Love Letter Ch. 03

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It’s been years since I wrote anything new but an amazing woman provided some inspiration and she did ask me to write a story for her. It’s part fantasy/fiction and part truth and only A knows which is which. Enjoy!

LL3 – For A

There were emails back and forth, the usual questions, a couple of phone conversations and then the day was here. The first meeting was upon them. He left work a little later than planned and drove a little faster than normal because he didn’t want to be late. He’s like that.

The drive over did nothing to stop the nervous little butterflies that he felt and when he called that he was close she said out of the blue

“I don’t know why but I’m a bit nervous about this.”

First lust and butterflies always seem to go together and all he could think of was that he was fine till she said that. Now they were back in full force. His memory had always been good and simple directions should have been easy to remember but he was distracted and had to call back a second time when he took a wrong turn.

“I haven’t even met her yet and look at me,” he thought.

By the time he got to her door he felt better and with a bottle of wine in hand he rang the bell. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw when it opened. Dark hair, full lips, sparkling eyes, a revealing top and a killer smile made him take a deep breath before saying “hi, I’m D.”

As he followed her in he noticed the rest of her and decided that she was indeed a very complete package. She offered him a drink and before opening the wine noticed that in fact she already had one opened. Knowing that she had asked him to pick up a bottle on the way made him relax a little.

“I’m not the only one struggling a little here,” he thought.

They toasted, moved to the couch, and talked for a bit, finding that they had a number of things in common and trying to act confident and relaxed but it wasn’t easy, at least for him. His heart kept a steady accelerated pace and he finally asked if she minded if he took a quick shower to clean up a bit. Under the spray he had a few minutes to regroup and by the time he stepped out and dried himself some of the nervousness was gone.

He walked out in only a towel and she said “I should show you where the bedroom is” before she took his hand and walked in with him.

“I hope you don’t mind the AC being on but you’ll appreciate it later, I tend to run a little hot.”

All he could do was smile.

She went to retrieve their wine glasses and when she returned he helped her pull the duvet and extra pillows off of the raised 4-poster bed that dominated the bedroom. After pulling back the sheet she brushed off the crumbs that were there and laughed about eating in bed. The old saying about eating crackers in bed flashed through his mind as well as the image of her eating something much more substantial before the afternoon was over.

He dropped the towel from around his waist, climbed up into the bed, and watched her reveal her flawless body taking off her top first, then shorts and finally the tiny panties before she joined him. She lay on her back in a classic pose, hair spread out on the pillow behind her, legs loosely apart with one knee bent so that he couldn’t help but notice that she was completely shaven and already a little moist. He rolled over on his side and watched as she slowly trailed one finger between her breasts, down her smooth, flat stomach and then back up to her breasts again.

The small talk between them had continued until a natural pause happened and she looked in his eyes and asked, “What do you like?”

His fingertips started tracing along her arm and then over her shoulder by the time he replied “I like touching, memorizing the texture and contours, listening to how your body responds, learning how to take care of Ataşehir Escort what it needs… Oral of course, giving or receiving… A slow teasing hand job at the end of a massage… The way your body is becoming so sensitive to the slightest touch.”

“What about you, your favorite position” he asked?

“I know it sounds boring but I have to say missionary,” she said.

“It makes it easier to have your cock hit that perfect spot when I’m on my back” she continued.

He smiled in reply and laughed a little before telling her “I guess that means my hands won’t be free to play with those awesome breasts.”

“I guess not,” she said.

“You’ll just have to play with them now.”

He leaned over closer and traced the tip of his tongue along the side of her breast and heard the sharp intake of breath from her that it caused. His hand in the mean time was moving back from the inside of her knee before sliding gently up along the lips surrounding her pussy. She flinched very noticeably when his fingertip touched her clit the first time and began to circle it slowly. By the time his tongue had gotten to her aureole the nipple was already erect begging to be sucked into his mouth. Catching it between his lips he started a rhythmic sucking and her whole body began to move, undulating like a slow motion wave.

“Yessss” he heard this time when as her lips spread themselves beneath his fingertip and he felt all of the wetness that was seeping from inside her. He worked a finger in slowly, a bit at a time until fully inside he could curl it up and gently stroke back towards the opening when for the first time he took her stiff nipple between his teeth.

“Unhhh” was all she could say for a few seconds before smiling and said, “you know about the spot huh?”

“Age and some experience does count for something” he said before attacking her breast and nipple again.

Grabbing his head for a moment she rolled towards him and drew his mouth to her other breast. She spread her legs wider at the same time and reached with one hand to put it on top of his.

“Show me how,” he said. “Show me just what you like.”

For minutes they continued like this. He played back and forth between her breasts, never too rough and always in a tempo with palm that rubbed in circles over her clit and his finger that slid in and out of her pussy before curling up again inside of her. It didn’t matter that she had barely touched him yet. He wanted to find out the signals her body would send as her pleasure peaked towards that first climax.

“Let it out.” “Let that first one loose” he said.

“The rest of them are so easy to get to if you get that first one out of your system,” he said while nuzzling the side of her neck.

His mouth was still there when her legs clamped together and her back arched as the rush of climaxing swept over her. The walls of her pussy squeezed so tight he could barely move his finger inside of her so instead he focused on continuing to move his palm against her clit so the orgasm could continue. Her eyes weren’t closed for this. Instead she was watching him as he worked his magic, (“that’s what it was, magic” she thought,) on her body hoping he wouldn’t stop any time soon. They had just met and yet he knew so much about her.

By the time she relaxed her legs he was ready to finally taste her. She was at a plateau now, a pleasurable one where she could cum by rubbing her clit against his hand but they were little cums now, after shocks.

The lips of her pussy were fat with excitement and her clit was easily visible and almost begging to be played with.

“She’s even gorgeous down here,” he thought as he slid around to get in between her legs.

She was ready to offer her pussy to his hungry mouth and reached with Ataşehir Escort Bayan both hands to pull her legs back, opening herself further for him.

“Will he guess right and not bother to tease me?” she thought?

A slow lick from below her opening was all it took for her to move her hands from her legs to his head and she guided his mouth to cover the top of her slit and his tongue would focus on her clit. It was large and sensitive and wonderful to suck in between his lips while he rolled his tongue across the top of it. She went nuts and exploded against his mouth. She had been that ready to cum hard again only this time she wasn’t going to stop at one.

He moved his head up so that he didn’t leave her clit without attention and slid his middle finger inside her once again. As soon as he reached that spot she starting talking to him, telling him “right there, right fucking there, don’t stop” and then she came harder, her whole body bucking against the bed, her legs capturing his head and hand between them, groaning loudly as she rode the waves of pleasure that engulfed her.

There was nothing he could do but ride out her passion, no way to tell how many times she came this time. When she finally relaxed (and he finally stopped touching her clit) there was nothing to say except to look at each other’s face and chuckle.

“Whew, that was so nice to be able to give you that” he said.

“Oral really is a gift, you know, to give to someone else that is willing to kind of lay themselves bare in front of you” he continued.

“You have to trust your partner, you know what I mean” he added and looked at her to be sure he wasn’t just rambling on.

“I know what you mean” she assured him and then with a wicked grin said, “now it’s my turn.”

It was her turn to crawl in between his legs and she ended up perpendicular to him lying over the top of one of them. She was hungry and wasn’t interested in teasing so when she lowered her head to his cock she took as much of him in as she could and began sucking up and down the shaft with urgency. She felt him reach down and spread his hand across for the cheek of her ass before grabbing it and then start thrusting back in rhythm to her mouth. “He’s not the only one that knows how to use their mouth,” she thought as she continued to suck on his cock, licking wetly all over the head when she wanted him to feel something different.

“Get up here” he said and she looked at him and asked “how”?

“Straddle my face while your sucking me, I want some more of your pussy.”

“It’s too sweet to leave it without attention” he told her.

A few seconds later she was indeed straddling his face and his tongue sought to drive inside of her as he pulled her closer. She lowered her mouth back to his cock and began once again to try to swallow him whole. She wouldn’t last long with his mouth on her pussy again and she so wanted him to feel the pleasure he had already given her.

As soon as he took her clit in his lips she was off again, cumming quickly, distracted to the point of not being able to suck his lovely cock any longer. He sensed this and eased back on the assault on her clit and instead licked slowly from bottom to top of her slit to try to bring her back down to at least a plateau. Some time later she moved to no longer straddle his face and lay down on her back next to him.

She reached over with her hand to stroke the side of his face and said “so much for the warm up, are you ready to fuck me yet?”

He could only laugh and nod his head while he got up on his knees, reached to the nightstand for the condom and opened it. As much as he disliked them he knew there was no other way but he would be sure that next time they were ultra thin. Today it wouldn’t matter if the damn things Escort Ataşehir were 1/4 inch thick. He was aroused and excited by this goddess in the bed with him and as long as he could slide inside that marvelously tight pussy he didn’t care. He wanted her!

She reached down with both hands and spread her outer lips for him, her eyes never leaving the sight of his cock moving ever closer to her opening. She was ready to fuck and fuck hard. Not like the last “stud” that was in her bed that couldn’t last more than a minute inside of her. If this guy was half as good with his cock as he was with the rest of his body she was in for a wild ride.

She had to consciously try to relax her pussy in order to get more that just the head inside of her. She knew from having him in her mouth that he was only a bit larger than average and that she had taken in bigger but he had done things to her that had her clamped so tight that even a finger penetrating was going to be work and she wanted all of that gorgeous cock in her and in her Now!

He spread his knees further apart to lower his hips and that combined with her pulling one leg back to her breast was enough of a change of angle to allow him to slide the rest of the way inside her. They shared a moment just staring into each other eyes before she pulled his mouth to hers and thrush her tongue into his mouth.

“A hell of a first kiss” he thought and then noticed that it was more than that.

Her mouth and tongue were telling him what she wanted, how she wanted it. She was fucking his mouth with her tongue and he soon was following suit with his cock.

“This is it, what it’s fucking supposed to be” he thought.

She was incredibly tight and cumming hard underneath him so he simply slid all the way in and rolled his hips, rubbing her clit between them as he did and let the orgasms roll through before with that mouth of hers she signaled “again” to him, “I’m ready again.”

By the third time she had cycled through the climaxes and short cool downs he no longer was listening to what her body was demanding. He shifted his hips once more so that every stroke in had the head of his cock pushing against the upper walls of her pussy and then let it all go.

It didn’t matter that she was cumming constantly now or that it might have been too much. He wanted to finish what he started and cum buried deep inside of her. He knew he was close and the combination of the little extra swelling that happens and her spasming pussy was the bit of friction against the head of his cock that he needed.

The first spurt exploded out of his cock followed by at least a dozen more as he drove deep inside of her and then rolled his hips to maximize the contact of the head of his cock against the deepest part of her pussy. In response to his climax she wrapped her legs around his hips and worked to hold him in so that they could both savor the post climax spasms that always seem to follow from such intense coupling. They happened erratically and caused his cock to twitch and her pussy to clench while they both continued to breathe heavily.

Minutes later when he raised himself off of her chest he looked at the face below. He bent his head down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and thought, “the next time will be even better.”

Out loud he whispered ” that was special my dear, truly, truly special.”

She let out a breath and just smiled back. What else was there to say?

Later as they sat and shared a cigarette they picked up where they left off in their conversation on the couch. It was easy to open up now that the “first time” was over.

She offered and he took a quick shower and after dressing and a comparison of schedules they planned for their next time together. They would have been surprised to hear the other’s thoughts once he was on the other side of the door to the apartment and on his way back to his car.

“It’s scary how good that was, a very good scary!”

They agreed about that and about a lot more they discovered but that remains to be told in another story…… perhaps.



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