Letting Go

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She has always been shy. Never really taking the lead in the bedroom, but always willing to please. She is not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. There are certain times when she lets go and forgets that she has inhibitions, or being worried about how she looks. Those times usually happened during anal sex or when she is grinding her pussy on his face. Not that he would complain about either of those!

He has never been shy. Always ready for the next adventure, in and out of the bedroom. His libido is often out of control. He feels like this puts her off sometimes, even though she would say otherwise. They have experienced some different things together and played a little in some different arenas, but nothing intense. Their sex life is great and one that many people their age would be thankful for.

The day started like most days on the weekend with no kids. Waking up a little later than normal, taking time for themselves reading and playing the Xbox. Then, off to the flea market and whatever comes up. After spending a beautiful spring afternoon outside, drinking beer at a local brewery, they decide to move on. On the way home, he suggest they stop at the local adult store. They will stop by sometimes and look around, making funny comments and exploring some of the possibilities, but rarely buy anything. As they make their way around the store, they get to the area that has the bondage items. Obviously the store has the full array of items, bindings, latex suits, ball gags, whips, etc. This is the area that she has never been particularly fond with. She has some hang ups about being restrained. He would love to have her tied up and have her gorgeous body at his disposal to do as he pleases, but he knows of her inhibitions. He finds a particular set of restraints that can be used and put back away again, as to not make their room look like a dungeon when the kids are home. He begins to formulate a plan.

“I’ll tell you what, if we buy this, I will allow you to tie me up first.” He offers her.

“But I like when you use your hands on me.” She retorts.

“Well, nobody said I stay tied up the whole time?” he counters.

“Ok” she secedes.

They make the purchase and start heading back home. And the day continues.

The evening brings about dinner and drinks at their favorite tavern. This is always good for both them because they both like to be out, talking about life and meeting people at the tavern. The drive is a short one home and quiet, not an awkward silence, but a comfortable silence. They get back to the house, greeted by whining and jumping dogs in a kidless house. He takes the big one for a walk and she makes coffee for the next morning. After coming back, he walks the house to make sure everything is locked and up and turned off. She heads upstairs, to smoke her last cigarette. He grabs the package off the table and heads up stairs.

She is already smoking in the bathroom, and sees him walk in the bedroom.

“So are going to hook those up?” she asked.

“Really?” he whips his head around in surprise.

“I thought that is why we bought them.”

“Hell yeah!” He exclaims, not concealing his excitement in the least bit.

He grabs the restraints out of the package and begins istanbul escort to fumble with them. After looking at them for a minute, he decides that directions are best used at this point. Analyzing the instructions he goes to work, running the restraints exactly how the direction say. When he is done, there are restraints at the foot of the bed and head of the bed, perfect. After working all that out, he decides to smoke a cigarette, at this point she is done and they pass each other just outside the bathroom doorway. He grabs her by the waist on the way out and gently kisses her neck, then heads into the bathroom. While he finishes his cigarette, he sees her performing her nightly ritual. Jewelry off, phone charging, shoes, socks and pants off. Cigarette out and he heads to the bedroom. She has taken her bra off, but still has the tank top on, but her nipples stick out of the tank top like it wasn’t even there. He loves that. He takes off his clothes, till he gets to his underwear.

“Don’t stop there.” she tells him.

He takes off his underwear and tosses them into the clothes pile. He lays down on the bed and she buckles the restraints around his ankles first.’

“Does that hurt?”

“Of course not.”

She then moves up to the wrist restraints and tightens them down. He is now fully restrained. His body looks like an X, legs not spread quite as far as a woman’s might be, but still spread slightly.?”

“You can’t move at all?”

He strains to get up, only being able to pick up his neck. He tries to move is legs and arms, but only being able to move his knees or elbow slightly, he was immobile.

“Nope, not all.”

“Now what?” she asks.

“Whatever you want, that’s the idea”

“Ok then.”

She walks to the end of the bed and turns off the overhead light, but leaves the bathroom light on. There is just enough light in the room to be able to see her. She looks at him, as if sizing him up. His cock is already semi-hard and she has not even touched him yet.

“I guess you probably want see me naked?” A question she asks, that doesn’t need an answer.

“Yes please” he replies.

She pulls her tank top off, over her head and lets it fall to the floor. Her gorgeous breasts outlined but what little light is in the room, her nipples stiff. His cock begins to grow at the sight of her topless. She begins to massage them slowly, still standing at the end of the bed, rubbing her fingers gently around her nipples and areola. She then grabs them and pinches them and pulls them out, lifting her breasts slightly. A small moan lets loose from her lips. At this point his cock is at full attention.

“You like that don’t you? I bet you would like to have them in your hands right now, but you can’t.”

He looks at her and smiles, nothing said, hoping she continues.

She crawls up on the end of the end of the bed and bends over slightly, so that her tits are hanging just above his stiff cock. She bends a little and gently brushes them over his cock, causing it to jump a little to meet her warm breast. With that she pushes them together and let his throbbing cock rest in between. This time the moan comes from him. She begins to rub her breasts up and down on his cock while he istanbul escort bayan lays motionless. The feel of his cock pressed between her beautiful tits as she rubs them up and down is enough for him to explode. Almost as if she senses this, she stops.

“Oh God, why did you stop?!”

“Because I am not ready for you to come yet. I am in control tonight, you will come when I want you to come and not one second before.”

“Yes, ma’am”

She slides up his body even farther and positions herself so that her tits are right at his face. She grabs her left breast and puts right at his mouth.

“Open your mouth.” She commands.

He opens his mouth and she puts her nipple right on his tongue.

“Now I want you to suck my tit and lick my nipple, just like you always do.”

He is quick to oblige, and begins to suck on her nipple and play with it with his tongue. He can hear her breathing getting heavier and occasional whimper of pleasure come out. After just a couple of minutes she switches sides to the right breast, where he continues to suck on them hungrily. She sits up and pushes herself off the edge bed. She then walks around to his night stand and gets the bottle of their favorite lube out and places it down on the bed next to him. She proceeds to pull her panties down and let them drop to the floor next to the bed. She gets back on the bed, this time sitting on his legs just below his groin area. He can see her beautiful, shaven pussy and loves the way it looks so close to his cock. She picks up the lube and squirts a little of it in her hand. He smiles.

“Oh, you thought this was for you?” “No.”

His smile fades as she reaches down between her legs and spreads the lube all around her shaven pussy. Now her lubed up, shaven pussy is inches away from his swollen member, and he can’t do anything about it! Why was this a good idea? She starts rubbing her pussy more rhythmically now, sometimes closing her eyes and letting out a moan of desire. Occasionally her hand brushes against his hard cock, causing it to convulse as if begging for more. She leans back a little, as if she wants to show him more, and spreads her pussy out with one hand as she rubs her swollen clit with the middle finger of her other hand. It’s almost like he isn’t even there now, as she grinds against her own hand, sometimes sliding a finger inside of wet pussy. At this point, it is hard to tell if she is wet from rubbing herself or if it is from the lube, and he really doesn’t care.

Like snapping out of her trance like state, she looks at him and smiles. She reaches over to grab the lube and puts some more on her hand. This time she grabs hold of his hard cock and makes a long stroke to the bottom, spreading the lube all over his stiffness.

“Is that better? Would you like some more?”

“Yes please, please stroke my cock!” he begs her.

With one hand she begins stroking his cock, as she so masterfully does. Long hard strokes, sometimes when she reaches the top his cock she will make a rounding motion that hits that sweet spot on the underside of his head, and sends shock waves through his whole body. At first he didn’t notice, because of the fact that she finally had chosen to touch his cock, but then he looked istanbul bayan escort and saw that while she was rubbing his cock, she was still rubbing her pussy. The combination of the two things happening at once, made his head swirl. He was in another world.

“I know you love this, don’t you?”


“Well, I am still not done with you. Now that my pussy is all wet, I need you to lick it. Would you like to lick my pussy?”

“More than you can imagine!”

“It didn’t matter what you wanted, because I am going to ride your face anyways.”

And with that she stopped stroking his cock and wiped her hands off on his chest, and positioned herself with each leg on either side of his head. She then lowered her pussy down to her mouth. The smell and taste of her was unbelievable, it was intoxicating.

“Now lick my pussy till I tell you to stop.”

She immediately began grinding her pussy into his face, as he licked her pussy furiously. He looked up once to see her pulling hard on her nipples as he flicked his tongue over her swollen clit. This is what she likes, he knew, but it was even hotter to see her do it to herself. Every once in a while, she would lean back and stroke his cock a couple of good times, almost like she was making sure he stayed hard, but that was not an issue! She especially liked it when he would flatten his tongue against her pussy and she would grind down hard on his face, putting that pressure on her clit. She continued riding his face till she was finally on the brink of coming all over him, at which point she moved away to catch her breath.

“Now it’s time you make me come, and if you are lucky I will let you.”

She spun herself around, so her back was to him. She grabbed the base of his cock and slid her hot, wet love on top. They both let out a long moan. He hoped she would come quickly, because he was not going to last very long. She began to grind on him in a back and forth rhythmic motion, with his cock buried deep inside of her. After a few minutes she bounced up and down on his cock, feeling the full length of what he had to offer. He was on the brink of coming all inside of her when she stopped and began grinding again, but this time he could tell she was rubbing her clit. He raised his hips as high as could so his rock hard cock was as far in her as possible. And then as if both of them had a switch go off, it began. He started first.

“I can’t hold back any longer.” He managed to gasp.

“Good, come inside of me, fill me up.” She moaned back.

“Oh yes…Oh yes….” He cried out, causing her to press down even harder and move even faster.

“Oh shit, I am going to come for you, baby!” She cried back. And she let go, covering his cock and the sheets with all of her love juices, and which point he lost total control and his cocked exploded inside of her convulsing pussy.

She fell in heap at his feet, as his hard cock was still inside of her. His heart racing, not just from the sex, but the whole experience. It was surreal at one point. He was completely at her mercy and loved it! She broke out of her shell and took control of him. She slowly raised herself off of him and walked into the bathroom. After using the bathroom and cleaning up, she lit a cigarette.

“I would like a cigarette too.” He says in between deep breaths.

“And” she responded

“Are you going to untie me?”


“Eventually? I would like to smoke.”

“Oh…..you thought I was done with you.”

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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