Mistaken Identity Ch. 02

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2 – Second Encounter

It had been six months since Jeremy was last in Asia. He remembered his last trip with a mixture of fondness and irritation, both connected to the amazing sexual encounter he’d had with someone he met in a bar. He’d thought she was a prostitute and was surprised to find that she hadn’t accepted the money he’d put in her purse. He was annoyed that he’d been unable to find her again before he had left, so he could ask for an explanation. He still thought about her occasionally, usually when he was masturbating. Somehow, all succeeding sexual encounters, while enjoyable, hadn’t come close to matching the heat and excitement of his time with her. He wondered if he would bump into her on this trip, but didn’t want to look her up. He was there for work meetings, and he didn’t think he would have free time to visit the bar where they’d met.

As expected, his first two days of work meetings were tedious. He wasn’t looking forward to this third day, which he’d have to spend at a workshop. He studied the program; the workshop was related to investments and corporate social responsibility. He prepared himself for a long day.

He had just settled in his seat, smiling politely at the person beside him, when a woman walked in. He sat up straight, staring at her. It couldn’t be…she was dressed very differently from when he had last seen her. She was wearing a demure knee-length skirt, plain blouse and dark blazer, low heels, and was sporting a pair of glasses. But he was almost sure it was her. He stared as she sat two rows in front of him, chatting with the woman sitting beside her. He hardly paid attention to the welcoming remarks and the first speaker, he was too busy staring at her. She seemed to feel his gaze, as she squirmed in her seat, and tried to discreetly look around. When the first coffee break was announced, she stood up quickly and headed for the refreshment table.

He took his time, following her slowly, watching the way her hips swayed when she walked. He noted that she seemed to be well-known to the other participants. She often stopped to say hello to people who greeted her. He caught up with her at the coffee urn. He stood behind her and said, “Well, well, well…never thought I’d see you here, Hunny…” She spun around and stared up at him, her lips parting in shock. “J-Jeremy?”

“So you do remember me?”

She smiled shakily, but gamely responded: “Obviously.”

Their conversation was interrupted when one of the organizers of the workshop came up to her. “Ria, I hope you’re staying the whole day.” She nodded, said she would be, and smiled as the person walked away.

Jeremy arched a brow, “Ria?”

She blushed, but somehow found the nerve to smile up at him cheekily. “Hunny is my…stage name.”

He leaned in close and whispered, “I don’t know whether to spank you or kiss you. I want to do both.”

She turned an even deeper shade of red and looked away. She was saved from giving him a response when someone dragged her away to get her opinion on one of the topics of the workshop. She looked back at Jeremy as she walked away, smiling at him and just shrugging. He smiled back, thinking that this was not over, not by a long shot.

His attempts to speak with her again during lunch were frustrated, as she was surrounded by friends and colleagues. He sat with one of his friends, and asked him if he knew Ria. His friend nodded, “Yes, lovely woman. Very talented, she’s got a beautiful voice.” Jeremy said he’d heard her singing at a bar the last time he was in town. His friend said, “Well, she’s singing tomorrow night at a new jazz club in town; my wife and I are going–would you like to join us?” He accepted with alacrity, realizing that he probably wouldn’t be able to speak with her that day. He was more and more intrigued by her, and was eager to find out more.

He did get to speak with her once more, at the end of the workshop. He said goodbye, and casually added, “I’ll see you tomorrow night.” She looked up at him, dark tuzla escort brown eyes wide, and managed a polite response.

He got through his meetings the following day, although his mind wasn’t really on any of them. He wondered if she was looking forward to seeing him again. He met his friend and his wife and they went to the jazz club. Ria was already there, wearing a simple black dress that clung to her curves and had a slit that ran nearly to mid-thigh. She was also wearing sheer silk stockings, and a pair of high heels. Her hair curled softly around her face; she wasn’t wearing her glasses, and her brown eyes were heavily outlined in kohl. Jeremy stared at her, and felt his cock stir in his pants. All he wanted to do was take her to bed.

She seemed to know the moment he arrived. She looked at him, and caught the hunger in his gaze. She flushed, her nipples tightened, and she felt heat begin to gather between her legs. She licked her lips nervously, and forced herself to concentrate when the keyboardist asked her a question. She just wanted the set to begin, so she could lose herself in the music. She took a sip of her tea, and sighed with relief when she was told they could start. She channeled her passion through her singing, and let the audience feel the heat that she usually kept hidden inside.

Jeremy and his friends listened, spellbound. His need for her grew, and it was all he could do not to drag her off stage and fuck her senseless. When the set ended, she stepped off stage and began greeting people in the audience. Jeremy impatiently waited until she got to his table. He suffered through her small talk with his friends. When she turned to him, he asked, “Will you be singing another set?”

She said she would be doing another 45 minutes. Their friends excused themselves, saying that they had early morning meetings the following day. Jeremy said he would stay, and told Ria that he hoped they would get to speak more after her last set. She nodded, said goodbye, and moved on to the next table.

She wasn’t sure how she got through her second set; she felt like she was on auto-pilot, except for the growing heat and lust that suffused her body. She could feel Jeremy’s gaze on her, and her body responded to him. When the set ended, Jeremy stepped up to the stage and helped her down. He possessively led her to his table, and made sure she sat close beside him. The club was dimly lit, and Jeremy took her hand and rested it on his groin, making sure she felt his erection. She gasped, but made no attempt to pull her hand away, instead lightly caressing his throbbing length. He whispered, roughly, “Look at the effect you have on me… I wanted to talk to you…to find out more about the woman I assumed was a whore, but all I can think of is fucking you.”

She looked at him and smiled, her eyes dark with lust and promise. “Come home with me.”

She said goodbye to the musicians and the club owner, and led Jeremy downstairs. This time he didn’t have a car, so they took a taxi to her place. She lived comfortably, but simply, a far cry from what he was used to. He wasn’t really paying attention to his surroundings, though; he was focused on her, on that sweet mouth he hadn’t used the last time they fucked.

As soon as they entered her flat and she locked the door, he pushed her to her knees. She didn’t protest, she just smiled up at him, and quickly unzipped his pants and tugged down his boxers. He was throbbing, his erection jutting almost painfully upwards, already glistening with pre-cum. With a soft, hungry moan she wrapped her lips around his flared head and suckled, fingers closing over his stiff shaft and stroking. He sank his fingers in her hair and moaned loudly when her lips slid over his shaft, taking in half his length. She pulled back, her tongue working around his cock, only to drop her head down again, mouth hot and wet around him. Her head bobbed rhythmically, her cheeks hollowing each time she pulled ucuz escort back, then moving back down to take more of him in, until he was lodged deep in her throat. She glanced up at him, her dark eyes hazy with lust, scarlet lips stretched around his girth. He groaned again when she swallowed, her throat squeezing him. She slowly drew back, and his cock head popped free of her mouth, bouncing lightly against her face, saliva and pre-cum leaving sticky trails on her cheeks and chin. She grasped him firmly in both hands, and teasingly licked up and down his shaft, tongue swirling around his cock head. He pushed her hands away and pressed his cock back into her mouth, sliding it all the way back down her throat. He again grasped her hair in his hands, and began driving his cock into her mouth, fucking her roughly. She whimpered around his shaft, slightly frightened by his roughness, but at the same time so turned on, she didn’t want him to stop. She let him use her mouth, moving her tongue around his cock whenever she could. He pumped hard, his cock sliding nearly escaping her lips, only to ram in deep. Saliva began to seep out the sides of her mouth, and involuntary tears trailed down her cheeks. Still, she didn’t try to pull away, but kept her gaze fixed on his face, and her lips tightly wrapped around his cock. He started to thrust more erratically, rough thrusts that ended with him cumming deep in her mouth. He pulled her head tightly against his groin, and she struggled to breathe as he shot loads of thick, creamy cum down her throat. When he was satisfied that she had swallowed all of it, he released his grip on her hair. She sat back, gasping for breath, staring up at him…her red lips swollen, face messy with drool and pre-cum and runny mascara–but to him, she had never looked hotter.

He pulled her back up to her feet, and told her to strip. She immediately obeyed, though she had to ask for his help to unzip her dress. She let it fall to the floor, and stepped out of it, hands moving to unhook her bra. She let that, too, drop onto the floor, before hooking her hands in the waistband of her panties and tugging them down over her hips. He told her to leave her stockings and heels on, and then he walked around her, studying her. His hands stroked the soft skin of her back, then firmly squeezed her ass cheeks. He tweaked her nipples, rolling them in his fingers until her knees buckled. Then he rested one large palm against her pussy, chuckling when he felt how soaked she was. He withdrew his hand, and it was his turn to strip. She watched him avidly, taking in the sight of his muscled frame. He was just as hot as she remembered. When he was naked, he asked her to lead them to her bedroom, smiling as she walked in front of him, hips swaying seductively.

When they got to her room, he settled himself on the bed, and made her lie beside him. He began exploring her body, light teasing little touches that drove her crazy. His fingers teased her already hard nipples, before skimming over her belly, to dip between her legs. He showed her his fingers, coated with her juices, then offered them to her lips. She sucked on his fingers greedily, and moaned around them when he suckled on her nipples. She arched her back, thighs spread wide, hips writhing. “Please, Jeremy…please!”

He laughed softly, reveling in his control over her. He returned his fingers to her soaked pussy, sliding them deeply inside her slippery channel, enjoying the warmth of her. He pumped his fingers in and out a few times, watching as her hips thrust upwards, following his movements. He leaned in and again suckled on one dark pink nipple, hearing her cry out with pure lust and feeling her pussy tighten around his fingers. He bit her nipple gently, then soothed it with his tongue, before moving to her other breast. He used his thumb to press down on her clit, moving it in tight little circles. She groaned louder, hips bucking; he could feel her pussy squeezing his fingers, and just ümraniye escort when she was at the brink of an orgasm, he withdrew his fingers.

She cried out in protest, her body aching for release. She tried to slide one of her hands down to her needy sex. He grabbed her hand, and shook his head. “No, kitten, not yet.” She pouted, but didn’t fight him. He kissed her, then said, “good girl.”

She squirmed on the bed, wondering what he was waiting for. He looked at her, taking in the sight of her brown skin, slick and gleaming with sweat. He studied her dark pink nipples, crinkled and stiff. His gaze traveled over to her plump mound, the lips of her sex flushed and swollen, with her silvery juices dripping down onto the sheets.

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t a prostitute?” he asked.

She looked at him, eyes wide, “You really want to discuss that NOW?”

He nodded, and said “Yes, kitten.”

She sighed, “Everything happened so fast. You just assumed I was one, and never really gave me a chance to explain. Before we went to your place, we didn’t really talk about it. And when we were done with the sex, you …dismissed me…you just left the money and went off to shower.”

He grinned, ruefully. “I can be an ass sometimes, can’t I?”

She nodded emphatically, which made him laugh. Smiling up at him, she asked, “Will you please just fuck me now, Jeremy?”

He pretended to consider her question, which made her grab a pillow and try to hit him. He easily evaded the pillow, took it from her and tossed it aside. “I would be happy to fuck you now, Ria.”

He made her flip over, onto her hands and knees. He knelt behind her, and ran his hands over her back, down to her full, rounded rear. He surprised her by giving it a hard slap. She squeaked, and turned to look at him.

“Ah, there’s that little squeak again. I can’t tell you how much I missed it.”

He spanked her again, before rubbing his cock head over her slit, coating it in her juices. He made her spread her thighs wider apart, until they were taut with the strain. He positioned his cock right at the entrance to her sex, and forcefully thrust all the way in. Both of them cried out with sheer pleasure. He loved how her velvet walls gripped him tightly, enveloping him with soft, wet heat. She loved how thick he felt inside her, how he just filled her up. When he began to pull back, she moaned again and again; she could feel every inch of him rubbing against her sensitive flesh. He kept only his cock head inside her, before slamming in again. He set a fast pace, ramming his cock into her repeatedly, making her squeal with pleasure. Her breasts jiggled with every thrust, and he reached for them, teasing and pinching her nipples, pulling on them until she was dizzy with lust and need. The sensations were so intense, she almost couldn’t bear them. Everything–the sound of their bodies slapping against each other, the scent of sweat and musk and sex, his groans and her cries of lust—overwhelmed her. Pleasure spiraled higher and higher, building deep within her, until with a loud cry, she orgasmed. Her body shook and shuddered beneath his, her sex clenched tightly around his cock, squeezing it almost painfully, her walls pulsing, caressing his shaft. He fucked her through her orgasm, plunging his cock deeply into her, his rhythm growing more erratic, until he, too found release. She felt his cock twitch and throb, then felt the warm streams of his cum spurting into her. She shuddered again, her pussy walls still gently pulsing around his shaft.

They both collapsed on the bed; their bodies sliding against each other, slick with sweat. When he pulled out of her, he saw rivulets of his cum and her juices escape her sex, and pool on the sheets. He settled on the bed, and tugged her against him, holding her tightly; they were both breathing quickly, pulses racing. As she snuggled against him, she slowly relaxed, and a contented, dreamy smile played over her lips. He noticed it, and chuckled breathlessly. “You look, how I feel,” he said. She was feeling too good to respond.

He added, “There are so many things I want to know about you, my kitten. But at the moment, I’m too content and wiped out to ask. We’ll talk in the morning.”

She nodded, already sleepy. “Yes,” she repeated drowsily, “in the morning.”

To be continued…

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