Life’s Offer

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All my stories have some truths in them that are/were, part of my life. This story has nothing to do with anything I did. I did get my inspiration from a real story though. I hope you enjoy it.

Trey was a troubled kid growing up, he was overweight, had parents who didn’t give a crap about him and all the kids picked on him. So, he ended up living on the streets, taking drugs and when he turned 18, robbed a store and got caught. The judge sentenced him to 10 years in a newly established reform prison.

“Son, you can serve your time anyway you want, but my best advice to you is to realize that if you go down any further, you will be dead soon. If you decide to wake up and start over, you can still have plenty of time after your sentence to make a name for yourself. My name is Harry Grant and I will be your fairy godfather while you are in prison. I can make your life easy or pure hell, it’s your choice.

This will be your new home for 10 years. If you decide to go the hard route, you will be transferred to a state prison with real bad people.”

Trey spent the first year just blaming the world for allowing him to be part of it and giving him a shitty hand. But he did what was expected and figured it was better than a real prison. One day he found a book called, The Warrior Within, and it changed his life. He made a decision to turn his world around and make it a place for him to survive. He started taking high school courses, then college courses and learned French, Spanish, and Arabic. He started exercising, weight lifting and took martial arts and even competed in a prison league capturing top the title 4 years in a row.

For his major in his college courses, he took up writing and journalism because he wanted to go into dangerous places and write people’s stories. He figured if it killed him, at least he would die doing something he enjoyed. Living on the edge and writing. He had a story published that explained why kids go bad in a local magazine.

This story starts on January 1, 1991.

“Trey, you served 7 years of your prison sentence and made the best of what we could offer, because of this you will be granted an early release. I have a job opening you might be interested in and it is in line with what you said you wanted. Have you ever heard of Reuters News Service?” Harry asked.

“I know they are a news service, that’s about all.” Trey responded.

“America looks like it is about to invade Kuwait with a joint coalition force and Reuters is wanting people on the ground covering the event as it happens, is this something you would be interested in?”

“Where do I sign and when do I leave?”

“I told them I have just the guy and I told them all about you, they know why you were imprisoned and after looking at some of your writings, well, they want you. Here is the contract and it will explain what they want and how much it pays and the benefits you will receive for service. Good luck son, it’s been a real pleasure to see someone make something of themselves. While you were here you received a small salary for the hours you worked, it’s not much and instead of a check I got you the cash. Here is six thousand dollars to get started with. make the most of it.”

Harry helped Trey find a place to stay until he got set up and showed him how to use the new phone he gave him. He also set up a schedule to stay in touch then left Trey to figure out his life.

Trey read over the contract and was in awe, it was too much to believe. He was getting what he wanted. He took the contract, read it carefully, then called the phone number on the business card Harry had left him.

“Reuters, can I help you?’ the person said when he called.

“Yes, I need to speak with Andy Strand please.”

“Can I have your name please?” the operator asked.

“Trey Benoit.”

“One minute sir, I ‘ll connect you.”

“Hello Trey? This is Andy, I am so glad you decided to think about our offer and accept it, I loved your style of writing and to be honest, nobody wanted this assignment. We are so glad you joined in this venture for Reuters. Harry spoke very highly of you. We have copies of your birth certificate and letters from the US State Department to start getting all your credentials in order.”

“Andy?” Trey thought. “I was expecting a guy but she is definitely not a guy.”

“Um, excuse me, I was taken back a bit, I was expecting a man named Andy. But I like the name for a lady.”

“No problem, that happens a lot, I understand you were released Wednesday and Harry got you a place there to stay for now. I will have a driver pick you up Monday morning at 7am and he will give you everything you need to come to our offices in Phoenix. He has flight tickets, five hundred dollars cash and the address for your hotel stay while here, and our office address. Hope your trip is good and will see you Tuesday morning at 9am.”

Trey had to go out and buy new clothes since all he had was what Harry brought him when he was released. The world sure changed almanbahis in 7 years.

Everything went as planned and Trey arrived at Reuters with time to spare. He called Andy’s number to announce his arrival.

“Hey Trey, there will be a lady with a blue dress on to meet you, Sue will escort you to my office and we will go over all the details of your trip and what we are expecting from you.”

He followed Sue down the hall and was introduced to Andy. Andy was tall, she had to be 6 feet tall and she had a well-defined body inside her dress suit. Nice short brown hair, green eyes, full lips and breast that stuck out like the Grand Tetons and a firm ass that looked like it could crack walnuts. He could tell she worked out.

Andy took a good look at Trey as he entered the room, handsome, hard looking grey eyes, short blonde hair, very well-built body, at least 6’5″ and just had this mystic about him, he looked like a dangerous adventure ready to happen.

“Ah, well okay, I guess enough of staring at each other, hah, let’s get down to the business at hand.”

They reviewed the contract and Andy answered every question Trey had, so he signed the contract. They agreed to meet again in 10 days after he went through orientation classes and reviewing his role while on assignment. Time flew by quickly.

Trey was given a Government Issued ID from the United Kingdom, since Reuter’s is based in the UK, and was given a Military Press documents that gave him permission to stay on base and be part of the first initial wave of troops when they invaded Kuwait. He had a passport and VISA issued to him quickly using Governmental connections. Everything was fast tracked since he had to leave in two weeks.

After all the classes Trey and Andy met again and went over his assignment one more time, then he had to meet with the British Armed Forces and start 10 days of orientation with them in London. He would be leaving from there to meet up with his assigned task force in Saudi Arabia.

Trey was flown in a military transport to London then to Saudi Arabia and was based with the Task Force 1-41.

On 15 February 1991 the coalition force breached the Saudi Arabian border and soon conduced ground combat operations against Iraqi’s engaging in direct and indirect fire fights with the enemy.

Trey was shitting in his pants, but made sure to stay where he belonged and kept his head low while documenting every move the coalition force made. It was everything he had hoped for once he got over the initial shock.

March 16, he was on his way back to Phoenix after the US-led coalition restored to power Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah.

“Damn, Trey, you look like hell,” Andy said as she greeted him at the airport.

“And you look, well, very well.” he replied back.

“Wow, be careful with complements, they might get you into trouble,”

Trey got quiet and Andy realized what she had just said.

“I’m sorry, that was insensitive of me. I wasn’t thinking.”

“Well, I think you owe me a dinner as payment and I will think about forgiveness.”

Andy took Trey to eat at her favorite Italian place and they sat and talked about his trip. She couldn’t take her eyes off him. She knew it would lead to more if she didn’t drop him at the hotel and get home.

Andy dropped him off and said, “See you in the morning bright and early to go over your story.”

Trey went to his room, and while standing in the hot shower masturbated thinking of Andy, then fell asleep.

Andy got home, took a cold shower, climbed in bed and couldn’t quit thinking of Trey. She started caressing her left breast and started rubbing her clit thinking of him. After she had a massive orgasm, she fell asleep.

Morning came too soon for Trey, he jumped out of bed, showered, masturbated again and went downstairs for breakfast before going to meet Andy.

Andy woke up after a restless night thinking of Trey, showered, masturbated and went to get a coffee and cake before getting to work.

“Oh my God,” Andy exclaimed after reading Trey’s story, “This is so professionally written. You are marvelous. I can’t wait to bring this to the editor. Come on, it’s time you two met.”

“Dan this is Trey Benoit, he was our man in Kuwait, Trey this is Dan Hardy, our chief editor.” Andy introduced them to each other.

“Dan, sit down while you read this, it is print ready as it is.” Andy told him.

Dan read the story, looked up at him and smiled, “Trey, this is as fine a story as I have ever read, you captured the movements of the coalition so well, the reader feels like they were there. It will be the feature storyline in our paper tomorrow. “

Andy grabbed Trey’s hand and lead him out the building and hailed a taxi.

“Please say you will come to my place with me,” Andy said as she peered into his eyes.

“Andy, I haven’t been in bed with a lady in over 8 years, I haven’t been with a man eighter, ha-ha, so I hope you don’t have high expectations about almanbahis giriş my sexual abilities.”

“I promise to be patient and help you improve your sexual abilities.”

“Then in that case, I accept your offer.”

They arrived at Andy’s flat and as soon as they entered and shut the door, Andy grabbed Trey and started kissing him.

Trey, not very good at anything sexually or romantically just let her take the lead and followed best he could.

“Oh, this is going to be so much fun for us. You are truly something I never believed existed. A male virgin.”

“I promise to be a very willing student. Lead me to the classroom teach.”

Andy led him into the bedroom and while she was slowly undressing for him; she made a show out of it.

Trey stood and watched every move Andy made and was in total awe of her body, then when she was fully naked in all of her beauty; he performed the exact same ritual for her.

Andy cheered him on and then gasped when she saw the size of his cock. “Oh my God, that is huge.”

“Well, if it’s too big, we can just find something else to do,” then reached for his pants.

Andy jumped on him and pushed him backwards in bed and said, “Are you crazy? I didn’t say no.”

Andy climbed on top of Trey and the juices flowing from her pussy coated his cock before he even touched it. Andy was in heat; she could literally feel a feverish heat inside her body. She wasn’t new to sex; but, she was new to a cock that size.

Slowly Andy lowered her pussy down Trey’s massive cock. She had to stop so many times it seemed it took all night to finally get it all the way inside her stretched pussy.

“Please, don’t move, your cock is so huge it’s filling my body totally. Let me do everything.”

“It’s your lessons teach; I’ll learn what you want. Make sex to me how you want.”

Andy couldn’t believe her luck, a gentle man, a polite man, a man with a huge cock, and a man who wanted to please her.

Andy was finally able to start riding that cock slowly then faster and after several hug orgasms, just went wild fucking that huge cock.

“Oh Trey!! Fuck me, drive that beautiful cock in me, make me feel it. Oh God! Trey…”

Andy collapsed from the huge orgasm she had. She fell face forward against his chest and just couldn’t move.

“Are you okay Andy?” Trey asked worriedly.

“I didn’t know sex could ever come close to feeling like this, I may not be able to walk for a few days but please don’t think you did anything wrong. It was all perfectly great.”

They fell asleep just like that, with Trey’s huge hard cock just jammed in her pussy and Andy’s head snoring on his chest.

Trey was in ecstasy.

Morning came and Andy woke up first, her pussy was on fire. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I slept on this hard cock all night.” She thought.

She slowly tried to pull off of his cock when all of sudden it twitched. The feeling of his huge cock twitching in her pussy set off a flood of cum spewing around his cock and out of her pussy.

Andy moved back down on his cock for a few seconds and tried to get up again, again his cock twitched.

“Oh, fuck it,” Andy thought.

Andy started slowly fucking Trey’s cock again and again she kept having orgasm after orgasm. Trey awoke to Andy riding his cock and reached out and gently started rubbing her huge, long pink nipples.

“Please don’t stop, that feels so good. Pinch them lightly, make me feel it.”

Trey pinched her nipples a little at a time until he was pinching them almost as hard as he could. Andy had her head back and was moaning in pleasure until finally she stopped and cried out. “FUCK! Please, we have to stop.”

“Andy, I am about to cum, please hang on just a little while longer, your pussy is so hot, my cock is about to explode.”

Trey’s cock got harder, Andy’s pussy got hotter and all of sudden Trey shot a load of cum so hard and deep in Andy’s pussy they both cried out.

Trey slowly released Andy’s nipples, put his hands around her hips and picked her up off his cock.

Andy was moaning, “No, No, please.”

After he pulled her fully off his cock and put her in bed next to him, he leaned over kissed her, and climbed out of bed.

“I have to go to the hotel and clean up, I’ll see you at work.”

With that he got up, took a quick shower and left. Andy finally made it to the shower and screamed when the hot water touched her pussy. She stood in the shower letting the water sooth her pussy until it ran cold.

She laughed when she walked past her full length mirror at the way she was walking. “There is no way I am going into the office today.”

Trey got to the office and was assigned a desk to write any kind of article he felt like writing. He decided to do a two-part series on his life. After a few hours he didn’t see Andy so he called her cell phone.

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“Oh my God yes, I am more than okay, but no I’m not also. You really almanbahis yeni giriş stretched me out and got me so sore I can barely walk. Every step I take it hurts but it also feels great and makes me orgasm. I can’t move.”

“I’m sorry Andy, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“Trey, I promise, this is every woman’s dream, I could make a fortune selling your cock to the highest bidder.”

“So, you want to start a business using me as your money maker?” he said with a laugh.

“No indeed, I am going to keep that all for myself.” Andy laughed back. “So, are you going to come by after work?”

“I have to go visit Harry for the last time this afternoon, since I have a job and everything is going well, he is going to sign off all my legal papers. I’ll be a free man after that. We are also going out for dinner, his treat.”

“OK, well I will see you tomorrow for sure. Have fun, call me later if you want.”

Trey met Harry for dinner and to sign off the final legal paperwork at 7pm and then they went for a walk to discuss how things have been working out for him.

“Harry, I can’t thank you enough for giving me a life, I was bound for death or a lifetime in prison. I have a good job, make great money, met a nice lady. I even found a gym that allows me to work out and I have been learning Ninjutsu. It blends well with what I already know.”

“Glad to hear all is going well, I knew deep down you were given a rotten hand in life and with the right help you could be saved. I need to ask this; the British Armed Forces wants to know if you would like to get some special training and go an operation with the SBS, England’s version of the Seals? They are wanting to do a public service write-up on the SBS so they can garner new recruits. After they read your Reuters story, they wanted you to write it for them.”

“How long will I be gone for? I have no problem doing it but, I don’t want to lose my job at Reuters. I really like the job and I am starting a new storyline.”

“It is a 10-day deployment. Nothing dangerous. Mostly just a scouting mission and an exercise to stay sharp. They just want you to write a story from the time you get the mission as a team member all the way through to the end. Use a little of their history and about what it takes to be a member.”

“When do I leave and will Reuters let me keep my job?”

“They will contact Reuters and all will be good, you will have to go through a training regiment starting next week for 5 days, just to get you acquainted with how they operate.”

“So now it’s 15 days? Ok, I’ll do it, am I allowed to tell anyone?”

“I know you and Andy have been getting along very well, so I don’t see no harm in letting her know. It’s not Top Secret, but you can only say you are going out on a training mission with them.”

“I’m in, when are where do I go?”

Harry gave Trey all the details and before they parted ways Harry smiled and said, “You have been fully exonerated for your crimes. You have no record anymore. That was my condition to them.”

Trey couldn’t believe what he just heard, “Damn Harry, you really are my fairy Godfather, I can’t thank you enough.”

“You earned it, we all make mistakes, I was able to clean this one up. Congratulations, you really are a free man now.”

Trey woke up at 6am, went to work out, showered and called Andy, “Good morning sunshine,” he said. Can we meet for breakfast on our way in to work?”

“You could have had breakfast in bed if you were here, but I guess Tiffanies will have to suffice. See you there.”

Mike was on his second cup of coffee when Andy arrived, he stood up to greet her and gave her a quick kiss. “My you look well today, and you are walking normal, ha-ha.”

“Good morning to you funny man, it’s your fault I am walking normal. I did give you an invite to correct that problem,” Andy said smiling.

Trey told her a little about the story the SBS asked him to write and told her he accepted the offer. Andy was worried about the possibility of danger but Trey assured her it was just a training mission.

All day at work he worked on his outline for his new story and was just proof reading it when Andy came by his desk and asked, “You working late?”

“No why?”

“Because it’s 5:10 and you are still heads down in your work.”

Trey turned off his computer, got up, hugged Andy and whispered in her ear, “So, are you willing to let me correct a little problem you had today?”

“Only if you say please,”

“Please, may I correct a little problem of yours.”

“Meet me at my house and I’ll decide on the way home.”

Trey was waiting on Andy when she arrived at her flat, “I like a man who is willing to wait for a lady,” she laughed.

Andy opened the door, pulled Trey in and started ravishing him immediately. “Damn, I wanted this so bad last night. Now, you are going to just have to make me know why I was needing it.”

Trey pulled all of her clothes off then his clothes, threw them on the floor and carried her to bed, kissing her the entire time.

He loved her large firm breasts and loved to lick her large nipples until they were elongated and hard. He rubbed his huge cock up and down her pussy making sure he was hitting her clit and rubbing her bone hard.

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