Members Only

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NOTE: Erotic fiction for the entertainment of mature adults only.

“I want a steak, marbleized with fat, a basket of rolls with a stick of real butter, NO SALAD, and a side of fettuccine alfredo!”

“Pam!” said Doreen. “What’s got into you?”

“Freedom, that’s what!” I laughed, tossing the menu at the obviously gay waiter with a snort. “What a waste!” I smirked at my friend, glancing at the way the waiter’s ass twitched into the kitchen. “But, how can I criticize? I like sucking cock, too!”

“Pamela, I’ve never known you to be this bawdy!” marveled Doreen. “You were always so quiet and reserved.”

“That’s when I was Stephen’s prize, hanging from his arm,” I explained, “but no more! The divorce became final this morning! I am a free, unattached… and horny woman! I couldn’t ever eat the way I wanted in front of Stephen, and now I can eat like a horse!”

“Well, good!” laughed my best friend. “Men ought to know we have to eat. Heaven knows you don’t get tits like yours by starving!”

“My point exactly,” I said, pulling down the neckline of my low-cut minidress. “He wanted me for these big boobies, but then he wanted me to keep them secret. Now, I will not!” I nearly popped out a nipple right into my water glass.

“Pamela, don’t go wild,” cautioned Doreen. “We’re liable to get arrested. Or attacked.”

“Maybe I want to get attacked,” I ventured.

“What?” gasped Doreen.

“Oh, not attacked,” I said, having second thoughts. “It’s just that Stephen always saw me as something to ravish and show off because of my big bra size.”

“Right,” said Doreen, wondering where I was going with this.

“Well…” I thought out loud. “I’d like to do the same thing! To men!”

Doreen’s eyes widened and flashed. “Really?”

“Yeah,” I said, slathering butter all over the roll I’d plucked from the basket. “I’m gonna go through men like I go through bras,” I said, taking a big bite. “And just like bras… I’m gonna pick ’em out according to size!”

Doreen laughed heartily. “I always knew you liked big dicks,” she teased. “How big was your ex-husband’s?”

I smirked. “You that old joke about why women don’t make good land surveyors?”

“Yeah,” said Doreen, grabbing a roll before I ate the whole basket. “It’s because all their lives they’ve been told that this much is eight inches.” She held her thumb and forefinger about three and a half inches apart.

“Right,” I said, not even bothering to avoid talking with my mouth full. “Stephen thought he was gifted in that department. But the cock size fairy had passed him by!”

Doreen’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I like ’em big, too, Pam,” she said. “And I think I can help you. Are you free tonight?”

“No, but I’m reasonably priced,” I cracked, pleased with my own wit.

“Very funny,” said Doreen, pulling a business card from her own considerable cleavage. “Call me at this number about five.” She handed me the card across the table.

I peered at it. “Members Only?” I asked. “What’s that?”

“Just call,” said my best friend. I looked across the table at her. She was smiling broadly, and bouncing. Well, Doreen almost ALWAYS bounced a little, but she was so keyed up, her whole body was behaving like one of those dolls in the backs of cars. Especially her big boobies. Bounce, bounce, bounce!

“Okay!” I said, turning toward the kitchen. “Where’s that cute waiter?” I bellowed, making Doreen blush. It turned her cleavage a deep crimson. “I want my meat!”

Doreen grabbed the business card she’d given me and circled the number a few times. “You’d better call soon,” she advised.

* * * *

All afternoon at work, I took great delight in showing every man in the place the big, bouncy breasts I’d been carrying around all this time. They’d just never gotten the chance to see them before! My husband Stephen wouldn’t allow it. Now, with him out of the picture, I was turning into the office cocktease.

“You’re lookin’ good, Pam,” said Dennis, who’d always struck me as a staid, stable, happily-married citizen. Now he was craning his neck to look into my cleavage.

“Oh, really, Dennis?” I said, leaning way forward. “How so?”

Dennis just blushed. I giggled, and moved on.

“Hey, Pam!” said Lamont, a handsome black man. “Where you been hidin’ those things?” he asked, blatantly gesturing toward my big boobs.

“Now that my husband has traded them in,” I answered, bouncing on my high heels to make the most of my boobs’ natural bounce, “they’re back on the market! Interested?” bahçeşehir escort

“Damn right I am,” smiled Lamont.

“I’ll just have to see if you MEASURE up to my standards,” I said, fixing my gaze on the way his gray flannels bulged in front.

I was having some fun. So much that I nearly forgot Doreen’s instructions to call that mysterious number she gave me at five o’clock.

I sat at my desk and took the business card out. “Members Only,” it read. “A Club For Women of Specific Tastes. Discretion Promised.” I dialed the number.

“Members Only,” said a female voice.

“Hi, my name is Pam,” I began. “My friend Doreen gave me this number–”

“Doreen?” she interrupted. “She told us you’d call! You get special treatment. We can schedule your orientation meeting tonight!”

“But what kind of club is it?” I wanted to know.

“Oh, she didn’t tell you?” said the receptionist. “Maybe she wants it to be a surprise. I’ll bet that’s it! Come to the Crowne Hotel in two hours. Go to Room 333, and knock three times.”

“What?” I said. “Why? What will I find there? This makes me a little nervous.”

“Doreen will be there,” she promised. “She’s arranging everything, so there’s nothing to worry about. So you’ll come?”

“I… I guess so,” I said.

“Good!” said the woman on the phone, happily. “We’re going to help you pick them out like bras… according to size!”

The line went dead. I was intrigued. I killed two hours by having some dinner, and went right to the Crowne Hotel. The desk clerk eyed me… but not like he was interested. More like he wondered whether this big-breasted trollop bouncing through his lobby was a hooker! I threw my head back and laughed, causing my tits to jounce even more. I took the elevator to the third floor. I felt so hot-to-trot, I was a little disappointed there was no man in the elevator. I might have stopped it between floors to suck him off! If he ‘measured up’, of course…

I found 333, and knocked. I recognized Doreen’s voice behind the door. “Quiet, you guys! She’s here!” Then the door opened.

Now Doreen always flaunted her big tits more than me. I guess that was because she was single, she needed them out there to catch a man. Even so, I was not prepared for the way she was dressed when she opened that hotel room door. Her shapely legs were slipped into open-toed sling heels that stood her up at least four extra inches. And you know, those high heels don’t just make you taller. They make your rear jut out and make you thrust out your chest. Well, Doreen’s chest was thrust out to the point of knocking me over! A deliberately inadequate silky bra in some kind of purple held them up, and kept her glowing nipples exposed. She had a blouse draped over her shoulders in the same color… though I don’t know why she bothered. Her curvy thighs were wrapped in a tight pair of silky purple panties that let the soft curves of her hips and tummy be appreciated. I looked her in the eye. She smiled a wicked and warm smile, and started that bouncing again, she was so excited!

“Come on in, Pam! They’re ready!” she bubbled. “Really, REALLY ready!” She grabbed my arm and pulled me into the dimly lit room.

She began to talk in a feverish whisper. “This is a club. A really exclusive club. I’m in charge. Usually, there’d be lots of other girls here, but I wanted you to be the guest of honor! The ONLY guest!” squealed Doreen. She reached for the buttons of my blouse.

“Hey!” I called. “What are you, funny or something,” I said as I slapped her hand away.

“Pam, don’t be stupid!” laughed Doreen. “Quit being such a blonde! It’s not just you and me! There are other club MEMBERS here!”

I heard low, male chuckling all around me.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Can’t tell ya ’til you show your tits,” taunted the club president, Doreen.

It made me wet when Doreen called my tits tits. I love calling them that, ’cause that’s what men call ’em!

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll show my tits!”

I unbuttoned the rest of my clinging blouse and pulled the hem out of my skirt. I unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it, leaving my high heels on. I reached between my legs and grasped my pussy, wiping the palm of my hand on its wetness. I demurely stepped out of my panties. Then I eased my blouse down and off, pausing to rub my nipples into aroused hardness before I flung the shirt into the darkness.

Doreen whistled. “God, Pam,” she said, admiringly. “Those look yummy!”

I lifted them and beylikdüzü escort bounced them in my palms. “I’m told they are,” I teased. I heard more low male chuckling from the darkness, and thought I recognized the unmistakable scent of cum.

“Now it’s time for you to see…and FEEL… the benefits of club MEMBERSHIP!” giggled Doreen, pinching her own nipples. “Bob. Step forward.”

A tanned and toned naked man stepped from the shadows. I can’t swear to it, but I think his face was still in half-darkness. I’m not positive, because I couldn’t take my eyes off his full staff COCK!

“Pam, reach out with both your hands,” instructed Doreen. “Bob, step up and place it there.”

Bob did as he was told. It throbbed in my hand. I could feel the dampness in the head and the weight of his big balls as they bounced against my outstretched arms.

“First of all,” said Doreen, “I thought you should know what eight inches REALLY feels like!”

I looked the cock head in its eye. “Hi there, big dick,” I said pleasantly. The man spoke.

“My name is NOT Dick,” he corrected.

“I don’t give a fuck,” I said, right to his genitals! “Let’s get to know each other.” I opened wide and stuck out my tongue. I dropped his heavy prick onto my tongue and felt it grow and harden even more. I closed my lips and began to suck. My head bobbed back and forth.

“No, wait,” said Doreen. “Pam, he’s working for you. Stop moving. Bob–fuck her face!”

And he did. He slammed into my mouth forcefully but gently. Apparently, REAL eight-inch cocks had something else on my ex-husband’s besides actual length. This dick had staying power. The face-fuck seemed to last several long, luxurious minutes before I felt a shower of hot scum down my throat. I tasted it for a moment, but decided I would show this Dick–excuse me, Bob–that I was in charge. I yanked his cock out and poured the rest of his spunk onto his own stomach and pushed him away. A murmur and some polite applause rose from the shadows.

“Bob, over here,” barked Doreen. “You can rub that thing on my face to get it back to full staff. Next for our guest–Jim!”

A pasty white and slightly pudgy man stepped forward.

“Doreen!” I scolded. “You and I could do better than this!”

“Don’t judge a book,” giggled Doreen. “Jim has special talents. Jim, take your hands away from your dick.”

Jim seemed to be blushing. His hands stopped their attempt at modesty. I gasped at what hung there between his legs.

“See what I mean?” laughed Doreen. “And that’s how long it is when it’s SOFT!”

“Oh, come here,” I pretended to scold. “No cock has any right to be soft around THESE!” I lifted my heavy breasts up and clapped them together! I could see Jim’s member pulsate. He stepped forward and clumsily poked his hose toward my tits. I grasped them and pointed the hard nipples toward the head of that anaconda. I poked and prodded at the hole in the creature’s head. And I forcibly inserted the hungry nipple into that cock’s mouth.

Jim’s member snapped to rigidity. My nipples were soaked in scum, but the cock stayed hard. I lowered it into my cleavage and warmed that monster with big tit loving. Soon, he too was following nature and hunching his hips into the nearest hole–in this case, my cleavage. From a face-fuck to a tit-fuck and the evening had only just begun!

“Mmmmm, Pam, Bob here will be ready for another round in a few minutes if you’d like!” purred Doreen, opening her mouth to take in his cock.

“Not yet!” I told her. “I want Jim to be a good little boy and give me a nice pearl necklace! How’s that sound, Jim?”

Jim grunted.

“That’s good, don’t talk,” I laughed. “You weren’t put on this earth to talk.” I leaned into his flaring cockhead. “You were put here to carry around this…how big is this one, Doreen?”

“Remember that old song ‘Whip Out My Big Ten Inch’?” giggled Doreen as she disengaged her lips from the other man’s big cock.

“Oooo!” I squealed. “Ten inches, Jimmy Boy? I expect glistening cum all the way around my neck from this one!” Jim just fucked harder. In an instant, his big balls exploded and emptied themselves. I slapped his big backside to prompt him to grab his hard-on and encircle my neck with his scum. I kissed his balls as a reward and shoved him toward Doreen.

“Come on, Jimmy,” she purred. “Don’t let big, bad Pam get you down. Let Doreen get you back UP!”

“I need another!” I moaned, and Doreen clapped her hands.

A muscular black man stepped avcılar escort into the light, his face hidden. I could tell that my horny performance had inspired him. There would be no waiting for this one to get hard! I stood up, my bosom heaving. The man roughly pawed my tits with one strong hand, and he reached around and stroked my substantial ass with his free hand.

“Down, boy!” I ordered, redirecting both hands. “Lie down and let that thing stand tall! How tall?” I asked Doreen.

“Sam is a full foot!” giggled Doreen as she showered both Jim’s and Bob’s cocks with kisses.

“Sam, I’m climbing aboard,” said I, and Sam just muttered agreement. I lowered my soaking cunt onto his big pole. My strong legs kept me in a squat, and I worked my big ass up and down. It felt like I was fucking a telephone pole.

“Just lie there and keep it hard,” I said in low, measured tones.

“Damn right,” he agreed in a sexy baritone voice. I stopped for a moment. Had I met this man? I dismissed the thought. I didn’t know any Sam, and I think I would have remembered his foot-long hot dog.

The more I moved up and down, the more excited he became, but incredibly, he didn’t cum. Despite my instructions to lie still, Sam soon was bucking his black ass up and down to maximize the thrust. Inside, I felt like his cock was tickling my tonsils from the inside.

“Ahhh!” cried Sam as he climaxed.

Something about his voice caught my ear. I stopped what I was doing and asked Doreen a question.

“Doreen?” I said as I raised my ass to a standing position, tingling my tits with both hands as I stood. “Our friends here… aren’t using their real names, are they?”

Doreen started to answer, but paused to take a ten-inch cock out of her mouth. “No,” she giggled.

“I thought not,” I said as I waved my pussy from side to side over the still horizontal Sam. Scum dripped from my pussy, raining over poor Sam. He slinked from the floor back into the shadows of the hotel room.

“Now!” I barked. “I want the first one back here–Bob–and I want your eight inches between my tits and THEN in my cunt. Now!”

He scurried into place.

* * * * *

A few eyebrows were raised when I stumbled into work, obviously wearing the same clothes as the day before. If anything, the way I was tossing my goodies around for all to see made them even more revealing.

“Hey, good looking,” chuckled Lamont in his warm baritone, moistening his lips as he checked out my chest. “Out late last night?”

“Maybe,” I giggled.

“Me, too,” said Lamont. His gaze seemed to make my clothing disappear.

“Really?” I said, pulling down my neckline. “Did you have any fun?”

Lamont reached behind me and cupped my full ass cheek. “Damn right,” he whispered. I gasped, as I felt familiar fingers outlining the curve of my big breast. Our eyes met. We shared a secret. And we were going to keep it that way.

The next club meeting was just two nights later. The room was filled with deliciously endowed men and eager women who appreciated what they had to offer. I asked Doreen how long Members Only had been in business.

“Well, it’s not really a business,” she explained as she and a round breasted blonde woman that I recognized from the office made oral love to an appreciative nine-incher. “It’s just a social club. Big dicks and the women who love them.”

My eyes widened. “You mean you don’t charge for membership?”

“Charge?” said Doreen, mouthing the man’s big balls. “I guess we could charge the women. I suppose there’s money to be made there!”

“Are you kidding?” I said, reaching for Lamont’s foot long as he chuckled deep in his throat. “Lots of money. And not just the women!”

“Oh, go on, Pam!” said Doreen. “The MEN wouldn’t pay! They have all the cunt they can handle!”

“Lamont–sorry, ‘Sam’,” I stopped and spoke to my overendowed partner. “Do you have all the cunt you want?”

“Shit, no,” said Sam. “Most girls are afraid of it. And most of ’em don’t have tig ol’ biddies like you two!”

“Wow, I never thought of that,” said Doreen, letting her big blonde friend hog the man’s hog.

“I’ll write up a business plan tomorrow, at the office,” I said, rubbing Lamont’s member on my tig ol’ biddies. “You and me, we’re gonna be rich!”

Members Only Inc. has been sustaining Doreen and me for some time now–financially and sexually. We find men and women all over willing to pay exorbitant fees to be a part of it. And finding the men is the most fun of all! There’s lots of ways. Grabbing crotches in public, sneaking into men’s rooms, and hiding in the showers after NBA games are my favorites. We’ve been so successful, we’re going to start opening clubs in cities across the country. We might be coming to your area soon! Watch for us. We’ll be looking for members…

AND members!

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