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The reservations had been made months before. This had to go well. Alissa knew she wanted to hang onto her 10 year marriage and her sex therapist said that this was the place to go.

Alissa dressed nervously. She needed this to go well. Things had been rocky and he’d been working late. She knew if he wasn’t so damn handsome she wouldn’t feel so threatened. The emotions were scattering her. Alissa looked in the mirror at her petite frame in her little black dress accented by her long flowing brunette hair and bright blue eyes.

“This better go well,” she said aloud.

Matt went to the grocery store, fed his pure white cat, played some x-box and got ready for work. He looked in the mirror at his well toned six pack and started greasing up his body. Tonight would be another busy night.

Tonia stood nude in the mirror checking out every inch of her perfect body. He fragrant bath left her smelling exquisite. He skin glistened. Her reflection in the mirror also showed the lavish apartment behind her; tastefully decorated with the finest paintings, tapestries, and stone work, imaginable. Her breasts stood proud. They had a nice sheen emanating from them from her recent spray tan. She was thinking about how much money she would make again tonight and what she would buy with it. Tonia spread her legs and gently rubbed some glitter gel on her inner thighs. Then she bedazzled a design and put the jeweled design on her inner thigh. She made the glitter gel herself. It was made from edible strawberry massage oil and edible bakers gold flakes.

Tom stood in front of the mirror and fixated at the picture he had secretly taken of Tonia. Her beauty was unsurpassed. His cock felt heavy in his hands. Gawd he wanted to fuck her. He wanted to kiss her and eat and taste her and adore her. He started stroking his massive cock with jerking movements. He pulled his big long shaft up and down a few times, then swung his huge cock around in circles. The head of his amazing cock glistened with precum. He’d make her take his big cock. Tom was steely determined to pound deep inside her and hear her scream his name. His rugged jock style good lucks suited his twenty six year old body. Tom had charisma and he knew how to use it. Tom ran a hand through his spiked hair and flashed his winning smile at the mirror.

“Another fancy ass restaurant?” groaned Mandy.

Her boyfriend Max had been trying too hard lately to entertain them both. Mandy sensed he was getting restless. She was content to have him plan their social calender but sometimes she felt like she was being dragged around. Mandy was a lingerie model and often thought that Max seemed more interested in showing her off, like a trophy rather than talking to her and being attentive. She looked in the mirror. Her multi colored halter dress looked spectacular and showed off her amazing tan to perfection.

Max greeted her with a bright smile. “Honey I promise you tonight will be a night you will never forget.”

Tonia climbed into her turquoise blue convertible and put the top down. A nice gentle breeze caressed her hair as she drove the side roads toward where she worked. An unassuming sign that read LCKS greeted her as she pulled into the parking lot in a secluded out of town industrial area. As usual there was no one around. She entered the back Maltepe Escort and wondered how many times, she would be ordered. She was after all, the special of the day.

“Where is this place?” asked Mandy frustrated at the distance they had traveled.

She was hungry and hadn’t had anything to eat since very early that morning. The same indiscriminate sign greeted the couple; LCKS. Max knew the sign stood for LICKS and that tonight’s special was a Steak and a Blow Job. He’d heard about this very hush, hush, place and had paid the exuberant fees so he could have the specials sent to his email.

“This is unusual,” said Mandy when they were seated in the private booth.

There was extra leg room, an exquisite Persian rug and a partition under the table that separated the two sides of the table.

“Yeah,” said Max, ignoring the obvious, ” Let’s order.”

Mandy was surprised at how eager he was to change the subject.

“What’s your house special?” she asked the waitress.

“An assortment of the finest sushi is available for your palate,” the pretty waitress responded.

Mandy’s eyes visibly lit up.

“I love sushi,” she gushed looking at Max.

What Max didn’t know was that they had more specials on this week besides the Steak and a

Blow job he came for. Mandy’s special would prove to be very special indeed.

“Would you like your side dish before or with your steak?” the waitress asked, he eyes speaking volumes.

“Before,” he eagerly responded with a lustful smile.

He was undressing her with his eyes and wondered if she would be the girl swallowing his hot cum.

Mandy and Max shared the same type as conversation over the dinner table as they had done countless number of times. Mandy looked adoringly at Max understanding his need to go out and have some excitement in life. She took his hands and looked at him soulfully over the table. Just as she opened her mouth to speak the rug in front of his feet shifted and a playful beauty with long red hair and a gold tasseled bikini climbed up from the hidden trap door. She expertly undid his pants, good thing since his hands and eyes were locked with Mandy.

Blah, blah, blah, was all he heard as the red raving beauty surrounded his cock with her luscious lips. He felt her take his girth. Her tongue swished around him as she sucked him deeply into her mouth over and over again. Sensation after sensation engulfed his senses.

He tried to not react to the extreme pleasure he was feeling as he listened to Mandy pour her heart out to him. His blowjob was wild. Her mouth was amazing. Max’s ahhh as he came into the pretty red head’s mouth was camouflaged by his interest in the steak he was receiving that had just arrived. Her special would be out momentarily she was told. Mandy thought this was unusual; usually people get served together in a restaurant. She watched as Max lustfully attacked his piece of meat.

Alissa and her husband Max arrived at LCKS and entered the doorway. He was quiet and sullen as he often was these days. She nervously spun her ring around and around her finger. They’d been married a long time and had been through lots of ups and downs. Their marriage was worth fighting for she kept telling herself. After talking for a few minutes in the private Kartal Escort booth she had requested, putting on her best smile, Alissa excused herself to go to the washroom. Where she really went was the kitchen.

Matt greeted her with a big broad faced smile. He couldn’t believe the beauty in front of him. For the first time he actually believed in love at first sight. She was stunning and shy and reserved, yet incredibly sexy and alluring all at the same time.

“Follow me,” Matt encouraged leading Alissa to a private room that had a long serving tray on wheels. Matt put the bedding down then looked at Alissa with extreme lust telling her to take off her clothes. Matt didn’t know if he could control himself. Not a flirt by nature he was unaccustomed to the rapid changes of desires surging through his body. His interest in her was primal, animalistic even. A knock came on the door.

“Hurry up in there, someone ordered the special and you’re late.” the voice said.

“Just a minute,” Matt called back.

Mandy started tapping her fingers on the table. What was taking so long for her special dinner. She was starving.

Alissa took off her clothing shyly and positioned her sexy body on the serving tray on wheels. Matt spread her out and positioned her. As he was doing so, he hand grazed her left nipple. He watched it grow hard. Next he parted her legs. He became mesmerized with her wet pink pussy. Before he knew it he had both legs in his hands and he was feasting on her like a ravenous pirate adoring his wench. Surprised and then overwhelmed with enjoyment Alissa took his tongue and teeth and lips with playful abandon. Her husband had long since ceased to lick her like this. She looked down at Matt and saw how into her he was. Her orgasm was intense. It made her cry out. She dug her nails into his nail and bucked her sweet release.

The knock on the door broke the silence as a request for the special was once again commanded of him. Matt quickly put the sushi items on Alissa, sad to see her go back to her husband. He knew he would treat her well and make her come every single day if given the chance. With a sigh he watched her get wheeled into the private booth where her husband was waiting for her.

“What the hell is going on here,” he asked irritated by his wife’s tardiness.

“I arranged a surprise for you,” Alissa said bravely, still catching her breath from her orgasmic release.

“What, this is silly,” he said with a twisted face. “Get dressed and we’ll go home.”

If Matt had witnessed what had just happened to the beauty he just fell in love with, he would have punched him in the face. Alissa suppressed a tear and quietly encouraged him to enjoy the treats on her body.

Reluctantly her husband ate a few pieces of sushi and then said, “Can we go home now, this is ridculous.”

Tonia placed the pieces of sushi on her friend Matt’s body preparing him for the special. No one had ordered her yet she realized sadly. There was a fushia leather jacket that she had her eyes on and she was hoping tonight would pay for it. When she was finished Tonia wheeled Matt into the room, then left. Then she went to the ladies room to touch up her makeup.

Mandy couldn’t believe her eyes. She sat there staring at Matt’s sexy body and was in Pendik Escort total shock. This was definitely far from what she expected.

Max was sitting there grinning at her, saying, ” I told you this place was interesting and babe, we need some more interesting in our lives. Go ahead sweetheart, partake, I don’t mind. No cutlery honey, just feast,” he encouraged.

Mandy was so hungry she couldn’t stop herself. Knowing her boyfriend was watching her she gingerly picked at the food that was placed in innocent places like Matt’s stomach. Max was surprised at how turned on he was getting watching Mandy put her mouth around the california roll on Matt’s strong abs. Mandy got more and more adventurous as her mouth came closer and closer to Matt’s cock.

“I’d like to watch you suck his cock,” encouraged Max.

Mandy was so turned on right then, she knew she would do it.

“Since we’re talking about fantasies, I’ve always wanted to watch you make love to another woman,” Mandy piped up, totally turned on. “That would be wild to watch,” she continued.

“We’ll do that,” they both said together smiling at each other.

They both sensed that a swinging lifestyle would suit their needs, lusts and desires very nicely. They now had a new goal, a new hobby of sorts, a new source of pleasure and entertainment. Mandy went to dip her pretty little face over the head of Matt’s cock and take him in her mouth.

Tom knew his tables were taken care of and picked the lock thus walking in on Tonia in the ladies room. She was standing in front of the mirror, her fingers dipped deep into her pussy. Her eyes were half closed and he could see she was on the brink of an orgasm. She looks so sexy he thought he would orgasm from just looking at her.

Tom pressing his throbbing clothed erection into her sexy ass. Without a word, he put his hands over top of hers and started fondling her pussy with her. He paid special attention to flicking and playing with her clit. Soon Tom had her worked up into a frenzy of lust. It was written on her face and in the way her moans intensified. Tonia opened her eyes and moaned. She couldn’t stop herself, it just felt so good feeling his strong manly hands roughly finding all her pleasure spots. Her orgasm is beautiful and intense. Tom kissed her sweetly.

“Where have you been all my life handsome, ” she sighed when she finally finished riding her incredible orgasm to completion.

They kissed passionately.

“Right under your nose, beautiful,” he replied. They both knew their friendship had progressed and there was no turning back.

Suddenly there was yelling and a loud display of anger.

“Fuck this, you fucking suck,” was heard from behind one of the private rooms.

A platter went clang and food went flying in that little room where Alissa finally had enough. A furious Alissa came storming out of the room, her and her husband had recently shared. She was steaming mad and sexy as hell Matt noticed as she came barreling towards him. Her tits were shaking and she looked fierce. Matt couldn’t have wanted her more.

“Do you mind if I borrow him?” was the command rather then a request.

“Sure, no problem Mandy,” said as she watched Alissa remove the remainder of the sushi and grab Matt’s hand.

“C’mere sexy, we need a week’s vacation, in our hotel room.” she said.

She led him naked out the door. Once in the car they kissed like two long lost soulmates; their attraction for each other intense and lustful.

“Let’s go! Life is too short to live it without passion.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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