Milf’s Desire

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I just got home from college when my best friend Tommy called me. He said I should come over to his parent’s house and then we would go out and shoot some pool. I drove over and Tommy’s mom, Lucy greeted me at the door. I sometimes think I would rather see Lucy than Tommy. My friend’s mom had these giant tits. The top she was wearing that day could barely contain those big jugs.

Tommy said I should wait while he hopped into the shower. I was standing there looking at Lucy when I heard the shower water turning on.

“We don’t have much time,” Lucy said to me.

I had no idea was she was talking about. That was when Lucy pulled her top up over her head and she unsnapped her bra. My eyes must have gone wide staring at those huge melons. Lucy stood there before me and I just froze.

“What are you waiting for?” She said to me.

I came out of my daze and I reached out and took each tit on my hands. Lucy let out this moan as I squeezed her big tits. Lucy wanted more, it seemed.

“Kiss them,” she told me.

I leaned in and tried to take each nipple into my mouth. I was having trouble. Those nipples were as large as an egg. I did my best. I used my tongue and then I nibbled on each one. The time went by so quickly. We both heard the shower water stop. Lucy picked up her bra and put it back on. She put her top back on before Tommy left the bathroom. I was surprised when Tommy walked back into the kitchen. His mom’s nipples were popping through the material of the top.

Tommy said he was ready to shoot some pool. Needless to say, pool was the last thing on my mind. Luckily, Lucy had slipped me her phone number and told me to call her later that night. I spent the day with Tommy, playing pool and drinking a few beers but my mind was elsewhere. I dropped Tommy off at his place eventually and I drove home. I waited until around eleven pm to call Lucy.

“Can you be over here around ten tomorrow?” She asked.

I told her I would be there and that ended our conversation. I went to bed and stroked my cock that night. All I could think of was Lucy. The mecidiyeköy escort next morning I drove over and Tommy’s car was gone. I rang the doorbell and Lucy let me in.

“Tommy went to buy some new clothes, he’ll be gone for a few hours,” she said.

Lucy took me back to a spare bedroom. I watched as she stripped down completely. Besides those tits, Lucy had shaved down completely around her pussy. Lucy had to have been in her mid-forties but she looked like a young woman. I got out of my clothes as well and Lucy told me to lie back on the bed. Tommy’s mom got up over me and took my cock in her hand. She slowly stroked me up and down. Just as I was starting to get hard Lucy took me in her mouth.

This wasn’t one of those lame blowjobs where the woman only licks the head of your cock. Lucy was going right down to the root and then coming back to the top of my mushroom. She kept looking at my face to get a reaction. I was grunting as she worked on my dick. She made me hard and then climbed up over my staff. Lucy guided me to her opening and then she sunk down. I was surprised to find that Lucy was so tight. It took me a little while to get my dick all the way inside her pussy.

Once I was in, I began to thrust up into Lucy’s belly. She would drop down on me the whole way and we got into a fucking rhythm. At first I had my hands on both of her ass cheeks, gripping them. All I can tell you is that Lucy needed cock in the worst way. She was telling me to give it to her as hard as I could. I brought my ass up and fed her every hard inch I had. I soon moved my hands from her ass up to her tits.

I just had to squeeze those melons again. Lucy loved to have her tits played with. I could barely get the palms of my hands around them, they were so huge. I only hoped that Tommy didn’t decide to cut short his shopping trip and walk in on us. Luckily, that didn’t happen. Lucy must have rode my dick for close to an hour. My dick was actually getting raw towards the end. I knew the time was near when Lucy’s merter escort body started to shake. She was beginning to have her orgasms.

We timed it just right. Lucy was making these noises when I finally dumped my load into her pussy. I watched her face when she first felt the heat from my seed hit her. She had this surprised look on her face. I kept bringing my ass up, unloading all my cream into her greedy hole. Thankfully, I had a large load to give Lucy. I must have shot six or seven good squirts inside her. Lucy used her muscles to get everything out of my dick. When she got the last bit she collapsed onto my chest.

I held my milf lover in my arms as she tried to calm down and recover.

“I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time, Ross.”

There wasn’t time for a second round. Tommy was expected back shortly. Lucy got herself cleaned up and then it was my turn. Lucy did manage to use her lips and clean the spunk off from my spent cock. This time I gave Lucy my phone number. She said she would contact me later. The rest of day I was in a daze. I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Sure, I wanted to fuck Lucy but how was this all going to end. Sure enough that night, Lucy called me when I was in my bedroom.

She ended up telling me that her husband was always away on some sort of business. She couldn’t take it anymore with no sex. She said she had been attracted to me and she had wondered about what my cock looked like. She decided to show me her tits the other morning. Lucy also had plans for the both of us. She wanted to meet and fuck again. It was too dangerous to meet in her house anymore. She told me to drive to a wooded park the next day and meet her there.

I drove up to the day use area and there was Lucy in her car. She gathered up a blanket and we walked back into the woods. Lucy put the blanket down and then undressed. I really didn’t like the idea of someone blundering onto us but I wanted to fuck Lucy badly. I undressed and Lucy got onto her back. I pushed her legs back mutlukent escort and I started to rub my cock across her wet folds. I wish you could have heard her crying out for me to give her my cock. That is exactly what I did.

I positioned my mushroom at her damp folds and I pushed into her pussy. I took Lucy hard out there in the woods. I would push in the whole way and then pull out so only the head of my dick was inside her. I kept doing that and I brought Lucy to a hot boil. I even got her to squirt her liquids all over me. I think it even surprised Lucy that she got that worked up. She would squirt and then I would ram my cock in the whole way. I kept doing that until I was ready to cum.

I didn’t think I had much left in the tank from the previous day’s fucking but I was mistaken. I pounded into Lucy the whole way and gave her more of my sticky seed. One thing I did find out, Lucy loves cum. She told me it makes her crazy when she feels the heat of my spunk entering her pussy. I shot my load and then left my dick inside Lucy for as long as I could. I eventually pulled out and Lucy cleaned me off once more with her mouth.

I loved looking at Lucy’s face and seeing my cum on her lips and some of it running down her chin. We did manage to clean up with some old towels I brought along. We got dressed but before we left Lucy asked me something.

“Ross, what would you think about making me pregnant?”

I didn’t think that was a very good idea. Lucy was still married and I wasn’t finished with school. I didn’t want Tommy to ever find out what his mother and I had been up to. I told her I didn’t think that we should do that. Lucy got this pouting look on her face.

“You are on the pill, aren’t you?” I asked.

She said that she was but she wanted to have a baby with me. My head started spinning. I didn’t want our sex to end right there. I told her to let me think about it awhile. That seemed to cheer her up some. Lucy did tell me she was in love with my cock. I didn’t want to ask if she was in love with me or just my cock. I let things ride for the time being.

I am home now and trying to sort things out. Do I stop seeing Lucy and bring the sex between us to an end. I thought about putting her off until it was time to go back to school. It also crossed my mind that Lucy might just stop taking birth control without telling me. No matter what I do, I don’t see a good ending to having sex with my milf lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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