Loving to Like Ch. 02

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Troy ponders the impact of last night’s cocksucking performance for his girlfriend. After sucking off Molly’s ex-boyfriend, Molly invites her best friend to bring her boyfriend over for a repeat. Troy soon finds himself sucking off Nelson and Alex (again!) while Karen and Molly encourage him.


Just after seven thirty in the morning, Troy wasn’t expecting a knock at his front door. Setting aside the tissue he had used for his orgasm, he padded naked to the door, peering through the peephole at Molly. Laughing, he swung open the door. “Hey baby.”

She flashed him a smile before her eyes drifted lower, spying his still firm, but spent prick. “I missed it, didn’t I?”

Laughing harder, he nodded. “By mere minutes.”

Kissing him after stepping inside his apartment, her hand caressed what remained of his hard-on. Glancing at the TV, she frowned. “You jerked off to Sports Center?”

“Not even close,” he said, nodding at his laptop. While she sat on the couch, he made coffee for the two of them.

“Damn, baby,” Molly said, pulling his laptop closer. “Guess I wasn’t your inspiration this morning, was I?”

“Depends on how you think about it. You’re the one who turned me into a cocksucker.”

“That’s such a harsh word.”

“How about fag?”

“Nah, my politically correct friends say that’s like using the ‘n’ word.”

“Okay, then you pick the word,” he said, carrying over two cups from his pod style coffee machine. Sitting next to her on the couch, he clicked the home button on his browser. “So what brings you by so early on a Saturday?”

“Honestly? I was hoping to either catch you in the act or beat you to it. You really jerk off this early in the morning?”

“Not always, but I had an interesting evening.”

“From the text messages I received this morning, so did Alex. He seems to think he proved something to me last night.”

“Did he?”

She finished blowing across the lip of her cup before answering. “That a straight man whose willing to go gay for me is a hundred times more attractive than a gay acting boyfriend who won’t even give it a try.”

“Maybe he’s afraid he’ll like it.”

Molly giggled. “He did say you did a good job.”

“Do you wish he had sucked me, too?”

She shook her head. “I knew he wouldn’t, but I thought it was cute when you offered.”

Troy smirked. “You caught that?”

“Come on, Troy. We’ve been together too long for me not to understand your sense of humor. You knew he wouldn’t do it, too.”

“But you knew I’d do it, didn’t you?”

“I guess. I mean, you said you would, so why wouldn’t you?”

“Because it’s gay.”

“Are you a fag now?” she asked.

“I thought you said that was a bad word.”

“No, my politically correct friends say it’s a bad word. Personally, I think it’s cute. So, you didn’t answer my question. Are you gay now?”

“Not even close,” he said, putting a hand on her thigh. “But I do feel, I don’t know, enlightened? I’m glad I did it twice. The first time, you surprised me. The second time, I think I enjoyed it more.”

“Something you want to do again?”

“Something I would do again with or for you, otherwise? I don’t think I roll that way.”

“That makes it sexier for me.”

“Oh really? How sexy?” he asked, his hand sliding farther up her thigh until he cupped the seam of jeans. Troy pressed against the general area where her clitoris would be. Molly squirmed.

“Stop it or you’re going to ruin my surprise for you.”

“What surprise?”

Picking up her large, oversized purse, Molly fished inside its depths and pulled out a long, fat dildo. She handed it to him. “Kong, this is Troy. Troy, meet Kong.”

“Fuck me,” he said, measuring the big toy’s heft in his hand. It felt like at least a pound of latex, maybe more. While it was shaped like a cock, complete with a cockhead and vein details along its shaft, it was too long and thick to ever be real. Measuring with his thumb and finger, he wasn’t able to close around it. “Where did you get this?”

“It was a gag gift at a bachelor party. For years, it stayed in my underwear drawer and one, drunk night, after a failed date, I tried it out.”

“Show me,” he said, handing it back to her.

“Now?” Troy nodded. Molly stared at him for a moment before setting down her coffee cup to undress. Naked, she propped one heel on the couch and left her other foot on the floor. In her tiny hands, the toy looked even bigger. “I have to get really wet first,” she explained, opening her mouth wide and putting her mouth around the big fake cock as if she was trying to blow it. With her other hand, she rubbed her pussy.

“Ever show this toy to anyone else?” he asked, caressing her chest and rolling a stiff nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Never,” she said, lowering the toy between her legs. She needed both hands to hold and guide it. At first, she pressed the big cockhead against her pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit and making it wetter. Leaning back, she positioned the big toy against her pussy and pushed. “Oh fuck,” she moaned as it began Ankara bayan escort to fill her. “Fuck yeah.” It took her a couple tries to find a comfortable position, but once she did, he watched her pussy lips wrapping around the toy, moving with it as she eased it in and out. Molly looked at Troy as she did it, watching him watching her, and as far as he could tell, it added to the thrill for her. Grabbing his hand, she put it on the base of the toy. “Fuck me with it, Troy. Make me cum.”

Afraid of hurting her, Troy eased the toy in and out of her shallow strokes. When that wasn’t enough for her, she rested her hand on top of his, guiding him. Molly urged him to do it faster and deeper than he would have dared without her help. He saw the bud of her clitoris right above the big toy, seeing it rock back and forth as he moved the toy and realized she would need nothing else.

“Come for me,” he told her, moving to lean over her and kiss her lips as he fucked her with the big toy. She kissed him back, moaning into his mouth. With his free hand, he clutched at her chest and was pulling on one of her nipples when her orgasm arrived. His lips never left hers until her orgasm was done. As he felt her relax from her orgasm, he pulled the toy from her pussy and did something he never did before. He put the toy in his mouth, tasting her from the latex.

“Size queen,” Molly giggled, watching him.

“That was intense,” Troy said, setting the toy upright on his coffee table. He smiled. He liked how it looked there.

“Mm, looks as if I wasn’t the only who enjoyed that.” Sitting up, Molly slipped her hand between Troy’s legs, rubbing he renewed hard-on. When Troy picked up his coffee, she smirked as he casually sipped it. “Did you really have fun last night?”

“Ask me after we play with Karen.”

“Maybe Karen wants to see you suck dick.”

“You told her what we were going to do?”

Molly grinned, reaching for her coffee cup with her free hand. “Not yet, but I usually tell her everything.”

“Has she met Kong?”

“No, you’re the only person who’s met Kong. I mean, the girls at the party knew about it, but none of them ever asked me what happened to it.”

“Call her,” Troy said, his eyes narrow and daring. “Call and tell her what happened last night and now I want my payback.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

Troy nodded. “Is it too early?”

“One way to find out,” Molly said, picking up her cell and sending a text. A moment later, it chirped with a reply. “She said she’ll call me in a minute.”

Troy wondered if it was possible to know Molly without knowing Karen Parker, too. So many of Molly’s stories started with the phrase, “This one time, with Karen….” Where Molly had the cute, girl next door look about her, Karen was dark and exotic looking. Dark olive skin, a cute button nose, and long, wavy dark hair gave Karen a unique look. Troy often wondered how many men spent so much time staring at her tits that they missed seeing the cute dimples dotting both cheeks. He didn’t know why he liked her dimples as much as he did. He guessed because it was so obvious when she was delighted. According to Molly’s explanation, they met as inexperienced freshmen and were determined to finish college as worldly women, trying everything twice (because who can tell after just once?) and three times if they liked it.

“He-eey,” Molly sang, answering her cell on the first ring. “Guess who watched her boyfriend go gay last night?” Troy stared at how quickly she jumped to the chase. “Troy and Alex… Right, I know! No, Troy did the sucking, all the sucking. Alex is a fucking wimp… No, I know! We gave him a chance. Troy waved his dick in his face.” Molly giggled. “You should have seen how Alex panicked.”

Picking up coffee cups, Troy made more coffee. Standing in the living room while the pod machine squirted out coffee, he listened to Molly’s version of last night. He noticed the way she caressed her naked body as she talked, retelling the story and thrilling as she did it. It was interesting hearing her take on things, including how she took advantage of Alex. “Well, when he called me, it was the same old thing. I told him I couldn’t be with a man who didn’t go both ways and you know how he is. He wanted to negotiate. So, I told him he needed to let my boyfriend suck him off.” She listened for a moment, laughed, and picked up the thread. “No, I said it just like that. I told him Troy was my boyfriend and was all man, because, you know he is.” Troy missed a piece when he ducked into the kitchen to swap cups. “…probably felt like a wimp meeting a real man.” He carried the first cup to Molly. “That’s what made it so sexy when Troy did it.” She listened. “Fuck yeah, he did it! He sucked that limp wristed Alex as if he was a crack-ho hoping to make a score. And it was soooo hot seeing him to do it. I mean, my man, my manly man, on his knees with that big dick in his mouth….” Troy grabbed his cup of coffee, catching the tail end of the story, “I made him eat his cum, too. Fuck that was so hot!”

Troy leaned against the opening to his kitchen, wondering Escort bayan Ankara if he should go back to the couch or give Molly her space. Deciding it was more interesting to listen, he stayed put when she started to explain her thrill. “I don’t know why it gets to me like that,” Molly told her friend. “It’s hotter that I know he’s straight. Makes it sort of wrong to see him with a big dick in his mouth. And he swallowed, both times! That was so damn hot! Remember when we did that thing, with those guys?” She sipped her coffee. “I kept hoping one of them one do it… I know! That’s so stupid, isn’t it? Why is it okay for us to kiss after they go down on us, but it’s not okay for them to kiss us after we go down on them? I hate guys like that. Remember Tim? He used to make me brush my teeth after I sucked his dick…. I know, that’s just what I did, too, I stopped sucking him….” Troy didn’t know who Tim was, but didn’t think it mattered. He knew he wasn’t dating a saint, regardless of innocent she looked. “I don’t know, Karen. I just know I need a guy who’s not afraid of his sexuality.”

Molly turned, looking for Troy and saw him leaning near the kitchen. She waved him close, caressing him as he moved past her to sit next in front of his laptop again. “He said he liked it. He did it twice… Right, I know, that was our rule, too!” Molly laughed before answering the question Troy couldn’t hear. “I think he would. I’d have to ask,” she slipped her hand between his legs again, never dropping the thread of her conversation. “…if he could suck dick again for me, would he?” Troy nodded. “I bet he would.” Another pause was followed by another flutter of laughter from Molly. “I don’t know, maybe. Depends. What if he has a condition? What if he says he would only do it if he can fuck you, too?” Molly’s smile stretched wide as she pointed at her phone, nodding her head. “Would he do it?” After a longer pause, Molly asked, “I guess that just leaves when, what are you two doing this afternoon?”

After they made plans, Molly hung up her phone. “Good news and bad news,” she told him, rubbing his still hard cock. “Karen says she’ll fuck you, but first, she wants to see you suck her boyfriend.”

“And I don’t get a say in this?”

Molly blinked. “Shit, I’m sorry. I can call her back.”

Troy put his hand on hers, stopping her. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it, I was just asking if I have a say.” He gave her a big, reassuring smile. “When and where?”

“Here?” she said, looking worried.

“Damn, you really are a pushy bitch, aren’t you?” Troy said. He laughed, grabbed her and pulled her on top of his lap.

“You still like me, don’t you?” she asked, angling until his hard prick slipped inside her pussy.

“I love liking you,” he told her and kissed her deeply. “You know I’m going to fuck the shit out of Karen, right? And I want to do it right in front of you.”

“What if I get jealous?” she asked, rocking against him.

“Won’t happen. You’ll be too busy watching and fucking yourself with Kong.”

“No way!” she protested, but he felt the way her pussy gave his prick an excited clench.

“Careful or I’ll decide you should be playing with it when they show up.” Her pussy gave his prick another excited squeeze.

“Yeah? Well maybe I’ll call Alex and ask if he wants to come by for a repeat performance,” she suggested and he felt her pussy clench around him again. He went with it, enjoying the game and how excited it was making her.

“Is that what you want?” Troy asked. “Do you want to see me sucking two big dicks for you?”

“Oh fuck,” she moaned, moving her hands to his shoulders for leverage. She bounced up and down on his lap. “Stop it. You’re going to make me come.”

“I’d do it,” he said, clutching at her chest again. “I’ll suck all that cock for you. All of it, baby. And then I’ll fuck you so hard you’ll walk funny for days.”

“Oh yes!” she cried out. “Yes! Yes! YEE-EES!” Without his earlier orgasm, Troy doubted he would have maintained his control, but he did. When her orgasm passed, he pulled her away. “But you didn’t get off,” she said, caressing the hard, throbbing fuckstick between them.

“I’m saving myself for Karen,” he said.

“Careful or I really will call Alex.”

“Do it,” he said, surprising himself, too.

It was two o’clock before Karen showed up with her latest boy-toy, Nelson Douglas. Like Troy, Nelson was an ex-jock, former military, and quick to joke around. Once inside the apartment, Nelson spied the big sex toy sitting upright on Troy’s coffee table where Troy insisted Molly leave it. “Now is that yours or hers?” Nelson asked, grinning and handing over the twelve pack of beer he carried.

“All hers,” Troy assured him. “It’s called Kong.”

“Good name,” Nelson said, eyeing Molly. He cut right to the chase. “Karen said if your boyfriend can’t get me off, you would.”

“Deal,” Molly said, kissing both of them on the cheek.

Beers were passed around as they settled around the big coffee table on the even bigger sectional sofa. Molly and Karen sat next to each other, leaving Troy and Nelson Bayan escort Ankara to do the same. Nelson stayed as open and candid as when he walked in. “So dude, you’re really willing to blow me just for a chance to fuck Karen?”

Troy shook his head. “No, I’m willing to blow you because it gets my girlfriend off. Fucking Karen is just a perk.”

“So, if I blow you, can I have a turn at Molly?”

Laughing, Troy shrugged. “Dude, I don’t need a blow job from you. Everything else is up to Molly and Karen, not me. If you want to fuck her, ask her, not me.”

Nelson studied Troy for a long moment. “For real? I mean, I’m not saying that’s going to happen, but if it did, you wouldn’t care?”

“You’re going to let me fuck your girl.”

“Aw, you’ve known Karen longer than me. Do you think I really have a choice in the matter.”

Troy laughed. Meeting Karen was a rite of passage for dating Molly and it felt like it worked in reverse, too. He remembered the double date six months ago and the way Molly peppered Nelson with questions through-out dinner. A year earlier, the same thing had happened to Troy, with Karen asking the questions. “Is it going bother you if I tap her?”

Nelson shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe? I’ve never shared like this before.”

“Well, let’s see how it plays out,” Troy said, tapping his beer can against Nelson’s. He was attracted to Karen, but didn’t want to cause drama.

The knock at the door was Alex. As he walked in, Karen gave him a two dimple smile. “Hey, I remember you!” Sliding down the sectional sofa, she made room for him between her and Molly. After handing him a beer, Troy returned to the far end of the big sofa, closer to Nelson. Sipping his beer, he watched and listened as Nelson was introduced and acquaintances were made. Karen led the conversation in the right direction, running a hand up Alex’s leg until she cupped his crotch. “Finally I’ll get to see if this looks as good as Molly said it did.”

Seeing Nelson squirm uneasily, Troy leaned closer to him. “Hey, I’m the one doing the sucking, not her.”

“Better you than me,” Nelson said, looking relieved. He tapped his can against Troy’s as a thank you.

“Be honest, who gives the better blow job, Troy or Molly?” Karen asked the only man qualified to answer the question.

“Molly,” Alex reported.

“Aw, you’re just sucking up,” Nelson told him.

“No, it was me doing the sucking,” Troy said, keeping the mood light.

“Speaking of which, when does the show begin?” Karen wanted to know.

Troy shrugged. “I guess once everyone is naked.”

“Why don’t you put on one of those movies,” Molly suggested, passing Troy the remote. As he changed the channel, she traded places with Alex, putting him next to Nelson while Karen moved to sit between Nelson and Troy. Molly’s hand moved where Karen’s had been, between Alex’s legs, rubbing and squeezing a bulge that began to grow. Alex reached across, caressing her chest, but when he moved to kiss her, she pulled away, looking at Troy. “Okay?” she asked. Troy nodded, remembering what she had said about how bad of a kisser Alex was.

“What about you, baby?” Karen asked her boyfriend, rubbing the front of his pants, too. “Is it okay if Troy has a little fun with me, too?”

“All things considered,” he said, looking past Karen at Troy. “Go for it, man.”

Troy rubbed the front of his pants, sure that he was first to be completely hard. Seeing Alex caressing and kissing his girlfriend didn’t do much for him, but seeing her groping him did. He watched her small hand rubbing and caressing the front of Alex’s designer jeans. Knowing what was behind that denim barrier made it more exciting for him. Karen had a good reason to be curious about seeing Alex’s dick, especially if she preferred them long and thick.

Nelson caught Troy’s eye, nodding at Karen. “Dude, want to help me here?” Reaching across, Troy caressed one of Karen’s full, large breasts. How many times had fantasized about doing this? It was an easy question to answer, since the first time he saw her. Karen’s small waist and tiny ass left a man’s eyes to notice her oversized chest. While Troy preferred a woman who was a bit lighter on top, he was still a man and still felt a man’s attraction to large breasts, even if it was for the novelty of them. He was surprised to find her tits full and firm instead of soft and doughy as with other large breasted women he had known. When Nelson popped the center clasp of her bra, the fabric fell away, allowing Troy to touch her bare breasts. He felt his cock straining against his pants.

“She has great tits, doesn’t she?” Molly asked Troy, reaching across Alex and Nelson to grab one, too.

“Mm, baby, is this starting to get to you?” Karen asked her boyfriend. She began working the front of his pants, snaking her hand inside. “Ooo, it is. Can we show Troy what he’s going to suck?” Nelson kissed and groped Karen while she tugged at his clothes. It wasn’t long before he was the first person naked in the room. “Doesn’t this look yummy?” Karen asked Troy, stroking Nelson’s hard cock. Troy watched her hand working up and down the man’s shaft. Nelson’s length and girth rivaled his own, both pleasing and disappointing Troy who half wanted Nelson to be bigger than Alex just on principle. He noticed a slight left hand curve to Nelson’s big prick.

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