Lydia Ch. 03

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By Dan57 and Cih

Lydia woke up early as she had to walk three miles to the cotton fields. The other workers used pick up lorries but it was for her an easy way to exercise somewhat. Cotton harvesting is tedious but not overmuch demanding. The only problem was the terrible heat of the Indian summer. The workers used to start working early in the morning and take shelter during the warmest hours and return working later when the heat had dwindled. She was quite curious : it would be the first time she would have a Dalit overseer. On the previous occasions, she had been considered as an apprentice who worked under the supervision of an experienced cotton picker. If the overseer commended her work, she would have a little pay increase and would be allowed to work alone : fields are not always quite extensive as the soil in the vicinity was often cut by deep gullies.

Cotton is still often harvested by hand in India and the main interest is that you don’t need defoliation prior to harvesting with mechanical machines. The defoliant used is an arsenide compound, thus a dangerous pollutant! Lydia felt proud to take a small part in the reduction of general pollution on Earth. That was one of the reasons that had made her choose Uttar Pradesh as her final destination! In her own way, Lydia was an ecologist but few of them would accept to toil under the scorching sun as she was doing for such a very modest pay!

The overseer was quite friendly, perhaps too much as he patted quite familiarly Lydia’s bottom… Was it just a really friendly pat, an assessment of her reactions, of her submissive tendencies, mayhap! Just if she overreacted, he may block her admission to the post she wanted. She finally opted not to react. She would be sure not to antagonize him and he would certainly not be more demanding than Sir Nigam or Vikash… Lydia looked really at him for the first time : so far she had kept her eyes downcast, looking at his shoes and no higher. She gulped instinctively when she looked at him straight in the eyes… He looked fine, with wrinkles on his forehead and on the corner of his eyes, his hair was thick and greying and he had very attractive, almost fascinating green eyes. He was slender with well-toned muscles. Lydia’s heart skipped a beat or two : this man was mature, maybe twenty or thirty years older than she was but he just radiated self assurance. She felt insanely attracted to him, far more than anything she had felt before!

He was impersonating what Lydia’s previous boyfriends had desperately lacked. In front of him, she felt totally secure, he was a rock on which a girl could seek support, a safe harbour for the ship in a tempest! She tried to retrieve her calm : was she getting mad? This old Dalit may be wise and experienced but he was far too old for her! She couldn’t fall in love with such an old timer! And she barely knew him : he may be the worst rascal in private! But she had to admit she was desperately attracted by him! Was it love on first sight? What would her old colleagues in Toronto think of her? They would most probably laugh at her, remembering she had just discarded gorgeous and rich men like Jack Driscoll who was the owner of the journal she worked for to fall desperately in love for an old Dalit that would accept the dirtiest tasks to earn a living!

She shrugged her shoulders : maybe it bakırköy escort was her Karma! She pushed her breasts forward and sucked in her belly in order to offer this man her best figure. She knew she was using the basic seduction recipes for desperate girls wanting to seduce a potential mate. She was ashamed of it but she continued : she turned to offer him her best profile and flashed him a beaming smile. She redoubled her efforts to gather more cotton, desperately trying to impress that man… Suddenly a sinewy hand caught hers! It was HE!

– Calm down, please, Lydia! You were making a nice job and now you are getting feverish! You couldn’t sustain this rhythm for twelve hours! At least, I couldn’t! Relax and save your strength!

This gentle scolding had broken a wall between them. She turned toward him when she found anything unusual, such as a worm or a moth or a fungus attacking the plant. Amit was the perfect professor, calm, precise and encouraging and Lydia was the perfect pupil, concentrated and attentive… That pushed them even closer… During the pause from noon to 4 PM, they found some shadow under an old tree, away from the other workers. Amit had chosen a place where they were out of sight from every one in the vicinity, hidden by several shrubs. She had followed him with no invitation from him. Her heart was pumping wildly in her chest although he had made no move on her! Was she just imagining things? She was a lowly Dalit girl but he was just a Dalit worker, wasn’t he?

They lay side-to-side, waiting for the heat to subside somewhat. Amit took Lydia’s hand between his fingers and rubbed gently her palm in circles without a word. A lightning ran along her spine and she felt an incredible arousal. She closed her eyes in rapture, parted her lips and turned toward Amit. She wanted him to take her, town, her, even if he never touched her again in the future. It was primeval lust! He bent down on her and covered her mouth with his lips. Their kiss started with just a contact between their mouths but it evolved quite rapidly into a frantic French kiss. Amit’s tongue started to explore her mouth, sweeping her teeth and waging a terrible battle with her tongue.

Lydia put her arms around Amit’s head in an amorous embrace. She realized that her ardour was mostly due to her many sexual encounters of the last days. She had felt nothing for Sir Nigam or Vikash and she had been frustrated by their loveless fucking. She probably overreacted with Amit but it was filling a terrible void in her heart. She arched her back and sat down to help him remove her saree and her other garments… She no longer cared risking being discovered by another cotton gatherer… Amit very gently grabbed her hair and pulled her head toward his crotch. She parted slightly her lips and let him invade her mouth. She concentrated on giving him the best head she could : he was the man she had always desired, she had dreamed of snuggling in the arms of someone she would love and fate had decided it would be some old Dalit and not some young, handsome and rich athlete!

Lydia rode above Amit and rubbed her tits from his crotch to his mouth. He moaned in protest, anxious for a more intimate contact. Without losing the contact with Amit, she rode him until his cock wedged itself in the valley of her pussy. She slightly lifted her lips to find bakırköy bayan escort a better angle of penetration and bore down on him. She was so impatient that he rammed his cock halfway into her pussy in a single shove. She wondered why he had not gone any deeper : her pussy was dripping wet and their playful caresses had excited her so much that her pussy lips were wide open with the pink showing between them. She turned her head toward his cock she had not just watched so far. Lydia gasped as Amit was really well endowed, far better than Sir Nigam or even Vikash. He was more than ten inches long and almost like a beer can in circumference! No wonder she hadn’t been able to take it all in a single shove!

Lydia withdrew gently by about two inches and slid back on his thick pole. This time, it went deeper into her… all the way in fact as it banged on her closed cervix… There were two inches of his cock remaining outside. She got frustrated : she wanted to do her duty as a female : accommodating her mate’s cock fully in her pussy. Amit calmed her down in his soothing voice :

– Hush, puppy! We will have other occasions to pry you further open! Let’s enjoy what we have and leave us other mountains to climb!

– Sure, luv but two inches and a half, I would say! I will never get that deeper!

– Don’t worry! There are ways! But not today! Shut up and enjoy!

Lydia was surprised to accept receiving orders without reaction : Vikash and his two assistant had been policemen and she had been accustomed to follow policemen’s orders and Sir Nigam’s cock was just shorter! These men had extensively used her but there had been no love between them! This was actually the first time since her arrival in India that she felt in love. Yes she had said it : her immediate lust for Amit had already transformed into actual love! She no longer thought of her former sweethearts! Everything considered, that was what she had been looking for when she had come to India!

Amit started the age old seesawing of his cock in her pussy. He had understood that Lydia was for some reason not accustomed to the complex games of the Kama Sutra! It had no real importance : If their coupling was ephemeral, he would just forget her but if it lasted some time, he would have time to teach her all the knowledge of ancient India and he would be a dedicated teacher! Her tight cunt made him cum all too soon : he shot a huge load of sticky semen inside her hungry pussy. She also came and he really enjoyed feeling her tight cunt grabbing his cock and milking it for all he was worth. She shoved her tongue in his mouth and he spewed a last salvo into her pussy… He waited until he had recovered his breath and then pulled out.

Lydia wasn’t even winded. She turned on her belly and took Amit’s cock into her mouth. She wasn’t disgusted by the thick wads of cum on his cock at all! She sucked and slurped on his cock as if it was the finest dessert for her! She remembered what Sir Nigam had ordered her to do and she managed to take more of it in her mouth. She was surprised to be able to accommodate him deep in her throat without suffocating. She had just discovered that she was able to deepthroat Amit and that filled her with pride! Meanwhile, he hadn’t left his hands idle. As she was bent above him, he was playing with her hanging tits… She had orgasm bayan escort bakırköy after orgasm with no lag in between! She drowned in a tempest of delicious torment. She hadn’t fainted, just lost contact with the reality. She screamed Amit’s name several times and finally snuggled in his embrace, whispering to him :

– I love you, Amrit! You are the man I have always wished to encounter!

– And I think that I love you, too, Lydia! There is just the problem of our age difference : you’ll still be a pretty woman when I will become elderly and useless for you. Perhaps you should look for a younger man! India is vast : you would find someone more suitable for you than I am!!

– Don’t speak of horrible things : I want to live with you! I don’t want to impose myself on you! Mai just ask a question : where are you staying?

– Oh! My job forces me to travel a lot! I use local boarding houses. I don’t have a real home!

– Now you have a home that will await you whenever you are nearby. I’ll give you a key!

– Ok, luv! I am about to leave for two or three weeks but I’ll ask my son to come and visit you, just in case you need anything. That will give you the opportunity to meet him!

– Oh, you have a son! Then you must have a wife!

– I had one. She died twenty years ago. You know European and American companies make tests for new medicines to investigate side effects and they do it often in India, offering poor people treatments they couldn’t afford normally. My wife took such medicines to recover after she had delivered her first baby and she died from these side effects : kidneys complete blockade!

– Oh sorry, Amit!

– No fuss : it’s just my personal history, now!

– I wondered how a man as gorgeous as you are might have remained single : you are no younger!

– Thank you for the gorgeous side but I am more dubitative about my lack of youth! I am going to show you this evening when we return to your home what an old timer like me can still do!

As soon as he closed the door behind them, Amit laid Lydia on the bed and shed her clothes. In no time, he started entering her pussy. She was as pliant as a rag doll and he was soon balls deep into her cunt. She was moaning softly but her whispers were just endearing words, telling Amit how deeply she was attached to him, how much she loved being shagged by him. She even told him she was ready to carry as many babies he would want from her! That she would stop taking contraceptive pills just when he would tell her to do so! A pregnancy was a major decision but she was determined to act as any Indian woman! Having ten or twelve children was not so uncommon among Lydia’s neighbours! Lydia started grinding her cunt into Amit’s crotch. He was glancing avidly to her nice tits jiggling happily with each thrust in her pussy! Amit was getting ready to cum. He warned his mate :

– Brace yourself for another cum injection in your sweet pussy, darling!

That was the first time he had used this sweet name for her in her house. Lydia wished he would make a habit of it! He spewed his seed once more in her pussy : God he seemed tireless with this female. She was certainly not ordinary. When he was near her, his cock was constantly itching to get into her pussy, her ass or her mouth but he would probably enjoy rubbing it between her gorgeous tits! She was making any male in the vicinity transform into a wild stallion! When he had cummed, Lydia bent down and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked his sperm down her throat like the cum slut she was when she was in Amit’s embrace!

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