Making a Man of Peter

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Big Dick

Peter could feel the heat raising through his body, his breathing becoming heavier as he took in the pictures of the big beautiful women magazine he was reading.

“God, if I died with my face buried in those tits I would think I’d have gone to heaven,” he thought as his hand moved down under the bed covers.

Turning the page, he took in the sight of the full-page spread of a women legs spread wide.

“I would love to fuck you, babe” he whispered to the image before him, his hand moving faster up and down his throbbing cock.

Pushing the covers down his body, squirming as he pumped his cock faster and faster, he was too far gone to hear the footsteps of someone coming along the hall. As the hot creamy cum shot from his body, he looked up to see the shocked expression in the eyes of his mothers new cleaning lady. Cringing with embarrassment, he tried to cover himself as she turned and walked out without a word. “Shit” he uttered.

“Peter, come here,” his mother called. Pulling on his jeans with some trepidation he made his way to the kitchen. “Oh, there you are! Come and meet our new help. Desiree, meet my son Peter.”

“We did meet earlier, but it is nice to meet you now that you are not so busy,” replied Desiree. Peter could have sworn she was smirking as she said it. Making his excuses he left the room.

As he was waiting for his friend to come, his thoughts turned to Desiree. She was about 40 years old – fat, his friends would say – but Peter thought she was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He could feel the stirring in his loins, his cock starting to harden as the image of those massive tits sprung into his mind.

The blare of a car horn made him jump. Glancing out of his window he spotted his friend Dean waving at him. As he made his way along the hallway, he saw Desiree on her hands and knees cleaning the floor, her large jean clad arse pointing towards him. As he passed her he could not help taking a peek down. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. He could see straight down her top, see two enormous tits staring back at him!

Pulling his tee shirt down, trying to cover his ever growing hardness, she looked up at him, smiled and said, “Bye, Peter, have fun. Hope you sort your little problem out.”

“Hi, mate,” said Dean as Peter got in to the car beside him. “So what we up to today, then?” They decided to hit the café to try pick up a couple of girls. “Maybe we will get lucky,” said Dean. “Nice one,” replied Peter, “I sure am in need of a good fuck.”

“Yes,” Peter heard Dean say as they entered the café, “there’s Sucking Susie…I know I will get a fuck with her. Wonder who her mate is? “

“Hi,” Susie purred, “meet my cousin – Kelly, meet Dean and Peter.” “Fancy going for a drive, girls, when it gets dark?,” Dean asked. “Sure do,” replied Susie, a knowing look in her eyes.

Susie jumped into the front seat next to Dean, so Peter found himself in the back next to Kelly. They soon found themselves parked up in a secluded area of the park. Susie wasted no time as she pounced on the zip of Deans jeans, pulling it down, releasing his cock, her mouth closing over it – Peter, who had never had a girl suck his cock, watched transfixed as her head bobbed up and down on Deans cock. “God they don’t call her Sucking Susie for nothing,” he thought! He could see Deans hips bucking, hear his moans, his body stiffening as his cum filled Susie’s mouth.

“Can we have the back seat if you two are not going to use it?.” Deans voice jolted him back to reality. Peter glanced at Kelly, who sat ridged beside him. “Let’s go for a kağıthane escort walk,” Peter uttered as he and Kelly climbed out.

He sat down on the grass, pulling Kelly down with him. Her skirt had rode up and he could see the crotch of her panties. Pushing her on to her back, he leaned over and started to kiss her, his hand moving over one of her small firm tits.

Finding no objection, he ran his other hand up her leg. Pushing his hand inside her pants, his fingers stroking the soft wispy hair, he slid a finger inside her body, moving it slowly in and out. Still he found no objections, nor any reaction either. Taking hold of her panties, he slid them down her legs and threw them to one side, pulling her legs apart. He knelt between them, releasing his cock. He pushed it against the opening of her cunt lips, sliding it inside her body, slowly moving it in and out till he was fully enclosed in her warm moist cunt.

Kelly laid there, eyes closed, her body not moving as Peter thrust into her. “God, is this girl dead?,” he thought as he fucked her lifeless body. Speeding his movements up, he rammed his cock in harder, her body jerking under him as each thrust of his cock pounded into her cunt time and time again, till he shot his load of cum deep inside her.

As Peter put his now shrinking cock back inside his jeans, he watched as Kelly climbed back into her panties. Without a word, they made their way back to the car. Dean and Susie were now outside. She was laid face down over the bonnet of the car. Dean was behind her, his cock pounding into her upturned cunt. She heard the moans of pleasure as they both reached their orgasms. After they had dropped the girls off, Dean turned to Peter. “So, was Kelly a good fuck?” “No, I would have had more fun fucking a dead fish,” Peter said. “Hard luck, mate,” Dean laughed, “I had a great time.”

After climbing into bed, Peter pulled out his well-thumbed magazine, only now it wasn’t faceless bodies staring back at him, it was Desiree.

“Oh Desiree,” he moaned as he hand fucked his cock to orgasm.

His mothers voice cut into his dreams. “I am off to work now, so get up because Desiree wants to clean your room today,” she shouted. Climbing out of bed, he made his way to the bathroom. After showering, Peter pulled on his best jeans and tightest tee shirt – the one that showed of his hard work in the gym. Making his way to the kitchen, he could hear singing. “Morning, Peter! Want a cup of tea?,” Desiree asked. “Please,” he replied, “But I would rather fuck you,” he secretly thought to himself.

Leaning over to pass him his tea, her tits brushed against him. He could smell her scent, feel the heat as it burnt into his body. He felt the stirring between his legs as his cock took on a life of its own. “Shit, eighteen years old and I still got no control over it” he thought. “Must get on,” she said. Peter watched her walk out of the room. She was wearing a dress today, cut low enough to show the mounds of her tits and high enough to show her large, tanned legs.

“I will go get my magazine and lock myself in the bathroom. I have got to take care of this,” he thought as his hard on pressed against his zipper. Entering his room, he saw Desiree sitting on his bed. She had his magazine in her hands.

Looking at him, she grinned. “Like real women, do we, Peter?” she said.

Patting the bed, she told him to sit down as he sat next to her. She asked, “How old are you?” “Eighteen.” “Are you a virgin?” “No” “How many girls have you fucked then?” “Oh,loads” “Come now, Peter, tell Desiree the truth!” “Two” he uttered, embarrassed. Putting her hand on his leg she said, “Would you like to make that three, Peter?” “Yes, Oh yes, please,” he said.

Standing up she said, “Come here, Peter.” Like an obedient puppy he made his way to her. Pulling his tee shirt over his head, she ran her hands over his body, moving them down to his zipper. Pulling it down, she removed his jeans and underpants. “Oh shit,” he thought,”if she touches my cock, I know I will cum straight away.” Looking into his eyes she asked, “Have you ever been sucked?” Peter could only shake his head as she moved her mouth down his body. Taking his cock into her mouth, he felt his orgasm explode from his body.

“Oh, we are in a rush, aren’t we?,” she said. Embarrassed, Peter could only utter, “sorry.” “Don’t worry, we have all day,” she laughed.

Standing up, she told him to unzip her dress. Stepping out of it, she stood before him, the whiteness of her bra and panties standing out against the dark of her tanned body. Reaching behind her, she unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor, slowly pushing her panties down her legs.

Peter could only stand there and stare as she laid on the bed. Her hand moved down between her open legs. “You going to join me, or have I got to carry on by myself?,” laughing as she spoke. “Holy shit! She really is going to let me fuck her!,” he thought as he joined her on the bed, climbing between her legs. “Wow, hang on, big boy!,” she said as he pushed his now hard cock against her cunt lips. “Lay back, I want to give you some lessons in love.”

Leaning over him, her mouth closed over his, her tongue pushing between his lips. She moved down, kissing and licking his body as she went. She ran her tongue over his balls, drawing them into her mouth before licking up the shaft. “I am going to cum,” he whispered. “Don’t worry, I will sort it – premature ejaculation is normal in young men, and some older ones, I might add.” Her hand closed over his cock, fingers squeezing below the head. He felt his orgasm subside. Her mouth closed over his cock as she began sucking and licking it. He nearly shot off the bed as he felt her push her tongue into the opening of the head, wiggling it around. Every time his orgasm built, she squeezed till it subsided.

Peter thought he was going to explode as she continued to lick and suck at his cock, his hips buckling under her head, his whole body dripping in sweat. “Let me cum, please Desiree, please, I beg you, let me cum!” Taking him deep into her throat, she moved her head up and down, sucking harder and faster. She felt his cock pulsating, felt him stiffen. heard his moans as his hot sticky cum exploded into her mouth. She carried on sucking as he pumped load after load down her throat. She didn’t stop till she felt his cock shrinking inside her mouth.

“Now, Peter,” she said, “I want you to show me how you please a woman!” He moved above her, kissing her, his hand squeezing her tit. The other one he placed between her legs, pushing a finger into her. “No,” she shouted. Peter jumped up, alarmed. What had he done wrong? “I am not a piece of meat – I am a women who needs lots of love and caressing. My body is a temple and I want you to worship it, love it with your hands, with your mouth, with your tongue…that’s better,” she moaned as he took her large tit into his mouth, sucking on it as he let his tongue flick lightly over her nipple. He took turns moving from one to the other, drawing them into his mouth, taking the big brown nipples between his teeth, gently biting them as his tongue licked away.

“You are a quick learner,” she moaned as she pushed his head down her body. His mouth moved over the folds of her flesh, sucking and licking at her skin – “Have you ever eaten pussy?,” she said. “No,” he replied. Opening her legs wide, she pushed his head between them.

He could smell the lust in her body. As his tongue moved over her cunt lips, he heard her say, “Move your mouth up a bit…that’s it,” she moaned. He could feel something swelling in his mouth. “Fuck me with your tongue while you suck. There!,” she whispered. Pushing his tongue inside her body, he sucked harder on the little bud that had grown in his mouth. Pushing on his head, “faster, baby, move your tongue faster.” Her hips were moving up and down, her body trashing as she ground her cunt into his face. He heard her scream as hot juices flowed into his mouth.

“Finger fuck me now!” He pushed a finger inside her. “More!,” she cried. He pushed more in, her body moving up and down as he pushed them in and out. Moving his other hand, he squeezed his cock where she had to stop himself from cumming. “Put it in me now!,” she screamed at him. “Fuck me hard and fast!” He put his cock into her opening. Pulling his hips back, he slammed it deep into her cunt, her whole body was jerking, her hips bucking as he rammed it in and out her body.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat, the bed shaking as he slammed his cock deep into her cunt over and over again, the smell of sex filling the room, highlighting the lust in them. He felt his cock tighten as his cum exploded from him, felt her cunt walls gripping and releasing his cock as her cum mixed with his.

Peter laid back on the bed, a satisfied grin on his face, “We’re not finished yet,” she whispered in his ear. He felt her stroking his body, her hands successfully making his cock grow again. When it was fully hard, she turned over on to her hands and knees. Peter moved behind her, his hands stroking the plump cheeks of her arse. Moving one down, he slipped it between her spread legs, pushed his fingers into her body, his thumb finding the little bud of her clitoris that his mouth had discovered only a short time before. He could feel her cunt gripping his fingers as he moved them in and out, slowly teasing her body, rubbing the sticky wetness over her clit. Her whole body shook as another orgasm rushed through her, leaking on to his fingers and running down his arm.

Guiding his cock, he pushed only the head of it into her, gripping her hips to support himself. He pulled back. Giving every thing he had, he slammed his whole cock into her. The force as he entered her body made her fall forward, her face pressed into the pillow. Pulling back and slamming it back in over and over. As his movements got faster, his thrusts got harder, ramming it up to the hilt. As he felt his orgasm building, he pulled out and squeezed his cock. Pushing her on to her back, he put his head between her legs and sucked and licked. He felt her cum running into his mouth. As her screams quieted, her body stopped shaking. He climbed on top of her and placed his cock between her tits, squeezing them together. Moving his body backwards and forwards, he fucked his way to his first ever tit orgasm.

Bending her head over, she licked the cum from the head of his cock.

Peter laid back on the bed, happy and satisfied. “God,” he thought, “who needs to fuck a thin dead fish when there are big beautiful women like Desiree around?.” He watched as she dressed. She looked at him, smiled and said, “Come on, Peter, you are holding me up. I have got work to do, you know! You wouldn’t want your mother to sack me, would you?” Jumping off the bed, he threw his magazine into her rubbish bag. Grinning, he replied, “Oh, no, Desiree, no.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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