Medical Examination with Extras

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There are some times where I crave sex. I just can’t get away from the feeling that I must have intercourse and no amount of rubbing my clit of bringing myself off with a dildo will satisfy that craving as I want cock. Recently I had a few days of this and the eventual solution came in an unlikely form.

I work as a doctor in an office and see patients with various ailments all day. To supplement my income I perform medical for local employers and during my recent bout of craving sex a woman booked in for a medical. She arrived late and I sent my receptionist home before we got started.

I had checked the woman’s notes and something made me smile but I knew I had to get on with the medical. The woman was in her late 20’s and very attractive. I am bisexual and so seeing her did make me tingle. We began with questions about her medical history and lifestyle and then I asked her to undress and put a gown on. She changed behind a curtain and pulled back the curtain to reveal herself in the shapeless gown. I checked her weight and height and blood pressure before moving on to the more thorough physical examination.

I asked her to remove the gown and lie on the couch. She did so and I nearly lost it when I saw her naked. almanbahis She had a slim tanned body but it was down there that nearly made me cum on the spot. I had noted in her notes that she was a MtF transgender and still had her male genitalia. Having removed this from her femme panties her cock earlier when she undressed it had been allowed to unravel and hung there looking very appealing. I wanted to touch it, handle it and put it inside my mouth to harden it but knew I should get on with the job in hand.

She laid down on her back and I started to examine her body. I checked her neck and then inspected her chest. She had a very slight curve of her breasts and was really flat chested but it was more down below I was interested in. Next came the moment I was relishing but also dreading as I was worried it would give me away. I moved my hand down and started to handle her penis to check for any issues. Despite wearing latex gloves I loved handling the soft flaccid member and balls and really had to hold back from starting to wank her member and remain professional. Once complete I continued down her legs to her feet and then asked her to turn over.

From behind she was equally beautiful. Her chestnut almanbahis giriş coloured hair continued down her back and complemented her tanned skin. I moved down her body until I reached the two beautiful peachy bum cheeks and parted them to view her bumhole. I wanted to explode as I viewed this and I think she could sense some tension as she said, “I know you want to lick it.”

I have to confess that I have discovered rimming late in life. Recently a female sexual partner rimmed me and I loved it. I remember pushing her head against my bottom wanting more of her tongue against my bumhole and when she gently pressed her tongue against my opening and pushed a little bit inside I climaxed. I now wanted to give this woman the same experience.

I lent down and started to run my tongue over the soft warm tanned skin circling her opening and making smaller and smaller circles until I touched the tender flesh making her moan with delight as I stimulated the nerve endings. She had to bury her head in the pillow as I continued licking and then ran my tongue over the opening before gently pressing against it. As I applied a little pressure the hole dilated and I gently ran my tongue over the muscles resulting almanbahis yeni giriş in very deep and low moans coming from the receiver.

Eventually she broke away and turned to face me. She put her hands up to remove my coat and started unbuttoning my blouse. Her actions were skilled and not hurried and I savoured watching her undress me. With my blouse removed I unhooked my bra, unfastened my skirt and removed my own panties.

We started to kiss each other, both of us were hungry and soon she moved down to my breasts. I have been fortunate that I have large breasts and she buried her face in them before teasing them and sucking on the flesh and gently teasing the nipples with her tongue. I thought she was going to move down further but instead she pushed me back onto the couch and then came up to my face level. At this point I looked down and noticed that her cock was now erect and whilst I would loved to have taken it in my mouth, she lined herself up and pushed against my waiting pussy. All of our foreplay had made me wet and so she slid very easily inside.

We fucked on the couch, something I never thought it would be used for and soon I felt her squirm and eject her load into my waiting pussy. It felt so great to feel her cum enter me and was so badly needed after my days of craving intercourse.

I had to pass her as fit after that. Her medical had included a very intense workout which showed she had great stamina and physical ability and I had no complaints afterwards.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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