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I find you face down on your bed…naked. I pick up the massage oil and warm some in my hands before starting to rub the back of your neck and shoulders. The pressure of my hands elicits a little moan of pleasure and I smile at the thought of the noises you will be making soon enough.

I work massage oil slowly into your shoulders and back putting pressure on the muscle knots I find as I work to make your body feel relaxed and floating. Leaving your back I begin to work my way down each of your arms to your hands giving each palm and fingers special attention. Then I return to your back passing my oiled hands over your butt as I work my way down your trim thighs and muscular calves to your feet giving each one a long massage. You mutter softly about how good it feels and how strong my hands are as I work your feet over.

When I leave your feet I run my hands up your legs in long strokes working my way towards your butt giving each cheek a work over and finishing your back by massaging the cleft between your buttocks and finally finishing off with a circular massage of your starfish hearing you moan softly and squirm a little bit under my hands.

I use this as an excuse to ask you to roll over and I begin to rub down the front of your body moving up from your feet I skirt your pussy to gently work over your stomach, putting on a bit more pressure at your ribcage and kneading the flesh of those large sexy boobs and rubbing your shoulders. I slide my hands down your sides and begin to knead the flesh around your hip and pelvic bones working slowly inward until I am massaging the outside of your perfect looking pussy.

I get you to turn your body on the bed so that I can kneel at the side of the bed and eat you out. I start by kissing my way from your hipbone down the crease your flesh makes where your leg is bent lightly grazing the lips of your pussy on my way to kiss my way back up to your other hip bone. I kiss my way over to your belly button before working my way down to your pussy. First I kiss you lightly all over then pull first one side of you and then the other into my mouth sucking first your outer and then your inner lips pulling them into my mouth sucking gently and working my way up to your button. When I get there I begin to lightly and slowly lick you with the flat of my tongue using your moans and words of encouragement as a guide bahçeşehir escort to what to do.

I begin to speed up and as your body begins to move insistently against my mouth I begin to pull your clit into my mouth by sucking on you and at the same time I begin to lick the underside of your clit increasing the suction of my mouth and the pressure of my tongue until I hear your breath beginning to pant and I can feel your body movements becoming involuntary. I ease up a bit at this point easing you away from orgasm because I want something else right then.

At my urging you roll over and present your ass for me, pulling your lovely cheeks apart I dive straight in licking and sucking at your asshole, gently at first but with increasing pressure. I begin to tongue fuck your ass forcing my tongue inside you as far as I can get it and then licking at you. Your talking softly about how good it feels and that it makes you want my big cock in your ass. I continue getting rougher and rougher with my tongue until it feels as though you might be getting bored with this treatment so I ask you to roll over again and I go back to eating your button.

You are very quickly back on the edge of orgasm and I try to keep you on the edge of cumming for as long as I can. You encourage me telling me how good it feels and occasionally moaning “don’t stop, don’t stop”. Eventually I want you to come as much as you want to and I go all out with the suction and pressure and feel your body begin to quake and shudder with orgasm. I continue as close as I can to the same rhythm and pressure exactly as orgasm rocks through your body. When your muscles relax I ease up on the pressure continuing to kiss and lick you gently until you push me away and roll onto your side, sigh and give a little shudder. I lie down beside you and you roll against me pillowing your head on my shoulder.

After your breathing evens out and your heart rate slows down a bit you reach out and wrap your hand around my cock slowly stroking up and down. I begin to stiffen and you bend your head towards me and engulf me in your mouth. You begin to slide your lips up and down me as I grow from semi to fully erect. You back off and lick the head every now and again before taking me all the way into your mouth. As your lips reach the base of my bakırköy escort cock I can feel your throat clasping at the head of my cock and it is an amazing sensation before you back of and begin to slide my cock rapidly in and out of your mouth. I put my hand lightly on the back of your neck to encourage you into the rhythm I like the best. You pull off me and ask me to stand at the side of the bed.

Sitting at the edge of the bed you wrap your hand around my cock and pull me to stand between your legs where you lower your head to my cock again and suck me completely into your mouth before beginning to bob your head on my cock again. I put my hands lightly on either side of your head and begin to fuck your mouth as much as you are sucking me occasionally I pull myself almost completely out of your mouth and you reward me by sucking and licking at my frenulum and the very end of my cock.

The difference between the back of your throat your mouth and your tongue with the air around my cock is amazing and it is everything I can do not to come right there except that I’m afraid of collapsing on the floor. I pull away to give myself a little break from the almost overload of sensation and you roll over on to your back, hang your head over the edge of the bed and open your mouth suggestively. I couldn’t stop myself from coming over and putting myself back in your mouth, even if I wanted to, and slowly I begin fucking your mouth and throat. I feel the need to be very careful not to hurt your neck so this is almost like a break except the sensations of being in your mouth are so amazing that it is almost better than orgasm itself.

After a couple of minutes my knees are so week that I can’t stand anymore and you lay me on my back on the bed and kneel over my legs and take me back into your mouth and begin to bob your head with a determination that lets me know that I will be coming soon whether I want to or not. Soon the muscles in my legs begin to jump and twitch and I squeeze down as hard as I can so I don’t ejaculate in your mouth as my ears begin to roar and the rest of my muscles tense as the orgasm washes through my body. I sigh and pull you up my body so that I can kiss you and thank you for the amazing sensations you have given me.

Somehow in these moments after orgasm without ejaculation başakşehir escort I incapable of telling you fully how amazing it feels but you seem gratified with my inarticulate mutterings and twitching muscles as you again curl up against me so that I can relax for a minute and have a little post orgasmic rest.

Because I didn’t ejaculate my cock begins to stiffen just because your naked body is curled up against me and I turn towards you and smooth my hand down your stomach reaching for your pussy and rubbing my hand flat against you making little circles and switching to slow stroking down the center with my middle finger as you open your legs. You sigh as my finger contacts your clit as you reach down and grasp my cock where it is hard and brushing against your hip.

I roll over and slip off the bed and turn to pull you over to the edge of bed and slip my hard on into you. We both sigh as my cock buries inside you and I begin to stroke in and out. I can feel the irregularities inside your pussy, little bumps and whorls that seem to stroke and caress the sensitive parts of my cock as I move inside you. I begin to pull almost completely out and then just inside you before coming out again. I alternate short periods of this with deeper strokes and you begin to tell me how good it feels and how close you are to coming. I tell you how tight you feel and how cool it will feel when you come on my cock as I reach down and begin to stroke your clit with my thumb.

As you begin to moan and the muscles in your legs begin to jump I increase the pressure of my thumb and speed up both my rubbing thumb and my stoking cock. Your back arches and orgasm washes through your body and seemingly into mine as I feel a little cum too however I easily stop myself ejaculating and just continue slowly stroking in and out of you as you relax against me.

Soon we are banging very hard again and I stand over you watching my cock go in and almost completely out of you with every stroke. I can’t believe that I am moving as fast as I am or that I can do it seemingly forever as I stand over you. You begin to tell me you are coming again and this time as you cum on my cock I increase the pace of my stroking to a fever pitch and this time I ejaculate as orgasm washes through my body. I can feel the back pressure as my come spurts out of my body against the wall of your pussy. All I can do is grunt and make guttural noises as I let out what feels like my entire body inside you. I withdraw and you roll over to make room on the bed for me. As I curl up against you I am amazed that sex can be so full of amazing sensations and I wonder how long it can continue to get better. I sigh happily thinking about how much fun it will be to find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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