Major Change

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“How do you want it slut,” he asked sternly as he rubbed his big hard cock across my lips smearing precum on my face. My tongue flicked out and lapped his delicious syrup from my lips. It then stretched to lick his delicious cock as I knelt naked at his feet.

My eyes traveled up his chiseled muscular body from his long hard cock to his stern face. “Rough, master,” I replied quickly. “I need it rough.” He was ten years my senior but he was in tremendous shape for a man in his fifties. His chest was broad with well defined pecs and his stomach was as flat as a board from years of cross fit training. His long legs were thick and muscular and covered with surprisingly thin wispy hair. The salt and pepper hair on his head was still thick and worn high and tight. His hat sat on his desk staring at me like a beacon of his authority.

“Good answer slut,” he said as a rare slight smile crossed his war weathered face. I had pleased him and that gave me an odd sense of satisfaction. I was not new to submission but the rest of the situation was completely new to me. He nodded and I licked the length of his thick shaft before engulfing his thick bulbous head with my hungry mouth.

I moaned wantonly as I surrendered to my raw hedonistic desires. I’d never touched another man’s penis before that night. I had thought about it, fantasized about it and even had dreams about it. In my fantasies there had always been a strong dominant woman present directing the action but this room, his office on the base, was empty except for the two of us.

My initial bi curiosity had been sparked by an ex-girlfriend while I was stationed in Germany. That had been five years earlier and my life had changed significantly since we had broken up. She had first planted the seed of curiosity when we were roll playing with BDSM. She loved to play Dominatrix and I found that I craved the submissive role.

One day she tied me to the bed and came out of the bathroom wearing a leather corset and a studded leather harness from which a long dildo hung lewdly. She first made me suck her girl cock and later she fucked me with it. The sensation was incredible and it became a regular part of our sex lives.

Gretchen also loved to tease and humiliate me sexually. She would call me her little piggy, her cock sucker, her whore and other humiliating but erotic names all in a thick German accent. Her taunts evolved over time and eventually she started taunting me about sucking a real cock. In the heat of the moment I got excited about the idea but I was especially excited by her reaction to my excitement. The slippery slope from willing submissive to intensely bicurious was not always easy. At first I wrestled with internal conflicts brought on by a religious up bringing and when I finally accepted my desires she was gone. We had broken up because, while we were perfectly compatible sexually, our personalities clashed to the point that our relationship was unhealthy. Once we broke up I was left alone with my desires and unsure how to find another open minded willing participant in my left of center sexuality. It was a quandary made even more difficult by my job as an officer in the US Marine Corps.

“You are a horny little whore aren’t you,” he chided as he pulled his big cock away from my insistent tongue and slapped it across my face. My cock jumped with excitement as the sound of slapping flesh rang my ears.

“Yes escort şişli sir,” I groaned. I was as sexually excited as I had ever been in my life. The newness of the situation sent pins and needles through my body and the smell and feel of his body was far more erotic than I could have ever imagined. I had originally craved submission to a woman who would order me to suck cock for her but my cock lust had taken on a life of its own. Four years after discovering and admitting to myself that I craved cock I cast aside the need for a woman to allow me to be straight in a bisexual situation and I succumbed to my primal desires. I licked my lips savoring the remnants of his essence and moaned softly.

He liked teasing me and I liked being teased. My body was one huge erogenous zone and I was reveling in the sensations of being a sexually charged cock slut for him. He was an officer, a Major in the Marines, and I was a Captain. I had taken orders from superior officers all my life and I knew the drill. He must have sensed my emotional state shortly after I arrived at Camp Pendelton after a tour in Iraq. He had tested the waters first with subtle comments and discrete contact. When I didn’t object he became bolder and his comments lost all subtlety. I started to respond with comments of my own. It was strange flirting with a man but it grew more comfortable as time passed. Our flirtation continued for several months and it grew more overtly sexual. I wasn’t attracted to him in the same way I was attracted to women but the idea of hot raunchy sex made it incredibly exciting. I would sometimes stare at his cock until he caught me looking and that’s how we finally transitioned from flirting to sex.

“Lower slut,” he demanded as I ran my tongue all over his thick shaft. He grabbed his cock and pointed it skyward. I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth wide and took his hairy balls into my mouth and sucked gently making him groan with pleasure. His low moan was all the encouragement I needed and I ran my hands up his hard muscular legs. I touched his warm flesh and groaned like a bitch in heat as I coated his balls with saliva.

My cock was rock hard from the excitement of living out such a deeply taboo fantasy. It ached and if touched I knew it would surely explode in an instant. I had been raised in a deeply religious home south of the Mason Dixon line where homosexuality was not tolerated. I had never given it a second thought for most of my life and my upbringing had taught me that there was no bisexual. Either you sucked cock or you didn’t suck cock, end of story. The road from there to tolerance and finally to desire had been a long one. It had taken most of my 42 years.

I released his heavy ball sack from my mouth and sank lower. My nose pressed into his balls and my tongue flicked out of my mouth. I licked his taint and he groaned loudly. I moved closer and licked his tight puckered asshole. He was, thankfully, clean and well groomed and licking his asshole was incredibly hot. I was not new to licking ass but it was different with a man. It was not better or worse but it was definitely different.

He stroked his long hard cock as my tongue pushed into his tight asshole. I could feel his entire body heave with each breath. His excitement was infectious and I moaned loudly as I tongue fucked his tight asshole.

My arms wrapped around his strong legs and I forced kağıthane escort my tongue inside him. My body was shaking with excitement and I felt like I was on fire. My tongue plunged deeper into his asshole. I backed out and then thrust my tongue hard into him.

“Oh fuck that’s good,” he moaned as I continued to tongue fuck him. He stopped stroking his cock and backed onto the big leather office chair. He parted his legs wide exposing his asshole to my hungry gaze. “Keep licking slut,” he ordered. He was used to giving orders and I was happy to comply. There had never been any doubt who was in charge. I was his bitch.

I settled between his splayed thighs and lowered my mouth to his hard cock. I took it down my throat and face fucked him briefly before moving back to his tight saliva coated ass.

The warm flesh of his legs touched my bare shoulders giving me a wicked thrill as I lowered my mouth to the Major’s funky treasure. I pushed my tongue deep inside him making him moan softly. My hands slid up his legs and I grabbed his hard cock. I stroked his thick meat as I tongue fucked his asshole.

“Suck my cock slut, make me cum,” he commanded. I reluctantly left his ass and took his hard cock into my mouth. I knew he was close to cumming so I took his throbbing rod down my throat several times as I gently played with his balls. My fingers slid lower and tickled his slippery asshole before plunging inside of him.

The Major’s legs quivered and his breathing was erratic as he passed the point of no return. I finger fucked his tight ass as I sucked hard on his throbbing manhood.

“Drink my cum bitch,” he yelled as his dick pumped hot thick cream down my gullet. “You had better not spill a drop Captain or I’ll whip your sissy ass like a common whore.”

I swallowed his huge load and sucked on his thick cock as is slowly went slack in my mouth.

“Lie on your back slut,” he ordered sternly and I quickly acquiesced. My cock was achingly hard and I was as excited as I had ever been in my life.

The Major reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a tube of Wet Lube. He poured it generously over my stiff prick and then straddled my hips facing me. “Guide it in bitch,” he ordered.

I grabbed my dick and pointed it at his ass. He lowered himself onto my dick and took it all inside his ass without hesitation.

The Major rode my cock slowly and I watched his strong athletic body as it bounced on my dick. He grunted and groaned as he rode me like a wild horse. His cock recovered quickly and grew hard under my gaze.

“I see you looking at my cock,” he chided loudly. “You sure are a horny soldier. When I am done riding your cock Sergeant I am going to bend you over and fuck your ass better than that missy who made you her bitch. When I am done with you soldier you will be my cock whore and you will drop your pants at the thought of my dick.”

“Yes Sir,” I moaned like a wanton slut. My mouth watered as I watched his cock bounce. I wanted him to fuck me and that image pushed me past the point of no return. I cried out as I came inside his tight ass. He sat hard on my cock and clenched his ass milking the remaining cum from my spent rod.

The Major climbed off me and pulled me to my feet. He guided me to his desk and pushed my head down on the blotter as he slathered lube down my ass crack. I was exposed and vulnerable and the feeling escort ataköy was beyond my wildest dreams. He rubbed his cock across my slick asshole and I moaned softly.

“You like that don’t you bitch?” He said proudly as he teased my ass with his big hard cock.

“Yes sir,” I groaned as he eased a thick finger into my ass. It felt tremendous and I wanted more. He fingered my ass slowly at first and then added a second finger into my ass stretching it as much as my ex girlfriends strap on ever had.

“Do you want more bitch?” He asked sternly. He knew I did.

“Yes sir. Please?” I panted. His fingers thrust into me hard and fast touching me in places and ways I had never experienced.

He grabbed my hip with his right hand and guided his cock into my quivering ass with his left. My eyes rolled back in my head and I moaned wantonly as he sank his long cock balls deep inside of me.

“Oh god,” I groaned as he started to fuck me with long agonizingly slow strokes. His dick felt amazing. It was hot and alive unlike the plastic cocks that had thereto fore invaded my ass and I reveled in the sensation as he fucked me.

He shortened his strokes and thrust into me with quick jabs making my heart race and my excitement grow. My dick was semi erect but I could feel the unmistakable beginnings of an orgasm building inside me.

He sensed my state and thrust his cock into me with fast long strokes sending me over the edge.

“I’m cumming,” I panted as the waves of pleasure consumed my being. The spiraled out from my core and shook my body like an earthquake. I cried out as cum boiled from my cock and pooled at my feet.

He continued to fuck me hard as my climax continued to shake my body. I came harder and longer than I ever had before and when it ended my legs were weak and sweat covered my body.

“Oh fuck,” I panted as he pulled his throbbing cock from my ass. I stumbled back to the couch and sat down hard on the cool leather surface. My asshole was sore but I was incredibly sexually satisfied.

He wasn’t done yet. The Major moved in front of me and waved his dripping cock at me. “Time to finish up Captain.”

I parted my lips and he pushed his hard rod into my mouth. I was exhausted and grateful that he didn’t expect me to actively fellate him.

The Major grabbed my head and slowly fucked my mouth. His long cock slid deeper with each stroke until his pelvis touched my nose as his shaft disappeared down my throat. I felt deliciously wicked and my cock started to twitch and grow anew.

Tears streamed down my cheeks. Saliva spilled from my mouth. I moaned and groaned like a wanton whore.

“That’s it slut,” he teased as his pace quickened and his balls tightened. He was close and I was ready.

I hummed and moved my hands to his taught muscular body as he face fucked me hard and fast. I grabbed his firm ass cheeks and pulled him deeper as his cock started to spit down my throat.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and furiously stroked it as ribbons of hot thick cum coated my face. I collapsed on the couch in a cum and sweat covered mess.

The Major dressed quickly as I recovered on the brown leather couch. My cock was hard and I wanted more but he was clearly finished.

“You are the horniest slut I have ever seen Captain,” he chided as he buttoned his shirt slowly.

“Yes sir,” I panted as I scooped his cold slick cum from my face and smeared it over my stiff shaft. I closed my eyes and relived my experience as I jerked my cock until it exploded onto my stomach. When I opened my eyes he was gone but I knew we would fuck again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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