More Fun for Three

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It was a one time only deal, our little three-for-all sex-capade. We had agreed on that beforehand, Lisa was married, after all, and Michael and I were… well, I don’t know what we were. Either way, we had decided it would just be that once. But I thought about it often, and I know Lisa did too. In fact, she was trying to talk me into a threesome with her and her husband. That was out of the question. It wasn’t just that I didn’t want to risk our friendship, or her marriage for that matter, it was something more physical. The truth was, I knew I couldn’t screw anyone but Michael. Of course, she pointed out, I had screwed her. But screwing her had been more like an extension of sex with him. He was the one that got my heart racing.

It had been several months since the three of us had been intimate, but the memories, well…let’s just say they were powerful. I’m sure Michael had some pretty vivid memories of that day, too. I wondered what he enjoyed most about it? I imagine that lying back in bed with two naked, sexed-up women going at your boner makes a pretty good memory. I wouldn’t know for sure, because we never talk about it. I asked him once what he thought about Lisa and he said she was “nice”. Nice looking? Nice fuck? Nice girl? Nice-er than me? He wouldn’t say. I’m not sure why he was uncomfortable talking about it, but I let it go. For now.

Of course Lisa and I discussed our three-way sex at length. Play-by-play, strategic analysis, logistical errors, all of it. Like, how our transitions from one position to another were not nearly as graceful as we had seen in the movies. And how we couldn’t help comparing our bodies. Most of all, how the double-stimulation had made for double-strength orgasms. Secretly, I was wondering who Michael had preferred. Lisa was new to him, and that’s always exciting. My body is better than hers, and I am less inhibited, but of course he is acıbadem escort used to me by now. I would like to think that he and I share some chemistry, which can never be quantified, but I only know my feeling, he’s not talking.

Tonight, Lisa is coming over after work. Her husband is away and she is afraid to be alone in her house over night. It is the first time she and Michael will see each other since our little love-fest. You can bet I will be watching their interactions closely. Michael doesn’t usually mind my parade of girlfriends traipsing in and out, but obviously Lisa is not just any other girlfriend. I am praying he doesn’t pop right out of his pants at the sight of her.

Overreacting is my specialty, so I am relieved to see that Michael greets Lisa in his usual laid back way. Lisa is a little flustered which surprises me, but I know she felt awkward about seeing Michael again, and I have to admit, it’s pretty weird. She recovers quickly and heads for the couch. I turn on the tv and join her. Michael sits down on my other side, and a feeling of deja-vu runs through me. Then a movie starts and we are all three engrossed. It is a couple of hours later when I wake to see that Lisa has fallen asleep too. Michael, wide awake, has been watching us sleep, probably reminiscing.

The movie had been a little racy, and I see he is giving me the “look”. I climb into his lap and kiss him on the neck, his hand reaching under my shirt. He pecks me on the lips and whispers, “I wish I could have you right here.” His wish is my command, so I slide off my shorts and straddle his lap, kissing him on the mouth and fumbling with his zipper at the same time.

“Are you crazy? You’ll wake Lisa,” he says, pushing me back a little. Even on my best behavior, he knows I am not a quiet fuck. We both remember the fitting-room incident. What akbatı escort he doesn’t know is that Lisa sleeps like the dead, no chance she will wake up. I use this inside information to give him a little thrill.

“So what if she hears me?” I say with a wicked grin, “maybe she will join us?” That relaxes him and he unzips his pants himself. Reaching down I find he is already hard, and I must feel him in my mouth. I get down between his legs, wrap my lips around his cock, and think how lucky I am to have such a reliable lover.

My lover’s body confounds and delights me, and I could stay here, loving his dick with my mouth all night, but I am suddenly distracted by a voice.

“Do you want me to go?” a groggy Lisa asks. She has woken after all, and has been watching us for several minutes. I look to Michael, but his head is back, eyes closed, over relaxed from pleasure. I can see that Lisa is enjoying the view, but wants my permission to stay. I can’t see any harm, and I have to admit the idea excited me. Unlike the last time, this was not premeditated, so there was no guessing what might happen.

“You can stay, but take off your shorts,” I tell her, “let me look at you.” She is only slightly surprised by my request and complies easily. Michael looks up, giving me a different “look” now. ‘What the hell do I do with you?’ his look says. I answer with my coy, ‘I don’t know?’ expression and continuing sucking him off.

Lisa is fully nude now, and I watch her watching me. Her cheeks are flush with excitement. I lean over and force her legs apart so I can see better. I love the way she keeps herself so smooth down there, and sitting here on the couch, only a couple of feet from where Michael sits, she is getting aroused. He can’t help but look over at her, but he’s not sure what to do? We all remember agreeing to the one-time-only aksaray escort rule. I can tell they are waiting for me to decide. I stand up, between his legs and turn around, letting Lisa watch me sit down on his cock. He pulls my shirt up and off of me, then massages my tits with his hands. Sliding up and down on him makes me gasp for breath, Lisa gasps too and I look to see that now she is rubbing her wet self. I can’t see Michael’s face, but I know he notices, too.

Moving faster now, my gasping turns louder. Each thrust brings me closer to the edge, reaching down between my legs I can squeeze his sac and rub myself and the sensation reminds me of the last time, when Lisa licked me as Michael did me from behind. I glance towards Lisa and she is fingering herself, her eyes begging me to let her join in. Michael see’s too, and it makes him fuck me even harder. Pushing me forward to the floor, onto my hands and knees, Michael is close to the edge himself. Lisa is breathing heavy, she wants it bad now,and watching her desperate agony makes me cum with a loud scream. Michael pulls out and I turn to take his cum in my mouth. Live porn. Lisa is moaning.

Certainly, she could have finished herself off, but she looked so sexy and inviting, I couldn’t stop myself from tasting her. So close to climax, I take it slow, gently french kissing her pussy. She leans back and her hands go to her nipples. The sight gets Michael up again and he is stroking himself. Of course, I know what he wants and I can’t really blame him, so I move onto the couch next to Lisa, “Do it,” I tell him. One arm around her, my other hand opens her up, making it impossible for him to resist.

“Do it,” she is pleading, and finally he penetrates her. Hard and fast, he fucks her. She puts her hand between my legs, taking me by surprise. Hot and wet, she slides her fingers easily in and out of me, and I cum right away. She is cumming, too, and we turn to kiss each other. Michael, still pumping her, pulls out and cums all over her chest.

He collapses onto the couch, between Lisa and I, and I lay my head in his lap. He says something, but I am already fading out. He probably wants to know if I believe in polyamory. Maybe I do?

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