Mia the Au Pair is in Charge Now

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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mia, and I’m from Panama, in Central America. I have been living in the United States for more than a year now as an au pair to a family in California. I was getting ready to wrap up my time in the States, when the craziest thing happened…

My friends know that I have a mischievous streak. Sometimes it gets me into trouble. Sometimes, it opens up possibilities that I never knew existed. It’s not that I WANT to be bad, it’s just, sometimes, I can’t help myself! And so, with only a few weeks left in my time as an au pair, I felt the familiar calling of mischief reaching out to me, and it was hard to resist.

I’ve been an au pair to the family for more than a year. In that time, I’ve learned about each of the kids, and have developed a personal relationship with each of them. The host mom and I do not get along. That is putting it mildly. She takes every opportunity to make me feel unwelcome in the house and I basically try to spend as little time with her as possible. Sometimes she is downright cruel, and I’d like to get back at her for making me so uncomfortable. The host dad, Dan, seems harmless enough. He’s pretty handsome for a guy as old as he is, and he always tries to make sure that I am well fed and comfortable. I honestly don’t know what he sees in her. They just don’t seem like two people who would get along with each other. He’s not aggressive or anything like that, and I have a feeling he lets her push him around a little bit. Little did I know, that I’d be able to use that to my advantage.

It started innocently enough. It was a typical weekday. The children were all at school and Dan was working from home as he often does. My friend Ana had stopped by to hang out for a few hours before she had to work. Now, I should tell you a few things about my friend Ana. She does not have the athletic dancer’s body that I have. She can’t wear clothes that show off her body like I can. But one thing she does have, are really big tits. Now I’ve been known to lie down with both men and women, but I can tell you that when Ana walks into the room, most of the straight guys there will notice. And I *know* that Dan has noticed. Ana has slept over a few times and we’ve been out in the common areas for breakfast. Dan will come down and I will immediately notice that he’s captivated by Ana’s chest. Dan came up the stairs from his office, and again, his eyes were drawn to her.

“Good morning Dan,” I said.

“Ummm, yep,” he responded, barely noticing that I’d said anything.

I’m not model gorgeous, but I know that I’m very pretty, and can attract a lot of attention when I wish to. The fact that Dan was staring at Ana’s chest both made me a bit angry and jealous at the same time. This, coupled with the fact that his wife was such a bitch to me, made my mischievous side come out. I knew what I had to do. I was going to make Dan either lick my pussy, or fuck me, or both. And I was going to use Ana’s tits to get the deed done!

“Tough day at work Dan?” I asked, not really caring how his day had been, because at this point, my pussy was starting to feel a little bit warm.

“Uhh, I guess so, excuse me,” he responded and he went into the bathroom.

I reached over and opened up some buttons on Ana’s shirt as she looked at me with wide eyes.

“Relax,” I said, and winked at her.

She was suspicious, but not entirely surprised by such behavior, coming from me. I took out a few shot glasses and filled ours with water. Then I got some vodka from Dan’s liquor cabinet and filled his glass and put the bottle on the table.

When Dan came out of the bathroom, I asked, “Why don’t you hang with us for a while while you eat lunch?”

“What’s this?” asked Dan, noticing the shot glasses all lined up.

“Ahh, yeah, Ana and I were just making a toast to my almost being done with my au pair position and escort otel getting ready to go back to Panama,” I replied.

“I see,” said Dan, not sure what to make of the explanation other than that it seemed reasonable enough.

“Would you like to toast to my future Dan?” I asked.

He looked at us both trying to figure out what was going on. Ana picked up a shot glass and held it up in the air toward Dan and he was helpless but to follow that long arm again down to her chest. I could see the sweat start to appear on his brow, as his face became more red.

“Well, uhh, I uhh, suppose that makes sense,” he responded.

At that point, I knew that my plan was going to work.

“Come on Dan,” I said, as he got close to us.

I “mistakenly” bumped Ana’s back and her huge tits bumped into Dan’s arm. At this point, he was really starting to look flush and nervous. Ana just smiled back at him and shrugged.

“To the future, and all the excitement and pleasure it can bring,” I said, and downed the glass, followed by Ana.

Dan looked at us, and shrugged, and then followed our actions. The hook was set.

“That was strong!” Dan said, coughing.

“Cute,” I said, and dropped a kitchen towel on the floor.

“Could you be a dear and get that?” I asked Dan, and when he did, I immediately filled Ana and my glasses up with water again.

When Dan was about eye level with Ana’s skirt, I again, mistakenly bumped Ana, and sent her pussy right into Dan’s face with a, “Whoops”.

Dan, obviously flustered, got up rather quickly, just in time to see me pour the 3rd shot of vodka into his glass, as if I’d been doing it for all three of us. The fact that Dan was so obviously uncomfortable, reaffirmed my idea that he was the perfect kind of guy to be told what to do.

Another shot or two later, and Dan became that chatty, relaxed, easy going guy I’d seen so many times when he had been hanging out with his friends. He was telling Ana and I stories of his college life, and all the crazy adventures he’d had, before he met his wife. Ana and I just kept encouraging him, and got him to sit on the couch between us, so that we could better hear his stories.

Before I go on, I should mention, that besides being not bad looking, Dan has also been on a bit of a fitness craze lately. There was a while last year, where he wanted to get into shape, but lately, he’s been taking it to a new level. He’s been working out most days during the week, and it shows. My only hope is, there is a nice, big cock, to go along with it.

Dan was telling us a story about some Latina girlfriend from his past, when I knew it was time to make my move. With Ana on his right, and me on his left, I crossed my legs one over the other and hiked up my dress a little bit. He immediately froze. I could tell that even Ana was relishing in our ability to steer Dan’s behavior. I picked up Dan’s left hand, and ran it slowly up my thigh, from my knee to the hem of my dress. He immediately grew bright red and started breathing faster. I ran it up and down my thigh a few times, feeling how good his skin felt against mine, and then leaned in and kissed him. At first, he resisted. Then, after a few seconds more, feeling the muscles in my thigh tense up, he returned the favor. Kissing me slowly at first, and then passionately after a few more seconds. I pulled back, and he looked at Ana. She just smiled and looked deep into his eyes, then leaned forward and kissed him as well. Wrapping her lips around his mouth and kissing him passionately, while I felt his fingers dig into my thigh with excitement.

I knew that getting this married man to kiss us, had to be only the beginning, and I was sure as hell not going to stop now, not after the way his bitch wife had treated me. I took Dan’s hand and started rubbing Ana’s tits with it. There was no way he was going to be able to turn escort gecelik back after he’d gotten to touch or suck them. Was I using her body for my purposes? Of course I was, but I didn’t care. I pulled her shirt down a bit and let her enormous boobs come popping out, for everyone to see. Then I took Dan’s head from her kiss, and moved it down so that he was slowly, and generously, giving her tits the attention they so rightly deserved. Ana, looked me in the eyes, and smiled, enjoying the suckling and caressing she was receiving from Dan’s eager mouth.

I winked at her, as if to say, “You haven’t seen anything yet!”

After he’d gotten her nipples nice and hard, I pulled down the top of my dress to make it clear that it was definitely my turn to be pleasured. Dan’s mouth opened even wider than it already was, as I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face onto my heaving breasts. His tongue felt like velvet against my skin, and his lips caressed the outside of my nipples in a way that made them stand straight up for him to suckle. He was fully absorbed in the task at hand, and there was no way that I was not going to get exactly what I wanted at this point. Ana and I had turned pool little Dan into a helpless sexual creature, and the bulge in his jeans made it clear just how right I was.

Dan was growing crazy with lust and excitement, while enjoying his mistress Mia’s breasts. He was licking and sucking them like a man, truly possessed. I put my hand on the bulge in his pants, and started stroking his cock. It felt big. It felt like it was straining against the fabric that hoped to contain it. It felt like it wanted to be free. The more I stroked, the more swollen it got. Ana saw how much it was growing, and the outline it made against Dan’s tight jeans. She wanted to feel it too. She and I ran our hands up and down Dan’s long, thick cock, until it was time to free it.

I took Dan’s shoulder, and made him lie down on the floor. I unbuttoned his jeans and slid my hand slowly inside his boxer shorts, taking firm control of the cock inside. Ana, seeing her opportunity, knelt next to him, and fed one nipple after the other into his eager and waiting mouth. I pulled Dan’s cock out of his pants until Ana and I could both see the prize we had so skillfully earned. I ran my lips up Dan’s throbbing member and it swelled up even more. I bit gently on the purple head of his swollen cock, and he held his breath, while sucking Ana’s nipples like a man finally given water after days of thirst.

With Dan occupied with Ana’s breasts. It was time to make my move. I slipped off my g-string from beneath my dress, and motioned for Ana to take my place at Dan’s rock hard cock. Before he knew what was happening, I was straddling Dan’s face, and giving his excitable tongue a new task, and a new way to be used. I was going to get paid for having to put up with the way his wife had treated me. His tongue did not disappoint. At first, he gently explored my pussy lips. Getting to know them. Feeling how swollen they really were. Then, he started to enjoy them with enthusiasm. Licking me deeply, forcefully, exploring deep inside my pussy with his probing tongue. I began to slowly grind my hips, forcing my dripping pussy further onto his face.

“Mia,” he tried to mumble.

But I was enjoying myself too much and did not want to stop. I pushed my thighs out wider and almost suffocated him to let him know who was in charge now.

After quite some time, I had the urge for more. I lifted myself off the floor and sat on the couch and spread my legs. I must have been a sight to behold, with the top of my dress down, leaving my breasts exposed, and my hungry pussy wide open between my hiked up dress. Ana immediately made Dan get on his hands and knees and pushed his red face right up against my pussy again. Sometimes she casually stroked his cock a bit while he ravenously devoured escort türbanlı my pussy. Soon, he’d taken two fingers and slipped them inside. I could feel him run them up against my g-spot and my body writhed in pleasure. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back against the pillows as I felt Dan slip his fingers in and out of my body. I could feel every thrust as he entered me and I could feel the waves of pleasure ripple through my entire body. He was exploring every centimeter of my pussy with one hand, and exploring my thighs, my legs, my ass, with the other. It felt amazing. Ana would run her hands up and down his body, or my body, and could tell I was having the time of my life.

Soon, Dan’s fingers were not enough. I knew I had to have that thick, swollen, cock inside my body. Thrusting into me, filling me up inside. I pushed Dan off the couch and had him lie down on the floor. I gave Ana a condom and she slid it down over Dan’s big member. I positioned myself over Dan and slowly lowered myself onto his throbbing man meat. I felt it enter me centimeter by centimeter, until I’d slid it all the way inside. It felt amazing. I slowly began to grind my pussy against him and I could feel pleasure emanate from inside me and warm my entire body. Ana could not simply sit and watch, and took her place straddling Dan’s face, so she could use his mouth on her own damp wetness. There we were, good friends, facing each other, each using a different part of my host dad’s body to pleasure herself. We looked at each other in the eyes and smiled. I reached out hand our fingers intertwined, and our bodies fell into motion together, as we both rode, savored, enjoyed and took what we wanted for our own pleasure. Sometimes I would reach out and caress or suck those enormous tits myself (who can resist??). Sometimes she would return the favor. All the while, Dan had to lick, suck, and thrust as we commanded. He was helpless to do otherwise.

This went on for some while, until Ana lay on her back. She took my body in her arms and had me lay on top of her, so that she could use her hands to caress my breasts. Our pussies were there for the taking, and Dan alternated fucking each of us. First her on the bottom, then me on top. Every time he finished with me, I couldn’t wait for my next turn. It was amazing being in the middle of the sandwich, with our sweaty bodies all sliding against one another. I could feel Dan’s weight against me, thrusting into me. Ana’s breasts pushed up against my back, and her and his hands both exploring every centimeter of my sweaty body.

We were a sweaty pile of bodies, I could feel everything, smell everything, and taste the sweat on my lips, the taste of our pussies on Dan’s lips and the waves of orgasms that were racking my body. Soon, I had no choice but to ride Dan and make him cum, and shoot rope after rope of his hot sticky seed inside my body. I wrapped my legs around his muscular ass, and started willing his cock deep inside me. His lips explored my slick breasts and his hips were smashing, into mine, faster and faster, harder and harder. Even Ana was super turned on by all the commotion. She began moaning in my ear, and I could hear the moans coming from Dan and my mouths, as if they were both coming from another person. He pounded me and pounded me until I thought I might explode, until finally, he did. I could feel his whole body quake and tremble when he finally allowed himself to release. His long cock exploded inside my body and he could hardly breathe.

I screamed out, “Si! Si! Si!” as he tensed up for whole seconds, and then finally collapsed into a heap on top of us.

The three of us, lay there, flat on our backs on the carpet. Gasping for air. I looked over at Dan and Ana. Dan had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily. Ana was up on one elbow, looking at me with a huge grin on her face and gave me a wink. I thought about all the opportunities I’d missed to fuck Dan all year. Why had I waited this long?

With a satisfied smile, I lay back on the floor again, and thought to myself, “How much more mischief can I accomplish in 3 weeks?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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