Minu Fulfills Erotic Fantasy

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I had decided that the next time I met Minu, I would like to indulge in one of my pet sex fantasies with her. I had told her that too, the last we met and fucked. She had asked, “Why with me?”

I told her honestly, “You have a baby face and chubby cheeks, with high cheek bones. You are dusky. You have a jet black but sparse pussy bush. And God. You can fuck.”

She blushed and said, “What do you mean, I can fuck?”

I answered, “Your muscle tone allows you to hold the pussy tight while I fuck you. That increases the pleasure many fold for you and for me.”

I added, “Also, you lift your cunt up every time you anticipate the thrust down.”

Minu smiled and upped the ante. She saucily told me, “I will enjoy that. And I will give you cause to set it up.”

Every time I thought of this notion, I got a hard on. My cock would slowly strike hard against my underwear and push to be set free. With so many options or fucking, I felt it a waste to have to loose precious semen on the undie or on the bed sheet. Especially, when I had more than one pussy to cool with it.

Like all days, I went to office and worked hard and till late. But this day was to become one of the most memorable days for me.

This day enabled me to live one of my fantasies.

I had returned home late and was getting ready to go to bed. Dinner was over. I had sent the household-help away for the night and I was turning down the bed, when the bell rang.

I cursed and opened the door.

It was Minu.

I welcomed her in. She stepped in. I saw, she was wearing a very tight red tee shirt and a wide elastic band type poplin floral skirt. I liked this skirt on her, since it was truly contour hugging. She was wearing white Nike sneakers with white sports socks, much like a student.

As Minu walked in, I noticed that her nipples were clearly visible and they appeared aroused.

I remembered her promise to play any fantasy with me and felt that perhaps she was challenging me to make love to her with the sex fantasy built in.

I did not let the opportunity go.

I sternly asked, “Why are you here so late? And what kind of dress is this?”

Minu looked up at me and answered with that rather innocent look, “What is wrong with my dress? And you are not my Dad to correct my dress sense!”

I feigned anger and said, “You are not wearing a bra and your nipples are clearly visible. What is wrong with you? I am not your Dad. But, I am your lover and I fuck you. No one else fucks you!”

Minu said, “This is okay. I was coming straight to you. You always tear off my bra before fucking me! Why should I deplete my panty collection on your wanton desire to fuck me after tearing my panty off! I was not going to any party or to any other lover!”

I got jealous at the thought that she was fucking some one else. I was quick on the uptake and said, “You are fucking some one else also?”

“No. No, I am no slut.”

“Yes. You are. This dress is meant to catch a customer.”

“No. I just slipped this on and came over.”

I grabbed her by her wrist and pulled straight to the bedroom near the dresser mirror and made her face the mirror.

I stood behind her and pointed at her nipples and angrily said, “Why are the nipples erect? You have been fucking before you came here.”

“I swear. I haven’t.”

“Then why is the tee short wet with sweat?”

“My car aircon was off and it is warm. Please. Don’t get angry. I have not been fucking around.”

“Then some one must have been fondling these juicy boobs.”

“No. I don’t let anyone come close to me. No one was squeezing them.”

I said angrily, “I don’t believe that. With juicy boobs like these and you having an over sexed pussy, you can jump into bed with any one!! I will see for myself. If I see any love bite marks or some signs of your being fondled or felt or fucked, you had it.”

I caught her tee shirt at the round collar and pulled hard. Minu lurched forward and almost fell.

I stopped her and ran my palms over her bursting boobs from over her tee shirt and said, “They are swollen too!!”

“No, Ravi, they aren’t!”

“Yes they are. You are arguing with me? You are arguing with me?”

Minu answered with silence.

“I am afraid, I will have to carry out the fuck test.”

“What is that?”

“That is a way of checking whether a pussy has been used by anyone else.”

“What is that?”

“You will soon see.”

I walked to the fridge and took out a bottle of cold water. Poured out one drink and said, “Drink one complete bottle of water quickly.”

“Okay. May be that will prove it to you that I am not fucking around.”

I poured water in the glass. She drank it up. I poured four more glasses of water and made her drink.

She wiped her mouth and said, “Is that done?”

I ordered, “Lift your hands up.”

Minu hesitated. I grabbed her hands and put them up roughly.

Minu winced and gasped, “Ouch.”

As the hands were held up, I held the tee shirt at its bottom seams and lifted it in one swift movement right gaziantep escort upto her shoulders.

Minu’s ample breasts were set free and they bounced out.

I ran my palms over her boobs and tried to feel for any undulations or marks. I walked around to be behind her. I cupped Minu’s right breast with my left palm and the left breast with my right hand. I inspected her breasts almost clinically.

Since she was facing the mirror, Minu could see how her boobs were being felt. She moved as if she were not liking the feeling of her boobs by an unknown man. Almost in self defense.

I barked, “Don’t move.”

I held both her nipples between my thumb and fore finger and slowly twirled them and pinched them slightly.

Minu gasped and said with a croaky voice, “Please don’t do that.”

“Why? Are you afraid that I will discover your terrible sexiness? That you are over sexed. That your sex drive makes you mad for getting fucked and that like a bitch you can’t save your pussy for my use only?”

My right hand strayed down to her stomach and started to caress her flat belly.

Minu’s winced as my right hand strayed right into her elastic band. She perhaps anticipated that I would start to feel her pussy.

But, I just ran my fingers where there should have been a panty.

But there was none!!!!!

I yelled, “No panty? Why?”

She said, “You always keep my panty back and send me back without one. I did not want to be left with no panties in my wardrobe.”

“Shut up. First you come without a bra and you give me some cock and bull story. And then you come without a panty and then give me reasons for that too!”

I caught her boobs firmly with both my hands and squeezed them hard. Minu winced in pain and cried out, “That hurts!’

“It is supposed to hurt you, bitch. You lying bitch!!”

Minu cried out, “Please don’t hurt me.”

I shouted back, “What!!?? What did you say? I am sorry. This body is mine and I possess every part of this body. I will do what I like with this body.”

She sobbed back, “But it hurts!”

“The only rights you have are to get hurt and get fucked.”

Minu brought her hands down and tried to hold my wrists while I was kneading the boobs and pinching the nipples, erotically.

I reacted instantly. I pulled the tee-shirt up further over her face. Her hands were now up and arrested in that position and she could not see what was being done to her.

I stroked her boobs one by one ad then ran my fingers right over her slit from over her skirt. She was tantalized and hissed, “Please. That is too much.”

I said with harshness in my voice, “Now you will be coerced to tell the truth.”

Minu whimpered, “But I am telling truth.”

I pulled the tee-shirt down and said, “Drink more water.”

“I cant. I am full.”

“What? Arguing with me? You don’t want the fuck test is it? That means you have been fucking around!!!”

“Okay. I will drink water. Give it to me.”

I poured more water and made her drink one more liter of water.

The moment she finished, I lifted her bodily from there, with her feet dangling. Then I made her stand next to foot board section of my bed.

I had bought this bed to fulfill my sex needs. This was a normal hospital bed, in which there were three sections and any part could be lifted or lowered. It also had lift-able and lower-able steel foot board and lift-able side restraints. It could be thus be used for variety of actions.

She could naturally not see. I went to the side of the bed and lifted the foot board, and then lowered the foot side down, as low as I could.

I placed a large pillow on the steel foot board end.

Then I steered Minu to sit on the foot board and pushed her back, so that she was conveniently placed for my paying special attention to her breasts. It was something like a very wide reclining chair with no obstructions to approach any part of her body.

I pulled a stool near the bed and moved the stool to straddle her legs which were free. I got free access to her naked breasts.

I pulled the tee-shirt off her head and flung the tee-shirt away. It floated through the room and feel near the window. Her hands were free and she could see what was about to done.

I ordered, “I will now torture your breasts to make you tell the truth.”

Minu pleaded, “I am telling the truth. Please do not hurt me. Please.”

I got up and got the steel pliers I had and showed it to her and said, “Any lack of co-operation and this will be applied to all your special parts.”

Minu simpered back, “Okay. Please. I will co-operate.”

I asked, “Who have you been meeting?”

“No one.”

“Tell me the truth.”

“I am telling the truth.”

I reached for her ears and took off her small ear tops. I reached for her hairs and took off the red elastic band holding her hairs in a pony tail and placed both of them on the dresser.

I said, “Now. Tell me more about what you have been upto in your sex life.”

“I have no sex life apart from your fucking me wherever you like.”

“You are lying.”

“No I am not.”

“Okay. So you don’t want to tell the truth.”

I bent forward and started to lightly bite Minu on her ear, face and neck. I could feel that Minu was getting really heated.

I asked again, “Tell me who has been fucking you. Or else, I have to take some other steps.”

Again Minu said, “No one is fucking me.”

I moved back and took of my night shirt and then pulled my pajamas down. With one tug I got my underwear down as well.

I returned to Minu and faced her and stroked my fully erect and fat dick.

I sat down on the stool and started to stroke her breasts. Her blood rushed to her boobs and they became more erect and red.

Minu said, “Please. I am not fucking any one else.”

I then asked, “Do you see this big cock? You want to tell the truth or shall I put this into your mouth and make you suck it?”

Minu pleaded, “Please Ravi. I am telling the truth. Please do not put this into my mouth. It is too big and fat. It will into my throat and my jaws will break.”

“Okay. You won’t tell the truth is it?”

Saying that I started `to suck each nipple at a time and played with her other boob at the same time.

Minu was clearly enjoying the preparation for a grand fuck or many fucks.

Suddenly I got up and said, “Hold this dick.”

She hesitated.

I took her hand and made her hold the dick. Her fingers just about went around the swollen dick.

Minu blurted out, “This is so warm and fat. It is throbbing.”

She left the dick, as if it was a snake.

I made her hold it again and said, “Next time you leave it or do anything else, I will have to slap you right then and hard. That will spoil your pretty face.”

She said, “My God. This is so big.”

“So how would you like this up your mouth?”

“Please this is very big. I don’t want it any where into me.”

“Then you will have to tell the truth.”

I pushed her hand with my dick in it near her mouth and said, “Truth or it goes into the mouth.”

Minu’s eyes were wide open but her throat was dry.

I asked, “Truth now?”

She said, “I swear on my life. I am fucking no one else.”

I caught Minu by the back of her neck and brought my cock near her face. She opened her mouth while making noises of protest.

I pushed the dick right into her mouth and moved her hand to my balls. She closed her mouth while I pushed the dick in and out of the mouth. Suddenly, she gagged as it entered her throat.

I pulled out the dick and she coughed.

I wiped the dick on her face.

I said, “Now the truth. Or in it goes again.”

“But I am telling the truth!”

“Okay. So you won’t tell the truth without being treated properly.”

I made her get up and straightened the bed and pulled the foot board down.

I told her, “Get onto the bed with your head this way.”

Minu did not argue.

She got any lay down.

I then lowered the lower end of the bed, so that only her head bent backwards and her face was down while her torso was up.

My balls were hitting her nose and she could sell smell my cock and balls.

With one push I filled her throat with my cock and started to knead her breasts.

I ordered, “Hold my buttocks and pull he cock into your mouth and suck it hard.”

She did as she was asked.

Seeing that she was enjoying it, I started fucking her mouth, first with slow long thrusts and then with short fast jabs.

She was making noises, “Mmmmmmmm. Hnnnnnnnn.”

Minu was holding my buttocks and getting herself mouth fucked while I was playing with her boobs.

I could see that Minu was about to have an orgasm. I let her have it.

Then I pulled out the dick from her mouth and asked again, “Truth or more or sex torture?”

Minu did not answer.

Then I pulled Minu further down on that bed, so that her breast came near the edge while her face was down.

I knelt beside the bed and pushed my dick into her mouth and fastened my mouth on one of her breasts. Then I sucked the other boob while I continued to mouth fuck her.

The moment she had her second orgasm, I pulled my throbbing dick out from her mouth and straightened the bed and asked, “So. Any confessions?”

“Okay. So you still aren’t accepting that I will continue this till you tell the truth?”

I straightened the bed and raised the side where her head lay. Then I climbed onto the bed and straddled her over her stomach. I placed some pillows below Minu’s neck and held both her boobs in one hand each and pressed the boobs together with my dick in between them and started to boob fuck her.

Minu could have never believed that her boobs could also be fucked.

I shouted, “Open your mouth. I want you to hold the tip of my dick in your mouth while I fuck your boobs.”

The cock was coming out and in of her mouth with a “Plop. Plop. Plop.”

I could well feel that she was having wave upon wave of orgasms as she was being treated so roughly.

Her breasts were red with the rough treatment and her saliva was all over her face.

As sweat broke out all over her body, I left her two boobs and pulled away and asked one more, “Any confession to make?”

Minu was a little incoherent. She said, “No. I have done nothing wrong. I have not been fucking around. And I am not your wife that I must be faithful to you. You bastard!”

“Okay. So you are getting saucy. All right. Then I will have to now give you a third degree.”

I got up and asked her to get up.

She stood up, albeit a little unsteady on her feet. (I don’t blame her. With so many orgasms under her belt, she had the right to be wobbly, a little bit.)

I sat down on the low stool and asked her to sit on my lap facing away from me.

My dick was erect. I lifted her skirt up and exposed her naked bottom. I made her sit missing my dick.

As she sat down, I made her get into the wheel barrow position. Her hands down on the floor while she lay splayed over my legs on my lap.

My dick was at her pussy mouth and touching the open cunt.

As she settled in that position, I ran my palms over her naked buttocks and asked, “How has he been fucking you?”

Minu did not answer.

I gave one tight slap on her bum cheek. She shrieked, “Ouch. That hurts.”

I asked, “So how has he been fucking you?”

“I am fucking no one else.”

I gave her many more quick slaps on her naked bums. As they got red, I could smell the pussy juices as they flowed out profusely.

If she had a panty the juices would have been absorbed. But now it was leaking onto my legs.

The cock was touching the pussy mouth. It appeared, every time she tightened her bottom as the slap hit, her pussy mouth was trying to grab the cock tip.

Both the bum cheeks were red.

I asked again, “Truth. You must tell the truth. Or else. You will be mercilessly buggered and then fucked.”

“I am telling the truth. Please do not bugger me. Please. That will hurt. Take my pussy instead.”

Then I held her hands and pulled her into seating position. As she got up, my cock went into her cunt mouth and came out with a plop.

She moaned with pleasure and whispered, “Take me – now.”

I asked angrily, “What?? What did you say?”


“Lies again? Lies again??? You now had it.”

I added, “Go to the bed and lie down to get your ass taken.”

Minu pleaded, “No. Please. No. No.”

She tried to run. I caught her by her wrist and pulled her back and asked menacingly, “Do you want to be tied and then buggered?”

“No. Please don’t take my ass. Please.”

I pushed her down on the bed. She fell face down with a thwap noise.

She turned around and tried to get off. I climbed into the bed and held her by her legs.

She was fighting hard. She was kicking both her legs as if she was driving a bicycle. It was hard holding her down.

Then I realized that if I used more force on her, it may leave a scar or really hurt her. I certainly did not want to hurt her.

I said, “Okay. Just lie face up.”

As she became calm, I went next to her and asked, almost softly, “You want to be fucked?”

“Yes. I am hot. My cunt is flowing.”

“I see. But why have you been fucking others?”

“You know I haven’t.”

I took the route of luring her into giving her ass. I said, “Okay. Let me inspect your pussy. If I find any changes in the cunt, I will know. That means some other cock has been taking you.”

Minu kept quiet. I propped my self up and approached her now disheveled skirt. I held the hemline and lifted it slowly up to her waist.

Her pussy appeared. It was really really wet. Her pussy hairs were glistening with the cunt juices.

I softly felt her cunt mound. She moaned and said, “Aaaaeeee love iiiit.”

She said, “Take off my shoes.”

I said, “No. I want them on. They look sexy when you get fucked.”

I softly held her thighs and parted them slightly.

Then I ran my fingers right through the complete crack, softly playing with her cunt.

She moaned and nearly swooned.

I said. “Let me take off the skirt. I want you completely naked, except the shoes.”

Minu lifted her buttocks a little as I pulled the skirt off.

Once her legs were free, I made my next move.

I moved between her legs and knelt there. Then I softly assisted Minu to place both her legs over my shoulders.

I placed the now enlarged and hard cock head near her cunt mouth, which was open and inviting.

We had fucked before. But, the great thing about Minu is that her cunt remains very tight. May be because she is young and she exercises her cunt.

I placed my dick near her pussy mouth and gave one small push. The huge cock head just pierced her cunt and lodged itself in.

Minu screamed, “Aaaaaeeeeee. Please. That is too fat. My cunt will tear up. Please don’t fuck me any more. Please.”

She was looking delectable. Her legs raised over my shoulders and her sneakers and socks hanging on top her feet and she totally out of control with desire for pleasure and stopped by fear of pain.

I stopped a little and let her calm down. I said, “Give me your hands.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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