Matchmaker Bandit Novel Pt. 03

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Hello All,

I am Maximillian Excaliber and before the story I would like to tell you the importance of leaving feedback.

As a writer, it is important to know how well or not well received a work is by received the target audience. Unlike movie and TV studios, we can not rely on focus groups to tell us how our work is being accepted.

On this site, the mechanisms some of us writers rely upon, especially the new ones like myself, are feedback and ratings.

A given work may have been read by 8000 people in three days, but if only 10 or 20 people take the time to rate it and only 2 to leave feedback it is impossible for us and you to tell how popular the story actually is and it is difficult for us, as writers, to know what may need improvement.

While feedback is important to improvement, ratings are the best gauge of how popular a story is but they are only reliable if enough people do so.

For those of you who don’t know, a “Hot” story is one that has an average of 4.5 after 10 or more votes. They will have a little red “H” beside their names in the lists displays but some of the best stories have poor ratings because only a few people have taken the time to rate them while literally thousands have actually read them. And so, unless you stumble across them by accident, you may never know about them.

Feedback can always be left anonymously and ratings are always anonymous so please, even if you do not wish to leave feedback, take the time to rate the story.

Unfortunately, I submitted the novel to the editor I started using about three months ago but he is quite busy and does not have the time to edit the novel. I have decided to post it here so I can go on to other projects. Finally, I have made every attempt to make this novel error free that I can, I am sure there are errors in it that, despite my attempts, have slipped past my editing process. Should you find any, please notify me by email and I will correct them. When posting your comments, please try to keep this in mind: I do not represent this as a professional quality work, but it is the best I can do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and Happy Reading.



When I started writing some months back, it was with the intention of developing my skills sufficiently so that, with confidence, I could begin writing more conventional fiction. Each story I write is a learning experience for me as I attempt to sharpen my technical skills and story telling techniques.

You will find my stories are becoming longer than the previous ones as I attempt to weave more plot and character development into them.

I hope this is an improvement and you enjoy them.

And now for a word about this particular set of stories.

A few years back I received a couple of rotator cuff injuries that, until recently, had remained undiagnosed. Between that and some other medical problems I will not go into right now, I unfortunately found myself spending more time than I wanted to in medical offices. One good thing has come out of it though; all that time waiting gave me a few ideas for a couple of stories.

This series is the first one of those ideas I have put to words.

As you read these, I think you’ll find it amazing what can be running through one’s mind while they are in a waiting room.

When next you go to the doctor or dentist, think back on these stories and try to imagine what the other people in the waiting room are daydreaming about as they wait alone with you. I think you’ll find it an interesting way to pass the time.

When I started writing this storyline, it was with the intent of writing a single short story. However, as I was reaching the end of what would eventually become part one, it occurred to me that the Matchmaker Bandits had never failed to acquire their objectives before.

The idea of infallibility has never set well with me so I decided to make them just a little more human, and once in a while, let someone else get the best of them. I already had begun to get other ideas for expanding the story floating through my mind when I decided to write what would eventually become Part Two. By the time I was finished with it, my imagination was running full out and I decided to see just how far I could take the storyline.

Please keep in mind the following when you get to Part Four:

One of the two main characters, Lyle Cunningham, describes a medical history including attempts to treat a condition that affected him while he was in college.

While you are reading part four, as outrageous as the medical history described may seem, it is based on actual events in my life.

The main differences between the medical history depicted in the story and what actually happened to me are that I saw far more doctors than does did the character in the story before being properly diagnosed and my gallbladder problems went on for over four years. Also, I am now a type-2 diabetic. The end results of the gallstone being left in too long are that I beşiktaş escort now have a damaged spleen, pancreas, and liver.

Yes as unbelievable as it sounds, it really does happen.

I want to stress that this is a work of fiction. While some places actually exist, the small town of Magnolia, in Part Five, is a complete construction of my imagination. All characters and events are fictitious and any similarity between the characters and events in the novel and actual people or events is purely in the imagination of you, the reader.

Also, I’d like to thank “Jaily Ember” for taking the time to edit this massive undertaking of mine.

Finally, whether you like it, hate it or are totally indifferent, please take the time to rate it and leave feedback. Also, when doing so, try and remember that the works on this site are mostly done by amateurs such as myself and are edited by volunteers. While every effort has been made to ensure that it is as error free as possible, some minor errors should be expected. Please send me an email and I will correct them in a future reposting of the story. It is very import for the feedback and rating system to be viable that you rate and leave feedback for each posting only once.

Without further ado, please enjoy this, the first Matchmaker Bandit Novel.

Maximillian Excaliber

Part Three – The Janitor


During their first attempt to acquire the Jennings Collection, the Matchmaker Bandits left a naked Kent Collins laying on his back chained to a gurney with one end of a rubber strap tied around the base of his cock and the other end stuck in the batter compartment of the remote control for the vibrator.

The power switch was on and the slider that controlled vibration was set at its maximum level. It was rigged so that if too much tension were applied to the rubber strap, it will be pulled from the battery compartment allowing the contact between the batteries and the battery terminals to compete sending power to the remote.

Ms. White then slid a handcuff key down the free end of the rubber strap and secured it in place with a knot so that it would not slide off the rubber strap. Next, she had Margo take off her belt and then taped the remote control to the buckle before tying the other end of the belt to the foot rail of the gurney. Then, the female bandit took one end of another rubber strap and tied it to the knot she had used to secure the first strap around the base of Kent’s penis.

After that, Ms. White tied the other end of the rubber strap to the belt buckle and covered Kent from pelvis to feet with a sheet so that the whole contraption could not been seen.

Margo, having been previously been made to strip naked and then put back on only her dress, had been standing with here back turned and was not aware of the what lie beneath the sheet when she was told to climb onto of Kent in a reverse cowgirl position.

After Ms. White finished using more chains and handcuffs to bind the two together, she pulled the sheet loose and left the room.

With the tension on the his cock from the rubber strap pulling it right into the furrow of Margo’s pussy, Kent and Margo tried desperately to slide the strap to the end of his dick so he could reach the key and free himself. Margo tried using the mouth of her pussy to push the vibrator towards Kent’s prick hoping it would release enough tension on the strap to allow him to reach the key.

Instead, they ended up pulling the strap out of the battery compartment, which in turn switched on the vibrator. With the vibrator now lodged in her pussy driving her wild, Margo sat up in a desperate attempt to dislodge it from her pussy. When she did, the vibrator did fall free but her momentum caused her slide right down onto Kent’s cock as it was being pulled into the mouth of her pussy by the tension on the rubber strap.

Instantly, her pussy was impaled on his cock.

Because of the position they were in, the rubber strap around Kent’s cock pulled the vibrator right against Margo’s clitoris. It wasn’t long after that before she was riding him to ecstasy.

In Part Two, Ms. White and Mr. Black, the Matchmaker Bandits visited the office of Dr. Victoria Mercer in an attempt to acquire in one fell swoop note only the Jennings Collection but also Dr. Mercer’s rare antique erotic coin collection.

As the Matchmaker Bandits inventoried the artifacts they believed they had found, Delores sat handcuffed to a chair in one of the examination rooms with an ‘egg’ vibrator taped to the top of her clitoris and a porno running in the room’s DVD player.

What Delores did not know was that the remote control for the vibrator was attached on one end to the back of her dress, and at the other end to the back of the chair. When she tried to dislodge it from the small of her back so she could lean back comfortably, the remote activated and turned on the vibrator.

Her boyfriend Wyatt, having gone for takeout, beşyol escort returned just in time to find Delores charged with sexual energy. She was more than happy when the bandits had him strip and then used chains and handcuffs to bind their naked bodies together.

After several minutes of playing cat and mouse with Wyatt’s cock, Delores’s finally tricked Wyatt into sticking is cock into her wet pussy. Once he was inside her, she didn’t let him go until she was satisfied.

It didn’t take too long for the two thieves to discover that all the valuable artifacts had been replaced with replicas and counterfeit coins.

Twice tricked, what will the Matchmaker Bandits do now?

Chapter One – “Cold War Warrior”

November 1963

William Bartholomew Dixon Sr., ‘Bill’ to his friends, had been a Colonel in Military Intelligence in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. When the armistice was signed in 1953, he left the Army and stayed in South Korea to accept a high-level Civil Service job with the U.S. Government. What only his wife and a hand full of other people knew, was that he was also one of the biggest dealers in the Black Market after the war so by the time his son was born in 1963, he had accumulated quite a sizeable bank account from his black market activities.

However, what even his wife did not know was how he got away with it despite the many government audits regularly performed. For you see, William Dixon Sr. had actually resigned his commission as a Colonel in Military Intelligence to join another, civilian intelligence agency of the United States Government and, it was his cover as a black-marketeer that had put him in a position to buy, barter, blackmail and steal information as needed.

It was a bitterly cold night in November 1963 and Bill was waiting to meet with an informant named Jung He Kwon, whom he had done business with in the past. The man had provided one of Bill’s assets with information that he had set up a meeting with a North Korea nuclear physicist wanting to defect.

Bill had a bad feeling about the meet from the very first and decided to take precautions to protect himself. He arranged that his South Korean counterpart, a man named Young Jae Su, act as backup and follow him out of sight.

He pulled his jacket tightly around him as the bitter cold suddenly hit him like a knife as he exited his car and proceeded down the dimly lit street.

Upon reaching the rendezvous point, with cautious eyes Bill carefully scanned the shadows looking for the informant but the man was nowhere in site.

When he saw three men coming toward him out of the shadows he instantly knew something was wrong and stopped in his tracks fearing to go closer.

As the three strangers came closer Bill knew his fears were correct for he recognized the three men instantly. Two of the men were agents of the North Korean Intelligence Service and the other was a member of Red Chinese Military Intelligence. His years of experience told him immediately that the three men were bent on kidnapping him because he knew that it usually only took one person to kill. If they had wanted to kill him, they wouldn’t have approached him openly.

Bill knew the three men would be more interested in taking him alive than leaving him dead and planned to use that fact to his advantage.

The three kidnappers had already made one mistake by underestimating the unarmed Bill’s capacity to defend himself when they failed to approach him with weapons drawn. It was a mistake that would cost two of them their lives because before any of his assailants knew what was happening, two of the enemy agents’ bodies were laying on the ground. One, a North Korean, had a broken neck and the other, a Communist Chinese agent, had taken a fist to the throat and lie on the ground with a collapsed larynx gasping for air that would never come.

As the remaining North Korean agent was hastily trying to pull a firearm from inside his jacket, Bill jumped behind a parked truck and used it for cover as he attempted to make his escape down the dark street.

When Bill turned the corner onto one of the main streets, he saw Young Jae Su speeding towards him in an old green sedan. Young must have seen the North Korean agent in pursuit of Bill because he quickly drove past him and expertly did a 180 degree turn as he began heading back in Bill’s direction. Young slammed on the brakes, stopping the car just beside Bill, and was firing through the rear window of the sedan at the North Korean. Bill got in the car just in time to see the enemy agent take a round in his leg and begin diving towards the cover of a nearby pile of garbage.

As he prepared to execute another 180 degree turn, Young Jae said, “Sorry I’m late, a patrol stopped me for questioning. You want to go back and get him Bill?”

“No, it’s too risky. He might have backup. I found out what I needed to know.” Bill told his South Korean counterpart.

They sat in silence beykent escort on the ride to the base.

When Bill got back, the first thing he did was to have his contact in the South Korean Army follow-up with the patrol’s captain to verify Young’s story. Bill knew the contact was reliable, he should be! The man was an American of Korean ancestry that had been assigned to infiltrate the South Korean Army.

When his contact confirmed Young’s story, Bill was glad to hear that the man’s story had checked out, he hated knowing what the South Korean’s would have done to him if it hadn’t.

Later that night, Bill had Young come over to his office to discuss the mission.

“We have a stranger among us.” Bill told him.

Young looked at him in shock and said, “Who?”

“Jung He Kwon! He’s playing both sides.” Bill said without emotion.

The South Korean agent considered it for a moment and then said, “My people will take care of that!”

“No, I think I know how we can use this to our advantage.” He informed the man.

Young looked at him, “What do you have in mind?”

Bill began to explain his plan, “It’s about time we pulled Jin Lee out before her cover gets blown. They still think she works for them and is feeding us misinformation but that won’t last forever. If we hadn’t killed that agent tailing her before the meeting with her control, that tail would have made them both. Now that they are suspicious they’ll be watching her.

No, I think it’s time Miss Lee came home. But before she does, why don’t we let her drop one last bit of pillow talk in General Dam’s ear before she hits the road? Have her suggest to her pal the General that we suspect Jung He Kwon is working for them. Then have her get back here as fast as possible.

I want you to have one of our contacts let it slip in front of Kwon that General Dam has been providing information to us and is now looking to defect to the south with his girlfriend. They won’t buy it until they see pictures of her in Seoul getting a medal for services to her country.

Then, I’ll set up some phony memos mentioning Kwon’s name and amounts he has been paid and see to it they go out with the trash by accident. That should make them think we are framing him.

While the pictures are being released have your people pay Mr. Kwon a visit. His sudden untimely demise will help in convincing them that the information he gave them is genuine.

When the north gets the memos they’ll think Kwon is working for us until they find out he is dead and they didn’t do it; then they will figure he was working for them all along when he shows up dead.

Timing is critical on this part. We have to release the photos to the press at the same time one of our agents in the north is showing them to General Dam. I want him to explain to the General what will happen when his superior’s learn he has been providing information to enemy agent and has been looking to defect. We’ll need assets in place to extract him immediately.

Let’s see whether if he wants to move to the states or eat a bullet at the hands of his countrymen. I’m betting he will like Sunny California.”

The South Korean Intelligence Officer looked at Bill thoughtfully for a moment and said, “Think he’ll defect?”

“Doesn’t really matter whether he does or not. Kwon will be dead, Jin Lee will be safe, and even it they don’t totally buy it, they will never trust him again. I see it as a win-win situation no matter how it comes out.” Bill replied.

Young looked at him for a minute and then asked, “What do we call it?”

“Call it Operation Damnit.” Bill replied with a straight face.

Chapter Two – “Disappearing”

Later that night, Bill arrived at the hospital to be told that his wife had just given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The nurse took him to see his wife and son. When he walked into the room his wife was holding her newborn son in her arms. She reached up to hand the infant to Bill who took the small child in his hands. As Bill looked down at his son, like an epiphany, it finally hit him that he was a father.

For some reason even he could not explain, it had never quite sunk during the nine months that Mary Bell had been pregnant.

The two had met in Korea during the war at one of the M.A.S.H. units there. Bill had taken shrapnel in the hip and she was the triage nurse that first treated him. He had known from the very first time he met Mary Bell that she was a survivor and was capable of taking care of herself.

Perhaps it was because his mind was always occupied with work that he just hadn’t taken the time to consider it before, or perhaps it was because he just assumed that Mary Bell would take care of the child when it was born but now it had finally hit him.

The truth was that while he’d like to think it was because he knew she could take care of her self if anything had happened to him. But, in his heart, he realized it was he had just not given any thought at all to the child’s future.

But now, seeing this tiny part of himself laying peacefully in his arms, so helpless, so trusting, awakened in him feelings he did not know even existed and for the first time in his life, he felt the need to protect someone above everything and everyone else. And, in Bill’s profession, that would be a weakness that sooner or later, someone would try to exploit.

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