Me and My Boy Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


After we had wanked each other’s cocks, and then rested, Billy looked up at me moving his body and face towards my face and gently kissed me on the mouth. His tongue still tasting of our cum, pushed into my mouth back and forth. He was fucking my mouth with his tongue. My thoughts about what happens next flew out the window as I took hold of his cock which was still hard and thick.

I broke from the kiss and looked down at his cock. It was so fucking hot – must be at least 8-9″, with a juicy looking red bell-end exposed by me pulling his foreskin down. His shaft was thick but not too thick that I couldn’t get my fingers around it. A deep blue vein was pulsing along the length of his shaft. I didn’t have much experience of cock size, but I knew this was a big cock. His pubes were trimmed and his balls were big low hangers. I ran my hand over his balls and cupped them, then rolled them around Ankara escort in my hand.

I pulled his body on top of me so our cocks were rubbing together. I was hard again which doesn’t usually happen to me so soon after cumming at my age. Billy’s body, and cock were really getting my juices flowing. His hands on my shoulders as he was on top of me, I was free to run my hands all down his back till I could feel his firm little ass cheeks. We kissed passionately while Billy humped his cock against mine.

“Dad I want to suck your cock” he said.

I smile and said “I want to suck your cock too”. Billy turned his body round. His cock was now inches from my face. I could smell his previous cum load and knew I had to have his cock and cum in my mouth. I licked his cock head and tongued his piss slit. Then ran my tongue around the edge of his cock head. His hot wet mouth enveloped my raging hard cock as I took his cock as far as I could in my mouth. Not having done that for awhile Ankara escort bayan I started to gag and pulled back but kept some of his cock in my mouth. It was so fucking tasty and juicy. The fact that this was my boy’s cock made it even more horny. Billy had managed to get my cock in his mouth balls deep – he had obviously had practice at sucking cock.

He was going up and down on my cock, his tongue licking the underside of the head of my cock. I tried to get more of his hard cock into my mouth when he started to gently thrust into my mouth. He was sucking my cock and fucking my face at the same time. I caressed his ass cheeks and ran my fingers up and down his crack. I’d forgotten how good man on man action felt.

I moved my face off his cock and say “Billy I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop”. He picked up speed sucking my cock. I felt my balls tingle and pull up and then my cock exploded with a load of hot cum in Billy’s mouth. I wanted to taste his cum direct from Escort Ankara his cock and plunged his cock as far as I could into my mouth and started sucking back and forth. In a few thrusts Billy blew his juicy, sweet, thick boy cum into my mouth. I held it on my tongue as he fucked my face then swallowed it.

Billy turned around and laid on top of me again and kissed me softly.

“You’ve sucked cock before haven’t you Billy?” I asked. He nodded. “Where and who?”

“There’s a park not far from where we live. I go there sometimes. There are usually a few guys who like me to suck them off.”

“Is that all you’ve done?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiled. “With a cock like mine, what do you think?”

“As long as you played safe.” He nodded. “But no more OK? Your cock is mine now Billy,” I said.

“I like that idea. But same goes for you. No one else gets your cum but me.” He kissed me again.

“And dad … I like to fuck and be fucked.”

I looked at his soft hanging cock. “I can fuck you” I said. “But I’m not sure about you fucking me with that monster”.

Billy looked at me, smiled and winked. “I will fuck you dad … you will love it … and beg for it again.”

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