Lockie Ch. 05: Bi Now

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***Lockie appears in my Mason series. This is part of a planned series of spin offs featuring characters from the “In’DaMan’d” Universe.***

*****Contains a gay sex act*****

“Fucking hell! Lockie you are on fire, Ross is over the moon, he wants a meeting before the weekend. His wife and her friends won’t shut up about your appearance apparently. I am so glad you have decided to focus.”

“Thanks Curtis, means a lot.” Lockie replied croakily, he had passed out after another night of drinking.

“And your viewers are up both in your cam room and your old solo clips. I been talking to a contact that I made at the sexpo and he said he would take some new pictures so I have decided to update the profiles, so if you could hit the gym today and tomorrow and make your way to the studio we can get the new pictures taken. Sound good?”

“Yes I will be there.”

“I will email you the details, I have a good feeling about the next few months for you Lockie. Talk to you tomorrow.”

Lockie hung up and turned over and groaned, apart from his usual cam show he stupidly decided to host a live question and answer segment to drum up some extra coins and create a better connection to his fans and viewers. He should have know that it wouldn’t turn out the way he had expected.

Besides the one or two troll questions and the adoration by his most ardent fans, the majority of them were about Mason, when were the two of them going to film another scene again, could he shed any light on what happened on the set of the last “In’DaMan’d” movie, care to divulge his beef with Dylan O. He tried to be polite but at the end of it he said an abrupt goodbye and thanks before logging out. He hit the rum hard after that and fell asleep.

His phone buzzed again as he was getting ready to shower. It was from Leon, Dana’s friend from the party the other night, his heart jumped into his throat as he discovered that he had been messaging her last night while blind drunk. He closed his eyes and groaned. He opened one eye cautiously and read what they had talked about.

He was relieved to see that she had messaged first, just asking him what he was up too, it was after his Q and A session online so she was obviously watching. He scrolled down through all the small talk and came to a folder that she sent, he clicked it and watched as the wheel spun indicating that it was downloading.

As he waited he closed his eyes and kept tutting under his breath, his drinking needed to stop, he opened his eyes to see a picture of Leon on a fold out bed, legs spread and two fingers in her pussy, she was wearing a white uniform. He swiped sideways, the next picture was her deep throating a dildo, the final picture was her on her knees with the dildo inside of her and a finger rubbing her asshole.

Lockie’s mouth went dry, her small thin figure was beautiful, her tanned skin mixed with her oriental features made her a knock out, her tits were obviously fake and looked ridiculous on her small frame but they turned him on regardless. Her pussy was as brown as her skin, in the first picture she had spread her lips apart revealing her pink slit. Her full lips looked snug around the dildo. Lockie was apprehensive about seeing what conversation they had after she sent the folder.

His cock began to stiffen as he read her replies, she listed in great detail all the things she would do to him if they met, she listed some suggestions as well and it seemed that in his drunken state he had agreed to them all. She had even sent him her address and times her husband would be out.

He had read enough, he logged out and sat in silence staring at the bulge in his briefs. He told himself that he couldn’t cope with another experience like he had with Dana, images of naked men flashing through his mind as he was fucking. He needed to get a grip on that or else he would find fucking in the future not an enjoyable experience. He opened his phone without thinking and began to write a text. He looked down at his phone after a few minutes and was not surprised to see that he had written two paragraphs to Mason, he apologised and hoped they could get their friendship back on track, he was going through some random shit right now and would love to catch up for a drink. This was not a strange think for Lockie to do, it seemed that he composed the same message numerous times when he had a bottle of liquor down his neck but unlike those times when he deleted it, he saved this message to draft. Lockie was reaching his breaking point.


As he stood naked in front of the fogged up mirror he began to flex. He was aching all over and couldn’t remember the last time he had worked out as hard. He didn’t have any drink the night before and was determined to put in a good gym session before that nights photo shoot. He dried quickly and pulled on his shorts and vest, he bent over to put on his socks when a shooting pain seared through his lower back. He fell onto the bench, his face contorted Kartal Escort into a silent scream. He managed to right himself after a few minutes, he was thankfully no other patron came into the changing room while he was writhing on the floor. The pain had eased slightly and he managed to slip on his socks and shoes, he gingerly pulled his gym bag over his shoulder and walked to the bus stop.

“Why the fuck did this have to happen now.” He thought bitterly. He stumbled out of the gym, his hand massaging his lower back, his thoughts were all over the place due to the pain. He sat on the bench outside and leaned forward trying to alleviate some of the pain. His phone chimed as he tried to regulate his breathing. It was from Leon, asking how his day was. A thought immediately struck him, he quickly wrote back and told her about his back pain and the fact that he noticed she was on a fold out massage bed in the folder she sent him.

Her reply look less than ten seconds, she told him she could be at his place in twenty minutes and would take real good care of him, providing relief was her passion in life, she ended the message with a smiley face.


Lockie barely made it home, he hobbled to the bathroom cabinet and quickly swallowed two pain killers before crashing on the couch, a few minutes later he heard a knock and a girlish hello.

“In here it’s open.” Lockie croaked.

Leon entered slowly, she was carrying a giant bag which housed the fold away bed. She was dressed in a pink halter top, white denim skirt and thick wedge shoes, a giant pair of brown sunglasses took up most of her face, her skin and lips seemed to shimmer.

“You poor guy, don’t worry Leon will take good care of you and have you fighting fit in no time. I think it best to set up here more room for me to work my magic.” She said with a laugh before moving a chair out of her way and setting down the bag.

“Thank you for coming at such short notice, it just happened out of now where.”

“Thank you for calling me I really didn’t think you would, you seemed only focused on Dana so I presumed you didn’t want to mingle. But don’t worry I won’t tell her anything.”

“I don’t care about any of that just please get this pain to fuck off, I have shit to do tonight.”

“I will do my best Lockie.” She replied cheerily as she draped a giant white towel over the table. “Hop up here when you are ready and we will get started.

She walked over and helped Lockie up off the couch.

“You will need to lose some clothes to get the benefit and it makes my job a lot easier. Don’t look at me like that.” She added seeing the eyebrows shoot up his fore head. “I am a professional.”

He quickly peeled off his top and slid out of his shorts, he waddled to the table and grabbed a towel. Once it was wrapped around his waist he shimmied out of his underwear and managed to lay face down on the table.

Soon a relaxing chant played from Leon’s phone, the scent of fragrant oil filled Lockie’s nose and despite everything he could feel himself relaxing already.

“I am going to give you a full body massage then I will focus on your back, ok?”

He was nearly falling asleep so he just about grunted in reply.

Her hands were surprisingly firm as she started on his heels and stroked downwards to his toes, he couldn’t remember feeling this calm in years, the last few months had taken a bigger toll on him than he realised. Leon’s hands began to knead his calves, the feeling of the oil on his hairy legs made his eyes roll slightly. He felt as light as a cloud. He was jerked back to reality when she grabbed his ass and squeezed.

“You are very tense Lockie, I think I am going to have to try a different angle to work out the kinks.”

She stood above him, her hips in front of his face as she started rubbing his shoulders then pushing forcefully down towards the small of his back, her fingers slide under the towel before she raked them back up the length of his spine. He felt her move closer to his face each time she leaned over him. He turned his face sideways and tired to focus on the sensation. It seemed no matter what he did lately or who he met, everything always had a sexual undertone.

“I guess this is what it means to be single in this day and age.” He thought as she moved beside him and used her knuckles to rub his lower back. A groan escaped his mouth as the first bit of relief he had experienced in the last few hours flooded through his body.

“Fucking hell!” He exclaimed.

“I told you I was good, I am just getting started.” She said with a dirty sounding laugh.

Before he knew what was happening Leon had jumped onto the table and was kneeling over him, her ass lightly sitting between his shoulder blades, he could see her bare feet out of the corner of his eye. Her hands once again went under the towel and started to rub his buttocks. The heels of her hands pushed his cheeks up towards Kartal Escort the small of his back, he couldn’t help himself he let out another groan.

“That’s it, just relax and imagine you are floating at sea.” With that she whipped off the towel and threw it on to the sofa. The sudden coolness on his ass made goose bumps rise on his skin. Leon continued to knead his glutes in a circular motion, each time his cheeks parted his anus contracted. He was trying to relax but was conscious that she was staring at his brown eye. Just as he was about to ask her to move up he felt more oil being splashed between his crack and her thumb stroke his shit hole gently.

“Just relax and let me take care of you. Stop tensing.”

Her finger rubbing his hole felt amazing once he gave in. The pad of her finger circled his back door first in a circular motion before she moved on to a figure eight pattern. Her other hand continued to squeeze and mush his ass cheek. His body felt light, he doubted Leon gave this treatment to her other clients. He felt her strong fingers slide between his thighs and pull his soft cock down, it didn’t take him long to spring to life. She applied more oil to both his ass and cock and ramped up her massaging.

Being jerked off while having his hole played with made Lockie feel electrified from the hips down, in shoots and in the chat room one place he always had off limits was his ass, for a flash of his hoop would cost his viewer the highest amount on his task menu and was rarely asked for. It was just a part of his body that he never felt the need to explore. He had fucked a couple off asses in his time but the thought of anything going near his made him cringe. Now that Leon was rubbing it he felt sensations that he had never felt before, he was also scared that she was going to stick a finger inside of him. Once he had those thoughts his body locked up.

“Can you just focus on my back now..” He said in a whisper for she was still jerking his cock, “Please.”

“Sure.” She replied disappointingly and stopped pulling him off. She resumed her attention on his thighs and calves.

Lockie was surprised to find himself falling back in to his relaxed stupor, he thought he would have been too amped up about the ass play to relax but it was obvious that Leon was extremely good at her job. Her hands seemed t slide over his lower back at break neck speed, from one extreme to the next soft and gentle then deep and firm, it was unlike any massage he gotten before.

She leaned down along his back, her hands extended down his legs, her finger tips glancing off the back of his knee caps and slowly trailing back up. Leon stopped for a moment and Lockie got lost in the calming music, she resumed working on his thighs again, this time when she stretched forward on his body to rub his calves he didn’t feel the coarseness of her top, he felt skin. Her breasts were pushed against his ass.

“Leon, what are you doing? You know I only want a massage.” He groaned and closed his eyes resignedly, he knew it was too good to be true.

“I know that but it helps clients relax if its skin on skin. From your messages last night I know you want more. All you have to do is just turn over, lie on your back and let me do all the work Lockie.”

He was spent from the gym; his back trouble and his mental disaster with Dana, she continued to rub him as he contemplated his offer. Before he even knew what he was doing he turned over on the table, the cool texture of the surface sent a chill down his body as it came into contact with his oiled back. Leon looked at him with a hint of a smirk, she applied more lotion to her hands and began to massage his pecks and shoulders before running down the length of his arms. He could feel himself slipping again as he got lost in the motion.

Her thin fingers slowly grabbed his semi hard cock and began to tug up and down, when she reached the base of his shaft she flicked her wrist slightly. His prick erupted into a full blown throbber after three strokes. A little moan escaped his lips.

“That’s it Lockie just lie back and let me take care of you.’

He could sense her to the side of him, she rubbed her oiled palm over his ball sack,

which immediately contracted, and worked his shaft slowly to the tip, she rubbed her thumb all around his helmet before repeating the motion again and again. Lockie felt like he was melting away, his body being absorbed into the table. He tried to clear his mind but images kept flashing as if a movie reel were playing.

HIs scene with Mason, seeing him naked and erect for the first time, his recent trysts with Carter and Monroe, Halle and Dana, he thought back on what could have happened if he had gone home with Edo after the sexpo. He was grateful that Leon couldn’t read his mind as he, ever so slightly, started to grind his hips against her jerking. He could hear her slip off skirt and then feel her mount the table, he heard the tearing of the foil packet Escort Kartal and the sensation of the rubber as she pushed the condom on to his slick cock. He didn’t open his eyes once, he was allowing himself this one stress free fuck. She spread oil over her big tits and leaned forward on to his chest, smearing her breasts over his pecks, her erect brown nipples colliding with his own. Her hand moved down his torso and grabbed his cock, she stroked it roughly applying oil as lube, she smacked his rod against her cunt before pushing it inside of her,

Leon’s pussy was tighter than he imagined a woman of her age would have but he thought back to Dana and assumed they both had the same surgery, she let out a little whimper as she pushed all the way down to the end of his meaty shaft. He felt around and grabbed both of her ankles and began to thrust into her deeply. His skin made a scraping sound as he lifted his ass off the bench, the lotion had become sticky.

“Fuck me Lockie!” She moaned as he intensified his pounding, his balls flapping up and smacking her ass.

She made little shrieks of pleasure as her tight pussy took the pummelling, she reached down and grabbed both of his tattooed arms to steady herself.

Lockie’s mind wandered back to his threesome with Carter and Monroe, the difference between fucking her pussy and pounding his asshole, he imagined it was Carter now bouncing on his cock and not Leon, his eyes began to roll in his head and his toes clenched together. He bent his knees a fraction so he could get more leverage in which to thrust. He removed both hands from her ankles and placed them on her skinny biceps, he was thrashing into her furiously now, he could feel the breath leave her body, she was swimming in pleasure to much to even moan. His thoughts drifted to his scene with Mason, how they sat side by side bashing their cocks before he nutted over his best friends face.

Leon swung her legs over and placed her back on his chest, he grabbed behind her knees, his cock never left her body once. He replaced his feet on the table and began to push into her slowly and deeply, he could feel the thick vein on his shaft slide against her opening. He could hear her spit and then felt her rub herself. She seemed to have gotten her breath back because before long her hips started spasming and she let out yelp after yelp. He gripped her hips harder and began to jack hammer her cunt, his bollocks began to constrict and he too let out a moan as his steaming hot jizz filled up the condom. His body jerked as the last of the semen trickled out of him. She sat on his rapidly deflating prick for a few more seconds, both panting heavily.

Leon hoped off the table, almost as if she was in a trance before she pulled back on her clothes and looked at him sheepishly.

“Good to see that your back is better.”

Lockie just stared at the ceiling and didn’t reply.


After a scalding hot shower Lockie’s back pain had nearly fully eased, he looked at himself in the mirror and was surprised to see that his marathon session in the gym yesterday had paid off. All of his body had a hint more definition and he was sure that with all the technology the photographer could enhance him quite easily. He begun the arduous task of removing all his body hair and tried to get excited about the upcoming shoot. He was glad that Curtis was coming round to the idea of using in him and promoting him again.

Once he was smooth all over he dressed in a grey sleeveless hoodie, black shorts and sneakers. He figured it didn’t matter what he wore as Sy and the team would be dressing him and undressing him as they saw fit. He rested his head against the bus and played some music, he tried to focus all of his nervous energy into his comeback but the usual doubts kept creeping back. His time with Leon reassured him that he could actually continue to fuck women but he was a little put off due to the fact that he had been thinking about men as he banged her. He took out his phone and opened the memo app and began to list all of the things he felt he needed to do to get back on track. Reconnect with Mason was on the top of his list followed by drinking less, working out more, connecting with fans on a more regular basis, film more scenes for the studio. The last task he added was to decide if he was going to go further in scenes. Leon rubbing his shit hole wasn’t as unpleasant as he thought.

Once he finally finished his list he looked out the window and was surprised to see that his stop was next, he rang the bell and walked slowly to the front. He got a text from Leon as he walked in the door, she thanked him for this morning and hoped his back was ok and she would love if they kept in touch.

He shut off his phone as he walked into Curtis’ office.

“Lockie, great to see you’re on time, I have to dash I am meeting a new talent scout so if you go to the locker and get changed into the clothes Sy has left out for your shoot then you can make your way to room 2 the photographer is there already. You are going to love his work. Tell Sy once you are leaving and he will lock up. That ok with you?” Curtis rambled off quickly, his tablet under his arm and his shoulder bag on the other.

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