Love or Lust?

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I have known Emily for 35 years. She is a wide open, intellectual who knows what she wants and makes it happen. For years it has been one boyfriend after another. Elation to Tragedy each time.

I looked at my phone and Emily had left me a text. “Hey, lets do lunch?”

“OK, the usual?” I texted back.

“Sure, make it 12:30” was her reply.

I was sitting in my plastic chair at the Boat Dock restaurant. The view was outstanding but the gasoline and exhaust fumes from the boats was overpowering. Finally the boat got docked and the air cleared. A Pelican landed on the railing about 5 feet from me. He looked at me and flew off. “Oh good day to you too.” I said under my breath.”

“Good day to you too.” I heard Emily’s voice state.

As I turned Emily and a friend were taking their seats. I stood up and greeted Emily with a hug and shook Nicole’s hand introducing myself.

“She already knows who you are.” Emily stater as she whipped her hair behind her trying to put it into a ponytail.

“Nice to meet you Patrick.” Nicole stated

I reached out and shook her hand.

“I ordered fried calamari as an appetizer. Hope that is good with everyone?” I stated as I took my seat.

“I love calamari” Nicole exclaimed.

The lunch was delightful, we laughed and laughed while telling Nicole of the different troubles Emily and myself caused over the years. As lunch ended Emily surprised me by asking if we could continue this conversation at her place. Usually we would walk the beach or along the coast waterway.

I looked at her and Nicole and said “Sure, I will meet you two there.”

Emily’s condo sat right on the ocean. The view from her bedroom was outstanding day or night.

Nicole opened the door as I heard Emily shout

“Get that, It’s Patrick”

I walked in and sat at the kitchen counter. Waiting for Emily to arrive there was an awkward silence between Nicole and myself.

I broke the Ice first, “So how do you know Emily?” I asked

Nicole stated, “I met Emily at a bar downtown.”

“Nice I stated” thinking here she goes again. Meeting women at bars and making friends.

Nicole looked to see if Emily was coming out of her bedroom and motioned for me to come close to her. She wanted to say something.

“Is Emily a bisexual or a lesbian?” She asked.

“I would expect Emily is everything, and then some. Emily lives life to the fullest and if she asked you to come to her home I would bet she wants to be friends.” “Are you a lesbian?” I asked of Nicole.

“I am curious!” Nicole stated.

“Emily and I danced at the bar and when the song ended another, slower song came on and she immediately put her arms around my neck and wanted to dance. I was nervous but like I said I am curious so I wanted to see where this lead. After our dance Emily look into my eyes and said let me give you something, She handed me a card with her cell number on it.”

“Well if it was me, I would just ask her intentions.” I stated not being phased by what was just explained to me.

Emily came into the kitchen area and stopped right behind Nicole. I could see the nervousness on Nicole’s face. She looked almost scared.

Emily was asking if we wanted to go see the hot air balloons next week. She started playing with Nicole’s hair as she was talking.

Nicole sat there enjoying the touch of Emily.

I had to intervene. “Emily can I use your shower? I got sweaty at work today and need to take a shower.”

“Sure, let me get you a towel.” Emily went to get the towel and I told Nicole to “Talk with Emily.”

In the bathroom I undressed and was happy Ankara escort to let my cock spring out of my clothes. I had a raging hard on ever since I met Nicole.

I began showering and quickly soaped up than rinsed off. I opened the shower and my clothing was missing. “Emily, where are my clothing?” I asked.

“In there with you!” she exclaimed.

“No, not here Emily.” I yelled out.

The bathroom door opened and Emily through in a blue nightie with lace underpants. I could hear them giggling outside. I immediately put on the nightie and opened the door to walk out.

They were standing there with a camera and took my picture.

“Oh, man is this going to get some views.” Emily exclaimed.

Nicole was laughing too but I noticed she was looking at my cock. It was sticking out of the panties by about 2 inches..

“MMMMMMM” Emily look at his cock!” Nicole said with a smile and a lick of her lips.

Emily looked down and replied, “Patrick, you never told me you were endowed?”

I blushed and said “my little secret”

Emily was stunned and sat on the bed still staring at my cock. Nicole sat beside her and put her arm around Emily.

“Looks inviting?” Nicole almost whispered.

Emily looked at Nicole and asked “You like sharing?”

“Absofuckinglutely!!” Nicole said.

Both ladies got to there knees and pulled the panties down, I took off the top and was amazed at how masterful these two ladies were working my cock. Emily was first to take me deep as Nicole began feeling Emily’s tits through her clothing.

“OK, lets get naked Emily!” ordered Nicole and both women stood up and took off their clothing.

I went and lay on the bed with my cock standing at attention. Emily and Nicole were busy kissing each other. It was so fucking hot. Nicole had her hand between Emily’s legs and was working her fingers into Emil’s pussy.

Nicole broke the kiss, looked into Emily’s eyes and said “You are dripping wet.”

“I know I have been ever since I met you in the bar.” whispered Emily.

“As am I.” Nicole whispered back.”

As the two beautiful women stood there kissing and exploring their bodies I started stroking my cock. Watching them had me so close the climax. I was in anguish as I sat and watched the explore each others bodies.

Nicole looked over to me and gave me a “Thank You” as she rolled her head back and was in bliss as Emily fingered her pussy.

Emily broke the kissing and said “Lets share that cock again Nicole.”

With out hesitation Nicole and Emily hopped on to the bed and began stroking my cock. Emily took charge as Nicole had her sites on other things.

My cock disappeared into Emily mouth clear down to my balls. All 7 inches gone.

Emily was looking up at me and gave me a wink as she slowly began to release my cock.

Nicole positioned herself behind Emily and flipped onto her back as she guided Emily’s pussy to her face.

I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds of all the delight that was echoing through the room.

“Emily, let me get up,

“I want to fuck Nicole while she is enjoying your pussy.” Is that OK with you Nicole?” I asked

“Fuck me baby.” Nicole mumbled as she spread her legs.

I positioned myself at the edge of the bed. Nicole’s pussy was in a great position for a good fucking. I had no trouble entering her pussy and slowly went 7 inches deep.

” Oh, fuck you are so thick and long. Keep going, fill me up Patrick.” Nicole said from between Emily’s legs.

“You are so wet and so wonderful, I just want to let my cock bath in your juices as I watch you lick Emily.” Ankara escort bayan I said.

“Lick my pussy, let me grind it on your face.” Emily said. “I want you tongue inside me, let me ride your tongue like a cock. You are so good at licking pussy Nicole.”

a murmur came from between Emily’s legs as she pushed her pussy into Nicole,s wanting mouth.

After several more minutes Emily let out a moan indicating she was cumming.

“YESSSSSSSS,” she began to almost shout.

Once Emily stopped grinding on Nicole’s face she turned and began kissing Nicole and licking her own juices off of her face.

Nicole as moaning and rubbing her clit as I began to pump her pussy. Slowly at first I began that as her hips began lunging forward I increased my speed and slammed into her hard.

Emily noticed Nicole stroking her own clit and nodded her head while stating “no, that’s my job.”

The two lovely ladies were in 69 and feverishly lapping each other.

Nicole looked over at me and stated, “slap my asshole with your big cock.”

I took out my cock and began spanking her anus as she requested. While spanking her Emily devoured her pussy of all her juices.

I slid my cock back into Nicole’s pussy and could feel Emily’s tongue glide along my cock as I pulled out.

Pumping Nicole hard I began to fuck her pussy again. After several minutes, Emily would place her hand on my stomach indicating she wanted me to stop so she could deep-throat my cock.

We switched and now Emily positioned her pussy to where she wanted me to fuck her.

Nicole was licking Emily and positioned herself and began to tongue her anus.

Emily let out a squeal as Nicole’s tongue pressed harder into her rosebud.

As Nicole removed her tongue from Emily she proceeded to insert a finger. Emily shook in pain. “Ouch,” exclaimed Emily.

“Its okay I will not hurt you, may I continue?” asked Nicole.

“Yes please continue but be gentle.” said Emily.


I was slamming my cock into Emily’s pussy with everything I had and Emily was gyrating right along with me. I could tell Emily was enjoying a good fuck as well as Nicole’s finger in her ass due to the amount of her cum was showing on my cock.

Nicole stopped me from fucking and took my cock into her mouth. Again all the way to my balls. I thought I was going to explode. Nicole let go of my cock and said “there, all cleaned up.”

I began to enter Emily’s pussy once again as I noticed Emily had three fingers pumping in and out of Nicole’s asshole. Nicole was in bliss as Emily lapped at her clit and finger banged her ass.

“I have never had anyone do that to me before Emily.” said Nicole. “OMG it is so good” she stated.”

Emily answered with “I love anal sex, I get more orgasms from anal than anything.”

With that ringing in my ears I began to enter Emily’s asshole.

This was my first threesome and my first anal. I was on cloud 9.

Emily pulled her head up as I slowly enter her ass. Once all the way in she placed her tongue on Nicole’s pussy and began sucking on her clit.

“That looks so fucking hot.” stated Nicole looking at my cock inserted in Emily’s asshole all the way to my balls.

“Fuck me hard Patrick.” Emily said.

I began to extract my cock than push it back in. I did this several times until I could feel her pussy juices and Nicole’s spit lubricate her ass. I began stroking her ass harder and harder, faster and faster.

Nicole was delighted and looked up at me and said “do me next.”

I winked at her.

She smiled and said, “I love you two.”

After several Escort Ankara minutes in Emily’s ass I withdrew and the ladies positioned themselves to where I could easily access Nicole’s anus.

Emily got some anal lube from her nightstand and began rubbing it on Nicole’s ass. She had a generous amount of lube on her fingers as she pushed into Nicole and began to spread her fingers.

“This will make it easier for you to take his cock.” Emily said.

Nicole had her head back eyes closed and her tongue was licking her lips.

“I want it now, please.” said Nicole.

Emily grabbed my cock and began to assist me in entering Nicole’s ass. Slowly and steady she guided my cock into the ass.

Nicole was moaning and writhing with some pain but stated. “keep going, I want this.”

With my cock half way in, Emily began to withdraw it and coated it again with lubricant.

She guided it back in faster this time and as I pushed Nicole moaned in delight. “I fucking love this feeling.”

In no time I was up to my balls inside Nicole’s anus. She looked up at me and said “are you in all the way.” I shook my head yes.

She let her head go back as Emily began kissing her and their tongues were dancing.

I released my cock up to the head than began sliding it back in.

Nicole was pushing my hips as I entered her a second time. She was telling me to slow things down by pushing on my hips. I was all the way in when she gave me the thumbs up.

I exited again and this time coated my cock with more lube and began to enter her ass again.

This time I was going it a bit faster and pulled out faster. Picking up speed as I fucked her asshole,

Nicole began lunging her hips towards my cock in approval .

“Faster, harder” Nicole said.

I picked up speed and began to thrust in and out of her ass. She was moaning in delight.

Nicole stated, “I should have been doing this my whole life.”

In no time she was moaning loudly and started almost chanting, “I’m going to cum, oh my god Im going to cum hard.”

As I pushed my cock into her ass I noticed that she was leaking a fluid from her pussy. I thought she was peeing. I looked up as she was moving in delight. “Are you peeing?” I asked.

Emily looked down and stated that she was squirting.

Nicole let out a steady stream all over my stomach dripping down my legs.

Emily positioned herself beside Nicole’s legs and began to lick the juices off my balls and legs.

Emily returned to Nicole and kissed her hard. After some time, they broke the kiss and Emily stated,

“that’s what you taste like.”

Nicole reached up and began licking all the juices off of Emily’s face.

As we began to lay down in exhaustion I heard Nicole state

“We have to do this again!”

Emily responded with “OH fuck yea we do.”

10 minutes went by and Nicole got a washcloth and began cleaning my cock. I looked down and thanked her.

“OH your not done!” she exclaimed. “You have not cum yet!”

Emily’s mouth opened wide and she shoulted “Oh NO, this can not do.”

Both ladies positioned themselves at my cock and began stroking my cock with their mouths. Faster, harder and deeper they took turns jerking me off with their mouths.

In no time I was about to explode, “I’m cumming” I stated. Both girls positioned my cock pointing at their faces and I began to shoot ropes of cum with abandonment.

Moaning as I released my seed onto their awaiting faces, I groaned one last time and milked the last of my cum from my cock. I looked down and they were licking the cum off each other’s face.

After some time Nicole looked up at me and stated,

“Today has been a first for me as well. I have never had anal sex or let a guy shoot on my face or tasted his cum.”

We lay in bed holding each other and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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