Marie Pt. 02: Three’s Company

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This is a continuation of “Marie Pt. 1” and I would highly recommend reading that part first for context. You probably won’t know what’s going on if you don’t read part 1, but hey, it’s your life, do whatever you want.

Similar to last time this story contains voyeur, group sex, bi-curiosity, and straight-up normal sex to boot. While this chapter is part of the Marie saga, she doesn’t actually make an appearance here. This is more of a background to build the universe these characters live in and my cousin, Marie, will join the story again in part 3. All characters are over the age of 18. Enjoy!


I guess Austin wasn’t so bad. It’s got its own “trendy” thing going on but that’s not really my scene. I moved here, freshly 24 years old, not knowing anyone, and kind of hermitted for my first month. I would go out every once in a while with the guys from work, but I was their boss and it always felt like a work event so we never really clicked too well. It is also hard to meet new friends when you don’t put yourself out there. But I was fairly busy with work putting in 60-hour weeks and managing all of the stores in my territory, so I wasn’t too concerned with getting out into the community, I was plenty busy with work alone.

When it came to my sex life it was fairly non-existent. I had some wonderful home movies that I had filmed – with, and without Mel knowing – and a few dark and grainy videos of my sexy cousin fucking my best friend, and those along with all of the other porn on the internet kept me going, but I had a hankering for some real sex. I was at the point of desperation and about two months after I moved I convinced Mel to come out for the weekend.

Her flight arrived on a Friday night and I picked her up on my way home from work. To my surprise, she was actually looking pretty good. I mean, she was still the same Mel: about 5 foot 6, with a belly, thick thighs, nice big double d tits, and a big round ass. Her face wasn’t perfect by any means but she was always attractive enough. But today she was looking much prettier than usual; she had herself all dolled up with some nice makeup, a new hairdo, and a nice outfit that accentuated her curves, drew attention away from her flaws, and directly to her thick cleavage. From all of our previous encounters, I was well aware that Mel’s tits had very little sag and stuck out nicely on her chest. She had perfect round, grape-sized nipples that protruded from her cookie-sized areolae. Every last bit of her titties was perfectly proportioned to everything else and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them.

“Jesus Mel, you look great!” I said when she sat down in the passenger side of my car, “new hair?”

She looked at me and had a timid smile on her face, “yeah, I just got my hair done yesterday, thanks for noticing!” She paused for a moment before asking, “So this is Austin… am I getting the grand tour tonight, or are we just going to your place to fuck?”

“Well, it’s already dark, so I say let’s go drop off your stuff at my place, and that way I can change. Then we can head out and grab some food and drinks and she where that takes us.” She agreed to the plan as I drove back toward downtown.

I had rented a decent apartment near downtown Austin. I was on the 18th floor in a 2-bedroom suite with a wide open kitchen/living room area that opened up to a big sliding patio door that opened onto the large west-facing balcony. The master bedroom was large with a big king-sized bed, a walk-through closet, and a large en-suite with a big, deep, square soaker tub. The second bedroom was mostly boxes and storage, although I had a small computer desk setup and an air mattress set up for when guests stayed over. Although Mel was the first guest I had, I assume we wouldn’t be needing the additional bed.

When we got to my place, I gave her a quick tour and told her to make herself comfortable while I went to change. Fifteen minutes later we were walking over to the pub around the corner from my place. It’s kind of a dive, that grubby place with a slew of regulars who spend more time sitting at the bar than they do at home, but it was close to home and the food was decent. It wasn’t all shitty old drinks though, there were many other young professionals, similar to myself, who enjoyed this spot too – and a few attractive women probably in their mid-twenties, not unlike myself.

“Not a bad bar you have found here,” Mel said with a devious smirk, “it definitely suits you.” We both laughed and ordered some food, a pitcher of beer, and a couple of rounds of shots. The plan, at least in my mind, was to eat, get tipsy and then head back to my place and fuck.

We spent a few hours at the bar drinking and chatting. Apparently, I had ignited a spark inside Mel, and since I had left she had joined a local Twin Cities sex forum and had met a few couples that she would join from time to time. My interest was piqued and I asked her if she could help me find a group like that in Austin and she was all for it.

By the time we finished our drinks we were both nicely tipsy and we decided it was a almanbahis adresi good time to head back to my apartment. We were all over each other on the short walk back and when we got back to my house I told her to hop in the shower and that I would join her in a minute. When she disappeared into the washroom I took a moment to flick on my cameras and put a GoPro on a tripod facing the bed. After a few weeks of living in Austin, I had set up a couple of hidden cameras in my bedroom, hardwired into the electric grid, and purchased an HD GoPro in the hope that I would one day use it to film some of my sexual escapades. While I had yet to use any of them I knew, or at least I assumed, that Mel would be cool with it. I got naked and joined her in the shower and before I knew it she was down on her knees giving me one of the best blowjobs that I have ever had.

As the water was showering down over our naked bodies Mel’s hand and mouth were working their way up and down my rock-hard shaft. Her other hand was slowly rubbing my balls and began to move its way between my ass cheeks and towards my asshole. Mel moved her head away from the steady stream of water, looked up at me, and told me to turn around and bend over. I did as she asked and her hands spread my cheeks apart as her tongue extended towards my tight exit. She continued to lick my asshole while she slowly stroked my cock, slowly and surely building my orgasm. I felt amazing, feeling her tongue roll over and poke into my most sensitive part had me breathing heavily and my knees began to stutter. I turned around, picked her up, and kissed her with all the gusto I had within me, “let’s take this to my bed,” I said, barely able to stand.

As we dried off I asked her if it was okay that we tried out my new go-pro and she told me it was fine with her as long as I sent her a copy of the video. We had come to the understanding the first time I had filmed us, to her knowledge at least, that I was never to upload them and I stood by that. I kept them on my own personal hard drive and would pull them out every once in a while when I was jerking off.

“Lay down on your back and let’s pick this up where we left off…” she said as we moved onto the bed and she laid down between my legs. She grabbed my cock and looked at me, “I want to eat your cum baby, I’m going to make you squirm but I don’t want you to waste a drop… tell me when you’re going to explode.” And with that, she took my cock back into her mouth.

She sucked me for a few minutes before she lowered her mouth and took my balls in her mouth. Mel’s tongue eventually lowered below my balls and her hands thrust my thighs up into the air and she slowly rolled her tongue around my anus. I was in a lucid state of ecstasy as her tongue continued to probe deeper into my ass. She was dumping as much saliva as she could and after a few moments, she started rubbing the pad of her pointer finger against my rosebud. I felt a brief moment of discomfort as the tip of her finger slid into the tight muscle between my ass cheeks, but as I knew it would, the discomfort subsided and pleasure began to take hold. She brought her tongue back up to lick my ball-sack while her finger proved deeper within me. This was not the first time she had been inside of me with a finger but I could tell she had done some research as her finger turned upward and found the walnut within the walls of my backside. It was exhilarating. She pulled her finger back to the precipice and slowly started to add an additional finger. Again, the brief discomfort quickly faded as her fingers made their way in deeper and turned upward to stimulate my p-spot. As her fingers methodically pumped into me, her tongue began massaging the base of my shaft and slowly rolled up towards the head and the sensitive area below my crown. I was shuddering as her pace quickened within me, and my breathing became heavy as my orgasm rapidly approached.

“Oh my God Mel, that feels incredible,” I managed to say between my heavy breaths, “holy fuck… I’m… I’m going to cum…” Mel quickly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and her fingers continued to probe my prostate. It felt like the first time I ever came, almost painful but intensely pleasurable and I moaned hard as my orgasm took over. String after string of cum flowed from the tip of my penis into Mel’s waiting mouth. My orgasm continued for what seemed like an hour, draining every ounce of seed from my testicles into Mel’s mouth, throat, and stomach.

She slid her fingers out of my backside and pulled her mouth off of my cock. She slid up the bed and shared a mouthful of my cum with me as our lips met in a passionate kiss.

“Holy… shit,” I said through labored breaths, “that was the most incredible feeling I have ever had… you should move here and do that to me every day.”

Mel was laughing and smiled at me, “I’m not moving in with you Jay, come back to Minnie-apple and maybe we can work something out. But holy shit dude, that was hot as fuck though. You came like Old Faithful, I must have swallowed two full mouthfuls and still almanbahis adres had enough to share with your perverted mouth.” She knew I was kidding, we had a perfect friendship that wasn’t twisted by too many emotions. We had incredible sexual chemistry, but neither of us wanted anything else. And we both loved it that way.

We lay beside each other talking for a few more minutes until I leaned in and started kissing her hard. It was my turn to make her cum hard; to return the favor. I made my way between her legs paying attention to her perfect tits along the way and I had her squirting in my mouth and all over my face in no time. I don’t know if she was just easy to please or if I was just really good at eating pussy, but I could always make her cum quickly. I was ready to go again and we fucked for another hour. She had a few more orgasms and then I finished by cumming on her tits and then cleaning her up with my tongue. We both passed out hard and slept like the dead.

The next day we woke up and fucked quickly before heading out to explore the town. We had some good food and drinks and spent a lot more time in bed together and before we knew it our weekend was over. Before she left, Mel spent some time introducing me to some online forums and helped me build my profile to hopefully find some like-minded individuals or couples who would be down to meet, which was greatly appreciated as her visit had re-invigorated the spark in my always rampant sex drive.

A few months later, with the hot Texas summer as a backdrop, I was still striking out with everyone I attempted to woo. I have to tell you, that while I may do some creepy things, like secretly film and jack off to my cousin or my fuck buddy, in “real life” I am a perfect gentleman. Maybe I was too nice, all the movies and TV shows I watch show the ‘asshole douchebag’ get all the girls while the nice guys sit on the sidelines, but I was hoping that my life would turn into a rom-com and I would find my Mrs. Right who loved my kind ways. I had gone on a few dates, one with one of the random girls at the bar and another with a girl I had met on a forum but neither panned out. I was also striking out hard on the swinging front – it seems that the majority of couples or women in those places were not interested in a twenty-something fat, white guy. Either way, I was enjoying myself, and pleasing myself and had nicely edited a lot of the “home movies” I had of both Mel and my cousin Marie. That one visit from Mel, a few months back, had proven to be an amazing video – having multiple angles from the go-pro and the hidden cameras, if it wasn’t for the lack of close-ups it would have looked like a professional porno. I had kept my promise though. I kept all of the video files to myself and kept them on a portable 2-terabyte hard drive that I kept inside my hidden “book” safe.

It was a great summer, work was going well, John had come out for a few weekend trips, and I had made my way up to see my family as well. But on the other hand, there was no advancement in my love life whatsoever. Still single, still jerking off, I was starting to get a bit lonely. Luckily for me, Mel was planning a trip to close off the summer over the Labour Day long weekend and she told me she had a surprise for me.

I picked Mel up from the airport on Friday night and we decided to order some pizza and stay at my place. She wouldn’t let me in on this so-called surprise but told me I would love it but had to wait until Sunday night. For the majority of Friday night and Saturday Mel and I spent our time in bed. It was more of the usual, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, and exploring our wild sides by peeing on each other and a little ass play for both of us. At Mel’s request, everything was filmed on my go-pro and she said she couldn’t wait to flick her bean to me pissing in her mouth when she got home. We were moving slowly on Sunday morning, having drunk quite a bit the previous night, and we spent the majority of the day lazing around watching movies and cuddling.

When the afternoon rolled around my curiosity had gotten the better of me and I asked her what this big surprise was going to be.

“Well, I guess you’re going to find out eventually. But I have something going for tonight that I think you’re going to love. Remember that forum I had signed you up for and have complained to me about over and over?” I nodded at her as she continued, “well, I signed myself up with a private account. I advertised as a couple here in Austin using some screenshots from our videos and I got a bite.”

Mel paused for a moment and while I tried to remain even-keeled, I knew she could see the excitement in my face. She continued, “to be honest, more than just a bite… her name is Leah and we are going to be meeting up with her tonight. She seems a bit shy but is very open to meeting us.”

“Us?!” I said with a little too much gusto, “does she think we’re a couple? Is she down to fuck? What’s the plan? What does she look like?”

“Gear down big shifter…” Mel interjected, “grab your laptop and I will run you through almanbahis adresi it.” I went and got my laptop and gave it to Mel.

She logged into her account and pulled up Leah’s profile, “so she is a single girl, a year younger than you, that is looking for more out of her love life.” Leah’s profile only had one photo and it didn’t really show anything but the back of a girl facing away from the camera with tights and a hoodie and long brown hair. “Through our conversations, she has told me a little bit of her history,” Mel pulled up their conversation thread and continued, “she’s been with a few men, had a few fairly serious boyfriends, and is loving the single life. She claims she lives by the motto of “get in, get off, get out” and does whatever she wants. She has always been interested in hooking up with another girl but wants to do it with a couple so she can still get some dick at the same time but most of the couples she met online were hungry dudes and didn’t interest her.” Mel continued explaining to me that she had been completely honest about the arrangement between her and me and that we were going to meet for drinks and see where things go.

“Well I’m stoked, I have never had a threesome with two girls and…” before I could get any more words out Mel interrupted me.

“She’s probably down to fuck Jay, and she is excited to meet you, or us, but don’t be so eager and don’t assume that sex is a guarantee, this is just like a normal date. While I have met plenty of couples and individuals, from the forum, that I have hooked up with for every hookup there are three that didn’t work out.”

“I get that. Don’t worry,” I said looking into Mel’s eyes, “thank you, this is a great surprise and I am excited regardless of the outcome. I’m going to hop in the shower, wanna join?”

“Sounds good!” Mel said as we got ready for our date.

We arrived at the bar a few hours later and Leah arrived a few minutes after us. We made our introductions and the two girls seemed like old friends. There was a bit of apprehension between Leah and myself but with the help of Mel, the conversation flowed smoothly. Leah was beautiful. She was thin but not too thin, curvy but not chubby, had a beautiful face and smile, long brown hair, and gorgeous brown eyes. She was a few inches shorter than me and looked casually sexy in her jeans and knit sweatshirt.

We continued chatting and drinking for a few hours and there were definitely some sparks between Leah and me. In fact, after the first 60 minutes of conversation, Mel backed out and let Leah and me take over the whole conversation. Simply put, she was incredible, we had so much in common: similar hobbies, similar interests, similar taste in music, and I found myself falling for her just a little bit.

Unlike my normal reserved nature, I suggested that we head back to my place for another drink. We were at a nice little bar only a few blocks from my apartment so the walk didn’t take us too long.

When we arrived I turned on some music and the girls settled on the couch while I mixed some vodka sodas. When I got to the living room Mel and Leah were sitting very close together. I handed them their drinks and instead of sitting on the chair on the other side of the room, I sat on the coffee table directly in front of them. The sexual tension in the room was thick but luckily Mel was quick to try and cut it by suggesting we play a game. She suggested we play a modified version of sociables using a 6-sided die. The rules were simple: we would all take a turn rolling the die and each face had a corresponding consequence. If a 2, 4, or 6 was rolled you would take a drink, if a 1 was rolled you would be given a dare by the person on your left, if a 3 came up you would be asked a ‘truth’ question by the person on your right, and if a 5 was rolled you would lose a piece of clothing. Leah and I agreed to the rules and the game began.

I rolled first and a 4 came up, I took a nice big gulp to set the standard of what a drink would be and passed the die to Mel who was sitting across from me on the left-hand side. Mel rolled a 5 and Leah and I laughed and mockingly taunted her as she took off her cardigan leaving her in a tank top and shorts. It was Leah’s turn and she rolled a 1 and it was my job to give her a dare. I was hard-pressed at how far I should go on the first dare of the night but decided that I should just go for it.

“Well, I guess I should lay my cards out on the table immediately.” I said with a sheepish smile on my face, “I dare you to kiss Mel.”

Any worry I had quickly dissipated when Leah leaned in and immediately began to kiss Mel. It was just a peck either, I was watching their tongues duel for 10 or 15 seconds and it was one of the hottest things I had seen in real life. When the kiss ended Leah looked at Mel and said, “Thank you, that was nice!” She turned and looked at me and with a joking tone she handed me the die and said, “alright perv boy, you’re up.” I grabbed the die from her hand and couldn’t help but think to myself that this girl was amazing. I rolled a 6 and passed the die to Mel as I took another drink. Another 6, it was Mel’s turn to drink now and she took a large gulp before handing the die to Leah. 4. Leah took a deep pull off her vodka soda and I grabbed the die and rolled. I rolled a 1, and now it was Mel’s turn to give me a dare.

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