Me and The Two Schoolgirls Ch. 02

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……..Minutes seemed to become suspended; time meant nothing, and we floated away together in an endless climax. I bathed her insides with a flood of hot, lumpy sperm. April’s eyes rolled up inside her head, her sweat mingled with mine, and I reveled in a feeling of lust, of closeness, and of triumph over what I had at first thought would be an insurmountable wall of resistance on the part of a gorgeous, innocent looking eighteen — year — old girl experiencing her first real taste of what an adult male, not a boy, can do.

There came a stirring, a slight movement ….and there in the doorway stood Tina, who had been sleeping in the next room, obviously aghast at the scene displayed before her

We lay splayed across the cushions, April and I; her skirt rucked up around her waist, her soaking wet panties slung around her ankle, cum drooling from her pussy, and with me, beside her, my cock glistening with our mingled juices, both of us red in the face, sweating, hearts pounding. We were staring at her with a look of astonishment at having been so suddenly and somewhat embarrassingly discovered in the throes of a very fine afterglow.

Speech eluded us.

Tina stood there, in the doorway, transfixed, paralyzed, at the site of her so — recently — ravaged friend, then turned her gaze to me, with my little friend waving in the air in front of her.

‘Oh my God!’ she exclaimed, putting her hand to her mouth and retreating to the bedroom.

I quickly scrambled to my feet, pulling my pants up all the while. I motioned for April to smooth her skirt down. ‘Tina, don’t be afraid!’ I exclaimed; ‘Come join us here on the couch!’

Tina very slowly, her right hand still covering her mouth, came back to the living room and moved over to the couch.

We replaced the cushions and sat, with Tina at one end, April in the middle and me at the other.

‘Tina, what are you thinking?’ I said, and she replied, ‘I don’t know what to think. I go to sleep and wake up an hour later and find you two….naked, almost, and it looks as though you had sex!’

‘Well, it just sort of happened, Tina; I was giving April a massage and, well, we just got carried away!’ said I, stifling a grin and looking down at the floor.

‘She was sore and stiff from your yesterday’s soccer game, so I offered to massage her, and we ended up getting pretty heated up. And, by the way, how are you feeling? April tells me you’re a forward on the team, so you must really be feeling the stiffness!’

All the while, as I talked, April very discreetly scooped her panties up off the floor and tucked them in under one of the cushions. She sat there on her skirt and, as I was to discover later, with our mingled juices oozing ever so slowly from her pussy onto the satin lining.

Tina paused, shifted herself on the couch, crossing then uncrossing her legs, and as she did so the satin swished against her thighs, producing that oh- so – feminine sound that sends my blood racing. It was the rustle of satin on skin, a sure — fire turn- on for me. ‘I am sore, for sure,’ she said, ‘but I don’t want a massage from YOU!’

At that, April blushed, then smiled, and told Tina that while it lasted it had been the best massage she had ever received, from anyone. I looked her in the eye, and caught a conspiratorial wink as she said it, and so once again I knew that the game was on.

‘Why don’t we do this,’ said April, ‘Set the cushions up on the floor, and he and I will both massage you. That way you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong, or him doing anything you don’t want him to do!’

Tina balked at the suggestion at first, still shocked at the display of wanton profligacy she had seen when she first entered the room, but all it took was a few more imploring words from April and she started to waver.

After a moment’s reflection, Tina agreed to our suggestion, so we took the cushions off the couch again, this time with almanbahis April (unseen by her friend) quickly grabbing and donning her still wet panties, and lay them out on the floor.

We had Tina lay down face upwards, got the ‘massage oil’ and removed her knee socks. Both of us started to massage her feet, taking care to squeeze and rub each toe in turn, then her foot, and then her calves, which were stiff from the previous days’ exertion.

She shifted her legs slightly, causing her skirt to ride slightly up her thighs, and I noticed her breathing getting slower and deeper as we continued to knead her toes, then ankles, then onwards up her calves to her knees. She closed her eyes and appeared to be really enjoying what we were doing to her.

April and I looked at each other, nodded, then leaned in towards each other and kissed. It was a long, deep, passionate kiss that sent sensations of lust and sensuality up and down my spine.

As one, we started to massage Tina’s thighs, starting at her knees and kneading, pressing and caressing upwards, ever upwards until our darting fingers were stoking her tender flesh at the borders of her panties.

April said, ‘Let me do this part. She will feel more relaxed if I massage her thighs.’ and gently brushed my hand aside, taking Tina into both her hands, all the while continuing to massage her. I sat by, transfixed at the image of two gorgeous young school girls in such a promising situation.

April’s bum was in the air, her skirt flipping about back and forth, her panties showing each time she moved up over Tina’s body to rub her thighs. Tina’s skirt was now hiked up and over her lower back, fully exposing her form — fitting pink nylon panties. I could now see the beginnings of a wet spot on her panties, and noticed that April would, from time to time, brush her fingers lightly over them.

I moved up to where I could start massaging Tina’s neck and shoulders. She relaxed, her head turned to her left, with her long, dark, curly hair splayed about on the cushion.

This went on for ten minutes, more or less.

I knelt down further, and murmured in her ear, ‘This will feel really good, Tina, but you have to let go. Trust us! Let us show you how much pleasure a good, deep, loving massage can do for you!’

April, all the while, was giving her a deep, muscle — squeezing massage, and each time she touched her panties, or even when she ‘accidentally’ stroked her bum through the panties, Tina would flinch slightly, but her eyes remained closed and she didn’t seem to register any alarm at the sensation.

I nodded to her; she smiled, and slowly, ever so slowly, moved her roving fingers up and under the hem of Tina’s panties.

She massaged her bum gently, sensuously, taking care to not intrude on Tina’s most intimate private parts, until she ‘accidentally’ slipped and her left hand went in, up and under to rest on the narrow strip of skin between her vagina and bum hole.

Tina gasped, her eyes opened wide, and she turned her head and angrily said, ‘What ARE you doing April? Get your hand out of there and leave me alone!’

April seized the moment, however, and instead of removing her hand she quickly plunged two fingers into Tina’s pussy and, with her other hand, started to massage her sweet little clitoris. Tina gasped, her back arched, and a slow, deep moan emerged from her open, panting mouth. It took but a second or two, and we knew that, in spite of her initial shock at seeing her friend and I so openly displayed in such a flagrant manner, she was ready for whatever we chose to do to her.

As she continued playing with Tina’s pussy, April’s face assumed a look of lust, of triumph over another girl’s reluctance to give way to the manipulations of another, and she motioned me to once again take part in the action.

I crawled over to April, who was on her knees busily working her friend’s nether regions to good effect, slipped her panties down her thighs and almanbahis giriş plunged my dick into her steaming hot recess from behind. Her juices, mingled with my cum, made entry easy, so easy in fact that I was immediately engulfed up to my balls in her steaming hot vagina.

April let out a scream of passion, her face went red, she arched her back, her loins quivered and I started a slow, methodical fucking motion, pistoning in and out of her hot vagina.

Tina, meantime, was gasping with the sensations generated by April’s skillful ministrations. April lowered her face and started a slow, teasing nibbling on her panties. Then, after a few minutes of this, she said ‘Tina, I am going to take off your panties!’

‘Oh God, April, please! Please! Please don’t stop what you’re doing! I love it!’ and in a trice she was naked below the waist, her vagina weeping with hot juices, and my newly — found friend started lapping at the girl’s glistening rosebud and vagina.

April buried her nose deep into Tina’s furrow, all the while making squishing noises, licking her juices as they wept from the girl’s wet pussy.

Tina moaned, her legs shook, and after what seemed an eternity she gasped, there was a deep intake of breath, her head shook from side to side, she bit deeply into the cushion and she caromed into a deep, soul- shattering orgasm. Her pussy shot streams of hot juice onto the cushion, she screamed again and again as climax after climax rolled across through her loins and with one final heave of her buttocks into April’s ever — reddening face, she collapsed, spent and exhausted, and rolled over onto the floor.

I seized the moment, crept up to Tina, parted her legs and plunged my cock, once again, into one of the hottest, wettest, tightest and most welcoming vaginas I had ever experienced.

Tina’s eyes shot wide open, like those of a frightened kitten, her mouth gave up a roar of passion, she dug her fingernails into my shoulder and once again she swam away in another mind- bending orgasm. Her pussy shot streams of hot juice out and all over my thighs and onto the carpet. She screamed and after several shudders lay limp, exhausted and totally disheveled on the living room floor.

Nothing wagered, nothing gained, I thought, and as I was close to the end point myself, I kept on fucking Tina. Her breasts jiggled beneath her blouse, her thighs pulped under my weight, and I reveled in the sensation of lust and the notion that this was truly dirty sex at its finest, all the while loving every feeling my savage pounding brought about.

April, for her part, not to be left out of the action, got onto her back, squirmed up and started to lick and tickle my ball sack and anus.

She plunged first one, and then two fingers into my asshole, found my prostate, then tickled it, stroking her fingernails along its exterior, all the while licking and sucking my sack and perineum.

I had never experienced such a feeling, that part of me having been strictly out of bounds until then, but I gave in to the sensations with unaccustomed enthusiasm and implored her to keep up the action.

This went on for a long time, twenty minutes or so by my reckoning, with Tina writhing under continuous orgasms, my cock feeling as if it were on fire, my innards in convulsion, until, finally, I could take it no more.

I exploded into a second tumultuous orgasm and brayed like a mule. My nuts thrummed, my cock spewed yet another stream of globby sperm that

seemed to have the consistency of cottage cheese. Some of it went deep, right into Tina’s sweltering pussy, and some, when I pulled out, spewed all over April’s face, hair and blouse.

The afternoon was hot, and so was I. Two times in one afternoon just wasn’t enough; I had to have more!

I swung April over onto her knees again, crawled up behind her, plunged my cock deep into her vagina, all the while causing her to groan and weep with passion and then, my member covered almanbahis yeni giriş in cum and her juices, took it out and slowly, inexorably started to move it in and out of her incredibly tight little rectum.

She gasped at the intrusion, saying it had never been done before, and exclaimed that she was afraid it would hurt, but she was so turned on that she threw caution to the wind, relaxed her bum hole, pushed out a little bit and allowed my stiff hard cock to be the first to enter her tight little portal.

She squinted her eyes closed, bit her lower lip and groaned as I pushed first one, then two, then three inches of my self into her hot, puckered little hole. I then grabbed her around her breasts, tongued her ear, whispered ‘and now for the final little bit’ in her ear and slowly pushed all of the rest of me into her amazingly hot little rear end.

Seldom have I ever felt anything or seen a sight like I experienced that afternoon; my swollen cock deeply embedded in a schoolgirl’s ass, her skirt, now deeply stained all over the back with cum, sweat and juice, her golden hair splayed across her friend’s glistening, cum — soaked thighs, and Tina still lying there, her eyes glazed, her breath coming in pants and sobs, the whole scene too obscene, too far-fetched, too absolutely erotic, almost, to describe in words.

I felt like the fox in the hen house.

I knew that this was going to an afternoon I would not want to forget, ever.

I wanted it to last forever.

As I moved myself in and out of April’s ass, she would sigh, and sometimes groan, all the time aware, somewhat, of what was happening to her, and evidently enjoying every stroke of my cock, every lusty groan I gave out.

She looked up slightly at Tina’s sodden pussy and moved over a few inches until her face was planted right next to it.

She started, once again, to lap away at Tina, sucking my cum from her and causing her to squirm and moan once again. Tina threw her legs open wide, far wider than even when I had fucked into her minutes ago, then clenched them around April’s head, her hands clutching the blonde’s hair, and in a few minutes the three of us were once again floated away on a sea of love, lust, and that feeling one gets when one has tasted the sweet nectar of forbidden fruit.

Exhausted, satiated, the three of us fell back onto the carpet, each of us warmed and thrilled once again by a strong afterglow, gasping, oozing juices, red in the face, and with the girls’ blouses opened, their neckties drawn around to their backs, their tartan skirts bunched up under their bums and with cum and God alone knows what staining their satin linings. April’s skirt was soaked through, and had to be hand washed later and put in the dryer. Tina’s was stained to an even greater extent, and we feared that it would have to be discarded. A quick wash, a spell in the dryer and she was made somewhat presentable.

We had another drink, smoked some cigarettes, exchanged phone numbers and promised each other that we would do it all again, soon, when the girls had another afternoon off.

They tottered off down the hall, into the elevator and I watched them as they walked very slowly home from far up above in my suite.

So ended one of the most memorable fucks I have ever experienced. There have been many others, for sure, in different circumstances and with different women, one, two or even three at a time, but nothing ever could eclipse the goings — on of that afternoon for sheer delight.

To have taken, in turn, two gorgeous young innocent –looking but thoroughly corrupt young schoolgirls, to have ravaged them like a pair of Arab whores, was an event not to be forgotten.

It was one which, the second time we got together, again on a fine afternoon when they were excused from school, was only made even better by the fact that three of my closest and most trustworthy buddies and their wives and girlfriends were to partake in it. The sight of two eighteen year old girls being licked, spanked and dildo-fucked by three middle – aged women, and manhandled every which way by their perverted husbands, is the stuff for further stories in this journal of lust, lechery and out and out debauchery.

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