Miriam – I Love You

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“So, what would you like to do?” You asked as you sauntered out through the bedroom door, in a tight fitting pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater hugging your breasts.

I looked up from the computer as I heard the question. The sight of you in those clothes made my lips dry and I involuntarily licked them. You were so beautiful and I felt my heart swell as I watched you walk towards me. My cock started to swell with lust and longing as I stared.

“Ugh….I’m easy” I replied.

“I know” You replied as you walked up and ran your fingers through my hair and leant down to kiss me on the lips.

The kiss ignited the lust that had been building as I crushed my lips to yours.

You felt the passion as well as you kissed me back and staddled my legs, to sit on my lap.

You ran your hands through my hair as our tongues explored each others mouths and our noses rubbed together.

My hands roamed over the sweater front and then back as I felt your body.

You pulled back from me smiling as your hands went into the air.

I lifted my hands to the bottom of your sweater and lifted it up and over your head, letting you pull it off your hands as I went back to kneading your breasts through the black lacy bra that you wore.

I could feel the goose bumps on your skin as I ran my hands over your breasts and kneaded your nice mounds of flesh.

As I ran my hands over your lovely breasts you reached behind your back and unhooked the bra allowing it to fall forward, freeing those two delights of flesh, the nipples elongated and hard.

I lent down and took one in my mouth, pulling at it with my teeth and sucking on it so that you too could feel the pleasure that you were giving me.

“Yes” You said as you held my head to your bosom.

I moved from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow, as I buried my head within your breasts.

You slowly gyrated on my lap as you enjoyed the feel of my tongue and lips on your body.

I moved my hands down to rub the outside of your legs, up and down, feeling the strong muscles that came from a well toned body beneath those tight jeans.

The fingers moved to the button holding them together and undid it, forcing üsküdar escort the top of the jeans to part.

You stood up over my legs, moving back slightly and proceeded to slide your jeans off, down to your feet. You stepped out of them and I could see the bludge and wetness on the front of your knickers as you once more sat down on my lap.

The feel of your bare legs was driving me crazy with wanton desire and passion. I ran my hands over your legs feeling the smoothness there and the tremors that your body was experiencing as my hands slid over your body.

You kissed me again, harder than before meshing our lips together as your sense of need came to you.

Your lips were on fire as we kissed, your need was transferred to mine as we forced our faces into each others.

My groin was on fire and my erection was straining against my jeans as it sought freedom from its imprisonment and confinement.

You stood up and pulled me up by the hand.

We kissed again as your hands this time searched all over my chest, slowly undoing some of the buttons there. As you pulled the shirt over my head, I undid my belt and jeans, allowing them to fall towards the floor. My erection evident as it strained against my jocks, showing a small wet patch where the head rested against the fabric.

We kissed again as I stepped out of the jeans and as you threw the shirt to the side, our bodies tight against each other, feeling each others erection against the others body.

I kissed your lips and started to kiss your neck and upper body as I slowly kissed my way down to your genitals.

I kissed both breasts and bite down on the nipples slightly, knowing that you loved this feeling.

Your belly button came into its own as my tongue entered it and I sucked on the depression there, taking it into my mouth as I sucked hard on the ring.

Leaving there my eyes came face to face with your black lacy knickers and the wet patch I could see there. Your cock was erect and I could make out the shape of the bulge beneath the blackness.

I positioned my lips over the fabric as I licked the outside tasting the pre-cum that was there as it seeped through yenibosna escort to feed my taste buds.

Again I felt you move your hands to the back of my head as you thrust ever so gently outwards with your hips, to crush my mouth to your groin.

I needed no other encouragement as I slowly pulled down your knickers, freeing you erection so that I could like and slide my tongue up and down its shaft.

The knickers fell the last remaining distance to the floor, allowing you to move your legs freely. So now that they were either side of my head.

I buried my head within your groin, licking and running my lips over your shaft and then taking the end between my lips.

I could taste and smell your sexual wanting as I took you fully into my mouth, letting you fuck my lips as you glided in and out between my lips.

“Don’t stop” You purred as you held my head to your cock.

I had no intention of stopping, the feel of you in me, the taste of your lust and the feel of your smooth cheeks as I held your bum with my hands so that you humped my face harder than would normally happen.

I could feel you tense in your legs and buttocks as you humped my face harder, forcing your cock deep within my mouth.

I felt you cum, hot cum into the back of my throat as I swallowed your sweet juice and tasted your life seed.

Your body convulsed and shuddered with your orgasm.

I moved my fingers so that I could pull your cheeks apart. Slowly I rubbed your love hole as you still finished cumming in my mouth. Your hole felt tight as I rubbed the rim.

You tried to ease out of my mouth as you wanted to feel my finger up your arse, but I still held you between my lips, I did not want to lose that taste that was you, in my mouth.

Slowly I released you after a couple of minutes as I slid my finger around your rim and felt you begin to grow small in my mouth.

You pulled out from my lips and your cock had shrunk in size, but it was still covered in both my saliva and your cum, glistening in the light through the window.

I stood and kissed you on the lips, as your tongue darted between mine as you tasted yourself there. Pulling zeytinburnu escort your head back you licked your lips and smiled that seductive smile, that one I loved so well.

Your hands reached for my erection and felt the pre-cum that was coating the outside of my cock.

“Hmm…we need to do something about that” You intoned as you stroked its length.

You kissed me quickly and turned around spreading your legs and pushing your bum into the air.

I needed no other invitation as I knelt behind you and licked your love hole, letting my tongue dart between the two lips, to taste your forbidden fruit. I could feel you push back as you felt my tongue enter you. I knew that you would like a good tongue fucking, but that would have to wait.

I slowly stood up, letting my erection graze the outside of your cheeks, leaving a wet trail as it slid over those sweet mounds of delight.

I gripped the two cheeks and gently pulled them apart as I positioned my cock at your rear entrance. It seemed to want to stay there, so with one hand to guide it slowly entered your hole, the pre-cum and my saliva doing the trick, giving you just the right amount of lubrication.

I pushed in, not slowing as I felt you tense around my cock. You were like a hungry bun, waiting for that wiener to be put in along with the mustard and ketchup.

You pushed onto the desk with your arms, so that I would go in deep.

I slid the full length into you, enjoying that feel that only you can give.

With gentle strokes I proceeded to slide backwards and forwards letting my erection feel the glorious confines that you were subjecting it to.

I reached around to feel your breasts and take your nipples between my thumbs and fingers, tweaking them and feeling them grow rigid.

I pushed faster now as I held onto your hips, the rhythm building as I neared orgasm.

Faster and harder I pushed, pulling you back onto my pole.

You gripped the desk hard and your knuckles turned white, as you pushed hard back.

I pulled you to my hips as I came with an explosive burst, deep within your bowels. I stopped as I came allowing the juice to flow deep.

My fingers were leaving marks on your hips as I held you to me. Slowly I started to move again, moving backwards and forwards as I let my cock slowly please you and ease the tension that your hole felt.

I lent down over your back and kissed your neck and the small hairs there.

“I love you” I said.

“I love you too” You replied as you felt me slide up and back within your hole.

End of Part One

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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