Meeting Lucy Ch. 02

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It was about 1 week off first year exams and Amanda had been studying round the clock, organising her notes and making sub notes on those! To put it plainly, she was seriously organised.

Lucy was reading Cosmo on their blue 3 seater couch.

Now don’t think that Lucy does no work, she just makes time for breaks, 15 minutes of revision and 5 minutes to chill out, Amanda was just extremely nervous about failing as she was struggling in certain areas of her English class where as Lucy seemed to be on top of everything.

The girls were both taking their studies seriously and had vowed not to go out and party in the 2 months leading up-to exams. This pretty much meant that they were spending the whole day together when not in lectures, there was no time to blow off any steam, or anything else for that matter since their vow included no boys until the end of the exams.

It was a Wednesday, Lucy’s favourite day of the working week as she had quite the crush on her Psychology professor and enjoyed his lectures immensely, probably why she was doing so well, she sat and drank in every word those smooth pouty lips created.

Professor James Cross was 36 but looked about 28, he was tall, around 6ft, dark hair, a strong jaw line which occasionally had some sexy stubble and a medium build. Lucy had a particular fascination with his soft pouty pink lips and his deep blue eyes, she said that she would happily swim in them given the chance. Professor Cross had a very deep sexy voice, Amanda had once sneaked into the back of one of Lucy’s lectures one day when she had nothing to do, just to see if he really was all Lucy described him to be, the girls later joked at how wet he made them just by speaking.

‘Do you ever wonder what his wife looks like?’ Asked Lucy between pages of Cosmo, ‘I bet she’s gorgeous’


‘Professor Cross’s wife’

‘Probably a tall slim brunette, you know the type, dancer figure but I bet she’s got an actual personality to go with it’ replied Amanda, more than willing to be lured into conversation and away from 40 pages of English notes.

‘I actually dreamed about him last night’

‘what happened’ Amanda’s mind no longer on work at all.

‘come sit and I’ll tell you’, Amanda did as she was asked, intrigued by what she was about to hear, once on the couch, Amanda started up again. “Well, I was at one of my lectures, wearing my black and flower print mini skirt, blue low cut top with amazing cleavage I must say”, the girls started laughing. “My flip flops and perfume, don’t even ask how I know I was wearing perfume in a dream. Anyway, I’m sitting there taking notes from the board when he drops his chalk near my seat at the front, he gets down on his hands and knees to pick up his chalk which rolled over by my foot, but instead of picking up the chalk he starts licking my thighs!”

‘Your kidding! I cant believe it, that’s wild!’

‘That’s not all, then he swivels the table away, you know the weird ones that are attached to the chairs but lift and swivel away? Anyway, one of those and reveals to everyone what he’s doing, he’s literally sliding his tongue all over my thighs, he tells me my skin tastes delicious and he loves me being in his lessons because he goes home and has a new fantasy about me each lesson. He’s working his way up my leg slowly and I’m groaning away enjoying it completely while all the other students are looking over umming and aaring at us, trying to see exactly what he’s doing. He gets to my pussy and I’m not wearing any underwear, he runs his tongue straight up my slit which is completely wet now and makes some delicious noises. His hands spread my legs and he really sets at it, he’s sucking my clit and tongue fucking me, it was amazing and you know what else?’

‘No but id like to’ replied Amanda in a slightly husky voice.

‘I could feel it all, istanbul escort as if it was real. He took me to the edge 3 times, waiting till my body started to tense and then stopping and just blowing on my clit, nearly sending me over but not quite, enough to keep my body rigid with pleasure though. Then after he got me close to cumming in his mouth, he removed his gorgeous lips from mine and told me to stand at his desk, which when I got there had handcuffs built into it, you know like how stocks did? He cuffed me in and told me to be still, I was bent over In front of the whole of my psychology class, humiliated but loving it at the same time, all my pussy juice was running down my legs, he got out a big ruler and started to spank me, he said he thought I deserved a spanking because I let him do that to me in front of the whole class, and then he called me a naughty girl and said he was going to punish me properly now, that’s when he took out his cock and pushed it inside me, it felt amazing, it felt bloody big too! He fucked me so hard, it was like he didn’t care if I came, which I did by the way, three times, making up for all the times he took me to the edge and stopped I guess. Out of no where I felt his cock tense up inside me and all of a sudden I felt bursts of hot liquid filling me, his hands digging into my sides and he was screaming my name, everyone else in the class amazed at what was going on. They were all masturbating, a few had already cum and some were about to, the air was full of the smell of sex and as he finished firing all his cum inside me, he stood back and watched it all dripping from between my spread legs and going all over the floor. He let everyone else go and then me, neither of us spoke, just smiled and I left the lecture hall.’

‘Oh my God, I think I just came’ Amanda joked. ‘you must have been seriously horny to dream about that?’

‘I was indeed, to be honest I’ve been horny ever since we swore off men for these bloody exams.’

‘Do you remember a couple of months ago, when we… helped each other out?’


‘Well, what would you think to helping each other out again, it means we wont be distracted by men and I’m sure it’ll help us study, what do you think?’

‘Well if it will help us study’ Lucy smiled ‘Then we’d be silly not to.’

And with that Lucy leaned over and kissed Amanda, they organised their bodies so they’re laying on top of each other on the couch. Their tongues searched each others mouths, their kisses deep and passionate, their hands roaming all over each other. Lucy was wearing a short green tank top and denim shorts while Amanda had on a pink boob tube and white skirt. Lucy ran her hands up Amanda’s skirt and caressed her thighs, grabbed her ass and spanked it a few times.

‘You like it when I spank you?’

‘Mmm it feels so naughty’

Amanda pulled off Lucy’s tank top and the girls then sat up and quickly undressed each other, Lucy running her hands over Amanda’s curvy body as she did so. Lucy was wearing black and pink matching underwear, it was black and pink lace intertwined with pouty pink lips all up the straps and on the band of the thong. Amanda couldn’t wait to taste her flesh and pushed her head between Lucy’s amazing breasts, licking all over her cleavage, savouring the sweet taste of her flesh mingled with the bitter taste of her perfume which was lingering on her skin, she unhooked the bra as she teased Amanda’s flesh and as it fell she licked from the delicious dip between her full breasts to her stiff nipples. First she took the left one between her lips and ran her tongue over it, feeling it grow and stiffen even more, then swapped to the right nipple running her tongue around it in circles, Lucy was moaning, Amanda’s tongue sent shivers straight from her hard nipples to her swollen clit.

Pulling herself out of this esenyurt escort daze, Lucy pushed Amanda onto her bed landing on top of her and kissed her lips, Amanda’s mouth and chin were wet from where she had been soaking Lucy’s gorgeous tits. Amanda was completely naked, bypassing her tits Lucy moved all the way down her body, she needed to taste that pussy, she had been secretly fantasizing about it for months but didn’t want to mention it thinking that Amanda wanted their last romp to be a one time thing.

Amanda lay back along the bed, arms above her head, legs spread wide with a gorgeous woman between them. She could feel every movement of Lucy’s tongue from when she flicked at her clit to when she sucked it or ran her tongue flat over it, she could feel her push it deep inside her slippery pussy. She especially enjoyed it when Lucy pushed 2 fingers inside her and rubbed her G-spot, she was so close, moaning and crying out how good it felt, the room suddenly felt hotter to her as Lucy wrapped her lips around her clit, she started to sweat as Lucy started finger fucking her harder. She gripped the bed sheets in her hands, her body went rigid, she was screaming so loud she thought everyone on campus was going to hear, Lucy certainly did, she started sucking and licking her clit harder and faster.

‘OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!’ Amanda screamed ‘I’M CUMMING!’

Her whole pussy tightened up around Lucy’s soft fingers so tight she could barely move them and gushed cum all over her them. She was bucking her hips, pushing her pussy into Lucy’s face and moaning loudly. She could feel every contraction and convulsion of her body as her breasts heaved and her nipples hardened.

Her orgasm slowly subsided as Lucy went to the bathroom to wash her face of all Amanda’s cum, it was dripping all down her face.

‘I’m going to wear out that clit today’ said Lucy walking back into the room, she stood in-front of a glowing Amanda and bent over removing her thong. She was so wet that Amanda could see the scrap of material between her legs glistening as she pulled it down. Lucy climbed on top of Amanda and without even asking permission sat on her face.

‘Eat me!” she ordered

With that Amanda set to work licking up all that pussy juice that had spread all over her pussy, she tasted every drop, she loved the taste of Lucy’s cunt and couldn’t wait to eat her dry. She sucked her clit and rubbed her own which was quite sensitive but had calmed down enough now to be touched.

Lucy started rocking her hips, rubbing her pussy all over Amanda’s mouth, the feeling was amazing and it was smearing pussy juice all over Amanda’s face, she was loving it, it was getting her so turned on.

Just at that moment, Lucy climbed off Amanda’s face and went to her bedside table and opened the top drawer, removing from it a large rubber dildo.

‘Oh my goodness, that things massive, that’s not going anywhere near me!’ Amanda exclaimed, terror in her voice

‘Don’t worry, its not all for you, half of it goes in me, I was just thinking, the last time we did this, I thought there was something missing, although it was pretty fucking amazing, and I bought this, not that I was expecting anything to happen again’ Lucy replied with a sly smile and a giggle in her voice. ‘I think were both worked up enough for this now.’

‘I need cock, so long as your taking half of it… fuck me!’

Excitedly Lucy jumped back on the opposite side of the bed from Amanda, she bent over and faced the opposite direction, fully exposing her ass and full pussy lips to Amanda. She passed Amanda the dildo and told her to gently push it into her pussy, she did as she was told, working it in and out of Lucy’s slick cunt, first squeezing the head of the fat cock into her aching hole, then pushing it in with each thrust, Lucy beylikdüzü escort was moaning in pleasure and Amanda was getting even more wet watching this cock slide between her room mates wet pussy lips.

‘O.K. Now you bend over and back up onto it, I’ll hold it in place. Fuck Mands it felt so good while you were fucking me back there’

Lucy reached under and held the mammoth dildo in place while Amanda bent over on all fours like her friend, reached beneath her and took hold of it, holding it at her opening she slowly backed up, it eased its way slowly in to her tight cunt.

‘Oh god that’s good, every time you move back, it feels like your fucking me with it’

Amanda purposely pushed back harder and heard a loud groan from her horny friend. Now it was finally filling each hot cunt, both girls started moving back and forth on it, letting it slide out of their pussies and slam back in, slowly at first, feeling each ridge of the fake cock, feeling the shaft sliding between their lips, enjoying the feeling of their asses bumping against each others. They built up speed slowly until they were slamming themselves back against each other, filling themselves with as much dick as possible, almost fighting over who got the most, they bent forward and started rubbing their clits around the same time. With each of them bent forward, rather than bumping their asses together, they were slamming their pussies together.

They could each feel the other girls finger rubbing their clits as they swapped their pussy juices. Amanda reached forward and took Lucy’s hand from her extremely swollen clit and placed it on her own, Lucy got straight to work rubbing it in little circular motions, she could feel just how swollen it was, she could feel how slick it was from her and Amanda’s own pussy juice. It excited her rubbing Amanda’s clit, it excited her to know she was the one making Amanda moan like a little bitch, making her body twitch and her nipples stiffen but wanted some of this attention for herself.

‘Rub my clit, please rub my clit, I’m so close, I need you to run your hands over my pussy’

Amanda ran her hand over each of her nipples, she could feel the sweat on her chest, her face was so red and flushed. She ran her hand over her stomach, past Lucy’s hand and up Lucy’s cum covered thigh to her hot engorged pussy, she quickly found her clit, it was big and hard with all the attention and just like her own, covered in pussy juice, she rubbed it furiously, the faster she rubbed Lucy’s the faster Lucy rubbed hers.

They were moaning loudly, their bodies glowing with sweat, their chests and faces red, their hair sticking to their necks, their movements growing faster and frantic, hands running over their cunts, the huge dildo dripping cum everywhere, their bodies start to shake, their hips are bucking,

‘Fuck me Professor, fuck my tight little pussy, make me cum Professor Cross, I’m your whore, fuck me like your paying for me.’ screamed Lucy.

‘That’s so fucking hot, knowing what you say when your being fucked by some hot guy, your turning me on so much.’

With one final slam into her pussy, her cunt and ass started tensing up and releasing, her pussy juice gushed from her filled hole, squirting out a little as Amanda rammed into her and felt it, that’s all it took to start her cumming as hard as Lucy, both girls were shaking, shouting, their fuck holes stretched, tightening around one huge piece of plastic they were each impaling themselves on, sharing their juices on, each time they bumped pussies it sent a new wave of their orgasms over them. Toward the end of their orgasm they weren’t even sliding up and down the dildo, just smearing their pussies together, spreading their juices over each other.

Once they had both finished cumming, Amanda crawled forwards a little, letting the dildo slide from her well fucked pussy, Lucy did the same and put it to one side.

‘What do you think to us doing that more often?’ asked Amanda

‘Sounds good to me, I really really enjoyed that’ was Lucy’s sleepy reply.

Both girls lay together on the bed close to each other kissing gently and falling asleep.

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