Man in the Middle

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It was early evening and Mike was following Joe and Steve back to Joes house. The three had just finished a round of golf and were going back to Joe’s to relax. Mike was in no hurry as his wife and the kids were visiting family in California.

As Mike drove along he thought of his friends in the vehicle ahead. Mike has know both men from work and they all good friends. Steve was very happily married with three children and Joe was a single gay male. The three got along well and they would even kid around with each other about their straight and gay lifestyles.

When they got to Joes they went in the house and Joe suggested relaxing with a cold beer in the hot tub. As the other two began to strip down Mike felt a bit awkward but the followed suit. The three men each got a cold beer and settled into the hot tub which was more tepid than hot. The swirling water and the beer relaxed them and some in one of those moments when the conversation lulled Joes said, “Mike, how come you have never sexually experimented with me?”

Mike choked as he swallowed his beer and then said, “Joe, you know I’m straight as they come, just like Steve.”

Steve said, “Mike, I guess you’d say I’m a switch hitter. While I love my wife’s pussy I have learned that once in awhile a stiff cock is nice too.”

Mike was at a loss for words and before he could speak Joe said, “Steve will always love sex with his wife, but he learned that that bağcılar escort there are other blissful and pleasurable activities that a man can have with another man from time to time.”

“Doesn’t mean your gay,” added Steve, “just well rounded.”

“No don’t tell me you never thought of it?” asked Joe. “Don’t tell me that you aren’t so horny right now with another wee before your wife comes home, that a fling with someone, even a guy would be welcome.”

Mike replied, “I just don’t think I’m wired that way. I mean I don’t have anything against guys who do, its just not me.”

Steve answered, “That’s what I used to think and about a year ago. Joe helped me get in touch with my feelings.”

Mike didn’t have anything to say when Joe slid closer and gave him a kiss. It was a gentle, sweet kiss and Mike was so taken a back he didn’t know what to do. When Joe finally broke the kiss he said, “Well what do you think?”

Mike just sat there and didn’t know what to say. Joe leaned in again and kissed him. This time Mike felt Joe’s tongue slide across his lips and for some reason Mike opened his mouth. The two men kissed, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. As they kissed Mike felt his cock becoming erect. As the two men kissed Mike felt hands on his chest. They hands gently caressed and every time they caressed a nipple he let out a small moan.

Then he felt Steve kissing his neck and ear. Mike’s cihangir escort erection grew and suddenly Steve reached down and fondle his cock. Mike pulled back but Steve did not lose contact. He just held Mike’s cock and heard him whisper, “There is a first time for everything. Just enjoy.”

Mike broke the kiss and said, “Fellas I can’t do this. It’s not…”

“Does it feel good?” asked Joe.

“Yes, but that’s not the point,” argued Mike.

Steve moved his hand up and down Mike’s swollen shaft and said, “Are you sure you just don’t want to try this, this one time?”

Before Mike could answer Joe kissed him again and circled one of his nipples while Steve slowly stroked him.

Mike wasn’t sure what he wanted. The feeling was overwhelmingly awesome. He debated in his mind what he should do. But as both men worked on him the issue became less clear. Joe lowered his head and kissed his neck, his shoulders and licked his nipples.

Mike was beginning to succumb when he felt both men grab him behind a knee and put his legs, one over each man’s lap. As that happened Steve kept stroking him as Joe reached down and gently circled Mike’s anus.

Mike flinched. Joe caressed his forehead and said relax. With that Joe gently pushed his pinkie finger into Mike’s anus. He gasped at the pleasure being created by hands and finger.

His gently feel back and now he was engaged in along deep kiss with Steve. gaziosmanpaşa escort As they kissed Joe slid his finger in out of Mike’s anus. As he was being fucked Steve’s hand was sliding up and down Mike’s cock. Mike was beginning to moan now.

When Joe and Steve conceived of the plan to seduce Mike the plan was to take him into the bedroom at this point but Joe changed his mind and thought it would be better for Mike to cum now and then once he experienced who wonderful it felt he would happily join them.

The two men worked on Mike and soon Mike moaned. “Don’t,” was all he said. Not sure exactly what that meant Steve and Joe continued on. Once again Mike said, “Please don’t.”

Joe whispered. “Don’ what?”

Mike sighed, “Stop. Don’t stop.”

Joe and Steve smiled as they brought Mike to his first man to man orgasm. Finally they reached that moment. Mike stiffened. His anus contracted around Joe’s finger. He cock throbbed and then began to empty into the swirling water. The feeling was so wonderful that Mike thought he might even pass out.

The last small spurts emptied his balls and Mike relaxed. No words were said as daylight turned to darkness. Mike had his eyes closed and the three just sat there for a while.

Steve said, “Mike, are you OK?”

Mike open his eyes and said, “Im just a little embarrassed, that’s all.”

Joe said, “Mike its natural normal to feel a little awkward at this moment. Something has happened that is new and different.”

Mike laughed, “I’m not embarrassed because this happened with two men. I’m embarrassed because it felt amazing and I hadn’t tried it before.”

To be continued…

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