Making Scents

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I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some ice cream. I ran in, thinking that it would only be a minute. Paying no attention to the fellow shoppers, I started over to the frozen section. I noticed a guy looking at me. I smiled at the thought of someone eyeing me, but thought nothing of it. When the guy in front of me turned around to sniff me; I felt that something was off. Discreetly trying to see if my deodorant had stopped working, I walked around him.

Moving through the frozen foods section, another guy winked at me. That had me checking my reflection in the freezer glass. Everything was fine. My hair was in place, and my makeup was doing its magic

Puzzled, I walked over to the ice cream section. I was reaching for the pint of double chocolate chip that was hiding from me when I felt a touch on my arm. I looked into a set of the most wonderful dark blue eyes and dark hair. His tight, faded jeans and sports jersey covered a lean build. He was a lot taller than me and naughty thoughts about size differences flew through my head. Stifling a giggle, I moved over a half step.

Leaning slightly toward me, he said in a low voice, “Hello, I am going to fuck you.”

“Excuse me?” I asked, thinking I must have heard him wrong. Surely he didn’t say THAT, did he?

“You’ve got it.”

His finger moved to touch my bottom lip. I could feel my nipples instantly harden and moisture begin just from that touch. It had been so long since I had made love, being single and working long hours didn’t help either. I wanted him right then so bad that I could taste it. A stranger, crazy, or weirdo he may be, but I wanted him.

“Got what?” Thoughts of flinging him to the floor of the store float through my head.

“It’s the scent. A man can tell when a woman needs to be fucked. I have never smelled any stronger than yours. I know I can help you. Are you willing to let me?”

His finger, finished with my lip, slipped into my mouth. I sucked lightly on it, surprising myself.

I nodded my head in answer. This man could have asked me to lie down right there and I would have. A scent? My scent? I never knew there was such a thing. Not sure that this wasn’t just a pick up line, I dismissed that thought. Who cared really?

He took my hand and led me from the store.

Heads turned, as we passed other guys. I could see that they were staring at me. Could what he said be true? Leading me to the car, my thoughts raced through my head. Could I really fuck a stranger?

“Wait,” atakent escort I said, as he opened the door, “maybe this isn’t a great idea…”

Without a word he pushed me in and shut the door. He moved rapidly around to the driver’s side and got in. Putting in the keys and starting the engine, he turned to me, “You are mine to fuck. Know it and accept it.”

Just those words and my legs trembled. Was I going to be his Fuck? I certainly hoped so. He reached over and raised my shirt just enough to reach my breast. My stomach clenched with the bolt of heat that came from his touch. I could feel my panties become wet instantly. Squeezing my legs together, I tried not to let what was happening show. He turned to look at me. He knew what was happening to me.

He pinched my nipple and smiled. I couldn’t hold back a moan.

“We are close to my house.” His fingers kept up their pressure. “I ‘m going to fuck you jelly legged, babe.”

I wanted that to be true. I lifted his hand and placed his finger to my mouth. Using my tongue, I licked the end and sucked it slowly into my mouth. He jumped slightly, and we swerved on the road. Thinking of nothing but the feelings flowing through me, I could have cared not if we had wrecked. I was beyond reason. My teeth nipped his finger as I slowly removed it from my mouth.

I leaned over toward the driver’s side. The console was pressing into my stomach as I ran my hands up his arm and down his chest. His muscles were hard under my hand. I could feel his breathing quicken. Placing my lips near his ear, I used my tongue to flick the bottom of his lobe and whispered softly, “You sure you can handle it?”

“Damn straight,” he said as he turned quickly into a driveway. Slamming the car into park and leaping out, he had my door open before I had even made it back to my seat.

He grabbed my hand, saying not a word as we headed for the door. He shoved me inside and slammed the door. His hands cupped the back of my neck as he kissed me, his tongue seeking mine. My hands moved up his back, lifted his shirt and lightly scraped his back with my nails.

Jerking his mouth away, he grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. My lacy bra strained against swollen breasts. He pulled me to him to kiss and lick my neck. The heat of his tongue had me tilting my head so he could do more. Kissing his way to my breasts, he took one of my nipples into his mouth.

My nipples ataköy escort were rock hard with excitement, poking through my bra. His lips sucked one little pebble into his mouth, nipping it with his teeth. Soft kisses eased the sting. He flicked the clasp open with his fingers. Without moving his mouth from my nipple, he slid the bra off. He molded my tits in his hands as he alternated between nipples with his mouth.

Moaning loudly, I cupped his head in my hands and held him where he was. I could feel myself getting wetter, soaking my panties. Stepping back, he pushed my pants down, then hooked his thumbs into the sides of my panties. He pushed them both off and helped me step out of them as I kicked off my shoes.

Grabbing his shirt to remove it, his hands covered mine. Together we ripped it over his head and threw it to the floor. Kissing my way down his chest, I stopped to suck gently on his nipples. I could feel him jump as I moved down to cup the bulge that was straining there. I unbuttoned his fly, freeing him. His cock moved in the air as I did.. He had worn nothing under those tight jeans.

He kicked off his shoes and jeans in one swoop. I dropped to my knees to lick the pre cum that was slowly coming out. My tongue swirled over the head. My hands stroked him, moving to cup his sac as I took him in my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head, he started to move, fucking my face, not crudely, but slowly, making growling sounds as he moved.

He left my mouth, pulling me up until I leaned against the wall. Making his way down my body, licking and kissing my stomach and thighs as he did. He moved his hands everywhere, stroking and spreading my ass, opening me wide. His mouth moved to my clit, his tongue stroking and attacking me. My legs lost all strength as he held me up in his warm hands. I was unable to control myself. I pushed against his mouth. The sensations bombarded me as raw nerves reacted to every touch. I couldn’t help the protest that erupted from my mouth when he stopped and stood up, leaving me hanging.

Grabbing my hand, he led me into his bedroom. I only had time to see a huge bed before he picked me up as if I weighed nothing. He laid me on the bed and covered me with his hard body. His lips met mine, and I could taste myself as his tongue once again dueled mine. As we kissed, I rubbed my hands over his back and down to clutch his ass, trying to pull him inside me. I needed him NOW!

Thank atalar escort whomever you like. His dick acted like it had a mind of its own. It slipped inside me, stretching me. Grabbing my hips he started to move. I dug my feet into the bed. I needed the support and balance to move in tandem with him. Those glorious feelings were returning. With every stroke he made, it pushed me closer to my edge. With a loud grunt he pulled out of me and stood up. I couldn’t believe that he stopped. I lay there for a moment, my whole body throbbing with want.

He pulled me off the bed and turned me around. Getting the message, I climbed back on the bed and onto my knees, offering myself to him. Rubbing the head of his dick on my clit for a moment, he then pushed deep into me, making me wince. There was a touch of pain. This was deeper than he had been in before. He stopped for a moment, letting me get used to it. Rubbing my ass, kneading it, he finally stroked slowly. Soft thrusts as his hands held my hips.

Unable to stop myself, I pushed back, wanting the movements. He started thrusting harder, making my breasts swing from the force. Leaning down on one arm, I let my breasts rub again the fabric of the bed, the friction adding to my pleasure. I used one hand to play with my clit as his thrusting became even harder. I rubbed furiously in time with him as he started to groan.

Seeing me touch myself, he whispered, “Oh yea, play with it baby.”

Like I needed any encouragement. I was close…so close. He suddenly gripped me hard enough to bruise and moved so fast he was almost a blur. Knowing the end was near, I rubbed even harder wanting to cum, needing to, and exploded. Unable to stop myself, and uncaring if anyone heard, I screamed; “Oh God…Oh God…”

Leaning down, he nipped the back of my neck. “No, not him, its all me,” he growled.

Moaning, and uttering words that were incoherent, he pushed deeply into me, holding me close as his own orgasm began. I could feel his dick jump as he shot into me. As soon as his hold relaxed and he pulled back, I collapsed face down on the bed.

The bed shifted as he crawled up beside me. Turning my head, I saw he looked as worn out as I felt. I gave him a sly grin, “That was the best pick up line I ever heard.”

“I had hoped it would work. It seemed the right thing to say.”

“You caught me in the right mood. But now, you have to take me back. I still have shopping to do.”

When I return to the store, no one noticed me and all seemed normal again. Wanting to make sure that I wasn’t too mussed, I looked into the reflection in the freezer door again. Looking closer, I could see that my shirt had writing on it.

“If you can smell my scent, I’m ready.”

Laughing to myself, I finally got what had happened. Scent indeed, I thought as I grabbed my ice cream and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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