Lightning Strikes Twice Ch. 02

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It had been almost two weeks since the hiking outing, and it seemed that the effect was, disappointingly fading. No longer did a single touch seem to turn women into raging sex animals, but seemed to cause a much more subtle attraction to some women. There were still the occasional sparks that seemed to light a fire in the occasional woman, but I had yet to understand which women were affected that way and why. I began to suspect that women that were already attracted to me in some way, or were thinking sexy thoughts about me when we touched, seemed to be more affected, but the passing woman that I bumped into or touched no longer seemed to be instantly attracted. I had to admit that I enjoyed it while it lasted, but part of me was glad it was mostly gone. I could easily live with the current level of interaction, and of course, those ladies who I had interacted with that first week seemed to remain quite attracted to me. Including the my neighbor across the street and in particular, Jennifer, the insurance lady, who seemed to love surprising me at home with a variety of new and sexy outfits every few days.

I was about ready to head to work when the phone rang. The young lady I had checked out the temperature equipment to a few weeks ago, Julie, asked me if I could help her friend with some car trouble? Remembering how good of a fuck she had been, I said I could and she gave me directions to where she lived.

I found out that Julie lived in a sorority house, and she and her friend were waiting out on the street by a small car with the hood up. I found a place to park nearby and walked up to them.

Julie introduced me to Kim, who owned the broken car. Kim was tall, had very very long hair, past her waist and nearly past where I thought her ass would be. She had slender legs, but I couldn’t tell much else. She was wearing some kind of huge football jersey from the cowboys that covered everything else she was wearing, all the way down about half way to her knees. I could tell she had fairly large breasts, because of the way the jersey hung, but that was about all I could tell.

After being introduced they pointed to the puddle of oil that was on the ground under the front of her car. I looked at it and decided I was going to have to try to wiggle under to see where it was coming from. It looked like either trans fluid or power steering fluid. Julie excused herself to go work on home work, leaving me alone with Kim and the problem.

I couldn’t see any particular place it was leaking from above, even with Kim leaning against me as I worked. Several times I had to step around her between her car and the one parked in front of hers to get to the other side of the car. It was a tight squeeze at best, but I felt like she was going out of her way to make sure that I had to squeeze past her, rubbing my dick against her ass. I supposed it could be the effect, but then maybe it was my over active imagination.

Finally it was time to crawl under and try to find the leak. I got on my back and wiggled under the best I could from the front. It was a very tight fit, but I managed to get enough of my head under and lift enough on the car bumper to get near the engine area. I got my light up and saw that the oil was dripping off the side of the engine, but there didn’t seem to be any particular place it was coming from. I looked around as best I could and finally decided that the only way to tell was to run the engine. I wiggled back out until I was lying between the two cars on my back. I looked up, and was shocked by the sight I saw. Kim was standing over me, leaning toward her car. As I looked up her jersey I could see plainly that she was completely naked under it. The way she was standing I could see her pussy and clear up the front of her to the bottoms of a pair of quite large tits. I didn’t want to stare but my male side got the better of me and I did, for several seconds. I was not at all sure this was intended for me to look at, so I moved a bit more, and tried to sit up.

“You’re going to have to start the car up for me.” I said as I sat up.

“No problem.” She said as she stepped over me to walk around the car. As she did she lifted the jersey some by the front like women do with a dress to go up stairs, but in this case she lifted it enough that I was treated to a flash of nicely trimmed pubic hair and as she stepped, and a wonderful view of her pussy. Any idea I had that she didn’t intend for me to see were gone. She dropped the hem as she stepped past me and walked around the car while I got up. She opened the door and climbed in and started Pendik Escort the car up. I looked around for a problem and found nothing. Everything sounded fine and looked good. I stepped around to the driver’s door.

“Only thing left is to drive it and see if anything shows up, I cant find anything.”

“Ok. Go jump in and we’ll go around the block.”

I walked around the car and got in the passenger side. She was buckling her seat belt when I got in, which pulled the jersey tight to her waist and also pulled it tight between her tits. It was a clutch car, and as she scooched around in the seat to get out of the parking space, the hem of her jersey kept working higher. By the time we got out of the spot and on the road I could clearly see her pussy peeking out from under her jersey, especially when she lifted her foot for the clutch. I also noticed that her tits bounced delightfully as we bounced over the rail road tracks.

“Everything seems to be working ok.” She said as she looked forward. “You didn’t see anything wrong?”

“Nope, everything looks fine to me.” I said, trying not to look like I was staring at her crotch, which I was.

“Well, ok. I guess we go back then.” She said as we went around a few streets and headed back to the parking spot. If I thought I had a good look while she was driving, the view I got while she was twisted around her seat backing up was even better. It had also gone a long way to making me hard as a rock in my pants, which she was definitely going to see if she looked at all. As she shut the engine down I caught her looking at my lap and when she looked up she smiled. “Got caught, didn’t I?”

“Depends on what you think you got caught at.”

“Checking you out.” She said simply.

“Oh. Yes you got caught.”

“Do you need to wash your hands or anything?” she asked, swiveling around in her seat a bit more, making her already exposed pussy even more so.

I held up my hands. “I would like to get rid of the oil.” I said.

“Ok. Come with me.” She said, opening her car door and turning to climb out. I followed suit and followed her up the walk to the front of the house. She punched in a code on the front door and walked in with me following.

“Just pretend you don’t see anyone else.” She said as she led me down a long hallway and around and up a set of stairs. As we went down the hall we passed an assortment of bedrooms with young ladies in various states of dress or undress. Some of them didn’t seem upset to see me and others quickly covered themselves. She finally led me to a bathroom on the corner of the second floor. “Here we are.” She said, pushing through the door. I followed and she let the door close behind us. The bathroom seemed empty, but I could hear a shower running in the back. I faced one sink of a set of three at a counter and turned on the water. There was some soap on the edge of the sink so I was busy lathering my hands to get the oil off when Kim reached around me from behind and started undoing my belt.

“Hey!” I said.

“Relax. Jules said you were fantastic and I just wanted to see if it was as big as she said.” She finished as she pulled my belt apart and started working on my zipper. By the time I had my hands rinsed she had my pants open and both my pants and underwear pulled down enough to let my already hard dick out, and had her hand wrapped around it.

“God it does feel huge. Not the longest I’ve ever seen, but its just about perfect size, with a big head too.” She said as she slid her hand up and down my shaft. She took her hand away and I could see in the mirror her shirt coming over the top of her head and then fly off toward the corner. She stepped around to the side of me and slipped her body between the counter and me, and then lifted herself up so she was sitting on the counter. She wrapped her legs around my butt and pulled me closer to her, reaching down and aiming my dick at her pussy.

“Why don’t you try this on for size.” She said as she engaged the head of my dick in her pussy opening. Before I could really answer, she was pulling me harder toward her until the head of my dick spread her vaginal walls and started to sink deep into her. She was extremely good looking, with tits the size of good melon halves, and about as firm. She had long flowing hair that was partly hanging down her back and partly over her left tit. I didn’t argue at all as she pulled me deeper, in fact I reached out with my still wet hands and took hold of both her tits and began massaging them and playing with her nipples.

“Ohhhhh. I like that.” Kurtköy Escort She said huskily as I worked her nipples while she pulled me slowly deeper into her. When I hit the end of her tunnel she let go of my ass with her feet and lifted her legs wide to give me full access. I started slowly sliding in and out of her pussy, letting my head nearly come out of her with each slow stroke. “Oh my god! You feel sooo fucking good.” She moaned as she leaned back and closed her eyes. I let go of one tit and moved my hand to her pussy and began to massage her clit. I worked small circles on it with my thumb as I stroked into her.

“Harder!” she cried “Fuck me harder!”

I complied and started stoking harder into her, my balls slapping her ass with each stroke. The shower shut off and its door opened, revealing another good looking naked girl. She stepped out of the shower and started to dry off, watching us fuck on the counter.

“Harder!” she cried again as her orgasm started to build on her.

I increased my pounding and worked harder on her clit. Her climax washed over her while I kept my pace and thumb going. She was getting extremely noisy, which made me nervous. The girl with from the shower came over, still naked, and gave Kim the end of a towel, which she stuffed in her mouth to muffle her increasing volume. Finally she began to come down and I eased off, not yet having cum, but getting close. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to do that in her or not, since I really didn’t know her.

“God I am so close to cuming.” I said, as I worked to keep from shooting.

“Pull out then.” Kim panted.

I pulled back and then leaned forward, gripping my own dick and stroking it with my balls trapped between us. The girl who had been in the shower took my hand from my dick and replaced it with her own. As she started to stroke me she turned me toward her and knelt down in front of me. She began to suck the head of my dick as she stoked me. Between her wet mouth and the sight of both naked girls I was quickly ready to shoot. I warned the girl before the first shot went. She pulled me from her mouth and aimed me in the air. My shots fired in the air, arching and landing on her. By the time I was done her hair and face were covered with cum. She was licking what was drooling from the end of my dick like it was ice cream. She seemed to enjoy every bit of it.

“I guess I need another shower.” She said when she released my dick and stood up. “Care to join me?”

“That might get me into a bit of trouble.” I said.

“More than fucking a couple girls in a bathroom?”

“Probably not.” I said.

“Good.” She said as she started undressing me the rest of the way. I felt Kim’s hand helping from behind, now that she was off the counter top. “I’m Sue, by the way.” She said as she knelt down in front of me and started untying my boots. “I just thought you might like to know.”

“Yes, thanks. You sure this isn’t going to be a problem?” I asked.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it.” She said as she pulled my second shoe off and pulled my pants from my ankles, leaving me now naked, since Kim has taken my shirt off. No sooner had they tossed my clothes off into a pile than the door opened and a girl wearing nothing but a towel walked in.

“Oops. Sorry.” She said starting to turn to leave.

“It’s ok Mandy. Were just about to take a shower. You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.”

“I was going to say two’s company but it looks like three is.” She said with a giggle. As she stepped past me, running her finger down my arm. “Is he worth it?”

“Oh fuck yes.” Kim said from behind me.

Sue got up from the floor and led me to the back of the bathroom where there were a series of glass door shower stalls. She opened the door on one and started the water. Mandy was standing by the stall next to the one Sue opened and dropped her towel from around her body. She had small tits and a completely shaved pussy. She didn’t seem to be overly bashful, but was playing the shy card. Sue stepped into the shower and pulled me along behind. I expected Kim to climb in with us, but to my surprise Mandy stepped in and closed the door behind us. It was a tight fit with three of us in the three foot square stall, but the girls didn’t seem to be complaining. I found a bar of soap and began to lather up any body part I could find. That included tits and pussies. I felt a hand working on my dick and another sliding up and down my ass, occasionally tickling my puckered hole.

It took surprisingly little time to get my Kartal Escort dick seriously hard after squirting all over Sue. Then more turned on I got the more I started working in earnest on both pussies with my fingers, at one point I had a finger deep in each of them, pumping it in and out. Mandy put her back to the tile wall and lifted one leg as high as she could, inviting me to enter her, an offer I just couldn’t refuse.

Sue figured out what was happening when I took my hand from her pussy to turn, and she reached out and aimed me for Mandy’s pussy. Mandy gasped as I pushed into her soap slickened pussy with one hard stroke, driving my hard rod deep into her velvety tunnel. I started working tight little circles on her clit with a finger while I started pumping in and out of her, Sue pressing against the two of us and eagerly sucking on one of Mandy’s hard nipples. I wasn’t worried about getting off myself, but was concentrating on driving Mandy crazy. I was being quite successful by the sound and feel of it as her whole body shook in orgasm. After holding her climax as high as I could for several minutes, she finally made me stop.

I pulled out of her and she slid to the floor exhausted. Sue decided it was her turn and she turned to face the wall and stick her butt out at me. I pushed my dick between her legs while she reached down to push the head up into her pussy. I felt my head find the hole and I drove into her, somewhat more slowly than I had entered Mandy. I reached around and started working on her tits while I stroked in and out of her from behind she started to pant and groan as her body started toward climax. I felt a hand from below start massaging my balls as I pushed slowly in and out of Sue’s velvety soft tunnel. It was an erotic feeling, but not nearly as erotic as when I felt Mandy’s face between my legs. She had one hand on my balls and her tongue on Sue’s clit, licking both her pussy and my sliding dick. As her tongue found Sue’s clit I could feel Sue tense inside, making her even tighter. Sue began to buck against me as her orgasm washed over her, sending me over the top as well. I tensed and started spurting deep into her, driving her to an even higher orgasm. I felt like I unloaded a gallon of juice into her before my dick finally stopped pulsing, leaving me standing there panting for breath. Mandy got up and the three of us stood in the shower while I softened and slipped out of Sue’s tight pussy, my cum streaming down her leg now that it was uncorked. I felt the water turn off and the cool air hit my body as the door was opened. Mandy led me out of the shower and pressed her body against mine, using the towel to wrap us both up.

“It was worth it. Thank you!” she said as she stood on her tip toes to give me a gentle kiss on the lips.

“You’re welcome.” I said as she pulled away from me and wrapped the towel around herself.

“Come back and see me any time you want.” She said as she turned and walked toward the door, swinging her hips seductively.

Sue took over the drying off duties as the door closed behind Mandy. “You were pretty damn good.” She said a she dried my shrunken dick off.

“You were pretty damn good yourself.” I said honestly.

“Thank you kind sir.” She said with a smile, standing up, having finished drying my legs. She leaned close to me, her tits pressing into my bare chest, to kiss me. I reached around her and pulled her tight to me and kissed her back with the best kiss I could manage. After several second I let her go and she stepped back. “Fuck, he can kiss too.” She mumbled. I smiled as I walked to the sinks and retrieved my clothes.

By the time I had dressed Sue was gone, and I was alone in the bathroom. I was also unguided in a sorority house, with little real idea of how to get out. I supposed I would try to follow backwards what I remember from coming in. I left the bathroom and started down the hall toward the stairs. So far so good I thought, until I met another naked young lady walking up the stairs. Fortunately, instead of screaming, she smiled at me while we passed. I could hear giggling as she ran down the hall behind me. I wound my way through the first floor and finally found the door, but not before passing three more naked young ladies either walking down the hall toward me or darting from room to room. I got the distinct idea that I had suddenly become some kind of right of passage. Either way I found the front door. Just as I was going out I happen to glance in a trash can next to the door. What I saw made me pause and stare. There was an empty transmission fluid container in the trash. The whole car trouble thing has clearly been staged to get me here. Now I wondered how much of the morning had been set up and by whom. I headed out to go to work, more confused than I was when I got there.

To be continued…

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