Don’t you forget it!”

“Never!” He told her with a chuckle. “I need to thank her for all your talent.”

“You can find her on the corner of brown and Fremont street,” Felicity said between strokes and lightly sucking on Paul’s enlarged head. “She charges fifty bucks for a blowjob, and I guarantee they are better than mine.”

Paul fought back real laughter, he wasn’t sure if she was playing or being serious. Felicity never broke her act as she brought Paul to the verge of climax.

“My turn,” Paul told Felicity. If he let her continue, then he wouldn’t last more than a few more minutes.

“Meanie,” she replied, looking up at him with pouty lips. “This little whore needs a tasty snack. I thought you were going to give me a nice big juicy load.”

“Fine,” Paul said, surprised by her response. “I can give a nice big snack if that is what you want.”

Felicity clapped her hands together a few times and shouted, “Yay!” Seconds after she dove her head back down on Paul’s dick. Her hand cupped his balls gently playing with them as her head sucked with twice the enthusiasm it had moments ago.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Paul repeated as he felt himself about to erupt. Felicity rebounded three more times and then held herself all the way down choking on his manhood. It was just enough for him to cum, firing several blasts down the back of her gullet. He watched as Felicity took one big gulp before pulling him from her mouth.

“Yum,” Felicity said with a smirk. “You looked like you needed that.”

“You have no idea,” explained Paul, and he fell into a chair next to Felicity. “Teacher workshops can be a joke. Sat around all day listening to some specialist who has never taught a day in their life tell me how to relate to my students. So mind-numbingly dull and a waste of time.”

“I am beginning to agree you teachers are underpaid,” she kidded with him. ” I hope I am making up for the lack of teacher appreciation.”

“If all my students’ moms were like you,” he began, but she interrupted.

“You would be dead from exhaustion in a week,” she said, finishing his answer.

“Yeah probably,” Paul said with a giggle.

Felicity stood up from her chair, moving to the large ottoman Paul used as a living room table. It was big, padded and covered with brown leather. He figured out to use a table when most people want to put their feet up. She sat on the edge of it, spreading her legs wide so he could view her freshly shaved pussy.

“Now be a dear would you,” Felicity said, waving a finger at him to come closer. “And eat your dessert before the main course. I know you need a minute or two before you can go again. Momma needs a good tongue lashing.”

Paul was all too happy to oblige Felicity’s request as he slithered out of his chair, crawling the few steps to her. “Rawr,” he said jokingly as he wrapped both his arms around her thighs. Using his thumbs on each hand, he held her labia lips wide open. His moist tongue dove straight into her hole for a taste of Felicity’s sweetness then move gently up to her clit. It flicked and poked at it randomly as Paul played with it.

“Don’t tease!” Felicity cried as she squirmed from Paul.

Paul gripped her legs tighter so she could not flail them then began licking her in a more consistent pattern. Long strokes up then down, making sure her clit was flicked up and then down. Every dozen or so like that, he would change to side to side.

“Oh yeah,” Felicity said, laying back, she bit her fist as she did so. “You know just what I like.”

This encouragement made Paul work faster and harder on Felicity’s tight little hole. His doubled effort worked as she groaned with pleasure. Nectar was almost pouring out of her, and Paul happily lapped it up. Felicity bolted almost full upright in surprise as Paul then moved one of his thumbs inside her. I ran it in and out as he continued his attack on her clit.

“Oh fuck, Oh FUCK, you fucking fuck!” Felicity shouted out. He felt her body contacting and convulsing bakırköy escort bayan as he could feel cumming in his arms.

When Felicity stopped moaning and shouting “Fuck,” Paul raised his head gasping for breath. Having his face buried in Felicity’s nethers was not something that made breathing easy.

“You are way too good at that,” she remarked, sitting up again.

“I try,” Paul commented back as he stood up. All that kneeling made him stiff in the knees.

“Stop being so modest,” Felicity told him. “Be proud of your pussy eating skills. Most men couldn’t find a clit or g-spot even with a magnifying glass.”

Paul blushed with the compliments of his bedroom skills. He had not had a ton of partners in the bedroom, but ones he had never complained. Someone, as experienced as Felicity, seemed to give him a massive boost of confidence.

“Time for the main course,” she quipped playfully as she rolled over onto her hands and knees. This put her sweet wet slit right at the height for Paul to stand behind her and pound away.

“No rest for the wicked,” Paul told her as he began rubbing his newly pulsing tip against her pussy. Sticky juices globbed onto it, making it nice and slick.

“Being good is for chumps,” Felicity told him as she moved her hips forcing him inside. “Bad boys get rewards. Do you want your reward, Bad boy?”

“What do you think,” Paul said, burying his cock inside her. “I am famished.”

“Ahhh,” She moaned as his balls began to slap against her clit. “That’s what momma likes.”

Paul slapped one ass cheek enjoying the sight of Felicity’s well-rounded butt jiggle in response. Both his hands then gripped her hips as she cooed with glee. The last time he had her doggy style, and Felicity was close to cumming, her hips bucked uncontrollably like a bucking bronco. He had almost fallen out of her when she finally came. Now she wasn’t going anywhere, he would force he still if she did that again.

“Yes, yes,” Felicity repeated as Paul turned up his pace. “Harder, I have been such a naughty girl.”

“Naughty girls get punished,” Paul said and whacked her ass again harder. This time he left a slight red handprint on her right buttock.

“Uuuhhhhh,” she grunted, then urged up on. “Again!”

He did as she asked, hitting the same spot again. Felicity arched her back as she cried in half pain, half pleasure. Every time with this woman felt like he was fucking someone new almost. There had been no dirty talk the last time when she joined him in the shower. She had just hopped in fucked his brain out and then left like an aberration of his imagination. Now she wanted to be spanked and fucked hard. Paul could definitely do that, but he was sure that at this speed, he might not last long.

“Oh Teacher,” Felicity said pleadingly. “Harder, I am so bad.”

“I will show you hard,” Paul directed back at her. He couldn’t go faster, but harder he could do. Felicity’s ass now bounced like had when he had slapped it, only now it was from his hips beating into her.

“Yeah, Teacher,” she cheered him on. “Teach me a lesson.”

Felicity began jerking like Paul had expected her to from the last time. He now knew that she was close to cumming and held her still while digging fingers in keeping her in place. Paul lifted a leg up onto the seat beside her, giving him deep access to her cunt.

“Bad girl,” he said, fighting her. “Stay in place.”

“Uuuhhhhh,” Felicity responded, shaking as Paul felt like he was bottoming out. “So good, can’t help it.”

“Then cum for me bad girl,” he directed her. “Show me how much you love my cock.”

That was when Felicity gushed all over his manhood. Every pelvic muscle in her body clinched like someone tightening a knot then released very slowly. Paul slowed down, knowing his dirty little milf might need a break. He carefully withdrew himself and planted small kisses on her back shoulders.

“I will let you rest,” Paul said, watching Felicity bask in the post orgasm glow coming off of her.

“No, not yet,” Felicity said softly. She rolled over onto her back, exposing her now freshly fucked hole. “I can’t stay too much longer, Heather will be home in the next hour. I need you to cum. I want you to fill me. I want to spend the next few hours making her dinner and have your spunk drip out and soaking my panties.”

“I like that idea,” Paul told her as he took a position on top of her. He was going to hold her legs back, then jackhammer her until he had nothing left.

“I knew you would,” she told him getting her legs into place.

He popped back into her pussy with a moist, wet slosh. There was no denying how good it felt as Paul let loose at full speed fucking her with all he had in him. Her hand wrapped around his neck, pulling him for a tongue entwined kiss.

When their lips broke, Felicity whispered in his ear. “Do it, you are almost there. Don’t give me your cum. Make me soaking wet.”

Paul pulled his head escort bayan bakırköy back in utter delight. He bit his lower lip knowing this speed would have him exploding in seconds.

“That is it,” Felicity said back to a normal tone. “Fill momma up. Make me feel your heat.”

“Oh, fuckkkkkkkk!” Paul said as he made one last deep plunge and held himself there. Cum blew from him like a cannon inside Felicity.

“Damn,” Felicity said when his dick stopped convulsing. “That was good, you needed that. I could see it on your face, all that frustration.”

“You have no idea,” Paul explained as climbed off of Felicity. He passed Felicity a box of tissues from a side table. She waved her hand no and then pulled a cute pair of pink cotton panties from the coat that had been discarded to the floor.

“I was serious,” she said with a wink. “I am going to walk around all evening, dripping your tasty goodness. If some is still coming out later tonight, I am going to show it to the camera and offer the viewers sloppy seconds.”

“You are one twisted MILF,” Paul told her as he put the box down. He slumped on to his couch with a much-needed sigh. She winked again at him as she picked up her coat.

“I don’t have long but tell me what’s bothering you, sweetie,” Felicity asked as she folded her coat in her arms while plopping onto the couch next to Paul.

“Nothing major, these teacher workshops are a waste of time. Then I find out I got assigned a student teacher starting next week,” Paul explained with a sigh.

“Cheer up,” Felicity told him as she bumped him with her arm. “Maybe your student will be some hot young thing to distract you.”

Paul coughed back a laugh, then said, “Not likely. My last one was a guy, and I spent half my time telling him to stop flirting with all the teenage girls.”

“Well, it will certainly keep you on your toes during the day,” she told him standing up. “In the evenings, I can keep you on your back,” Felicity winked at him as she put her coat back on.

“I am going to hold you to that,” Paul said, standing himself. He began helping her with the buttons of her long coat. “Plans this weekend?”

“Oh, yeah,” Felicity told him with a frown. “I am leaving to go out of town in the morning tomorrow. An old girlfriend of mine invited me to her cabin for the weekend. I’d see if you wanted to go, but it is really just a girls getaway.”

“That’s cool,” Paul said, trying not to sound disappointed. They were not dating or anything, but he was hoping for another wild adventure like last weekend. “Don’t have too much fun.”

“I’ll try,” she said, making her way to the door. “I hate to fuck and run, but I need to get home before Heather. Hard to explain this outfit or lack thereof, to her should she catch me.”

“I understand completely,” Paul said as she blew a kiss at him, then disappeared.

It was fine. Felicity was gone for the weekend. Tomorrow all the students were turning in a paper anyways. Paul was going to spend his time grading papers and getting caught up on some other work. He needed a plan for the student teacher too. Oh, well, there goes my weekend he said to himself.

Come Monday, Paul was bright eyed and bushy tailed. He had graded papers, set up his plan for the student teacher, and still had a free Sunday to himself. A friend and fellow teacher, who worked with much younger kids, met for lunch then caught a film. Paul had not seen Dan in months, and it had been good to catch up. He and Dan had gone to college together, both part of the teacher program. Last year Dan’s wife Teresa had a beautiful daughter, so Dan was busy, to say the least.

It had all helped to put Paul in a much better mood than he had been going into the weekend. Felicity had also helped with that too. She had been gone all weekend, but he still saw plenty of her. He had not been sure exactly where this cabin with her friend was located, but Felicity spent the weekend sending him some very naughty images. Some of her in some very revealing clothes and some just naked. Usually, the photos were followed by some dirty dialogue. This woman was going to be the death of him.

Her last message had been this morning as Paul had been getting ready for work. It was a photo of her stretched out on a bearskin rug totally nude pointing at her pussy. The comment with it said, “Tonight, your cock goes here.” Then finished with a smiley face emoji. Since then, she had not responded to Paul’s follow up messages.

Shuffling the papers on his desk, Paul heard a knock at his classroom door, followed by Principal McCollins stepping inside. Principal McCollins was a bit of an odd duck. She looked like Angela Landsbury had a baby with Alfred Hitchcock. Her calm English style demeanor showed on her face, but her rotund overweight stature clashed with her face. Most parents, students, and teachers expected something very different than they got from her. They expected a strict, harsh lady and got an amiable, understanding person instead.

Following behind the Principal came another out of place but familiar face. Chestnut hair framed a cute little nose and grayish blue eyes as his waitress from last week, Bonnie gave him a frown. This was definitely a surprise Paul was not excited to see.

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