Magic Girl Ch. 01

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Before I went to college I never considered myself a lesbian or anything close to it, but after a few months I began noticing that more and more I’d catch myself looking at other girls – and not just smiling and trying to be friendly. I was looking at them and finding my self actually attracted – sexually – to them.

Now for me that was a big problem. I’m Japanese American and my parents are very strict, even in this day and age. Their daughters must be proper, but be ladylike and have good manners and be quiet and respectful. You’re brought up even being embarrassed about the noise your pee makes when it hits the toilet water! I’m all of these things and always have been, but when I thought about how they would want me to marry a Japanese American boy – a successful one at that – and not really say it but ‘hint’ until I did, I felt trapped.

But then in college these other things started to take the place of worry over my future. My parents live on the West Coast and my college was in the Southeast so there were many miles separating us. And that was fine with me.

Of course I didn’t just do the normal thing for a repressed girl and go out and be a slut – not right away anyhow! But I did start to masturbate a lot more. Lots in fact – sometimes three times a day. But more and more I began to fantasize about certain girls I’d seen on campus that day and I found that I enjoyed my private times a lot more that way. I’d masturbated over guys in the past but they’d always been Asian guys that I saw or met. Then I drifted into White guys and then even Black guys, but that’s when I started thinking of White girls, other Asian girls, and then Black girls. That’s the one that really did it for me. It was not only the most opposite of what my parents would want, but just really incredibly alluring for me personally. I don’t know why but it was. They were just so sexy and outgoing and happy and…beautiful with their dark skin and the way their bone structure was and everything. Like some sort of exotic Princess of Africa!

And there was one in particular I started thinking about – a lot. Angela. She was a bit taller than me, full boobs, nice body and a really pretty face. I saw her that one time in practice – she’s on the waterpolo team, I’m on the diving team – and just…I dunno, fell for her. I guess you could say I had a crush on her. She had such a cute butt too. Long legs, everything. I messed up my dive right after that because I was thinking about her and how it would be to…you know.

When I was in the showers afterwards I was still spacing out on her, to the point where I turned and two of my teammates were making out like 10 feet away and I hadn’t even noticed. I knew they were a couple and I have to admit I’d masturbated over them more than once. They’re a cute couple, both of them really pretty, both white and both obviously athletically built. Like me too I guess. I’m not typical sushi girl material though. I’m tall, taller than my parents, but I’m flat and thin. I’ve got shorter legs than my body – that kind of thing.

But at least I’m tall – 5’8″.

So there they were, hugged up against each other under the shower, kissing and stuff, but this time it really didn’t get to me. I mean okay, it’s sexy, but I was still seeing Angela in my mind and so I just walked passed them.

“Kyra, we’re open for a third, if you like!” one of them joked and I just waved my hand back at her as I left. I’m so repressed I didn’t even respond to their humor!

As I was drying myself I happened to glance over and saw Angela strolling by, way down at the end of the row of lockers. She had on red shorts and zori (flip-flops) and a tee-shirt and just that quick little side glimpse of her just made my heart stop. I think my mouth fell open too. I must’ve looked really stupid like that but then I was sure.

“You trying to catch flies with that mouth girl?” a voice said. It was my coach. I blinked, shut my mouth and looked over at her. She was leaning up against a pillar, smiling.

“No,” I said. “I was…I just remembered something from an exam that I realized I didn’t know…”



“I bet it is something about an exam but I’ll bet it’s oral and it has something to do with Angela, am I mistaken?” I froze. I never thought I’d be caught so easily. I’m usually so careful about averting my eyes and taking only the quickest of peeks and looking away fast and all that. My mind was blank.. I couldn’t think of anything to say.


“That’s okay sweetie,” coach said. “She’s a really sweet, quiet, fine young lady. You could do worse you know. But actually I’ve come to clue you in to something; if you two were on the same actual team, I’d be opposed to it, totally, so don’t worry about that. The thing is, I’ve noticed Angela ‘noticing’ you too. Did you know that?”

I shook my head, put my towel down and stepped into my panties.

“Happened the other day,” coach went on. “You were on the three meter board and she was just standing there staring at you. She had like torbalı escort this… look in her eyes, you know?”

When I didn’t answer, coach, slapped her clipboard and turned to go.

“Just don’t the two of you wait too long huh?” she said, and went off down the hall. I stared after her for a moment, then pulled my shirt on, got my pareo wrapped around me, and gathered up my things. I closed my locker and went out, both hoping I’d see Angela and not see her. I mean, it’s one thing to fantasize about a person, but quite another to actually meet them and talk with them and maybe even…you know.

She wasn’t anywhere around to be seen when I emerged from the dressing rooms and I breathed a sigh of relief. It was okay now; I could go back to my room and do things to myself, knowing now that the object of my affection had actually looked at me that way. Me!

“Hey girl,” a voice said softly from behind and above me. I turned and there she was leaning over the edge of the bleachers.

“Hi,” I said, and I felt faint. She was so beautiful. So black and perfect and gorgeous. Then she pulled back and jogged down the stairs and a moment later she was standing right in front of me. She wasn’t as tall as I’d thought. She was my own height exactly.

“You wanna…I dunno…go get a coffee or something?” she said and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest – which would’ve been awful because it would’ve bounced off her and left a bloody mark or something! I nodded and she smiled. “You sure don’t say much, do you?” I shook my head and then felt even more stupid than before.

As we strolled along the curving paths through campus I felt so excited inside I thought I was going to explode. Here I was, walking beside the girl of my fantasies and dreams. I felt embarrassed to even look over at her because of all the shameful things I’d fantasized about her! But I did look. I had to. Little glances and then back. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her in fact, but a couple of times she was looking right at me when I looked and our eyes met. We both laughed nervously and then, thankfully, we were at the coffee place. We went in and it was like very pair of eyes was on us for some reason. I knew I wasn’t imagining it because I looked and saw. Some of our teammates were there, but even non teammates were looking. I didn’t find out until way later that she and I were sort of celebrities because of how well we did in this one previous match. I was oblivious to it at that point and still am – it’s just what I do. I enjoy diving and if I’m good at it then great. Angela knew it though, but it didn’t phase her at all. We just went up to the counter and ordered then leaned back against the wall to wait.

“I really enjoy watching you dive,” she whispered. “You’re so graceful.”

“Thanks.” I said. I was glad my mouth finally decided to work. “I enjoy watching you guys going for it. It’s really exciting; lots of action.”


“Me, it’s just trying not to get killed.” I said and Angela broke up laughing. She calmed right away though, trying not to draw attention to us. It was pointless though, everybody was still staring over the coffee cups. Then, still chuckling, she leaned close to my ear. I thought she was going to joke about something else, but I was wrong.

“God girl,” she whispered quickly and softly, “You’re even sweeter than I imagined!” Then she leaned back laughing and I laughed too even though my nipples were soon to be an embarrassment for me by becoming visible through my tee-shirt, and my pussy had just about squirted down my leg. Other than that I was fine. I was smiling, wishing I could get her back like she’d gotten me. I finally decided to do it. I leaned toward her and she turned her ear to me.

“…and you are so edible it’s crazy,” I said. “I want to just run my tongue right up your leg…” Then I pulled back chuckling as if over a joke, and she laughed and nodded, but her eyes were right on me, looking like she couldn’t believe it but was impressed and pleased. Heck, I couldn’t even believe I’d said something so bold to someone else! Then our coffee was ready and we got it and paid and walked casually past all our ‘fans’ and went out the door. Once outside we both cracked up laughing.

“Damn but you know how to play, woman!” she laughed, and we sipped our steaming coffee and made our way slowly toward one of the fields. It was getting near sunset so it was…romantic actually. And since there weren’t that many people out of doors, we could talk a little more freely.

“Well, you started it,” I said.

“Yah? Like how?” she said.

“By telling me I was sweet,” I said.

“Well, you are,” she said. “My momma always told me to speak my mind and tell the truth. And I did. And there you are. And you’re sweet.”

“You are too though,” I told her.

“I can be tough you know,” she said. “I can be rough and tough and scrap and stomp if I have to.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Oh yah, like that’ll ever happen.”

“It can.”

“How? You urla escort got some kung fu shit going on inside that incredibly slinky-ass body of yours?”

“Well, kung fu’s Chinese,” I said. “I hope you won’t be disappointed that I’m Japanese.”

“Oh hell no,” she said. “I know all about you…as much as I need anyhow. I know the difference, and I love it.”


“Yah. I know you’re a third degree black belt in karate, do painting and write poetry.”

I just stared.

“Plus you’re smart, pretty – gorgeous actually – and you got some weird-ass funny sense of humor shit going on for yourself! I thought you’d be one of these stuck-up Asians with her nose in the air all the time and a snob and well…’proper,’ you know?” I nodded seriously.

“Fuck yah I know all about proper,” I actually said aloud! I looked and Angela was just grinning at me, staring hard and then grinning some more.

“You are just a regular lady, aren’t you?” she said. “And of course damn fine to look at I have to admit.”

“You’ve been looking?”

“A lot.”



“Me too, you know.”


“Mm-hmm…” I said. I sipped some more coffee and then we were at the verge of a field. The sun was going down and the grass looked like green velvet. “And thinking a lot about you even though I’d never even actually met you.”

“What kind of stuff were you thinking about?” she asked and I felt my face warming.

“Oh, you know,” I said, and I hoped she’d let it go.

“Same here,” she said softly. We were both talking softly, not whispering, but just soft. And it wasn’t so that nobody would overhear us either. Nobody was around. But it felt like we didn’t want to talk louder than the sunset, if that makes sense. Angela went to the nearest tree and squatted down with her back against it. I went to join her. The tree was big enough around so we were still both able to face the setting sun but with our shoulders almost touching.

It was incredible for me to be that close!

She sipped her coffee and stared off at the tree line far away across the field, and I sipped my coffee and glanced at her. There was still a slight sense that this wasn’t all actually happening and that I was dreaming or something. The dimming light of the day didn’t help make things that much more believable. It felt like a dream was coming around me, swirling arms of darkness encircling me, about to give me a cool embrace.

“And you did some research too, didn’t you?” she said, that soft tone we were both using.


“That leg-thing you said,” she said. “You knew that would get to me, right? ‘Run your tongue right up my leg’? Damn girl. Yep I had my ‘thoughts’ too – about you – but never ever thought you’d think, or talk like that. You just are so different aren’t you. From all the rest I mean.”

“I guess,” I said. “I mean I don’t want to be like them, so completely stuck up and ‘upward bound.’ I like just being me, however that is…” She turned and studied me for a moment, studying my expression, my eyes probably. Then she smiled.

“And I like how you are, girl,” she said. “The added bonus is that you are a total babe on top of everything else. Lick my leg indeed! I’ve been dreaming of licking your legs too – and your feet and your ass and tits and…your whole body. Completely. No dry spots. From face to toes, and everywhere in between. A total tongue bath.”

My pussy melted inside. It all oozed out. I had a wet spot in my panties now and I guess it must’ve showed in my face.

“Yah, me too, woman!” she laughed. “I’m done with practice, but I’m still totally wet, you know?”

“Stop talking like that, damn it!” I laughed back. “You’re gonna make me melt completely away and just ooze all over the grass here. I’ll be a stain and then…what fun would that be?”

“I’d lick that stain up,” she said and it only made it worse. “That is if I didn’t turn into one myself just sitting her actually talking with you. You know how incredible you are? I mean…really?” I shook my head. “Well you are girl!”

“I never think of myself that way.” I said. “How can I? I mean, okay, people think I’m nice looking–“

–“Totally sexy you mean.”

“Whatever. They like looking at me, but I’m still just me. I didn’t have anything to do with the way I look. It was all my parents’ fault.” We both laughed then, but I was so horny for her I wanted to just stop talking and do something – anything. Maybe just lean down and kiss the crotch of her shorts or something like that.

“You really are different – inside I mean.” she whispered. It was getting dark now. Dark and cool.

“I suppose.”

“Well,” she said, standing, “Suppose we…go to my place…just for a little while if you like.”

“Oh,” I said, feigning a hurt expression. “You mean you don’t want me to bring all my stuff over and move in?”

“Oh you sarcastic little shit you!” she laughed. She led the way and as we walked along, watching the lawn/walkway lights flickering buca escort to life, I wondered what it must be like to wake up in the morning and have someone there next to you under the blankets. It made me smile for no particular reason.

The stroll across campus seemed to take forever. I wasn’t in a hurry, didn’t have any appointments or anyplace to get to – I didn’t even have to study because it was that time of year. But just striding along beside her, glancing over every now and then to answer a question, or just looking, it was like every step must made me that much hotter. My pussy was still molten. I could some ooze lubricating my crotch and thighs. It was a wet, slimy, nasty – wonderful – feeling. But I somehow just wanted to get there already and see what would happen. Would I freak out and turn prude or straight or whatever? Would I embarrass myself by turning complete slut?

Not a bad thing actually, when I thought of it. It made me smile too and Angela saw my expression and looked puzzled.

Would I do okay? I’d never made love to a woman – or a man actually – so how would I know what to do? I supposed that I had enough practice on my own body, but everyone’s different. Maybe what I did to myself would feel good to Angela, then she’d be mad – or worse, bored – and I’d never be with her again and we’d have to ignore each other every time we ran into each other. But I’d have memories and that would be okay, but just what should I do?

I knew she was interest in ‘leg-things’ I’ll call them. I was too for that matter. My own legs and feet and well, my entire body, had always been hyper-sensitive to touch and I’d played with my own legs and feet and toes for a long time. And now I’d be doing it – or getting a chance to anyhow – with someone else.

Someone else!

I started to freak out before even getting there. I wondered if I’d throw up or faint or get jittery or just get up and leave. That would be horrible. That would crush her and me too. I mean, to run away from the very thing you’ve for so long fantasized over?

I took a breath to calm myself. Angela, when I looked, was just striding along with her long beautiful legs, not even worrying about anything and here I was having this whole discourse with myself and losing.

“Babe?” she whispered. “You okay?” I nodded, gulped, and then forced myself to think of something else. Anything else. But the only thing I could think of was her and her in the pool and her in her swimsuit and her bobbing up and hitting the ball and her coming out all streaming wet with water, laughing with her team mates.

And her walking right beside me now, in the dark, heading to her place!

“Yah I am,” I told her.

Oddly, my tummy felt tingly and alive. Not the inside, just that whole chakra thing there. And my butt too for some reason. And my legs. As I walked it was like my body was lighting up or something, coming alive in ways they’d never been alive before. Like I was waking up all over. And it wasn’t horniness (only); it was this whole different vibrancy and…feeling of happiness and anticipation (obviously) but not for the obvious reasons. It was as though I was walking through a ‘door’ into the next part of my life, but that door was a long tunnel sort of and it was taking awhile to get through.

Then we were there and getting into the elevator. I remembered so many movies where the main couple just break down and make out in the elevator. I wondered if that would happen, but Angela remained perfectly calm and collected. I was usually pretty level headed but at the moment I was a raging inferno inside. Just all these lusty thoughts and concepts and ideas just all jumbled up and swirling around. The elevator stopped and we got out and I followed Angela down the hall, just smiling at her ass as it swayed before me. So beautiful! I wanted to kiss that ass, literally. I wanted it to be bare and I wanted to just kiss it and lick it and taste it. I wanted to put my tongue on her bung-hole and poke it – just do everything.

We arrived at her door, she opened it and we both went in. She closed it and locked it and I felt this wonderful twisting feeling in my tummy. I watched her go put her keys on the table, watched her go to the little kitchenette, watched her come back, watched her sit facing me on the chair. I sat on the little sofa/bed thingie and tried not to look too nervous.

“Now, about this leg-licking,” she said, and I melted. I was so horny for her it was pathetic, but then she leaned back, slipped her zori off and put her feet up on the table, one ankle over the other. I stared. I couldn’t help it. I stared at the beautiful paleness of her soles and the darker shades of the rest of her. The rest of her long, lean, beautiful legs. I stared at her toes and found them so attractive, so pretty to look at I could barely keep my seat. I wanted to just lunge to them and start kissing them.

And she saw all this, all these thoughts and flurries of emotions crossing my face. She’d done it on purpose obviously and I got a little angry at her for sure. She was just testing me, teasing me, and so, in a fit of rage, I leaned back, slipped my zori off and placed my feet up on the table too, crossed just like hers. Then I took a breath, sighed, and glanced around the room – at anything but her.

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