Love Thy Lovely Neighbor

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I had gotten my husband off to work. I woke up horny, and tried to get Art to make love to me before he left. He had an important meeting and couldn’t be late. After he was gone, and let my finger slip down to my pussy. I wet it a little with my juices and stroked it a few times. It just didn’t get hard like it usually does. I headed for the den. As I went through the kitchen, and saw Bonnie, my neighbor in her kitchen and waved at her. She’s a lovely lady, a couple of years older than I am. We visit back and forth all the time.

I was still horny and went into the den, and put on my favorite all-girl video. I slipped my gown up around my waist and slowly stroked my clit. On the screen two beautiful women were making passionate love to each other. That woke my clit up. I stroked it slowly and cupped one bared breast and tugged gently on my nipple till it was erect. My pussy juices began to flow, my clit to swell, and poke it’s head out of it’s sheath. I closed my eyes for a moment and let my wet finger slide in circles over my clit. There was a moan from the television. I heard a rustle and thought it was from the TV.

“Well, I hate to interrupt a gal who’s obviously enjoying herself, but I’m out of coffee and thought you might have an extra cup for me.” Bonnie said as she breezed by me into the kitchen. “Don’t stop on my account.” She called back over her shoulder, laughter in her rich voice. “Enjoy!”

Bonnie and I have been neighbors for several years, and are good friends. We’re both outgoing and frank, and have talked about sex in general lots of time. Bonnie is a truly lovely woman, with a full lush body that sets the men on fire, and has given me lots of naughty thoughts too. She’s married, but dresses provocatively to show off her abundant charms. As I waited for my friend to return, it occurred that forgetting to lock the back door might prove to have been a delicious oversight.

Bonnie came back with a cup in her hand, and sat down in a recliner, facing the couch. My fingers were still buried in my pussy, stroking slowly. She looked over at the TV and back at my pussy. She leisurely took a sip of her coffee.

“Girls making it, does it excite you?” She asked.

“It sure does,” I said. “Does it excite you too?” My pussy swelled knowing she was looking at it. I let my thighs spread a little wider. If she wanted to watch, I’d give her a good view. I bursa escort have quite an exhibitionist streak in me.

“Yes.” She said, her eyes leaving mine and moving back down to my pussy. She licked her lips slowly. “Have you made love to many women?”

I spread my pussy lips wide with one hand while the other stroked up and down my wet slit. “Many? No. A select few, yes. I started in college with my best friend. We got a couple of other girls to join us. We still get together sometimes. We are all married now. Art know about my lust for the ladies. He’s watched me on several occasions. When he’s not here, I tell him all the juicy details. You?”

Bonnie chuckled, “I didn’t think Cal could handle it, but when he found me and a lady friend together, he got horny in a hurry. He wound up fucking both of us.” She crossed her thighs, and her house dress slid up a little, revealing her firm white thighs.

“Damn.” I said. “It sound like we are kindred spirits. You are such a sexy wench. I’d love to make love to you. Slide my tongue into your pussy. I know it would be delicious.” With that, I rose, slipped off my nightgown, and held out my hand to my sexy friend.

“You sexy wench,” Bonnie said as she began to strip. “I’ve seen you looking at me, but I wasn’t sure. Cal would like to fuck you, too.” Her bra came off to reveal full, firm breasts with rosy nipples. They swayed tantalizingly as she bent forward to slip off her lacy panties. “How do you like it – hard and fast, or slow and easy?” She stood up. God, what a erotic sight.

“Hard and fast.” I answered. “God, I’m so horny, fingering myself in front of you. Lets take the edge off first. We have the entire day to make love.” I said as I spread my pussy for her.

Bonnie dropped to her knees and removed my hands from my pussy. She looked up at me, with a wicked grin on her face. “Leave it to me! Hard and fast, eh?” I gasped as she grabbed my swollen pussy lips, stretched them apart with a delightful hurt. I squealed as her mouth slammed against my wide-open hole. Her long pointed tongue slid deep into my center wiggling expertly. Her lips sucked my juices out. She tongue fucked me for several minutes before she moved up slightly, and her lips found my swollen clit . Her teeth raked it lightly and then her lips pulled at it.

First one, then two fingers slipped into my slick pussy, and began to move bursa escort bayan in and out. I thrust my hips up to meet her hand, and began to cry out with the pleasure. Bonnie thrust harder and harder, her fingers slammed up inside my body. I could feel my juices flow, and hear the wet sounds as her fingers worked inside me. Her lips and tongue raked my clit, and I exploded in a violent orgasm, my cries filling the room. I came down to earth to feel her tongue gently licking my wet flesh.

Bonnie moved up and lay on top of me, her warm, soft body snuggling between my thighs, her full breasts pressing against mine. We kissed. Her long tongue slipped into my mouth, fenced with mine. I tasted my pussy juices on her lips and tongue.

“God, that was good!” I said, “You really know how to make love to a woman. Now lets go slow. I want to lick every inch of your beautiful body. I want to make long slow, very erotic love to you. It’s been too long since I made love to a woman.”

You talk too much.” Bonnie grinned and covered my mouth with hers. Her hips ground against mine. Our hands explored. We stroked each other for a while, then she pulled away. We moved down to the soft deep throw rug.

We took our time exploring, kissing and caressing. I kissed and licked her body from top to bottom. Her soft skin smelled, and tasted wonderful. Her breasts were a delight to stroke and fondle, and her nipples, I sucked to hard points. Her talented lips sucked my nipples, her teeth lightly nibbled and raked my hard nubs. She licked the underside of my breasts sending shivers through my body. Damn, she was a good lover!

We moved down by a mutual silent accord. Her hot skin slid softly over my body. The soft velvet feel was so erotic. We stroked each other’s backs and ass. Then our kiss moved down to hot soft thighs, and the sensitive skin at the juncture of the thighs. It always gives me goodbumps when that area is kissed and licked. Bonnie gave me a great many goosebumps, before she moved over and parted my pussy lips, and slid her talented tongue into my wet center again.

She moved above me , her hips wiggling down to meet my mouth. I parted her neat pussy lips, and licked up and down her slick sex. She tasted delicious, and I loved the clean womanly odor of her excited sex. I slipped my tongue inside her, moving it around in her hot wet flesh. Meanwhile her long tongue escort bursa was thrusting in and out of me. Her fingers stroked my pussy, then moved back to circle my asshole and press inside it. I moaned and pressed back against her finger. Slowly, and gently she sucked my swollen clit between her lips, in and out, in and out. Her lips felt heavenly on my swollen clit. It felt about to burst. Bolts, like electricity, shot through my body, coming from my clit. It seemed to swell till I thought it would explode.

“I love your clit.” Bonnie said, her words muffled by my pussy. “It’s so long, I can almost wrap my lips around it. I could suck it all day.”

“You talk too much,” I barely managed to say. “Eat me, you lovely bitch.”

Her lips sucked my clit hard, her tongue rubbed the sensitive underside and I exploded. Afterward, we made long slow love, and came again and again. When we were spent, we took a shower together, washing each other off playfully. Our laughter echoed in the tiled bath. Her body was a delight to slide my own body against while we were wet and slippery. We ate lunch totally nude, had a couple of drinks, then went back to the bedroom. We spent the whole afternoon making wonderful love, delighted by the thought that there would be many more days of love ahead of us.

The afternoon spent, we took another delightful shower together before she left. My body felt invigorated by the lovemaking. I hummed as I changed the sheets on the bed, and on the way to the laundry room, held them up to my nose, and I could smell the wonderful odor of our lovemaking on them. I almost hated to wash them.

That evening, after dinner, I told Art about Bonnie, and gave him a very detailed description of her lovely body, sparing no detail, and how she had made love to me. His cock reared to it’s full length as I told him the juicy details. I bent forward over the sofa arm, and he drove into me from behind. As he pumped his raging cock inside me, I told him he could fuck Bonnie, but he’d have to be patient about it. I wanted the beautiful Bonnie all to myself for a few days before he got to fuck her, and Cal fucked me. .

Arthur fucked me three times before he was spent. The next day, as we made wonderful love again, Bonnie said the same thing happened to her. Cal had been almost insatiable. We are going to hold the guys off for a few days to build up their interest, and lust. We have been talking about just how we want the two to make love to us, as we make love to each other, at the same time. Ohh, my juices are already starting to flow. We have never had a foursome before. The possibilities!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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