Location Pt. 01

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Our hands were squeezing each other’s thighs as we lay on the edge of my bed. Issac leaned in and pressed his lips onto mine and softly pulled away. That was my first kiss…and before I could respond, he leaned in again. Our lips touched again and I felt his hand on my neck. Issac slightly pushed me down on my side as his hands fell to my waist, gripping and pulling me towards him. I kissed back somewhat awkwardly but the taste was worth it..

Issac was leading this entire time and I was alright with that. I felt safe in his control. He grabbed my wrist and dragged it to his crotch where I felt him throbbing through his jeans. I felt happy that I was making him so excited and with that I wanted him to feel good as well. My hand rubbed up and down searching for his zipper. Issac must have liked this idea because he pulled away from my face and got up on his knees.

I turned over onto my stomach as my hands gripped Isaac’s jeans, pulling down his zipper. Issac unbuckled his belt as I could tell he was horny. As his jeans went off, I grasped the waistband of his boxers and started pulling it down…and a phone started ringing

We were frozen for a few seconds, not sure what to do. I raised and realized it was mine. I was super embarrassed as I slid off the bed and walked over to pick it up. It was my mom.

“He-Hey!” as I answered, I felt my ass being squeezed. My voice trembled into my phone.

“Is this everything alright Dylan?” My mom sounded concerned probably because of my moan. I felt Isaac behind me, his crotch throbbing.

“Every-Everything is fine mom…” Issac wrapped his arms around my stomach and pulled up my shirt. “Is there anything you need?” He leaned into my ear and started kissing my neck. I was getting so horny that I just wanted to hang up.

“Well, that’s why I called. I texted you a grocery list so I need you to go to the store now. I would do it myself but you know how work is.” I sighed as I felt Issac’s hands going down my sweatpants.

“W-well do you mind if I bring Cebeci Escort Isaac to help me?” I was hoping to continue this in any way I could. “Sure just get everything on the list. Love you”

“Love you too mom” I quickly hung up the phone before turning around and kissing Issac back. His lean athletic frame comes from playing soccer for so long. I’ve only started playing in my senior year but I’ve always had my eye on him. I pulled away from his lips and tugged my sweatpants back up.

“We…we can do it in the car if you want. Maybe just a blowjob…” I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“I’m fine doing it anywhere Dylan” He smacked my ass and kissed me one last time before going over and zipping his jeans back up.

After a few minutes of getting ready, we came down the stairs from my room and grabbed the keys on the wall. I glanced over my phone and the texts my mom sent me. I opened the passenger door and sat as Issac took charge of driving. It wasn’t long before we were on the road. The drive itself was quite tense as we were both so close only a couple of minutes before. I never thought my best friend would be interested in me when he was pretty popular with the girls. I looked out the window, mostly embarrassed to look at him again knowing that I’ll at least do oral on him. I knew the way to the store and we were going somewhere else.

“Where are we going?” I raised and turned to Isaac.

“I’m taking us to a spot where no one can see us” We pulled up to the old park with forest all around. Issac parked the car and looked back at me. Issac smiled as he opened his door. “Get in the back” I nodded as I slowly unbuckled my seatbelt. I followed him to the back as we closed the doors.

He quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, now just his boxers covering his bottom half. I was on my knees beside him leaning towards his crotch. Being so close to him now I realized how thick and big his cock was. His boxers are tight and not hiding Kolej Escort anything. My fingers gripped his waistband and finally, I could pull them down without interruption. Issac raised a bit as I slid them down to his knees as his cock popped out.

It was about 8 inches long, uncut, and thick. With hefty balls underneath, I had a lot to try and put in my mouth. I started by kissing the shaft and slowly stroking him. He moaned underneath his breath as my lips touched. I licked around the tip as my tongue swirled before trying to take him in my mouth. Only going for the tip, I went slow and steady seeing how much I could take for my first blowjob. Issac put his hand over the back of my head and pushed down, making me go beyond the tip and now his shaft.

Its thickness filled my mouth quickly as I started gagging. Isaac held my head in place and began thrusting his hips. “Fuck…stay still…” He thrust one last time, going down my throat the furthest. He let go and I instantly gasped for air. My hand still wrapped his shaft as I smacked his thick cock onto my cheeks, his pre-cum painting my face. Issac began squeezing my ass and smacking it. I continued servicing his cock as I felt my sweatpants being pulled down. “Turn around”

I twirled my tongue around his tip one last time before turning around on my hands and knees. I looked back and saw Issac pulling his pants down all the way. He started smacking my ass with his hefty cock and before I knew it I felt his fingers push inside. “Such a tight hole…I’ll loosen it up for you so it can fit.” He pushed my cheeks apart and his tongue licked around before going in. My moans were low but the thought of something big as his cock going inside me scared me a bit.

After his tongue played with my hole for a while, Issac inserted the tip into me. It stretched me out…my moans were loud…his thick shaft punishing my hole even more as Issac slowly thrusts. “Fuck…” Issac held my waist and fucked me, his Yenimahalle Escort cock going in and out slow but faster each time. My breathing was picking up and the feeling of this was something I’d never felt before. It hurt but it felt good as well. “I’m going to go faster okay?” I nodded as I whimpered.

Issac’s thrusts started picking up speed, smacking against my ass. His massive thick cock filled me up and hit me in places I’d never known I had before. He pushed my head down into the seat as Issac went even harder. “Do you love this big cock fucking your tight little hole?” “Mhmmm..es…” “say it so I can hear you” Issac smacked my ass. “Yes…I love your cock fucking my hole…”

“Fuck., I’m going to cum…” Issac put everything in his last hard thrusts into me as I felt his legs twitch. A huge hot load burst inside me and filled me up. I slumped onto my stomach as he pulled out, cum going down my inner leg. Issac sat down, cum still on his tip. “Clean up the mess you made,” he joked. I raised and crawled to him, planting a big kiss on his lips before going down. I licked up the leftover cum flowing down his shaft. The taste was odd but I was so caught up in the moment that I cleaned it spotless. As I was doing that, a phone went off. I looked over to mine but it was blank. Issac grabbed his jeans and checked his pockets, pulling them out. He answered, giving me glances, and looked a bit worried.


A girl’s voice started loudly yelling at Issac. Speaker wasn’t even on and I could make out some of the words said. “I..I’m…I’m at a friend’s house…w-why do you ask where I’m at?” “Huh?..nono I didn’t say that…of course, I’ll tell the truth to you, babe. I texted you beforehand that I was going to a friend’s house. I knew him from my soccer team.”

I looked at him and felt like an arrow was shot into my heart. I pulled my pants up and turned away. “As I said I’m at his house…what? you..you..can see my location…my…phone..is searchable…Jessica…I can explain” “FUCK YOU, YOU CHEATING PIECE OF SHIT…I HOPE SHE REALIZES WHAT A MASSIVE PRICK YOU ARE AND LEAVES YOUR ASS TOO”

Issac lowered his phone as I guess this “Jessica” hung up on him. He pondered for a second before turning to me. “Can you drive me…to my girlfriend’s? You…can…hear it’s urgent…”

Fuck me….what did I get myself into?

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